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Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes in my independent project.  If you have any complaints, first thing to do is to go see the episode directory here:
Legends: The Rediscovery (http://

Episode 39px]

The camera maneuvers through a thick rainforest to stop in front of an ancient temple.  A giant stone head next to the gate of the temple begins to speak:
"LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE! With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is NOW!"

On this final word, Kirk appears from behind the Temple Guard door in the Dungeon and runs straight out into the foreground of the stage to greet the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Nice to see you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple.  Which legend are we gonna hear about today?"

Olmec replies:
"The Legend of the Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli."

"Ah, the Secret Journal of Nicholas Machavelli!" Kirk says in response. "So one of these six teams will get the chance to retrieve that Secret Journal, will it be:
"Chad and Ashley of the Red Jaguars?" the camera pans to each team in order?
"Cody and Stacie of the Blue Barracudas,
"William and Jessica of the Green Monkeys,
"Rashawn and Natalie of the Orange Iguanas,
"Jason and Lauren of the Purple Parrots,
"Or Tony and Shannon of the Silver Snakes?"

"They'll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests," Kirk says, "but in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple.  But first, they must cross the Moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today:
"In front of each team there's a set of Arctic rings that're dangling across the Moat.  When I say go, one player from each team will start crawling his way through the rings until he reaches the other side of the Moat.  Then his partner'll start crawling through the rings til he gets to the other side."
"As soon as the second player steps onto the deck, it's his job to run over here and hit the gong." He slams down on the Red Jaguars' gong to demonstrate. "The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round.  Hey teams? are you ready?"
The players all cheer and shout in response.
"Olmec, are you ready?" asks Kirk.
"Let?s get the party started!" Olmec replies.
"Okay," Kirk replies. "On your marks, get set, GO!"

Each team has trouble squirming through the tunnels of rings, but some more than others.  After about twenty-five seconds, the girls on the Silver Snakes and Orange Iguanas make it onto the deck? at which point the Red Jaguars and Blue Barracudas are not even past the halfway mark.  The male Green Monkey is the next player to climb out of the tunnel of rings and step onto the deck, doing so about five seconds later.  The boy on the Purple Parrots makes it out another five seconds later.
?The other teams can still catch back up,? Kirk comments as the boy on the Blue Barracudas steps onto the deck, ?cause we?re lookin? for four teams!? Another fifteen seconds later the girl on the Red Jaguars finally exits the tunnel of dangling rings? only a few seconds before the girl on the Green Monkeys and the female players on both the Orange Iguanas and Silver Snakes all tie for first team to hit their gongs.  The mist over the Moat is almost completely gone once the girl on the Purple Parrots rings her team?s gong.
?That?s it!? Kirk shouts, and the camera shows him running onscreen to stand with the Green Monkeys around their gong. ?Green Monkeys blazed over and it paid off, they?re going to the Steps of Knowledge, and so are the Orange Iguanas?? the camera briefly shows each qualifying teams? ?and the Purple Parrots? and the Silver Snakes! The Red Jaguars and the Blue Barracudas gave it a great effort too.  We got a nice gift for them for playing and here?s what it is.? Chad, Ashley, Cody and Stacie will each be receiving a copy of Monster House on DVD.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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The four teams are now at the top of the Steps of Knowledge accompanied by Kirk. "The quest continues, and so now it?s time for Olmec to tell us about the Secret Journal of Nicholas Machiavelli.  But pay attention, because your knowledge of the Legend can bring you a step closer to the Temple."
Olmec begins to tell the legend:
"In the late 1400s, the many city-states of Italy were in a chaotic era.  Popes were leading armies.  France, Spain and Germany were claiming city-states.  Soldiers kept switching sides in battle.  But there were a few voices of reason, such as that of the clever Niccol? Machiavelli.
"Niccol? wrote The Prince, speaking of ideal government.  When people heard of his writings, they were in shock.
"'What-a? what is dis!' shouted a mob gathered around Niccol??s house the next day. 'Only fight in wara for youra people? Only looka for advice a-when it?s a-needed? No one?s a-dis a-perfect! Give us a-de original a-copy!'
"'If you don?t share my opinions, then don?t read them,' he replied.
"'No one ever a-shoulda! Destroya de original a-copy!'
"Niccol? ran back inside, brought out a pamphlet and burned it in front of the crowd.  The mob dispersed, but Niccol? didn?t actually destroy the original copy.  The original works were contained in his well-hidden journal, which, after he died, made its way to the Temple.  You must find the Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli and bring it back here."

"Thank you Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the legend. "So tell us, where is the Secret Journal?"
Olmec replies:
"The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli can be found in? the Daaaaaark Overlook." The camera zooms in on the Secret Journal placed upright on the camera-left pedestal in the front of the Dark Overlook, and then fades back to Kirk.

"Teams," Kirk begins, walking down the steps, "you're standing on the Steps of Knowledge.  In a minute, Olmec is gonna ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you.  If you're right, you're gonna move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance to answer.  The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple.  All right Olmec, we're now ready for your first question."

Olmec begins:
?Did Niccol? Machiavelli live in: Russia, Egypt, or Italy??
William hits the marking first: ?Italy.?
?That is correct,? Olmec answers.
?Good job, Green Monkeys, step down,? Kirk comments, and the Green Monkeys move down one level. ?Remember, you?ll have to stomp down hard on the marking if you wanna buzz in.  Next question.?
Olmec asks:
?According to our legend, in Niccol??s time, which of these people were leading armies: Queens, Popes, or Napol?on??
William rings in again and guesses: ?Popes???
?That is correct,? says Olmec in response, and the Green Monkeys jump down one more step.
?One more correct response and the Green Monkeys are movin? on to the Temple Games,? Kirk explains. ?We?re lookin? for two teams.  Next question.?
Olmec asks:
?In our legend, was Italy: Adding on extra city-states, Losing city-states, or Merging city-states??
Jessica stomps in and guesses: ?Losing? city-states???
?That is correct!? Olmec shouts, and the Green Monkeys excitedly jump onto the bottom level.
?Okay, there?s our first team, just like that!? Kirk says as the Green Monkeys high-five on the bottom step. ?We?re looking for one more team, will it be the Purple Parrots, the Orange Iguanas or the Silver Snakes? Next question.?
Olmec now asks:
?Was Niccol? Machiavelli?s most famous work called: The King, The Empress, or The Prince??
Natalie gongs in: ?The Prince???
?That is correct,? Olmec answers, and the Orange Iguanas move down to the second step.
?It?s anybody?s game at this point,? Kirk comments. ?Olmec, next question.?
Olmec asks:
?According to our legend, did a mob march to Niccol??s house looking for: The original copy of The Prince, A new soldier???
Rashawn buzzes in: ?The original copy???
?That is correct,? Olmec replies, allowing the Orange Iguanas to move down one more step.
?Orange Iguanas are now just one step away from the Temple Games,? Kirk explains. ?There?s plenty of time for the other teams to catch up.  Olmec, continue.?
Olmec does so by asking:
?In the legend, did Niccol? force the crowd to disperse by: Shouting angrily, Burning a fake pamphlet, or Saying the k???
Rashawn interrupts Olmec again: ?Burning a fake? pamplet???
After a brief pause, Olmec replies:
?All right!? Kirk says, walking up the side of the bottom level just after the Orange Iguanas step down. ?Delayed reaction by Olmec, but we got our two teams! The Green Monkeys and the Orange Iguanas! Purple Parrots, Silver Snakes, come down here.? The other two teams each move down two steps and walk toward Kirk. ?These guys gave it a great effort too.  We got a nice gift for them and here?s what it is.? Jason, Lauren, Tony and Shannon will each be receiving a copy of the Ape Escape 3 PlayStation 2 game.
Kirk is now standing between the Green Monkeys and the Orange Iguanas on the bottom level of the Steps of Knowledge. ?These two teams will be playing for the right to enter Olmec?s Temple,? he says, ?and they?re gonna do it right after this!? The camera goes over to the Crystal Cave and zooms in on the stalactites before fading to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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Kirk is standing in front of the Mine Shaft between the two remaining teams. ?Welcome back to Legends,? he says. ?Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, so let?s hear it for William and Jessica of the Green Monkeys!? The bushy-brown-haired boy and blond girl clap along with the audience. ?And let?s hear it for Rashawn and Natalie, the Orange Iguanas!? The short black boy and curly-brown-haired girl clap along with the audience.
?You guys ready to play?? asks Kirk.
?YEAH!? The players reply.
?Okay, so girls go get ready for the first Temple Game, guys go get ready for the second Temple Game,? Kirk says, pointing in different directions, and the players walk offscreen. ?In the Temple Games, each team is competing for?" he opens a pouch and pulls out a small gold medallion to show to the camera? "Pendants of Life.  They?ll need those Pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through the Temple.  There are three Temple Games, and Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #1.?

Olmec begins:
?Niccol? Machiavelli was one of the most famous writers of his time, and he wrote many books which, like most books are, were divided into chapters.  In this game, you will retrieve four chapters of another of Niccol?'s books.  When Kirk gives the signal, crawl to the first cube, grab Chapter 1, then crawl back with it and place it on the proper space on the board.  Then, go back to get the next chapter.  Along the way you must try to avoid the swinging obstacles.  If you?re hit, you?ll have to go back and start again.?
?The first player to place all four chapters on the board? or the player that?s correctly placed the most chapters in 60 seconds? wins.?
The camera fades to Kirk. ?Speed writing, right?? he says. ?Let?s get the sandbags back in position and start swinging them.? The spotters do just that. ?And now let?s put 60 seconds on the clock.? The clock appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set, GO!?
Natalie and Jessica crawl out immediately, but Natalie gets hit by a sandbag right off the bat.  Jessica, on the other hand, manages to grab Chapter 1 on her first try and bring it back fairly quickly.  Natalie is a bit more careful on her second try, but since Jessica gets hit by a sandbag on her second try, Natalie can even the score by bringing back Chapter 1.  Both girls get hit the third time and reach their respective second chapters on the fourth attempt.  After 60 seconds have elapsed, a pattern of ceiling spotlights flash repeatedly to indicate that time is up.
?All right! Time?s up!? Kirk shouts immediately after, running over to stand by Natalie, who was just about to head out again, and the team boards to count up the scores.  Jessica, who is on the fourth cube in holding Chapter 4, drops it and runs over. ?Looks like Orange Iguanas got up to Chapter 3, Green Monkeys got up to Chapter 3 also, but the Green Monkeys were further along when time ended, so they win a half Pendant of Life!? The audience applauds for a moment. ?The Orange Iguanas can catch up in the next game, it?s worth a full? excuse me? it?s worth a half Pendant.  Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec continues:
?Like all writers of his day, Niccol? Machiavelli needed ink and a pen to write.  In this game, you will gather some ink.  Before you stands a huge spider web with several cubbyholes around the outer edges.  Each cubbyhole contains an inkwell, but while some inkwells are full, a few are empty.  When Kirk gives the signal, fling yourself onto the spider web in front of you and climb up to one of the holes and break it open.  If the inkwell inside is full, grab it, come back down and place it in your bin.  Otherwise, climb towards another cubbyhole and try again.
?The first player to find the four full inkwells? or the player that?s found the most full inkwells in 60 seconds? wins.?
The camera fades to Kirk. ?Okay, well I guess ink doesn?t grow on trees,? he says. ?Let?s set the clock for 60 seconds.? The clock then appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
William and Rashawn jump onto their webs at the same time and start climbing.  William climbs quite a bit slower, so Rashawn retrieves his first inkwell about five seconds before William does.  Rashawn continues to keep his lead, both by speed and luck, and manages to get the fourth full inkwell on his fourth try with 16 seconds left.
?Okay, that?s it!? Kirk announces. ?The Orange Iguanas got all four inkwells? well before time ended, giving them the other half Pendant of Life!? The audience applauds for a moment as Rashawn high-fives Kirk. ?This is that rock-climber, it had to be a piece of cake.  So, it?s tied up at a half Pendant apiece, we go to the third and final game, this one?s worth a full Pendant.  Olmec, tell us.?

Olmec narrates:
?According to our legend, Niccol? Machiavelli did not want to destroy his work, so he created a four-point plan to please the crowd and keep The Prince intact.  On the wall above you are the four stages of Niccol??s plan: ?Find a fake pamphlet,? ?Find a torch,? ?Burn the fake pamphlet,? and ?Crowd disperses.?  When Kirk gives the signal, load the slingshot and fire a ball, and your partner will catch the ball and stick it on the first stage.  Once you?ve covered a stage, it means it has been completed, and you can climb up and to complete the next stage.
?The first team that completes Niccol??s full plan? or the team that?s further along in 60 seconds? wins.?
?This one?s for the Temple,? Kirk says. ?Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock.? The clock appears onscreen. ?On your mark, get set, GO!?
Jessica and Natalie each load their respective slingshots and take aim at the targets in front of them labeled ?Find a fake pamphlet.? The balls both slip right out of their slingshots before the slingshots are released, then the girls both have to reload.
William catches a ball and covers ?Find a fake pamphlet? on the fourth try with :41 remaining, and Rashawn follows suit just a couple of seconds later.  However, Natalie then keeps shooting far away from Rashawn, while the Green Monkeys cover ?Find a torch? and ?Burn the fake pamphlet? on two consecutive attempts.  Before the Orange Iguanas can cover ?Find a torch,? the Green Monkeys stick a ball on the target at the top marked ?Crowd disperses? with a good 20 seconds remaining.  Kirk immediately runs over to give the summary.
?That was pretty quick! The Green Monkeys got all four way before time ended,? he comments. ?That gives them a full Pendant, giving them a Pendant and a half, the Orange Iguanas had a half.  Green Monkeys are goin? to the Temple!? Jessica and William hug for a second as Kirk goes to talk to the Orange Iguanas. ?Orange Iguanas, it was a tough match.  They?re not going away empty-handed, here?s what we?ve got for them.? Rashawn and Natalie will each be receiving a backpack provided by Eastpak.
Kirk is now standing in front of the equipment for the third Temple Game with the Green Monkeys to the stage-left of him. ?Now we?re gonna see if William and Jessica can make it through Olmec?s Temple in search of the Secret Journal,? he says, ?right after this!? The camera zooms in on the Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli in the Dark Overlook before fading to commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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Kirk stands in front of the Temple's stairs with his hands on William and Jessica's shoulders. "Welcome back," he says to the camera before turning to talk to the winning team. "You two have proven yourselves worthy and earned the right to enter Olmec?s Temple.  But first, here?s some information to help you retrieve the Secret Journal of Nicholas MacAvelli."
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
?You could start by climbing through the Crevasse and climbing down into the Mine Shaft.  Throw enough rocks into the bucket to lift the slab, then race into the Crystal Cave.  Pull down on the correct icicle, and you could choose to go up into the Dragon?s Lair, or into the Junction of the Secret Shafts.  If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Switch Inferno.  Hit the right actuator to go upstairs, or plow through the wall and into the Dungeon.
?There, climb up the Pharaoh?s Secret Passage into the Dark Overlook, where you can grab the Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli.  Correctly place all three torches to open the door to the SHRIIIIIIIIiiine of the Silver Monkey! Assemble the statue there and you may be headed for the Knights? Barracks.  Place the sword in the correct sheath, but be careful? one of the suits of armor could be possessed by the spirit of a Temple Guard! If they grab you, you'll have to give up a Pendant of Life! Next, race up to the Laser Light Room, find the right combination to unleash the power of the laser, and run across the Bridge.  Then, pass through the Room of the Temple Gongs, race down the stairs and back through the Temple Gate.  The choices are yours and yours alone.? Olmec pauses momentarily. "You won 1 ? Pendants in the Temple Games.  Who's going first??
"Me," William says in response.
"Very well William," replies Olmec as Kirk hands out the Pendants of Life. "When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple and make your way towards the Journal.  Hidden inside the Temple are three shafts which let out into the Junction of the Secret Shafts, as well as Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and then it'll be Jessica's turn to enter and try her luck.  Hidden somewhere in the Temple is the other half of your Pendant.  If you can find it and you're carrying the other half, you will get an extra life.  If you can reach the Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish.  Return through the gates with the Secret Journal in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how:"
?   For just making it into the Temple, they?re both going to get a Schwinn Mesa mountain bike.
?   If they can grab the Journal within three minutes, they?ll also get $500 Toys ?R? Us gift cards.
?   And if they can get the Secret Journal out of the Temple before 3 minutes is up, they?ll both be going to Krystal Cancun! Krystal Cancun, the resort for beach lovers, with excursions to Mayan ruins.  It?s rich in history and rich in pleasure.  Krystal Cancun, for a prize package worth $13,700!

"Sounds great, let's see if they can win it all!" Kirk says, excited. "So, Jessica, maybe you could tell us your strategy."
"Well," Jessica explains, "we?re just gonna go straight across the top, across that bridge, through there, get the thing and come back."
"We?re about to see if that?s gonna work out," Kirk says. "So, William, let?s get you out in front.  Put your mouthpieces in.  Let's set the clock for three minutes." The clock appears onscreen. "Olmec, lower your gate."
Olmec moans as he lowers the gate, and the blue lights on him are turned off.
"On your mark, get set, GO!"

?There he goes! Up into the Temple!? a voice-over shouts as William passes through the Temple Gate and races up into the Room of Temple Gongs.  As soon as William enters the room, out jumps the first TEMPLE GUARD! ?Whoa! Temple Guard!? The voice-over says. ?He?s got a Pendant, give ?em the Pendant!? William hands over his Pendant of Life, then goes to the front of the room to bang down on the gongs.  He starts with the rightmost gong and moves stage-left, lighting up all six gongs. (2:51) Blue, purple, green, orange, white and red? all the colors light up, then he runs over to the door leading into the Bridge and tries to pry it open.
?That door?s not gonna open,? the voice-over says as William tries to force the door open, ?he?ll have to go down, I guess!? A second later, William runs for the ladder leading downward and descends into the Crevasse. (2:32) Quickly, he crawls through, hits the actuator for the upper crawl tube, points at the actuator, and then enters the Mine Shaft.
?Oh, he?s signaling back to Jessica there,? the voice-over realizes as William begins throwing rocks one at a time into the bucket in the Mine Shaft.  Once the fifth rock is in the bucket, the slab covering the door into the Crystal Cave rises all the way.  William hits the actuator opening the door, and slides belly-down into the next room.  However, in the corner of the room lurks the second TEMPLE GUARD!
?There goes Jessie!? the voice-over announces as Jessica races up the stairs with 2:06 remaining and a half Pendant around her wrist.  She starts by running up into the Room of Temple Gongs, then climbs down into the Crevasse, picking up a half Pendant on the actuator for the upper crawl tube (made visible by a unique camera angle) and enters the Mine Shaft.
?Oh, she got the other half Pendant!? Kirk announces, the commentary voice switching from voice-over to live. ?She?s got the other life!? Jessica enters the Crystal Cave with 1:45 remaining and begins to detach the stalactites from the ceiling.  She pulls down all three stalactites, and then, only the door leading up into the Dragon?s Lair opens.  She climbs up the ladder, grabs two of the dragon horns in the front of the room and places them in the dragon head which hangs around the door leading upward.  Jessica then goes to grab and correctly place the other two horns in the dragon head.  Then, a dragon roar is heard, the pattern on the walls lights up and the door leading up flies open.  Jessica climbs up into the Laser Light Room and meets the last TEMPLE GUARD!
?Woah! Another Temple Guard!? Kirk shouts as Jessica shrieks at the sight of the last Temple Guard. ?Good thing?s she?s got a full Pendant.? Jessica hands the Guard both halves of her Pendant of Life, then proceeds down the stairwell leading to the Knights? Barracks only to encounter a raised slab door. (0:57) ?Wait!? Kirk shouts. ?She?s gotta? um?? Jessica tries to kick the door down, but after a few seconds, she turns back, realizing that she has to align the sections of the metal column in the front of the room.  She does just that, and, with 38 seconds remaining, the dome on top of the column emits a laser beam and the door into the Knights? Barracks opens.
?Now she?s got it!? Kirk comments. ?Thirty seconds, and she?s into the Room of the Ancient Warriors!? Jessica races into the Knights? Barracks, grabbing the sword and placing it in each sheath, starting with the rightmost sheath and moving stage-left.  Only when she tries the leftmost sheath does the door open. (0:21) Jessica continues into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, and there she grabs the pieces of the statue one at a time.  She has a little trouble fitting the base in and placing the middle in the correct position, but she does end up positioning them properly.  Jessica then goes back to grab the head and jams it down? but we?re out of time!
?Oh!? Kirk shouts disappointedly as Jessica jams the head all the way down and opens the door into the Dark Overlook. ?They were just one room away from the object! They were so close! But they still get the mountain bikes just for making it this far.  And we gotta get outta here.  See you again next time for more adventure and another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!? Kirk and William wave to the camera, which zooms out.  Jessica reappears next to them a little later, and the camera shows different views of the Dungeon and the Dragon?s Lair as the credits roll.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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Temple Run Summary
Episode 39px]

Name of Artifact: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
Season: 2
Layout: 2 (6 overall)
Result: Failed acquisition
Time Remaining: N/A
Team: Green Monkeys
Pendants Won: 1.5
Location of Artifact: The Dark Overlook

This Temple Run featured two players who were of average speed and skill, but were easily distracted by the Temple Guards.  William started by going up into the Room of Temple Gongs, where he immediately met the first guard.  The third gong he lit up was green, but he proceeded to slam down on all six and then tried to pry the sealed door leading into the Bridge open.  After wasting a little more time in the room, he climbed down into the Crevasse? waving to Jessica as he left for the next room? passed through the Mine Shaft and got taken out in the Crystal Cave with 2:07 remaining.

Jessica promptly took over and followed the path that William cleared out up to the Crystal Cave, which involved picking up the other half-Pendant along the way.  After that, she scaled the entire central shaft and gave up her Pendant in the Laser Light Room, but then tried to enter the Knights' Barracks without completing the Laser Light objective.  Needless to say, the pathway was still closed.  After getting her head on straight, she made it into and through the Knights' Barracks, but time ran out just as she jammed the head on the silver monkey.

Trivia and Records:
This is the only known episode in which a half Pendant was hidden in the Crevasse (or in any bottom entrance room, for that matter). The camera angle was a bit unique, so that made it possible to see the half-Pendant on the actuator for the upper crawl tube.  Also, when Olmec asked the team who was going first, William answered with "Me" instead of the usual "I am."
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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What kind of name is Rashawn?  Lol.
Title: Rediscovery EP: The Secret Journal of Niccol? Machiavelli
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I got almost all of the players' names from this site. (http:// There's only a couple exceptions where I sometimes came up with on my own (such as Raelyn in "The Melted Lamp of Paul Revere") or looked up ethnic names.