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Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes in my independent project.  If you have any complaints, first thing to do is to go see the episode directory here:
Legends: The Rediscovery (http://

Episode 40px]

The camera maneuvers through a thick rainforest to stop in front of an ancient temple.  A giant stone head next to the gate of the temple begins to speak:
"LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE! With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is NOW!"

On this final word, Kirk appears from behind the Temple Guard door in the Dungeon and runs straight out into the foreground of the stage to greet the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Nice to see you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple.  Which legend are we gonna hear about today?"

Olmec replies:
"The Legend of the Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi."

"Oh, the Treasure of Phoolan Devi!" Kirk says in response. "Well the legend is set, and one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Treasure Chest.  Will it be:
"Rolando and Jacqueline of the Red Jaguars?" the camera pans to each team in order?
"Brandon and Amy of the Blue Barracudas,
"Daron and Melissa of the Green Monkeys,
"Trenton and Tabitha of the Orange Iguanas,
"David and Catherine of the Purple Parrots,
"Or Jimmy and Randi of the Silver Snakes?"

"They'll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests," Kirk says, "but in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple.  But first, they must cross the Moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today:
"Each team is standing in front of a dragon tunnel that stretches across the Moat.  When I say go, one player from each team will crawl in the dragon mouth into the tunnel and they?ll make their way across the Moat in that tunnel.  Then their partner'll crawl in and make his way through the tunnel."
"When the second player climbs out the other mouth and steps onto the deck, it's his job to run over and hit the gong." He slams down on the Red Jaguars' gong to demonstrate. "The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round.  Hey teams? ARE YOU READY!"
The players all cheer and shout as an answer.
"Olmec, are you ready?" asks Kirk.
"You better believe it!" Olmec responds.
"All right then," Kirk says. "On your marks teams, get set, GO!"

The teams? first players head right into the dragons? mouths and begin to crawl through, but most of the players become caught up in the areas of different relief.  The girls on the Green Monkeys and Orange Iguanas speed right on through just as the other teams? first players are getting out of the ruts.
?Here they come!? Kirk comments as the boys on the Red Jaguars and Purple Parrots emerge from the other side of the tunnels at the same time. ?I think I know who?s gonna win this.? The girl on the Blue Barracudas and the boy on the Silver Snakes come out of the dragons? mouths at the same time. ?And I?m right! Here?re our first teams!? The boys on the Green Monkeys and the Orange Iguanas crawls out of the tunnels at about the same time, and run over to hit their respective gongs. ?I think we got our third team!? The soap-coated girl on the Purple Parrots team slips on her way out of the tunnel, but she gets up and hits her team?s gong.  A few seconds later the girl on the Red Jaguars crawls out of the dragon mouth a few seconds later, and rings in just a few seconds before the boy on the Blue Barracudas.
?That?s it! We?ve got our four teams!? Kirk says, and the camera shows him standing with the Red Jaguars at the end of the Moat. ?Red Jaguars, they fought hard and long through a two-headed dragon.  They?re covered in stomach acid, but they?re goin? on to the Steps of Knowledge, along with the Green Monkeys?? the camera runs right down the line to show each qualifying team? ?and the Orange Iguanas? and the Purple Parrots! The Blue Barracudas and the Silver Snakes gave it a great effort too.  They?re not going away empty-handed, we?ve got a nice gift for them for playing and here?s what it is.? Jimmy, Amy, Brandon and Randi will each be receiving a backpack provided by Eastpak.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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The four teams are now at the top of the Steps of Knowledge accompanied by Kirk. "As the quest continues, it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the Secret Treasure Chest of Phoolan Devi.  But first, pay attention teams, because your knowledge of the Legend can bring you one step closer to Olmec's Temple."
Olmec begins to tell the legend:
"One of the most dangerous women in the history of India was Phoolan Devi.  When she was only eleven, she was married off to wealthy, but wicked grown man who soon abandoned her.  Her family also abandoned her, so Phoolan disappeared to join a group of dacoits? Indian bandits? and fell in love with the second-in-command.
"'You must be really good.  I just met you and you?ve already stolen my heart.'
"Together Phoolan and the second-in-command Vikram overthrew the leader of the band of dacoits.  The two married, became joint leaders of the group, and pooled together whatever they stole.  But their happiness wouldn?t last for long.
"A rival gang kidnapped Phoolan and Vikram and held them in the village of Behmai, hoping to find out where their secret treasure chest was.  The two escaped, but Phoolan couldn?t let the rival dacoits get their hands on her treasure.  They rushed through the village, doing away with all its people and stealing all the gold, silver and pearls they could find, before heading back to their hideout deep in the jungles.
"'That felt good,' Phoolan said when they were outside the cave.
"'A whole village down, one enemy gone, but it doesn?t stop here,' Vikram replied. 'After you, Bandit Queen.'
"'Bandit Queen? I like the sound of that.' And they went into the cave to add their spoils to the small treasure chest.  Eventually Vikram and the Bandit Queen were captured, and also the Secret Treasure of the Bandit Queen disappeared.  Your goal is to find the Secret Map of the Bandit Queen and bring it back here."

"Thank you Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the legend. "Olmec, where is the Secret Treasure Chest?"
Olmec replies:
"The Secret Treasure of the Bandit Queen can be found in the Junction of the Secret Shafts." The camera zooms in on the Secret Treasure sitting on top of the outside wall of the Junction of the Secret Shafts, then fades back to Kirk.

"Secret Treasure? Secret Shafts? I should?ve known," Kirk comments, walking down the steps. "Teams, you're now standing on the Steps of Knowledge, and in a minute, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on that ancient marking in front of you.  If you're right, you're gonna move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance to answer.  The first two teams to make it to the bottom step will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple.  Let?s get started! Olmec, first question."

Olmec begins:
?Was Phoolan Devi from: Russia, India, or???
Jacqueline rings in: ?India.?
?Correct,? Olmec replies.
?Nice job, Red Jaguars, step down,? Kirk says, and Jacqueline and her partner immediately move down to the second step. ?Remember you have to stomp down hard on the marking to ring in.  Olmec, next question.?
Olmec asks:
?Was Phoolan first married off when she was: Eleven, Fourteen, or Sixteen??
After a second, David gongs in: ?Fourteen???
?Incorrect,? Olmec replies.
Tabitha buzzes in: ?Eleven???
?Correct,? answers Olmec, and the Orange Iguanas move down a step.
?You might wanna hear all the answers before you buzz in,? Kirk says. ?Olmec, next question.?
Olmec asks:
?Phoolan was an Indian bandit.  Is this called a: Rani, Caste, or Dacoit??
Nobody stomps down for a moment, but just before the bell sounds, Melissa rings in: ?Dacoit???
?Correct,? Olmec answers, and the Green Monkeys move down a step.
?This match is heating up,? Kirk comments. ?But we?re looking for two teams.  Next question, Olmec.?
Olmec now asks:
?Phoolan married the second-in-command of the group of dacoits she joined.  Was his name: Victor, Vladimir, or Vikram??
Daron gongs in: ?Vikram.?
?That is correct,? Olmec replies, and the Green Monkeys move down to the third step.
?Green Monkeys coming from behind and now they?re just one step away from the Temple Games,? Kirk explains. ?Next question, Olmec.?
Olmec then asks:
?Was the popular nickname for Phoolan: Princess of Thieves, Bandit Queen, or Dacoit Duch???
Trenton cuts Olmec off: ?Bandit Queen???
?That is correct,? Olmec replies, and the Orange Iguanas move down to the third level.
?We?ve got? excuse me, the Orange Iguanas are now just one step away from the Temple Games,? Kirk explains to the audience. ?Olmec, next question.?
And, given the command, Olmec asks:
?When Phoolan and Vikram were captured by the rival gang, were they taken to: Behmai, Chennai, or Mumbai??
As Olmec says the third choice, Rolando stomps down and guesses: ?Behmai???
?That is correct,? replies Olmec, and the Red Jaguars move down to the third step.
?Red Jaguars are only one step away from the Temple Games now,? narrates Kirk. ?Still plenty of time for the Purple Parrots to catch up.  Next question.?
Olmec continues:
?After they escaped, did the couple: Kill everyone in the village???
Jacqueline interrupts him: ?They killed everyone in the village???
?That is correct!? Olmec yells, and the Red Jaguars move down to the bottommost level.
?All right, there?s one team going on to the Temple Games!? Kirk announces. ?We?re lookin? for one more, who?s it gonna be? Olmec, continue.?
Olmec does so, asking:
?After a successful steal, Phoolan would always thank Durga for protecting her.  Is Durga a: Greek goddess, Hindu goddess, or Egyptian goddess??
Daron rings in: ?A Hindu goddess???
?That is correct!? Olmec shouts, and the Green Monkeys move down to the bottom step next to the Red Jaguars.
?All right, there?s our two teams!? Kirk announces, walking through the space between the two qualifying teams to stand behind them. ?And they are the Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys! The rest of you guys, come down here.? The Purple Parrots walk down two steps to meet Kirk. ?These guys gave it a great effort too.  We?ve got a nice gift for them and here?s what it is.? David, Tabitha, Catherine and Trenton will each be receiving a copy of Monster House on DVD.
Kirk is standing between the Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys on the bottommost level of the Steps of Knowledge. ?These two teams?ll be playing to enter Olmec?s Temple,? Kirk says, ?right after this!? The camera shifts to a close-up on the end of the Pharaoh?s Secret Passage in the Dungeon before going to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Kirk is standing in front of the Mine Shaft surrounded by the four remaining players. ?Welcome back to Legends,? he says. ?Now, of course, the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, so let?s get to know our team players.? He turns to talk to the black boy on his immediate right. ?On the Green Monkeys, we have Daron.  How old are you??
?Thirteen,? he replies.
?And it says here you play basketball, but you wanna be a lawyer??? Kirk says. ?Tell me about that.?
?It makes a lot of money, that?s all,? Daron replies.
?Okay,? Kirk says, then going to interview the curly-brown-haired girl on Daron?s right. ?And Melissa, how old are you??
?Twelve,? she replies.
?Now, it says here you like to dance and you collect pens,? Kirk reads on the index card in his left hand. ?How big is your collection??
Melissa thinks about it, her blue eyes staring up at the ceiling. ?Umm? about 50.?
?Have you ever written with any of these pens?? Kirk asks.
?No,? Melissa answers.
?Do you have a favorite??
?There?s? this one that?s made of all these tiny little pens, and it can write in any color.?
?Sounds cool,? Kirk says. ?We?ve got a good team here, I think.  Let?s hear it for the Green Monkeys!? The audience applauds for a moment as Kirk goes to interview the rather tall, bushy-dark-haired boy just right of center screen. ?And on the Red Jaguars, we have Rolando.  How old are you??
?Fourteen,? he replies.
?And you?re into skateboarding but you wanna go into the music biz,? Kirk reads. ?Tell me about that.?
?Probably gonna be hip-hop,? Rolando explains. ?My friends said I have this 'natural rhythm,' quote un-quote.?
?Tell me,? Kirk replies, ?isn?t hip-hop all about those same images with everybody wearing long T-shirts, baggy jeans and saying the same stuff the same way??
?Not when I get there,? Rolando says in response.
?Oh, I think we got a rebel here, folks!? Kirk shouts before going to interview the girl on Rolando?s left, whose brown hair was carefully braided into a ponytail just longer than shoulder-length. ?And Jacqueline, how old are you??
?Twelve,? she replies.
?And I understand you like hanging out at the mall, but you also like to draw,? Kirk says. ?what kinda stuff do you draw??
?People,? Jacqueline answers simply.
?What kinda people?? he asks.
?People with grayish-colorish skin? and eyes completely the black and shiny part like this?? Jacqueline puts both the index fingers around her right eyelid and tries to make only the iris and pupil visible.  Kirk tries to suppress laughs as she does that.
?Okay, let?s hear it for the Red Jaguars!? he says, his voice a little shaky from trying to hold back any laughs.  The audience applauds for a moment.

?Okay, guys go get ready for the first Temple Game, girls can go get set up for the first one over here,? Kirk says as Daron and Rolando, then Jacqueline and Melissa, walk offscreen, ?and I'll tell you what's gonna happen here.  In the Temple Games, each team will be competing to win?" he opens a pouch and pulls out a small gold medallion to show to the camera? "Pendants of Life.  They?ll need those Pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through the Temple.  There are three Temple Games, and Olmec? tell us about Temple Game #1.?

Olmec begins:
?Phoolan wasn?t always such a master thief? early in her career, she would often get captured and have to break herself free.  Your job in this game is to break free as well.  When Kirk gives the signal, climb along the wall and maneuver the chain along the slot, trying to make your way to the space marked ?Freedom.?
?The first player to reach ?Freedom?? or the one that?s closer to ?Freedom? after 60 seconds? wins.?
?Oh, they gotta free themselves from this big board where they?re all tied up?? Kirk says, standing in front of the equipment. ?This is gonna be tricky.  Let?s set the clock for 60 seconds.? The clock then appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
Daron and Rolando move along the wall and begin to move toward the metal loops which must be passed through on the way to ?Freedom.? ?These guys have to find the way through to freedom, it?s a lot of work,? Kirk comments as Rolando passes through the first metal loop with 47 seconds remaining.  Daron is only a couple seconds behind at that point, but Rolando manages to stay ahead. ?Red Jaguars doin? good so far!? Kirk comments.  However, Rolando slows down a little again, passing through the second loop with 33 seconds left and allowing Daron to catch up somewhat without passing his opponent.  Rolando, keeping his lead, makes it through the last loop and frees himself with 16 seconds left.
?All right, that?s it! That was quick!? Kirk says, running onscreen as a spotter frees Daron from his equipment. ?Red Jaguars blazed through there, they get a half Pendant of Life!? The audience applauds for a minute. ?Green Monkeys can catch up in the next game.  Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec continues:
?Phoolan?s cave was hidden very deep into the thick jungles of India, and as you will find out in this game, returning to the cave with spoils was no easy task.  In this game, you will play the role of Phoolan, and the rod you have with you contains a hidden amount of gold.  When Kirk gives the signal, put the rod behind your head and make your way through the jungle.  Whenever you come to two trees, you must find a way to maneuver between or around them, keeping your rod behind your head and both of your hands on it.
?The first player to reach the mouth of Phoolan?s cave at the end of the jungle? or the player that?s further along at the end of 60 seconds? wins.?
?It?s gonna be a race to the finish,? Kirk comments as Jacqueline and Melissa pick up their rods. ?Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock.? The clock then appears in the corner of the screen. ?Everyone ready? Okay, on your mark, get set, GO!?
The girls begin to make their way through the forest and try to find the quickest path to get past each pair of oddly bent trees.  Jacqueline leads early on, but then Melissa pulls ahead when Jacqueline gets caught trying to maneuver through a particularly small gap.  Melissa is just ahead when she makes it out with 22 seconds left.
?All right!? Kirk shouts, running over to declare a winner. ?Looks like Green Monkeys got their partner out of the forest first.  That earns them a half Pendant, it?s all tied up and we go to the third and final game.  That?s worth a full Pendant.  Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec narrates:
?Thieves would often have to transport large amounts of stolen goods.  In this game, you will practice transporting a large number of treasures by making multiple trips.  When Kirk gives the signal, grab a treasure, and run out to meet your partner at the middle of the path.  Then, pass the treasure to your partner, who will slide back and place it in your treasure box.  Then go back and do it again.
?The team with the most treasures in their treasure box after 60 seconds wins.?
?It?s all tied up, half Pendant each,? says Kirk. ?This?ll decide who goes to the Temple.  60 seconds on the clock.? The clock appears in the corner of the screen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
The team players fight against the pull of the bungee cords to make it to the middle of the tracks.  Melissa gets to the middle several seconds before Daron does, but while Rolando and Jacqueline make contact and pass some sort gold orb with a handle attached, Melissa?s cord pulls her back a couple feet as she waits for Daron.  As a result, the Red Jaguars score first with 42 seconds left, but the Green Monkeys take a few more seconds to pass the first treasure.
?This takes a lot of determination,? Kirk comments as the teams head out to make their second transfer each. ?There?s some rhythm too I guess, Red Jaguars doing a great job, it must be that natural rhythm!? The Red Jaguars get their second artifact in the treasure box with 26 seconds left, with the Green Monkeys not depositing their second treasure until only 20 seconds remain.  The Red Jaguars maintain a lead in terms of making the transfer first, but the Green Monkeys manage to put one final treasure in just before time runs out.
?Okay, that?s it! Stop right there!? Kirk shouts, running between the tracks to grab the treasure boxes, count the final scores and declare a winner.  As soon as the players are freed from their equipment, they run over and join him. ?Let?s start with the Green Monkeys.  They got one, two? three,? he says, discarding the gold orb, a silver necklace and a large ruby. ?And the Red Jaguars, they got one, two? three!? He puts aside a lengthy diamond necklace, a gold-lined mask and an enormous gold bracelet. ?It?s a tie? we go to a tiebreaker! Let?s bring out the tiebreaker pedestal! C?mon, bring it over!?

The players run over to the tiebreaker pedestals and stand behind their gongs as directed by Kirk. ?Okay, here?s the tiebreaker rules.  In a minute, Olmec is gonna ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you.  You?ll have three seconds to answer and I must accept your first response.  If you?re right, you and your partner will be going to the Temple in search of the Treasure Chest of Phoolan Devi, but if you?re wrong or you run out of time, I'm gonna give the other teams a chance.  All clear?"
The players nod in response.
"All right, Olmec!" Kirk shouts. "What is the final question??

Olmec asks:
?Is the capital of India: Calcutta, N???
Rolando hits the gong first and answers: ?Calcutta.?
?Incorrect,? Olmec replies.
?Okay,? Kirk says. ?Green Monkeys, it?s your turn.?
?Could he finish the question?? Melissa asks, speaking into Kirk?s microphone.
?Olmec, please finish the question,? Kirk requests.
Olmec asks:
?Is the capital of India: Calcutta, New Delhi, or Mumbai??
Melissa then hits the gong: ?New Delhi???
Olmec replies:
?That? is? correct.?
The audience bursts into applause, and Melissa jumps up and down and high-fives Daron. ?They pulled it out in the clutch,? Kirk says, ?it came down to the tiebreaker, but the Green Monkeys are goin? to the Temple!? He walks over to talk with the Red Jaguars. ?These guys gave it a gallant effort too.  Here?s what we?ve got for them.? Jacqueline and Rolando will each be receiving a small gift package from Regent sports.
Kirk is standing behind the tiebreaker podium between Daron and Melissa. ?These guys broke the tie,? he comments, ?and now we?re gonna see if they can make it through Olmec?s Temple? right after this!? The camera zooms in on the bucket in the Mine Shaft before fading to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Kirk stands in front of the Temple's stairs with his hands on Daron and Melissa's shoulders. "Welcome back to Legends," he says to the camera before turning around to talk to Olmec. "The Green Monkeys have proven themselves worthy and earned the right to enter your Temple, Olmec.  But before they go, can you give them any information to help them find the Treasure Chest of Phoolan Devi?"
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
?You could start by climbing through the Crevasse and climbing down into the Mine Shaft.  Throw enough rocks into the bucket to lift the slab, then race into the Crystal Cave.  Pull down the correct icicle, and you could choose to go up into the Dragon?s Lair, or into the Junction of the Secret Shafts, where you can grab Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi.  If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Switch Inferno.  Hit the right actuator to go upstairs, or plow through the wall and into the Dungeon.
?There, climb up the Pharaoh?s Secret Passage into the Dark Overlook, and correctly place all three torches to open the door? to the Shrine? of the Silver Monkey.  Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Knights? Barracks.  Place the sword in the correct sheath, and you could advance into the Laser Light Room.  Find the right combination to unleash the power of the laser, and run across the Bridge.  Then, pass through the Room of the Temple Gongs, race down the stairs and back through the Temple Gate.  The choices are yours and yours alone.? Olmec pauses for a second here. "You won 1 ? Pendants in the Temple Games.  Who's going first??
"I am," says Melissa.
"Very well Melissa," replies Olmec as Kirk hands out the Pendants of Life. "When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple and make your way toward the Secret Treasure.  Hidden inside the Temple are three ventilation shafts that let out in the Junction of the Secret Shafts, as well as Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and then it'll be Daron's turn to enter and try his luck.  Hidden somewhere in the Temple is the other half of your Pendant.  If you can find it and you're carrying the other half, you will get an extra life.  If you can reach the Secret Treasure, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish.  Return through the gates with the Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how:"
?   For just getting into the Temple, they?re both going to get a camping package courtesy of Outdoor Products.
?   If they can grab the Secret Treasure Chest within 3 minutes, they?re also going to get XBOX 360 game packages, complete with two new games.
?   And if they can bring the Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi out of the Temple before three minutes is up, they?ll both be going to Quebec City! They?ll be staying for three days at Delta Quebec, with an indoor exercise room, an outdoor heated pool and an underground mall and they?ll be there during the Carnaval de Qu?bec.  Delta Quebec, for a prize package totaling $11,134!

"Winter Carnival, Quebec City? let?s get ?em there!" Kirk says, excited. "Now, Melissa, tell me? how?re you gonna get to the Treasure Chest?"
"Um," Melissa replies, "we?re just gonna go right through the bottom and get in there but if that doesn?t work we?ll? we?ll look for those air-conditioning tunnels to get right in there."
"We?re gonna see if that?ll work," Kirk says. "So Melissa, let?s get you out in front.  Put your mouthpieces in.  Let's put three minutes on the clock." The clock appears onscreen. "Let?s drop the gate, Olmec!"
Olmec moans as he lowers the gate, and then the blue lights on him are turned off.
"On your mark, get set, GO!"

?There she goes! Up into the Temple!? Kirk shouts as Melissa heads up the stairs and goes toward the entrance to the Crevasse. ?She?s goin? down the slide, into the Crevasse, that?ll lead her? take her into the Mine Shaft!? Melissa climbs up further and opens the upper crawl tube leading into the Mine Shaft. ?She?s in there, and she?ll have to do some heavy rock lifting!? Melissa cautiously climbs down the ladder, runs over to the section of the floor covered in rocks and puts them into the bucket one at a time.  As soon as the fourth rock lands in the bucket, the stone slab blocking the door leading into the Crystal Cave opens, and Melissa slides on through. [2:28] However, in the corner of the room lurks the first TEMPLE GUARD!
Melissa has a full Pendant of Life on hand, and she gives it to the Temple Guard to keep going.  She reaches up to pull down the three stalactites from the ceiling, opening the door leading upward into the Dragon?s Lair with the first one.  But the door connecting the Crystal Cave and the Junction of the Secret Shafts remains locked even after she detaches all three. ?Nope, I guess that door?s not gonna open!? Kirk comments. ?She?s gonna have to go up, I guess!? Melissa looks up at the open door to the Dragon?s Lair, and climbs on up the ladder to enter the room, but as soon as she sets foot in the room out jumps the second TEMPLE GUARD!
?Oh, that?s it, go on Darien!? Kirk shouts, and Daron races up the stairs with 2:07 left and a half Pendant in hand. ?Two?minute warning!? Daron perfectly follows Melissa?s path up until the Dragon?s Lair, and gets to work there completing the room?s objective. (1:44) He goes to the front of the room, grabs all four horns leaning on the outer railing, and takes them to the back of the room to place in the dragon head around the door leading upward.  With 1:26 remaining, all four horns are in position, a loud roar sounds, the mystic pattern on the walls flashes and the door leading upward opens.  Briefly looking over at the door to the Knights? Barracks, he then climbs up the ladder into the Laser Light Room.
?Oh, he?s gotta go up again! Up into the Laser Light!? Kirk shouts as Daron sets foot in the Laser Light Room.  He rushes over to the metallic column in the front of the room and begins aligning the four segments.  As soon as the sections are properly aligned, a laser beam flashes on and Daron enters the Knights? Barracks. (1:06) He picks up the sword and immediately goes to the camera-left sheath, which turns out to be the correct choice.  The door leading into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey opens, and Daron runs right in. [0:57]
?He?s only two rooms away from the Treasure Chest!? Kirk shouts with Melissa standing next to him and the audience cheering. ?Can he make it?? Daron grabs all three pieces of the monkey in one sweep and puts the statue together with just 40 seconds left.  He runs through the only opened door into the Dark Overlook, runs to the dimly lit back of the room and disappears into the darkness.
?Wait, where is he?? Kirk asks. A few seconds later, Daron appears in a ventilation shaft in the Junction of the Secret Shafts.  He runs straight to the front of the room and grabs the SECRET TREASURE!
?HE GOT IT!? Kirk shouts, as Daron runs for the door into the Crystal Cave. ?All the doors are open!? 25 seconds remain when Daron reenters the Mine Shaft.  He nearly trips on the rock-covered floor making a run for the lower crawl tube, but does enter the Crevasse without getting hurt. (0:18) However, here he slows down somewhat trying to find the way out. ?All he?s gotta do is come back through the gate and give me the Treasure Chest! Can he make it?? Just six seconds are left when Daron leaves the Crevasse.  He gradually stands up jogging back toward the entrance and makes it through the Temple Gate with 1 second left!
?YES! They did it! Can you believe it?? Kirk shouts as an ecstatic Melissa jumps into Daron?s arms and nearly tackles him to the ground. ?Down at the last second and they won everything? the camping gear, the XBOX 360s, they?re goin? to Quebec City! I love this team, this strong Green Monkeys team.? He pulls Melissa in for a congratulatory hug. ?But we gotta get outta here.  Let?s join us again next time for another exciting Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!? Kirk, Melissa and Daron group hug, and the camera pans through all the rooms cleared during the Temple Run as the credits roll.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Ohhh, I assumed these were based in like 1996.  Apparantly not, given the XBOX 360s, which for many kids would equal one quality family vacation, sadly enough.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Temple Run Summary
Episode 40px]

Name of Artifact: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
Season: 2
Layout: 2 (6 overall)
Result: Made it!
Time Remaining: 0:01
Team: Green Monkeys
Pendants Won: 1.5
Location of Artifact: The Junction of the Secret Shafts

This is one of my favorite episodes of The Rediscovery, if not my absolute favorite.  The players were excited, and competitions were close, going down to a tiebreaker in the Temple Games and last seconds in the Temple Run.

The Green Monkeys did really well, considering how many rooms they had to enter.  Melissa only cleared three rooms before she was removed from the Dragon's Lair with 2:08 remaining.  Daron immediately took over, scaled the central shaft and headed on across the top level.  Unfortunately, the only door that opened from the Shrine of the Silver Monkey was the one into the Dark Overlook? that meant that they'd have to enter ELEVEN rooms of the Temple just to get to the artifact!

However, Daron was observant enough to prevent the run from being a loss.  Only a couple of seconds after he raced into the Dark Overlook, he opened up an "air-conditioning tunnel" (as Melissa affectionately called them) and reappeared in the Junction of the Secret Shafts.  He grabbed the Secret Treasure and made a mad dash for the exit, and an enthusiastic Melissa tackle-hugged him when he made it out with just one second left on the clock.

Trivia and Records:
Daron is only the second player to ever use one of the secret shafts, the first one being Tiffany from "The Silver Angel Wing of Elizabeth I" (Season 1, Layout I.) This is also, in The Rediscovery's history, the second last-second victory as well as the first Green Monkeys win.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Quote from: ""Piranesi""
Ohhh, I assumed these were based in like 1996.  Apparantly not, given the XBOX 360s, which for many kids would equal one quality family vacation, sadly enough.

Nope, this is a revival series rather than an extension of the original show.  Season 1 took place last summer, specificly from July 23, 2006 to July 29 the same year.  Season 2 was this winter that just passed, i haven't decided the exact dates yet but it'll be from somewhere late in January into February.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Treasure of Phoolan Devi
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Quote from: ""The Ancient Warrior""
Quote from: ""Piranesi""
Ohhh, I assumed these were based in like 1996.  Apparantly not, given the XBOX 360s, which for many kids would equal one quality family vacation, sadly enough.

Nope, this is a revival series rather than an extension of the original show.  Season 1 took place last summer, specificly from July 23, 2006 to July 29 the same year.  Season 2 was this winter that just passed, i haven't decided the exact dates yet but it'll be from somewhere late in January into February.

Ohh, makes sense.  If I become a rabid millionaire, I'll make damned sure that Nick brings it back.