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Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Mstrgmr on July 07, 2006, 08:51:25 AM
The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Season 4, Layout 2

At The Moat, one team member would start off by swimming on a floating raft to the other side of The Moat, while attached to a string.  When they got to the other side, the would wrap the rope around the pole so their partner could use it to cross themselves.  All of the teams started fast, reaching the other side at about the same time.  When it came to the second team member crossing, it was a very different story.  The Blue Barracuda was almost running across the rope, and easily rang in first.  Purple, Silver, and Green all had problems and fell in.  Red and Orange moved across at about the same speed and both rang in, but Orange was a little faster and rang in second.  What began after that was one of the longest moat crossings ever.  All of the players kept falling for five minutes, until finally the first Silver Snake tightened up the rope enough for her partner to cross, and they rung in fourth.

1. Blue Barracudas
2. Orange Iguanas
3. Red Jaguars
4. Silver Snakes
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Mstrgmr on July 07, 2006, 08:58:48 AM
At The Steps of Knowledge, Olmec read the teams the legend, and said that the baseball was in The Dark Forest.  The Red Jaguars seemed to be a very smart team, answering the first three questions correctly and quickly moving on to The Temple Games.  Another thing was proved here, as the Silver Snakes repeatedly buzzed in, but didn't get the answer right.  Blue and Orange each used that to there advantage, and each moved within on step of moving on.  Both teams looked very determined, and each tried to buzz in at the same time.  Both teams knew they weren't first, and nervously looked at the other team, seeing that they didn't buzz in either.  It was Silver, and they were wrong, again.  Blue buzzed in first after that, got it right, and went on to compete wth the Red Jaguars in The Temple Games.

1. Red Jaguars
2. Blue Barracudas
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Olmec on July 07, 2006, 09:06:47 AM
YES! Sorry, I just don't really like Orange Iguanas or Silver Snakes.
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Mstrgmr on July 07, 2006, 09:13:48 AM
Before The Temple Games, Kirk introduced the Red Jaguars as Jimmy and Sam and the Blue Barracudas as Larry and Melissa.  Jimmy wanted to be a vet and Sam was a high jumper.  Larry wanted to be a comedian, and Melissa wanted to be a dancer.

In the first Temple Game, it was Jimmy against Larry.  They were on trampolines and had to throw baseballs into the other person's goal, but they could only throw their own color.  The game started slow, with neither player scoring in the first ten seconds, but then the game started heating up.  Both went on streaks of four in a row, and the game was close all the way, but Jimmy won 10-9.

In the second Temple Game, it was Sam against Melissa.  They had to spin around on a giant wheel, and every full turn was a point.  The game started even, with each going at about the same speed for fifteen seconds.  It was then that Sam fell off, giving Melissa a lead.  Knowing she had to catch up, Sam tried togo fast, but she kept falling off, so Melissa won 11-7, tying the teams at a half pendent each.

In the final Temple Game, the teams had "hit" baseballs by shooting them off a slingshot, and trying to make the fielders have errors by knocking them over.  The game started slow, with each team getting just one knocked off in thirty seconds.  With 27 seconds to go, Blue got their second one over, and then their third with 20 seconds left.  Red got their second over with 3 seconds left, but it was too little, too late, as the Blue Barracudas were going to The Temple with 1.5 pendents.

1. Blue Barracudas 1.5 Pendents
2. Red Jaguars .5 Pendents
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Mstrgmr on July 07, 2006, 09:32:15 AM
At The Temple, Olmec told the team about it, and found out that Jimmy was heading in first.  Kirk handed out the pendents, and yelled go.  Jimmy raced into The Temple at a great speed, and went right into The Crypt.  The door leading to The Trouble Bridge opened on the first book, and from there the door opened into The King's Storeroom.  When Jimmy got there, he ran into a Temple Guard with 2:43 left.  It staggered him for a moment, but he recovered.  He found the key in the third pot, and opened the door leading into Medusa's Lair on the first hole.  He went down there, but was immediatly caught by a Temple Guard with 2:27 left.  Sam ran in, and followed his path perfectly, getting to Medusa's Lair with 2:06 left.  She had trouble putting the snakes into the head, but got it done and went into The Room of the Ancient Warrior with 1:47 left.  She tried to first two suits of armor, but nothing happened.  The door opened into The Shrine of the Silver Monkey on the third suit of armor with 1:29 left.  She had a lot of trouble putting the monkey together.  She finally did get it together with :56 left.  She  went into The Torch Room and right into the elevator, but she decided to get out, a good move on her part, because she checked the door leading directly into The Mine Shaft, and it was open, so she climbed down with :50 left.  It took her a few seconds, but she busted through the wall and grabbed the baseball with :44 left.  She moved at a good speed through the bottom and entered The Wheel Room with :32 left.  She climbed up the ladder and entered The Ledges with :21 left.  She started to climb down and squeeze through, but when she did, she dropped the baseball into the old Cave of Size entrance.  She dropped down and grabbed it, but she only had :10 left.  She hurriedly climbed out and queezed through, but just as she started up the ramp, time ran out.  The team still won a remote controlled car and a video game chair for their efforts.
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Mstrgmr on July 07, 2006, 09:41:41 AM
Name of Artifact: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Season: 4
Layout: 2
Result: Ran out of time
Time Remaing: N/A
Team: Blue Barracudas
Pendents Won: 1.5
Artifact Location: The Dark Forest
Title: The Baseball of Abner Doubleday
Post by: Olmec on July 08, 2006, 12:21:05 PM
I like all of yours, I just don't want to write the same thing in all 4. Keep it up!