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Title: The ultimate layout!
Post by: Kornography17 on July 10, 2007, 09:54:59 AM
Create your own layout with all the rooms no more, no less. (This includes but doesnt have to be the secret passage. You can make up your own rooms as well. They should go in the order of the third season temple run footage.

1.The Crypt :Grab the books from the skeletons you know the drill.
2.The Tar Pit: a pit filled with sticky "Tar" which will make exiting the room difficult.
3.The Bell Storage:Pull down strings to make the bells toll and open a door.
4.The Chamber of the Sacred Markers:Place the markers on the correct tablet you know the drill.
5.The Room of the Ancient Warriors:Place yourself in the correct armor to open the door to (prepare yourself)
6.The SEEEEEEEEEEEALLLLLLLLL ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!:wait...what hte? wheres the shrine? I got rid of it, go ahead kill me. Anyways. There is a picture of a seal (Like the ones the kings and queens use on their letters) on the wall. You must find the right one and  place it in the front of the room to open a door.
7.The Lightning Ball room: Plug in the power cords to create your own lightning.
8.The Water tank: After the lightning ball-passage door opens you must jump into the small pit of water and press a button to open the tank below.
9.The Quicksand Bog: Makes sense to have water go into this place right? Bash through the stone wall and enter...
10.The Knights Tomb: Similar to the Tomb of the headless king but instead of just a skull its a melmet on the skull.
11.The Mirror Maze:Its a Mirror maze (How shocking)
12.The Lazer Light Room: Find the white lazer to open a door.
13:The Ledges Ver 2:This version of the ledges will have tons of rocks blocking the way. And water falling from the cieling.

Pretty Sweet huh? Please feel free to add your own version.BTW Im new here.
Title: Re: The ultimate layout!
Post by: nicklegends on July 10, 2007, 11:15:19 AM
Quote from: ""Kornography16""
BTW Im new here.

Welcome to the forum! :D There was a fan-fiction contest very similar to this a while back, but there hasn't been too much layout-creating since. I do like your choice of rooms, but to remove the Shrine... ooh, that's risky! Good ideas on the others, although I have to say that the Water Tank reminds me of a giant toilet. :lol:

I'll move this topic to the Treasure Room, where all of the other fan-related stuff is. :wink:
Title: The ultimate layout!
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on July 10, 2007, 11:52:13 AM
i think plenty of people have made layouts in which the Shrine is removed.  i like most of the layout thou, except for making the Ledges alot harder to get thru and not having a key-based objective in the "gold doors" room (i know i made a couple rooms in that area which didn't make use of the key, but now i'm thinking that i made a stupid designing move by doing that.) Other than that, it's really good, except there'd have to be alot of rather short paths to the artifact to have a good amount of wins.

Oh, and welcome to the Phantom's Den!
Title: The ultimate layout!
Post by: PhantomBPR on July 10, 2007, 03:58:24 PM
Quote from: ""The Ancient Warrior""
Oh, and welcome to the Phantom's Den!

Heh, I didn't even know people were still refering to the temple as the Den, now that's the sign of a true fan, kudos Ancient Warrior.

And to our new player, allow me to welcome you to the forum. I'm very happy to see a new layout submission.
Title: The ultimate layout!
Post by: Kornography17 on July 11, 2007, 05:57:36 AM
Thank you, please feel free to add your own layout. I dont mind, and about the toilet about the water tank, thats exactly what comes to my mind. lol
Title: The ultimate layout!
Post by: The Bamboo Forest on June 22, 2008, 07:48:51 PM
Layout submissions? I wanted to do that contest, but I wasn't here. So besides LOTHT Wild Jungle, I'll put together some created rooms into a layout:

(Rooms are described in the order that Olmec described them in Season 3)

The Cathedral's Tower: There are three church-style stained glass windows around the room. The players need to break open each and ring the hidden bell inside of them: bronze, silver, and gold. A correct bell ring would open the doors.
The Forest of the Fallen Logs: The room was like the Pit of Despair, but foam "logs", foam blocks, and vines try and inhibit contestant's movement. An actuator-based room.
The Telescope Tower: A central "T-Base" stood in this room, and three telescopes were in the back of the room. The players had to screw the correct telescope into the base to open the doors.
The Frozen Fountain: There is a large fountain, split into six parts, in the middle of the room?but it?s frozen. The players must pull the correct of the six ice chunks out to open the doors.
The Royal Treasury: There are two cabinets next to the temple guard door, one containing a jeweled crown. The player must find it and place it in the right pedestal to open the doors.
The Chamber of the Sacred Monkey: The Silver Monkey stands assembled on its statue in the front of the room. The three cabinets contain three assembled monkeys, and they have actuators next to them. The players press them until they light up the right monkey: the golden one. The others are bronze.
The Sacred Library: There are three scrolls placed in the pedestals at the front of the room. They read the same as the secret passwords in the ROTSP. The players just unroll them and read the right one out to open the doors.
The Great Ledge: The ledge is the large wall, colored brown, connecting the Scared Library and the Gold Mine. The player must just climb up or down the wall. A net connects the door from the Sacred Library to the wall.
The Gold Mine: The room is full of gold-colored foam blocks and several re-used fallen columns to slow down contestants. Then they could go to the Shrine or bust through the wall.
The Temple Treasury: The room is supposed to be the temple guard?s stash for pendants, which are placed in the central treasure chest. Among the pendants is the key, and then they could use it to open the doors, or bust through the wall.
The Maze of Doom: The room is a mess of foam blocks, wooden partitions, and small walls and corridors. The players must just make their way through and hit an actuator. There are ladders in this room.
The Rainbow Storeroom: There are six pedestals surrounding the ladder each with a King?s Storeroom key in them, and they are all colored the colors of the rainbow. The player must pull out the correct key to open the doors.
The Rainforest: The room is like the Ledges, but darker, wetter, and greener.

About your layout, I like it, but I?m not too sure about that water tank?.as Nicklegends mentioned, it sounds a bit like a giant toilet. I like the Mirror Maze. I hope you like my submission too!