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Title: Distortion: The Movie
Post by: Toltendo on July 07, 2009, 10:58:35 AM
So, any thoughts about the movie? I watched the whole movie yesterday, but with the commentary on because I rented the movie on Netflix and needed to mail it in as soon as I could.
I have to say that Kirk Fogg did a good job with direction and some of the writing, although some of the dialogue, interior, and acting felt cheesy. The music seemed too loud and unneeded, I would have suggested for a more mysterious-esque soundtrack. I thought Jack Rubio sort of stole the movie. I just couldn't believe Kirk said the 'F' word many times. The movie was okay, but I think Kirk can do better if he made another movie. I would love to see him in a satire comedy. Maybe make fun of himself and the fans who still love the show.