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Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
Season 3, Layout 2

At the moat, the teams had to dive across a skinny, slippery, bridge, and grab a rope at the end to pull themselves the rest of the way across.  They couldn't touch the water though, or they had to go back.  The Purple Parrots and Blue Barricudas started quick, getting their first players across in one dive.  Everyone else had to go back.  The second Blue Barricuda also slid across in one dive, and rang in first.  The Orange Iguana made it across on his second try, along with the Silver Snake and the Red Jaguar.  The second Silver Snake made it across on his first slide, and rang in second.  The second Orange Iguana was right behind, and rang in third.  It took about twenty seconds for another person to get across, and it was the second Purple Parrot, and they rang in fourth.

1. Blue Barracudas
2. Silver Snakes
3. Orange Iguanas
4. Purple Parrots
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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At The Steps of Knowledge, Olmec told the story about Mansa Musa and his Golden Staff, and he said that it was in The Jester's Court.  The Blue Barracudas got the first question right, and Silver got the second right, sending them each down a step.  Silver then proceded to get the next two right, sending them into The Temple Games.  Blue got the fifth question right, putting them just one step away.  Orange and Purple got the next two questions, moving them down and two steps away.  Purple got the next two questions right, sending them into The Temple Games against the Silver Snakes.

1. Silver Snakes
2. Purple Parrots
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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Kirk then introduced the teams.  The Silver Snakes consisted of Mikey and Jennifer.  Mikey collected baseball cards and Jennifer played softball.  On the Purple Parrots was Steven and Emma.  Steven liked to run and Emma liked to hang out at the mall.

In the first Temple Game, it was Emma vs. Jennifer.  The team members had to navigate across a series of poles.  Some of them would sink, and if that happened, you had to go back.  Neither team could make it across and they both got the same distance, so they each earned a half pendent of life.

in the second Temple Game, it was Mikey vs. Steven.  The players had climb through a tunnel filled with different things to block them, grab a staff from the other side, and bring it back to the start.  Steven started strong, and got to the staff first, but Mikey wasn't far behind.  Steven was blazing through the tunnel on the way back, but he got stuck towards the end, which oopened the door for Mikey to pass him and win the half pendent.

In the third Temple Game, the teams were attached to a swinging bar, and they had to spin around, grab a staff, and drop it into a basket.  Both teams started out in rhythm, each getting two staffs very quickly.  Knowing that they needed to win, Emma and Steven tried speeding up, but they lost their rhythm, and ended up losing the game 7-3.  The Silver Snakes won the full pendent, and were going to The Temple.

1. Silver Snakes, 2 Pendents
2. Purple Parrots, .5 Pendents
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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Olmec then went through the layout of the rooms. He asked who was going first, and the Snakes had decided that Mikey would go in first.  After Kirk said go, he ran at a good speed up into The Crypt, where he was caught by a Temple Guard and lost his pendent.  After pulling all three books, the only door that opened was the one leading down into The Ledges, so he went down with 2:47 left.  He tried the top door which opened, so he headed into The Wheel Room.  He spun the wheel quickly, and opened the door into The Laser Light Room.  He entered the room with 2:31 left.  He found the white light behind the seventh block, and a door opened into Medusa's Lair with 2:20 left.  He went up, but he was immediatly caught by a Temple Guard, and his run was ended with 2:14 left.  Jennifer went into The Temple, but wasn't that fast.  She did go straight to The Ledges though, saving a few seconds.  When she got to Medusa's Lair, there was 1:54 left.  She got the snakes into the head, and tried to push the door leading into The Room of the Ancient Warriors open, but it didn't work, so she headed up to The King's Storeroom with 1:35 left.  She found the key in the second pot she broke, and stuck it into the right hole on her second try, and the door opened leading into The Room of the Anceint Warriors with 1:22 left.  She tried the first suit of armor, and she was grabbed by a Temple Guard.  She gave him her pendent, but she didn't notice the door had opened, so she wasted ten second trying the other suits before entering The Shrine of the Silver Monkey.  She entered with 1:01 left.  She had a lot of trouble putting the monkey together, and when she finally finished, there was only :32 left.  The door to The Dark Forst Opened, but she didn't notice and went into The Torch Room.  She pulled off a torch, but after Kirk told her to ride the elevator, she did, and it stopped in The Mine Shaft with :13 left.  She broke through the wall and entered The Dark Forest.  She stuck her hand in the first tree and found the key, but didn't have time to try it on the door leading into The Jester's Court.  Her and Mikey still received a pair of binoculars for their efforts.
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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Name of Artifact: The Golden Staff on Mansu Musa
Season: 4
Layout: 2
Result: Ran of time
Time Remaining: N/A
Team: Silver Snakes
Pendent Won: 2
Location of Artifact: The Jester's Court
Temple Diagram:
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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I went ahead and made up a transcript for this episode. Mad props go to Mstrgmr for his work; this one's yours as much as it's mine.

Legends of the Hidden Temple
Lost Season 4, Episode 6.
The Gold Staff of Mansa Musa

The camera traverses its way through several plants to simulate a thick rainforest. It eventually makes its way to a large stone head. Its eyes light up and it begins to speak.

OLMECpx]The Moat:[/b]

Before you lie the remains of a slippery footpath across the moat. When Kirk gives the signal, the first player will slide belly-down across the path. If you have slid far enough to reach the rope, grab it, and pull yourself to the other side. However, if you grab the edges, or if any part of you touches the water, you?ll have to jump off and begin again. As soon as both players reach the other side, run over and hit the gong. (Kirk hits gong for emphasis.) The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round.

Let?s get started! Teams, are you ready? (wait for response) Olmec, are you ready?

Let?s rock.

On your marks. Get set. GO!
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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The Legend:

As the quest continues, it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Golden Staff of Mansa Musa. But teams, you?re going to have to pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec?s Temple.

One of the greatest philanthropists in history was the Malinese emperor, Mansa Musa. A devout holy man, Mansa Musa left his West-African empire during the middle of his reign to visit the Muslim holy lands of Mecca. On this journey, he arranged a caravan consisting of over 500 faithful servants and citizens on camels.

Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Be quiet or I?ll turn this caravan around.

Passing through the Sahara Desert, the great caravan came across the Egyptian City of Cairo. Very little was known of society south of the Sahara in Egypt, so Mansa Musa felt obligated to make his name and empire known.

My moniker is Mansa Musa of Mali. My men are marching to Mecca.

You said a mouthful.

Each of my men is carrying a six pound staff of solid gold. As an act of good faith, I will give these to the people of your city as a gift.

Hmmm? 500 guys, times six pounds each, that?s? um? that?s? That?s a whole lot of gold!

And it?s really heavy when you have to carry it across the desert!

Mansa Musa made the citizens of Cairo very rich and continued onwards to Mecca, then returned to his empire to see it had become a wealthy trading spot with other cities. The gold staffs were lost to time, except for one which has found its way into the temple. Your quest is to find it and bring it back here.

Thank you, Olmec. Tell us, where is this golden staff?

The Gold Staff of Mansa Musa can be found in the Jester?s Court.

The Steps of Knowledge:

Teams, you?re now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec is going to ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you?re right, you?re going to move down to the next level, but if you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m going to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams to make it to the bottom level (Kirk descends steps for emphasis) will be one step closer to Olmec?s Temple. Olmec, we are now ready for your first question.

OLMEC?S QUESTIONS (answers in bold):

1)   Which country was Mansa Musa the emperor of?
a)   Monaco
b)   Malaysia
c)   Mali

2)   Which of the following best describes a caravan?
a)   A large group of people traveling together, single file
b)   A ship used to sail across oceans
c)   A type of camel that lives in Asia

3)   How many people traveled in Mansa Musa?s caravan?
a)   500
b)   1000
c)   2000

4)   What city were Mansa Musa and his caravan headed to?
a)   Casablanca
b)   Mecca
c)   Baghdad

5)   What desert did Mansa Musa?s caravan cross?
a)   The Sahara
b)   The Gobi
c)   The Mojave

6)   Mansa Musa and his men traveled through the city of Cairo in what country?
a)   Tunisia
b)   Carthage
c)   Egypt

7)   According to our legend, how much did each servant?s staff of gold weigh?
a)   6 ounces
b)   6 pounds
c)   6 metric tons

8,)   Mali was once a coastal country on what ocean?
a)   The Atlantic
b)   The Pacific
c)   The Artic

9)   What animal did each member of Mansa Musa?s caravan ride on?
a)   Elephants
b)   Camels
c)   Ostriches

10)   What material is a camel?s hump made of?
a)   Water
b)   Fat
c)   Hair

11)    Mecca is the holy land for people of what religion?
a)   Taoists
b)   Buddhists
c)   Muslims

12)   Muslim people are followers of what religion?
a)   Islam
b)   Hinduism
c)   Shintoism

13)   Is the value of gold is measured in?
a)   Furlongs
b)   Leagues
c)   Karats

14)   How many karats are in pure gold?
a)   Fourteen
b)   Twenty-four
c)   One Million

15)   White gold is a special type of gold mixed with what other metal?
a)   Tin
b)   Aluminum
c)   Silver
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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Temple Games:

Welcome back to Legends. Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest. But before we get started, let?s meet our two tough teams. (Reads individual player profiles). All right, go get ready for the temple games, I?m going to explain what?s going to happen here. In the temple games, they?re competing for Pendants of Life. The winning team is going to need them to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games. Olmec, tell us about temple game number one.


Mansa Musa?s servants had to take a long and difficult trek across the Sahara Desert. Hopefully, your journey won?t be nearly as hard. Standing before you is a mock-up of the Sahara. When Kirk gives the signal, select a pole and try to navigate your way to the opposite side. If the pole supports you, select another and move on. If it sinks, you?ll have to start again. The first person to reach the other side, or whoever makes it furthest in sixty seconds wins.

This doesn?t look like any desert I?ve ever seen, but I don?t travel much. All right, let?s put sixty seconds on the clock. On your mark. Get set. Go.


The second game is worth a half pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.

Carrying a six pound gold staff is no easy task when traversing a desert. Luckily, you?ll only have to carry one a short distance. When Kirk gives the signal, crawl through the tunnel as quickly as you can until you emerge at Mali on the other side. Then, grab the staff there, and bring it back through the tunnel to Cairo. The first player to return with the staff in hand, or whoever has made the most progress at the end of sixty seconds wins.

Our teams look like their ready, so let?s put sixty seconds on the clock. On your mark. Get set. Go!


We got a tough match here heating up. We?ll go to the third and final game. It?s worth a full pendant. Olmec, tell us about temple game number three.

Mansa Musa?s extremely generous gift to the people of Cairo opened up the Malinese empire to many new trade routes. You will be an important part of these routes. When Kirk gives the signal, run around to Cairo, jump up, grab an artifact, and drop it into the bin at Mali. While you?re doing that, your partner will jump up grabbing the next artifact and dropping it into the bin. The team to get the most artifacts into the bin at the end of sixty seconds wins.

Yeah, we?re going to be doing some trading here. I hope there?s no tariffs. This is for a full pendant, so let?s make sure they?re even here. Put sixty seconds on the clock. On your marks. Get set. Go!
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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The Temple Run:

Welcome back to legends. The ______ have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec?s temple. But before we get started, Olmec?s going to give them some information that is going to help them retrieve the golden staff of Mansa Musa.

You could start by climbing through The Ledges, and climbing down into The Wheel Room. Turn the wheel to lift the stone slab and race into The Laser Light Room. Unleash the power of the special white light, and you could choose to go into The Jester?s Court. Align yourself with the correct wall painting to gain access to The Dark Forest. Reach into the holes to find the key, but beware the Temple Spirits that may inhabit the trees. If you decide to plow through the wall, and into The Mine Shaft, you can ride the elevator up into The Room of Three Torches. Place the torch into the correct holder in the front of the room, and you?ll open the door to The Shrine of The Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for The Room of the Ancient Warriors. Place yourself into the suits of armor and pull the levers, and you may be headed into Medusa?s Lair. Place the snakes into the head, which will allow you into The King?s Storeroom. Smash the clay pots to find the key. Then race across The Troubled Bridge, pass through The Crypt, race down the stairs, and back through The Temple Gate. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won ____ pendants in the temple games. Who?s going first? (wait for response) Very well, _____, when Kirk gives the signal, you?ll race through the gate into the temple and make your way towards the gold staff. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you?re caught without a pendant, you?ll be taken out of the temple and it will be ____?s turn to enter and try his/her luck. If you reach the artifact, all the doors in the temple will instantly unlock, and the temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with the staff within three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded. And here?s how: (reads prizes).

All right. Let?s see if we can win those prizes. Put your mouthpieces in. Olmec, lower your gate. (Wait for gate to lower). Let?s put three minutes on the clock. On your mark. Get set. Go!
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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Fan Summary:
The Gold Staff of Mansa Musa

Name of Artifactpx][/img]
Temple Run Summary:
If the people at Legends gave away prizes for valiant efforts, I?m sure the silver snakes would have walked away with it here, what with eleven rooms traversed. Mikey ran through The Crypt, and was forced to go through The Ledges regardless. He spun the wheel quickly, found the white laser, but was pulled out in Medusa?s Lair with still more than two minutes on the clock. Jennifer wasn?t nearly as fast, but still pulled her weight. She (somehow) finished Medusa?s Lair at a decent speed, and was forced to climb the entire central column. Meeting the final Temple Guard in the Room of the Ancient Warriors with 1:22 left, she wasted time with the other suits, fiddling with the Silver Monkey, ignoring shortcuts, and grabbing an unneeded torch. One good thing about this episode is that the elevator has increased dramatically in speed, now taking only ten seconds to descend, which I believe is how long the average player spends on a ladder. Time ran out in The Dark Forest. Two interesting pieces of trivia; the Temple Guard in the Room of the Ancient Kings was wearing a watch, and second, Kirk never gets the artifact?s name right, calling it the golden staff instead of the gold staff.

Episode Fanfic written by Adam ?Carveyfan? Jaspering. Based on events detailed by Mstrgmr. Kirk?s entrance, Episode Summary format and Temple Diagram in the style of NickLegends.
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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I made it The Golden Staff because I liked Golden more than Gold, and your version was great
Title: The Golden Staff of Mansu Musa
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I understand, but I felt that the it was more important to emphasize that it was gold shaped like a staff, and not just a staff that was gold. But it's only two letters and it means essentially the same thing.