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Re: The NFL Football topic
« Reply #1485 on: April 28, 2021, 12:26:47 AM »
Even though the Ravens lost to the Bills in the divisional round, I wasn't mad at the result. The Bills dominated that game despite the weather conditions. They held the Ravens to a field goal (even though Tucker missed two chip shot FGs lol). Too bad they couldn't overcome the Chiefs in the AFCCG. Bills fans should be proud though about how far their team has come. They should definitely be division favorites the next few years.

I was surprised the Browns beat the Steelers given their situation. But they went out there and embarrassed the Steelers. Honestly, if it wasn't for that postponed Ravens game in the regular season and the loss to the Jets, they would've won the division. They should've beat the Chiefs though but it looks like KC is the new Patriots with everything going their own way.

Even though I'm not a big fan of Tom Brady, I'm glad the Bucs won the Super Bowl. It's not uncommon for teams to try and build a super team by signing all these top name guys. Often times these teams lose in the playoffs, but it worked out for the Bucs. I have no hard feelings towards that franchise, especially since they were completely irrelevant before their first SB win in 2002. They should be SB favorites again next year since Seattle lost Russel Wilson and Drew Brees is retiring from the Saints. The NFC is going to be pretty mediocre next year.
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Re: The NFL Football topic
« Reply #1486 on: January 14, 2022, 08:19:54 PM »
It's that time of year again - Playoff time!   :mrred:

Here are the current seedings:

1.) Titans
2.) Chiefs
3.) Bills
4.) Bengals
5.) Patriots
6.) Raiders
7.) Steelers

1.) Packers
2.) Bucs
3.) Cowboys
4.) Rams
5.) Cardinals
6.) 49ers
7.) Eagles

My Super Bowl prediction - Chiefs vs. Rams.

Here is how I would rank the teams if I were to root for them:

7.) Patriots - I have nothing against Mac Jones, but I just can't stand this franchise. I was hoping they would be irrelevant for the next decade. I don't think I will ever vote for the Patriots in any type of scenario ever again. I hope the Bills crush them.
6.) Chiefs - I like Patrick Mahomes, but this team is starting to give off Brady Patriots vibes. First off, it seems everything goes their way. Second, there is too much drama surrounding this team. I can't stand Patrick Mahomes family either. They will probably be a SB representing team again, but I hope any team that is not the Patriots eliminates them.
5.) Raiders - I hate the fans more than I hate the team. I remember going to a Ravens-Raiders game years back and their fans acted like complete thugs. I do like how they were able to overcome all the adversity with Gruden's departure.
4.) Steelers - Normally, they would rank towards the bottom of my list. But part of me sort wants to see Big Ben make it far into the playoffs as a part of his farewell tour in the league. Plus, I like how competitive this team despite losing key players over the years.
3.) Bills - I'm still a little bitter over the loss last year, otherwise I would probably rank them towards the top. I think they're one of the teams that can knock the Chiefs out of the playoffs.
2.) Titans - Even though they're pretty big rivals to the Ravens, I really like how talented they are despite losing King Henry. I'm also glad they were able to keep the #1 seed from the Chiefs. Plus, the franchise is ringless and it would be nice to see them get one.
1.) Bengals - They might be a division rival, but I really like what they're doing with Burrow. I really hope they break their 30 year playoff drought this year at least. Just like the Titans, the Bengals are long overdue for a ring.

7.) Packers - Normally I'm indifferent towards the Packers, but this year I can't stand them. Too much drama surrounding Rodgers and his vaccination status. I don't think I could stomach a Chiefs vs. Packers Super Bowl.
6.) Cowboys - I don't hate the team or players, but their fans are pretty annoying. They are pretty much guaranteed to screw up in the playoffs at some point as well.
5.) 49ers - This is a pretty boring team and it doesn't feel like they belong in the playoffs. Plus, they been to the playoffs twice already in the past 10 years so I don't really want to see them again.
4.) Buccaneers - I don't hate the Bucs at all, but I'm so over Tom Brady. Last year I rooted for them because I liked the worst to first story and how it paid off for them to buy all the big name players. Plus, it's hard to hate this franchise considering all the crap they went through over the years. They rank lower due to Brady.
3.) Eagles - I like Jelan Hurts and the recent success this franchise had. To be honest, they don't really feel like a playoff team. But I will easily take them over the teams above.
2.) Rams - I would love to see Stafford to finally get a ring. Plus, they have a lot of good talent on their team. While they've had some success the last several years, they don't really bother me as much as some of the other NFC teams.
1.) Cardinals - I like watching Kyler Murray play and he reminds me of Lamar Jackson. This franchise deserves a ring considering it's one of the oldest in the league. It's a shame they couldn't get the number one seed. I don't think they will make it far in the playoffs, but rooting for them to go all the way. A Bengals vs. Cardinals Super Bowl would be awesome.

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Re: The NFL Football topic
« Reply #1487 on: Today at 09:58:33 AM »
I was going to post mine but then the server went down yesterday.

Bengals FINALLY pulled it off and won their first playoff game in 31 years by knocking of the Raiders. It wasn’t without controversy as during one of the Bengals TD’s in the first half a ref blew a whistle while the ball was in their air which would’ve normally called the play there. The play stayed as a TD.

And perhaps the most satisfying game in perhaps forever (at least in TSM’s mind) was to see the Bills destroy the Patriots! That game felt like twenty years of anger being lashed out. They wanted to win and do so in a massive embarrassment for Belichick. Josh Allen had more TD’s than incompletions and the Bills scored on their first seven drives. The only drive they didn’t score they were in victory formation.  :lol:

Say it with me everyone: FUCK THE PATRIOTS!

Now if we can get the Bucs to lose too before the Super Bowl.
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Re: The NFL Football topic
« Reply #1488 on: Today at 12:33:16 PM »
Say it with me everyone: FUCK THE PATRIOTS!

Unfortunately, the New England Patriots are the NFL team I root for. Anyhoo, which two teams do you guys predict will be in the Super Bowl? Do you think ViacomCBS approves of my wish for a "Legends of the Hidden Temple at Super Bowl" special? I wouldn't car which two NFL teams will be in the Super Bowl when that special I dream of happens. All I really care about is the LOTHT Super Bowl special happening. We know the Double Dare reboot had a Super Bowl special.
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Re: The NFL Football topic
« Reply #1489 on: Today at 06:19:11 PM »
I'm predicting Chiefs vs. Packers because I'm sure that's what State Farm wants (their QBs are State Farm guys). :roll:

Also, I have to say I can't believe we got into the playoffs. The fact we even made it in the first place is amazing. We haven't really looked good all year, but we made it somehow.

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