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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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The camera makes its way through lush greenery, and the palms move away as ambient animal noises are heard. Portions of a temple are shown, and suddenly the jungle ends, and we see Olmec?s face light up and shout, ?LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!?

The show?s title card?a pendant of life?crashes together on the screen, and the camera shifts to focus on the temple and its rooms. ?With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!?

The pendant splinters and Kirk is seen crawling out of the Jungle Crevice to run right into the center of the stage and up the Steps of Knowledge as he begins his narration.

?Thank you, thank you!? says Kirk. ?It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today??

Olmec replies, ?The Legend of The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet!?

?Whoa, the Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet!? says Kirk. ?Well, the legend is set and one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Golden Sun-Disk. Will it be The Red Jaguars??

At this point, the camera focuses on each team as they are introduced.

?The Blue Barracudas??
?The Green Monkeys??
?The Orange Iguanas??
?The Purple Parrots??
?Or the Silver Snakes??

?They?re gonna have to pass some tough mental and physical tests,? continues Kirk, ?and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec?s temple, but first they have to cross the moat, and Olmec?s gonna tell us how they have to do it today.?

Olmec instructs:
?Before you lies the remains of an ancient rolling bridge. When Kirk gives the signal run across the wooden rollers and ?without letting any knees or hands touch the rollers, make your way to the other side. If you fall in, you must go back and start again. When you reach the end, step off the bridge, and then it?ll be your partner?s turn to cross the rollers. When both partners reach the other side, run over and hit the gong!?

Kirk hits the Silver Snakes? gong to demonstrate, which?in turn?lights up a bright silver.

?The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round,? finishes Olmec. ?Okay, teams,? says Kirk, ?are you ready??

The teams excitedly reply, ?Yeeaahhhh!?

Kirk then asks, ?Olmec, are you ready??

?Let?s get crackin?,? replies Olmec.

?Alright then, let?s get started! Teams,? says Kirk. ?On your marks, get set?GO!?

Each player starting off runs out onto the rollers, with a girl on the Blue Barracudas slipping and falling hands-first?therefore getting sent back. This gives a chance for the remaining five teams to keep going, each player using varied methods?The Red Jaguars taking slow, big steps, while the others taking quicker but smaller steps to get across the rollers. ?They gotta keep going,? says Kirk, ?because if you run outta momentum?you fall in.? All the teams except the well-behind Blue Barracudas begin to send the second player across, with the Blue Barracudas reaching the Moat about seven seconds after the remaining five teams start. But it?s too little, too late, because?

?The Red Jaguars are in!? yells Kirk as they gong in. ?And so are the Silver Snakes and the Purple Parrots!? A wide shot shows both of the teams hitting their gongs at about the same time. ?We need one more team!? shouts Kirk. ?It looks like it may be The Orange Iguanas or the Green Monkeys?Orange, or Green? It?s the Green Monkeys!? The audience cheers as a tired-out Green Monkeys girl bends over the gong and slams down on the button. ?We?ve got our four teams!?

Kirk is seen standing with an excited pair of Silver Snakes. ?Going onto the Steps of Knowledge are the Silver Snakes?and the Purple Parrots?and the Green Monkeys?and the Red Jaguars! The Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas gave it a great effort?came up a little bit short, though?but they?re not going away empty handed. We?ve got a great gift for them, and here?s what it is.?

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s an Eastpak Backpack! It doesn?t matter where you take it, because it?ll be ready for you. Eastpak Backpacks, America?s best-known backpack!
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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The screen transitions to a shot of the four teams atop the Steps of Knowledge. ?As the quest continues,? says Kirk, ?it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Sun Disk of Wadjet. But teams?pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec?s temple.?

Olmec narrates the legend:
?The most worshiped and most powerful of all the Egyptian Gods was Ra, the god of the sun. Some depicted him in cave paintings and in myths passed down from generation to generation with a falcon?s head. Perched upon his headwas a shimmering red wheel?The Golden Sun Disk of Wadjet. One day, a young servant went up to his mother and asked her?

??What does Ra actually look like, Ma??

??You stupid boy!? replied his mother angrily. ?You don?t ever listen in school, do you? Alright, fine?let me show you??

?Legend has it, she painted a beautiful representation of Ra on the rock walls of their home, which the servant treasured all his life, using it as a guide when he was called upon to decorate tombs and temples. But when the servant?s home was destroyed, all that was left was a fragment of the painting; the shimmering red sun-disk that later made its way to the temple! Your quest is to retrieve the Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet and bring it back here.?

?Thank you Olmec,? says Kirk after a short pause, ?so tell us?where is the sun painting??

?The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet can be found?in the Lion Cage,? reveals Olmec. A spotlight focuses on the fragment of red rock wedged between two bars of the cage covering for the elevator, as the camera zooms in on it.

?Alright then, Olmec,? replies Kirk. ?Teams?you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec?s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you?re right, you?ll move down to the next level, but if you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m gonna have to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams that make it to the bottom level?will be one step closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, we?re now ready for your first question??

Olmec asks: ?Was Ra?the god of the Sun, the god of the Moon, or the god of the stars??

The Red Jaguars hit the marking first: ?God of the Sun!?

?That is correct,? replies Olmec. ?Step down Red Jaguars!? says Kirk, as they step down slowly. ?Next question, Olmec??

Olmec asks: ?Did Ra have?a head of a falcon, a head of a hawk, or eyes of a frog??

The Red Jaguars stomp down: ?Head of a falcon???

?That is correct,? says Olmec. ?Alright, you?re on a roll!? says Kirk. ?One more question and you?ll be in the temple games?next question!?

Olmec asks: ?Which of these Egyptian gods was the god of the underworld?Osiris, Isis, or??

The Green Monkeys stomp in: ?Iri?Isis???

?Incorrect,? declares Olmec. ?The three choices are?Osiris, Isis, or??

The Red Jaguars cut him off again: ?Osiris.?

?That is correct!? shouts Olmec. ?Whoa!? says Kirk, ?just like that they?re going to the temple games?they?re all fired up!? The Red Jaguars jump around and hi-five on the bottom step. ?We need one more team,? says Kirk, ?Olmec?next question.?

Olmec asks: ?Did Ancient Egyptians paint?on paper, on canvas??

The Purple Parrots guess: ?Uh, the rock walls of the cave?temples??

After a pause, Olmec replies, ?That?s close enough?for Olmec.? The Purple Parrots hesitantly step down and clap with the audience. ?If she said anymore we?d have the whole legend!? laughs Kirk. ?Alright Olmec, next question!?

Olmec asks: ?Are most Egyptian Tombs in?spheres, circle??

The Green Monkeys ring in first: ?Pyramids!?

?That?is correct,? says Olmec as the Green Monkeys jump down onto the second step. ?Alright, Green Monkeys on the board!? comments Kirk. ?Still time for the Orange Iguanas to catch up?next question??

Olmec asks: ?Is the major river running through Egypt??

The Green Monkeys stomp down excitedly: ?The Nile!?

?That is correct!? shouts Olmec, allowing the Green Monkeys to step down. ?Green Monkeys are coming from behind!? comments Kirk, ?and now they?re just one step away from the temple games! Next question??

Olmec asks: ?Did Egyptians travel around in the desert on?horses, cattle, or camels??

The Green Monkeys buzz in: ?Camels??

?That is correct!? declares Olmec. ?We?ve got our two teams who?re going onto the temple games!? yells Kirk. ?We?ve got...the Red Jaguars?and the Green Monkeys! The Purple Parrots and the Orange Iguanas gave it a good effort; they?re not going away empty handed. We?ve got a great gift for ?em, and here?s what it is??

Dee reads the prize:
?There?s no better break in the action than to chill out?with chocolate milk. Nestle Quik! Chocolate milk? Think Quik!?

The screen wipes to reveal Kirk with his hands on the two remaining teams? shoulders. ?These two teams are going to be playing for the rights to enter Olmec?s temple?right after this!? The camera shows a panoramic shot of the temple, then focuses on some rockwork and foliage next to the Falls. The pendant crashes together, then the screen fades out.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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The screen reappears, the logo splits, and the camera flies over the Moat area, then focuses on the temple games equipment lying around in front of the temple.

?Welcome back to Legends,? says Kirk, standing  in front of The Jungle Crevice with the two teams. ?Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, but before we get started?let?s meet our two teams,? says Kirk, turning to the tall boy with glasses on the Red Jaguars. ?On the Blue Barracudas, we have Clarence. Now, Clarence, you love a lot of sports, but which one?s you?re favorite??

?Ummm?probably softball or baseball,? replies Clarence. ?And?what position do you play?? asks Kirk.

?I usually play shortstop or pitcher,? says Clarence thinking a little. ?Alright, great?and also, we have Tara,? says Kirk, holding his microphone up to the freckled, strawberry-blonde girl.

?Yes,? says Tara. ?And?Tara,? continues Kirk, ?I hear that you like art?um, what kind of art? Like painting or??

?Well,? recalls Tara, ?I like to use watercolor paints, but I also like oil paints sometimes. I?m not good with the pencils?? She shrugs and smiles to the camera. ?Well, you?ll get better at it, I?m sure,? says Kirk. ?Let?s hear it for the Red Jaguars!?

The audience cheers as Kirk turns to face the short, dark-haired boy on the Green Monkeys. ?Alright!? he says. ?And on the Green Monkeys, we have Gabriel. Now Gabriel, you like Tae Kwando?you?ve got a black belt in that?but I hear you?re also on the swim team?tell me about that.?

?Well, I started swimming when I was very young,? says Gabriel, ?and I started swimming in competitions when I was in?third?third grade.?

?Alright, very good!? comments Kirk as he moves on to his partner?a girl with long red hair pulled back in a ponytail. ?Also on the Green Monkeys, we have Angela. I hear you like riding horses, so?tell me about that??

?Um, when I was young I rode my first horse in Australia,? replies Angela, ?and then I grew up on a ranch, so??

?And do you have a horse now?? asks Kirk. ?No,? laughs Angela.

?Alright, sounds like we?ve got some good teams today!? says Kirk. ?Let?s hear it for the Green Monkeys!?

The audience claps and cheers loudly with the Green Monkeys. ?Okay?? says Kirk as he directs the teams. ?Boys, you can go to get ready for the first game?and girls can go get ready for the second?? The players walk off in different directions as Kirk continues his narration.

?In the temple games, teams are competing for pendants of life?? Kirk grabs a pendant out of his pouch and holds it up to the camera. ?The winning team will need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards, as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games, and Olmec will tell us about Temple Game #1.?

Olmec explains:
?In Ancient Egypt, temples and monuments were built for worshipping their gods and were decorated with statues and idols. In this game, you?ll be decorating some Egyptian Temples of your own. When Kirk gives the signal, jump over to the other platform, grab a stone statue, then hop back to the first and put it on the ledge. Then hop back over to grab another stone statue and do it again. The team to finish decorating their temple?or the team that?s further along at the end of 60 seconds?wins.?

?That?s a weird way of decorating temples?? says Kirk. ?Alright, let?s put 60 seconds on the clock??

The clock bangs down into the corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set?GO!? Gabriel and Clarence both get a good jump off the first platform, but Gabriel smaller size proves to be an advantage?Clarence?s long and powerful legs smash into the platform ledge and he has to pull himself over. ?Oh, no!? comments Kirk from below. ?That could cost him some time?ooh, Green Monkeys put one on!? [0:49] ?They have to put it on the ledge,? reminds Kirk, ?or else it doesn?t count?? The score is staggered, but with the Green Monkeys ahead by one most of the time.

[0:30] It?s Gabriel?s turn to falter now?he drops a stone statue over the edge of the ledge! ?OH NO!? yells Kirk. ?Idols are flying?players are flying?and temples have to be decorated! It?s three-to-three?four-to-three!? The Green Monkeys score again because of their now substantial lead, while the Red Jaguars are working hard to catch up. [0:09] ?Coming down to the last seconds?? comments Kirk as Clarence tries to get one more on the ledge. ?Can Clarence get one more?four?three?he got it!? Clarence places a statue to tie the game up, and holds his hands in the air as time runs out.

?Okay, okay! Alright?it?s over!? says Kirk. The spotters guide the two players who are lowered on their elastic harnesses. ?They both got?four statues, so it?s a tie?they each get the half pendant of life!? The audience cheers as Kirk high-fives both of the boys. ?The next game may break the tie; it?s worth a half-pendant?Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec narrates:
?Camels, although the primary mode of desert transportation, have a bad sense of direction?and it?s your responsibility to keep your camel in the right way. When Kirk gives the signal, shinny up the camel?s backbone, and turn the head around. Like all camels, this one spits?so hold on tight when you make your way up. But be careful! If your feet touch the ground, you?ll have to go back and start again. The player to turn the camel?s head the most times at the end of 60 seconds?wins.?

?A giant?two big spitting camels,? says Kirk. ?Okay?let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!?

The clock slams down onscreen. ?On your marks, get set?GO!? Angela has notable trouble trying to climb up the long pole, but Tara isn?t that far ahead either?both of them with their feet wrapped around the pole trying to slide their way up. ?It?s not as easy as it looks!? comments Kirk from the base of the camels, ?because you get water in your face, and?it?s slippery...oh, Red Jaguars score!? [0:42] The Green Monkeys finally get one spin, but the Red Jaguars have already gotten halfway up their second try. ?Red Jaguars, little bit ahead!? says Kirk. ?You can?t touch the ground, that?s the trick. You gotta use your upper body strength?? Tara turns the head around a second time, while the Green Monkeys just begin their second trip to the top.

15 seconds remain when Tara reaches the halfway-mark on her third try, right as the Green Monkeys score. ?Will she make one more?? asks Kirk. ?It?s coming down to the wire?ohh, no one wants to give up?RED JAGUARS SCORE!? Tara turns the head a third time, then begins to run back down?but we?re OUT OF TIME!

?That?s it!? says Kirk as the Angela also steps off the camel and walks down to Kirk. ?They?re wet, they?re tired?and the Red Jaguars turned their camel?s head THREE times, but the Green Monkeys only had two turns, so the Red Jaguars get a half a?half pendant of life! So now the Red Jaguars have one pendant, the Green Monkeys have a half? We?re going into the third and final game; Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec continues:
?Before workers knew how to make a sloping wall of limestone, big gaps in pyramids were often used in place. One of the famous examples was the Step Pyramid, which stands before you. When Kirk gives the signal, boost your partner up the first giant step, who will then help you up. Then boost your partner up to the second step and do it again. The first team to the top wins.?

?This is for the temple!? says Kirk. ?Our players are ready. Alright, teams?get ready. On your marks, get set?GO!? The two teams are neck-and-neck, but the Red Jaguars? teamwork seems better than the Green Monkeys?, giving them a considerable lead?but not the biggest one. ?They?re going up the Pyramid of the Steps,? comments Kirk, ?they both wanna go to the temple?? He is indeed right?both teams fight their way up the steps, but eventually, the camera switches to a view of the top, and the two teams emerge into view.

?Who?s gonna be first?? asks Kirk. ?Red or Green? Red or Green?IT?S THE RED JAGUARS! Alright, it?s over!? The audience cheers as Kirk runs over to the base of the large staircase. ?Alright, the Red Jaguars got up to the top first, they get the full pendant, they get two pendants?the Red Jaguars are going to the temple!?

The Red Jaguars hug and high-five on the top step as the audience cheers along with them.

?The Green Monkeys gave it a great effort too,? says Kirk. ?we?re gonna give them great gift for playing; here?s what it is!?

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s a gift card from Sketchers Footwear! Makers of fun, exciting, cool shoes, sneakers, and boots! Sketchers?it?s the ?S??

?The Red Jaguars are going to Olmec?s temple!? yells Kirk with the excited team at the base of the ?Pyramid?. ?Let?s see if they can retrieve the Golden Sun Disk?right after this!? The camera flies over the audience and Moat, before changing to a first person shot of going down the stairway between the Wildebeasts? Hideout and the Jungle Crevice. The camera rapidly zooms in on the door to the Room of the Tropicana Birds, then fades to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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The pendant splits as the camera zooms out from a close-up of a misty area of foliage under the entrance slide, then fades to Kirk with his hands on the Red Jaguars? shoulders.

?Welcome back to Legends,? he says. ?Clarence and Tara have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec?s temple. But first, Olmec?s going to give them some information to help them retrieve The Golden Sun Painting of Wadjet.?

Olmec begins his rundown:
?You could start by climbing through the Tigers' Den and climbing down into the Jungle Crevice. Crawl through the pit, then race into the Treasury of the Monkeys?where you can grab the Space Helmet. You could choose to go up into the Anaconda's Sanctuary, or into the Tropical Forest. If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Secret Woods. Reach into the log and find the key, or plow through the wall and into the Lion Cage?where you can grab the Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet.

?There, ride the elevator up, and into the Catfish Cove. Find the correct bucket, and open the door to the Shriiiiine?of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Vine Drop. Pull the vines to open the doors, and race up to the Wildebeasts' Hideout. Turn the correct horn, and swing on the vine across the Crevice. Then, pass thru the Room of the Tropicana Birds, race down the stairs, and back through the temple gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won one and a half pendants in the temple games. Who's going first??

?I am!? replies Clarence.

?Very well, Clarence!? replies Olmec. ?When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the temple, and make your way towards the Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on but if you're caught without a pendant, you'll be taken out of the temple...and it will be Tara's turn to enter and try her luck. Hidden somewhere in the temple is the other half of your pendant. If you can find it, and you?re carrying the other half, you will earn an extra life. If you can reach the Sun-Disk, all the doors of the temple will instantly unlock and the temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how!?

Dee reads the team?s prizes:
? For just going into the temple, you?ll both receive $1000 worth of Toys ?r? Us ?Geoffery Dollars?! Shopping at Toys ?r? Us is even more fun with you?ve got Geoffery Dollars, ?cause they?re good as cash at any Toys ?r? Us store! From Toys ?r? Us
? If you can grab the Sun-Disk before three minutes is up, you?ll also each receive this camcorder! This Sony DV Handycam records crystal-clear shots in Hi-Definition, complete with easy upload to your computer! It?s great for professionals and for playtime. From Sony
? And if they can bring the Sun-Disk out of the temple before three minutes is up, you?ll both be going to Space Camp! U.S. Space Camp, in Huntsville, Alabama or Florida Space Coast! You?ll float like an astronaut and perform a shuttle mission during an action packed week at U.S. Space Camp!

?Tara wants to fly to the moon, she?s telling me!? comments Kirk. ?Well, let?s see if they can get there. Let?s in position? And let?s put three minutes on the clock!?

The clock bangs down into the corner of the screen. ?Alright, Olmec?lower your gate!? The gate lowers as Olmec moans and the lights around him switch off. ?This is it? On your marks, get set?GO!?

?Clarence goes up! Into the temple!? yells a voiced-over Kirk as Clarence is seen running upstairs to the Room of the Tropicana Birds. From a camera placed on the railing, Clarence is shown hitting the beak of the stage-rightmost bird, which opens up the door to the Tiger?s Den. He then hits the second bird, which slams the door to the Jungle Crevice so hard that the camera shakes. [2:45] ?He?s going down? He?s at the top of the Pit, he?s got to cross that crev?nice swing right there!? The voice-over sounds excited as Clarence swings across with no problem, then hits the actuator towards the door of the Anaconda?s Sanctuary. It slides open, and Clarence begins to crawl inside.

[2:31] He re-emerges, and stumbles to grab the snake in the front of the room. ?He?s got the snake, now he?s got to find the right hole!? says the voice-over. ?Which one will it be? Will it be the first? Will he have that luck?yes, he does!?  The door upward opens in a flash, but also appearing is the first? ?TEMPLE GUARD!? shouts the voice-over. ?He?s got to hand over  a pendant?and he does?? Clarence tosses the guard the pendant, then quickly scrambles up the ladder to the Wildebeasts? Hideout with 2:17 remaining. He enters the room, and immediately rushes to the back of the room where the wildebeast?s head is placed. Spinning the two gigantic horns simultaneously, the two rock slabs at the side of the room drop and allow access to the Vine Drop. [2:01] ?Go into the Three Vines!? yells Kirk as he replaces the voice-over version of himself. ?He?s going down into the Vine Drop room!? Clarence heads down the stairwell and into the Vine Drop. He tugs each vine one-by-one, with the second vine opening only the door towards the Tropical Forest. The third vine doesn?t open the door to the Shrine, so he begins climbing down. He jumps down the last few rungs of the ladder, but unfortunately wakes the second TEMPLE GUARD as he emerges to capture him with 1:44 left on the clock!

?Oh, go Tara?GO!? Kirk excitedly shouts as Tara begins jogging up the stairs and around Olmec to enter the Room of the Tropicana Birds. [1:37] She heads down to the top of the Jungle Crevice, then grabs the vine and swiftly swoops over to the other ledge and slides the door to the Wildebeasts? Hideout open with her hand. ?Oh, she?s heading up to the top!? says Kirk. ?It might save her a little time?she?s got a nice plan! Tara gets caught up in the room trying to get between the body of the beast and the downward ladder, but makes it through after a little manipulating around and tries to pick up speed as she races down the stairs to the Vine Drop. [1:19] ?Keep going, Tara!? cheers Kirk from the sidelines. ?Down she goes?into the Tropical Forest! She?s going slooooowly down the ladder?? She drops down into the swampy grounds, then wades over to the lower door of the Secret Woods. Tara hits the actuator, opening it up with 1:03 left on the clock.

?Swamp water? pours out onto the already-messy floor of the Secret Woods, and then Tara emerges out into the charred remains of a forest. [0:59] But to slow her down, out from the back of the room emerges the third? ?Temple guard! Oh no!? yells Kirk. ?Give ?im the pendant! You gotta?ya have to give him the pendant?there you go!? Tara stumbles backward upon meeting the guard, but her pendant pleases him and she is allowed to carry on getting over the charcoal-colored branches lying around the forest floor. Tara grabs a piece of the log-cover, throws it out to the front of the room, then removes the other two. [0:43] She grabs the key, then heads back to the Shrine doors. ?Try the doors?bust through the wall?you can bust through the wall!? Tara pushes on the wall?and enters the Lion Cage! She reaches between the cage, grabs the golden-red rock between the bars, then slides herself into the elevator. ?Alright, she?s got the Sun Disk!? shouts Kirk excitedly. ?Now she?s just got to go up to the upper level?she can catch her breath awhile in that Cage of the Lion.? The elevator rises out of the cage, and slowly carries on up and up. [0:21] Tara reaches the top floor, opens the cage door in the Catfish Cove, then crawls out, stands up straight, and starts jogging through the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. She heads through that room, and enters the Vine Drop. She begins running up to the Mouth of the Jaguar?but we?re OUT OF TIME!

?Oh, that?s it? They got the Sun Disk but they didn?t get out in quite enough time,? says Kirk. ?They get the Toys ?r? Us gift dollars?they get the Sony Camcorder?and we?ll see you next time for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple. Buh-bye!? Kirk high-fives Clarence?who is still catching his breath?and then welcomes Tara who returns to the pair.

The credits scroll as various ending scenes are shown: a panorama of the Tropical Forest and its surroundings, the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, and the semi-full audience. Finally, the camera fades out, and the light bulb-Nickelodeon logo is shown as an electric buzzing noise is heard.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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Artifact Name: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
Location: The Treasury of the Monkeys
Result: Reached Artifact
Time Remaining: N/A
Pendants Won: 2


The legend (although a little cheesy even for Legends) was interesting, to say the least. I liked the Moat; it was probably my favorite out of all the "roller bridge" Moats, even though it's not the funniest. The funny bit in this one is that when all the boys are using small steps and putting their hands out - and call me a sexist - they all look like girls rushing to a sale. Seriously.

Anyway, the Steps of Knowledge were quite quick, with the Red Jaguars, the Green Monkeys, and the Purple Parrots being the only teams answering. The Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys ultimately went on to face each other in the temple game line-up for the day, including the "jump from platform to platform" game featured in only four episodes. Clarence and Tara swept them with ease, and headed on to the temple.

The Red Jaguars seemed like an okay team up to then, but I was actually mildly disappointed, even though the team wasn't that slow. Eventually, it was a few bad choices that got them in. Clarence moved at a fairly quick speed - quick enough for the temple, anyhow - and was forced through a rather strange route including adjacent floor changes. He was taken out in the Tropical Forest with 1:45 left on the clock, healthy enough to at least grab the Sun-Disk, maybe even score a victory. However, Tara was not the fastest contestant, and when she got all the way to the Secret Woods, she went after the key instead of breaking down the wall and grabbing the artifact. After she grabbed the Sun-Disk, however, she started RIDING THE ELEVATOR. At that point, seconds were being burned up and victory was a lost cause. Time ran out as she tried to head back up to the Wildebeasts' Hideout.

Anyone note how the Red Jaguars became "The Blue Barracudas" during the player interviews? :roll:
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Golden Sun-Disk of Wadjet
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You know, I'm fairly surprised there were only a couple kids that climbed up onto the top floor after grabbing an artifact in that area and none of them went directly above.  Nice twist to the Temple Run!