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Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes of my independent project, Legends: The Rediscovery.  More information on the project can be found by following this link. (http://

Episode 107px]

The camera swerves through a thick rainforest, and after multiple turns, it eventually stops in front of an ancient temple.  The eyes of giant stone head next to the temple gate light up red as he begins to speak:
The show's logo forms as two halves of a Pendant of Life come in from the sides of the screen and merge; the show's name appears above the logo as the camera pans across the entire temple.
"With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is NOW!"

On this final word, Kirk emerges from a thick patch of jungle plants and shrubs, then runs into the foreground and up a wide set of steps to greet the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures of his temple.  Which one are we gonna hear about today?"

Faint orange lights underneath Olmec turn on, and the camera cuts to a close-up of him as he replies:
"The legend of Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown."

"All right! So the adventure is set," Kirk says in response as the camera cuts back to him, "and one of these six teams will have a chance to retrieve the Gown.  Will it be:
"Michael and Taylor of the Red Jaguars?" the camera pans to each team in order, their first names briefly appearing at the bottom of the screen?
"Matt and Ashley of the Blue Barracudas,
"Josh and Jessica of the Green Monkeys,
"Jacob and Sarah of the Orange Iguanas,
"Chris and Samantha of the Purple Parrots,
"Or Nicholas and Emily of the Silver Snakes?"

"They'll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests," Kirk says, "and in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple.  But first, they'll have to cross the Moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today?
"Above each team, there's an ancient fishing net with a giant fishing hook at the end.  When I say 'Go,' they'll get up onto the steps and grab to the fishing net, and climb hand-over-hand across the net.  Then they'll each grab onto the fishing hook and slide down to the other side."
"As soon as the second player jumps down onto the deck, it's his job to run over here and hit the gong." He hits the top button on the Red Jaguars' gong? which lights up red? to demonstrate. "The first four teams to hit their gongs will be going on to the next round.  Are you ready, teams?"
The players all cheer and shout in response.
"Are you ready, Olmec?" asks Kirk.
"What do you expect?" Olmec replies.
"All right then!" Kirk says in response. "Teams: On your marks, get set, GO!"

Immediately, both players on each team hoist themselves up onto solid platforms at their side of the Moat so that they can reach the overhead nets.  The players hang a foot or two above the water as they make their ways across the netting at different paces.  After a while, the Green Monkeys lead with the Blue Barracudas and Orange Iguanas not too far behind? the other teams try to reach for the occasional dangling rope (some of which actually have plastic fish attached to hooks at the bottom) for stability, but the female Silver Snake completely loses her grip and drops into the water approximately fourteen seconds into the round. "This is tough! You gotta both get on and both stay on the entire time!" Sure enough, the other Silver Snake drops down and follows his partner back towards the starting line.  Shortly after, the other teams approach their respective ziplines, and both players grab on.
"I think we got our first team! " Kirk remarks as the Blue Barracudas ride their zipline down.  Sure enough, they are the first team to reach the opposite side of the Moat, and light up their gong after just twenty-three seconds.  The Red Jaguars follow suit shortly after, clocking in at twenty-six seconds. "There's two? three teams!" The Green Monkeys bang their gong next, completing the challenge in twenty-eight seconds. "Just need one more?" The Orange Iguanas ride in on their zipline just as the female Purple Parrot falls into the water, and the round ends after thirty-one seconds when the Orange Iguanas lock in.
"And that's it!" Kirk remarks, and the camera cuts to him standing next to the Red Jaguars by their gong.  He high-fives the male Jaguar before continuing with his narration. "The Red Jaguars made it across with blazing speed, and they're going on to the Steps of Knowledge? along with the Blue Barracudas?" the camera goes down the line to briefly show each of the other qualifying teams, with Kirk pausing to allow the audience to cheer? "and the Green Monkeys? and the Orange Iguanas! The Purple Parrots and the Silver Snakes gave it a great effort too; we got a great gift for 'em and here?s what it is." Chris, Samantha, Nicholas and Emily will each be receiving a copy of Aliens in the Attic on DVD.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
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When the camera cuts away from the consolation prize, the four remaining teams, along with Kirk, are now at the top of the Steps of Knowledge. "As we continue our quest," he explains, "it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the legend of Ka-wanu's Favorite Gown.  But teams: pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you one step closer to Olmec's Temple."
Olmec begins to tell the legend:

"One of the most powerful women in the Pacific Islands was Ka?ahumanu.  Born in a cave on the island of Maui, she grew into a beautiful young woman and was married off to Kamehameha I, and she became a useful advisor to her husband and an iron-willed queen.  Legend has it the royal couple was dining and discussing foreign policy.
" 'Did I mention that we have the entire island united, my sweet pua wahine?' said Kamehameha.
" 'That's wonderful? but why stop there? I'm sure the prophecy that one king would unite a chain of islands was talking about you? Think about it, Kamey dear.'
"Kamehameha took Ka?ahumanu's advice, and soon the couple had united eight islands into the Kingdom of Hawaii.  As a token of thanks, Kamehameha presented his wife with a golden necklace and a sapphire-blue gown, which she treasured for the rest of her life.  When he died, Ka?ahumanu continued to rule after him, as a regent to both of their sons.  Hawaii stayed a united kingdom after she died, but her favorite gown disappeared? until now.  Your quest is to retrieve Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown and bring it back here."

"Thanks Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the legend, "but where is the Gown?"
Olmec replies:
"Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown can be found in the Bamboo Forest." The camera zooms in on a shiny blue gown draped over the middle of the outcropping in the Bamboo Forest, and then fades back to Kirk.

"All right.  Teams," Kirk begins, "in a minute, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, stomp down on that ancient marking in front of you.  If you're right, you'll move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or you run out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance." Kirk starts walking down the steps as he continues. "The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple.  Olmec: we're now ready for your first question."

Olmec begins:
"Was Ka?ahumanu a queen of: Tahiti, Hawaii??"
Sarah hits the marking first: "Hawaii."
"Nice job, Orange Iguanas, step down!" Kirk remarks, and the Orange Iguanas walk down onto the second step. "We're off to a good start.  Next question, Olmec."

Olmec asks:
"Which of these Hawaiian kings was she married to: Kamehameha I, Kamehameha II or Kameham??"
Michael interrupts Olmec this time, but with a slight hesitancy: "Kame? hameha? I??"
"Correct," says Olmec in response.
"Red Jaguars, step down!" Kirk encourages, and the Red Jaguars also move down one step. "It was a tough question, but they pulled it out! Olmec: next question."

Olmec continues:
"Did the royal couple: Unite the islands into one Hawaiian kingdom, Establish relations with the U.S. or Invent surfing?"
During the third choice, Sarah rings in: "They? made Hawaii? the islands into a kingdom."
There is a brief pause.
"That is correct."
"Just like that, the Orange Iguanas are now one step away from the Temple Games!" Kirk declares as the Orange Iguanas walk down onto the third step. "We need two teams.  Next question, Olmec."

Olmec now asks:
"After Kamehameha died, did Ka?ahumanu: Step down as queen, Rule alongside both of her sons or Do away with herself?"
At first the teams hesitate, but Matt gongs in a split second before a bell sounds: "She? ruled with both her sons??"
"Blue Barracudas, step down!" calls Kirk, and the Blue Barracudas join the Red Jaguars on the second step. "Green Monkeys can still get in this.  Next question!"

Olmec follows up with:
"According to the legend, did Kamehameha unite the islands: To honor his ancestors, To end a war or To fulfill a prophecy?"
There is a scramble for the buzzer, but Michael hits the marking first: "He? finished a prophecy??"
"That is correct."
"Next correct response and the Red Jaguars are going on to the Temple Games!" Kirk declares as the Red Jaguars move down to the third level as well. "Next question, Mr. Olmec!"

Olmec's next question is this:
"Was the Kingdom of Hawaii formed by uniting: Six islands, Seven islands or Eight islands?"
Sarah stomps down and guesses: "Eight islands??"
"THAT IS CORRECT!" bellows Olmec, prompting the Orange Iguanas to move down to the bottom step.
"We got our first team moving on to the Temple Games!" Kirk declares as Sarah and her partner hug while jumping up and down. "It's the Orange Iguanas! We're still looking for one more team, and who's it gonna be: the Red Jaguars, the Blue Barracudas or the Green Monkeys? Olmec, continue."

Olmec does so by asking:
"When the kingdom was created, its capital was established at Kailua-Kona o?"
Michael cuts Olmec off this time: "Honolulu."
"That is not one of the three choices," Olmec replies. "The capital was established at Kailua-Kona on which of these islands: Molokai, Niihau or Hawaii Island?"
After a moment of hesitation, Josh beats the Blue Barracudas to the buzzer: "Uh? Hawaii Island??"
"Correct," says Olmec in response.
"Green Monkeys are on the board!" Kirk announces as the Green Monkeys join the Blue Barracudas on the second step. "This might be a comeback! Next question, Olmec!"

Olmec then asks:
"Which island was Ka?ahumanu from: Maui, Kauai or Oahu?"
Matt buzzes in: "Maui??"
"That is correct."
"We got a tie on the second-to-last step!" Kirk commentates as the Blue Barracudas join the Orange Iguanas on the penultimate level. "Next correct response and the Blue Barracudas can go to the Temple Games.  Olmec: next question!"

Olmec asks:
"Ka?ahumanu shared ruling duty with her two sons after the death of her husband.  Was her new position a type of: Archduchess, Regent or Empress?"
Michael gongs in: "Uh? Regent??"
"THAT IS CORRECT!" Olmec booms, and the Red Jaguars jump down to join the Orange Iguanas on the bottommost step.  However, Kirk runs back onscreen before the teams start celebrating with one another.
"We got our two teams right here!" he announces as he hops up onto the bottommost step and turns around to face the camera, allowing the two teams to celebrate in front of him. "The Red Jaguars and the Orange Iguanas! Great job by both teams!" He pauses to high-five the boy from the Orange Iguanas. "The Blue Barracudas and the Green Monkeys gave it a great effort too, but came up a little short? but we got a great gift for 'em and here's what it is." Matt, Ashley, Josh and Jessica will each be receiving a custom Legends of the Hidden Temple watch provided by Armitron.
The camera cuts away from the consolation prize and shows only Kirk, the Red Jaguars and the Orange Iguanas at the bottom of the Steps of Knowledge once more. "These two teams will be playing for the right to enter Olmec's Temple," he says, "and they'll do it right after this!" The camera pans up and zooms in on the stage-left altar in the Observatory, and then on the Sun model on the altar; the show's logo reforms over this shot and the camera fades to black for commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
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When the camera fades in from commercial, the show's title card is placed over a shot of the stage-left idol in the Tiki Village.  The pendant logo splits, the title fades into the distance and the camera segues to Kirk standing in front of the Coconut Harvest with the two teams.
"Welcome back to Legends!" he says. "Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest, so let's talk to our team players." He turns to the left side of the screen to talk to the Orange Iguanas, starting with a brown-eyed girl with freckles and wavy brown hair. "On the Orange Iguanas, we have Sarah.  How old are you?"
"And I understand your best subject is English, but you're also a gymnast," Kirk reads off the index card in his hand. "Tell me about that."
"Yeah," Sarah explains. "I've been doing that for a few years? really like the uneven bars."
"You think you could compete in the Olympics?"
"Maybe someday," she laughs.
"All right," Kirk says before moving to the left extreme of the screen to interview Sarah's partner, a short-brown-haired boy with brown eyes. "And your partner here is Jacob.  How old are you?"
"And it says here you're really into longboarding," Kirk reads. "How'd you get into that?"
"Well, I've been doing it for a couple years now," explains Jacob. "I had a few older friends who boarded and I tried it too? and it stuck ever since." He laughs.
"Ah, very nice," Kirk replies. "This is one athletic team.  Let's hear it for the Orange Iguanas!" The audience applauds for a few seconds, and Kirk turns around to talk with the girl on the Red Jaguars, who has blue-green eyes and long, straight blond hair. "And on the Red Jaguars, we have Taylor.  How old are you?"
"And I understand you're on your school's swim team and you're into pop music," Kirk says. "What's your favorite?"
"Mostly? stuff from a few years back," Taylor admits. "Early Rihanna, the Pussycat Dolls, Kelly Clarkson? a little bit of Paramore."
"All right," nods Kirk.  He then moves to the right extreme of the screen to talk to Taylor's partner, a short-blond-haired boy with blue eyes. "And Michael, how old are you?"
"And I hear you do a bit of drawing, but you want to be a DJ," reads Kirk. "Now why's that?"
"Well," explains Michael, "I really got into techno and hip-hop a little while ago, and I wanna work with that? or make that kind of music some day."
"All right," Kirk says, moving back toward the center of the screen. "This is a musical team, so let's hear it for the Red Jaguars!" Michael and Taylor clap along with the cheering audience.

"Okay, you guys ready to play?" asks Kirk.
"YEAH!" reply the teams.
"All right, then why don't you guys go get set up for the Temple Games?" Kirk says, pointing in different directions; Taylor and Sarah walk offscreen to the right, Michael and Jacob to the left. "In the Temple Games, each team is competing for?" he opens a pouch and pulls out a small gold medallion to show to the camera? "these Pendants of Life.  The winning team will need those Pendants to protect them from the dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through Olmec's Temple.  There are three Temple Games, and Olmec? will you tell us about Temple Game #1?"

Olmec begins:
"Ka?ahumanu was Kamehameha I's queen and bore two sons; through these men, she ruled Hawaii for most of her life.  In this game, you must gather crowns for Ka?ahumanu and her husband and sons.  When Kirk gives the signal, jump up and untie one of the crowns hanging from the net above you.  Once it falls, come back down and place it on one of the heads.  Then, jump back up and do it again.
"The first player to crown all four heads? or the player that's crowned the most at the end of 60 seconds? wins."
The camera segues over to Kirk. "This might be the crowning achievement for our teams," he remarks. "We'll see.  Let's set the clock for 60 seconds?" With a bang, a countdown clock appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and Kirk dashes off to the side to get out of the camera's way. "On your marks, get set, GO!"
Sarah and Taylor jump up toward the overhead nets with support cords to add height to their jumps and lessen their falls.  Both reach up and grab onto their first crowns at around the same time, but there is a little difference when the girls untie them from the net? Sarah unties her first crown with 51 seconds to go, letting it drop, while Taylor takes another two seconds. "This game's two parts! They gotta take the crowns? untie them off the net? and then they gotta come down and place them on the heads!" The girls hurry to place the first crowns on one of the mannequin heads, then both try to jump back up towards the net.  They each meet a different delay, however: Taylor struggles to unfasten her teams' second crown from the net, while Sarah fails to jump high enough at first and takes a while longer to actually latch onto the net.  Even so, both teams have two crowns in place by the halfway mark.
"Almost even still, but the Orange Iguanas are a little ahead!" Kirk commentates as Sarah unfastens her team's third crown with 26 seconds remaining, a couple seconds before Taylor. "Can the Red Jaguars catch up? After this, they'll both just need one more!" On the last attempt, however, things become rather uneven: in a rush to catch up, Taylor tries to untie her crown very quickly but actually loses grip on the whole thing, and is left swinging for a few seconds. "Ohh, Red Jaguars lost their crown! That might cost them!" On the other hand, Sarah unfastens her fourth and final crown from the net with twelve seconds left and hurries back down.  Taylor finally unties her crown and lets it drop with just six seconds on the clock, but it's too little, too late as Sarah crowns her team's last mannequin head with four seconds left.
"All right, that's it! Let's check it out!" Kirk declares, running over as Taylor is lowered to the ground by the support cord. "It looks like the Orange Iguanas finished before time ended, so they get the half-Pendant of Life!" The audience applauds for a couple seconds before allowing Kirk to continue. "Red Jaguars can catch up in the next game; it's worth a half-Pendant.  Olmec: tell us about Temple Game #2."

Olmec continues:
"Kamehameha and Ka?ahumanu united several Hawaiian islands into one kingdom, but passing through the islands was still a difficult task, and here you must cross a much smaller chain of islets.  When Kirk gives the signal, choose an islet and step out onto it.  If the islet sinks, run back and then try again.
"The first player to make it to the other side of the islet chain? or the player that's further along at the end of 60 seconds? wins."
"These are the smallest islands I've ever seen," Kirk comments with a smile as the camera transitions over to him standing in front of the equipment for the second game. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock?" The countdown clock reappears in the bottom-right corner, and an orange half-Pendant appears in the upper-left corner of the screen as Kirk takes a few steps back and out of the camera frame. "On your marks, get set, GO!"
Jacob and Michael start off with the obvious first steps: directly in front of them, in the closest-to- and furthest-from-camera columns respectively.  Jacob is the first to move onto the stable middle step of the second row (M2), and Michael follows him there as Jacob moves onto the closest platform in the third row (C3), only to have it sink and force a restart mere seconds into the game.  Michael subsequently chooses M3 instead and it does not sink, meaning that he can keep going.  However, his next choice is again in the middle column, and it does not work in his favor this time (:53). "First the key to this game is luck? then it's memory!" Kirk commentates as Jacob discovers that F3 is also a valid third step (:45).  He zigzags for a bit before sinking again at F6, but manages to put his team in the lead in the process. "You gotta remember where you went along the way, and you gotta be lucky when you make it further!" A little later on, Michael makes it up to the fifth row himself, tying the score again.  He stays in the middle column for the sixth step, but his choice of F7 forces him to restart with 27 seconds on the clock.
"Orange Iguanas a little behind now? can they catch up?" narrates Kirk as Jacob hesitantly makes his way across the steps while Michael runs back to the starting block and nearly hits his leg while jumping onto it.  Eventually Jacob makes it to M6 with seventeen seconds on the clock, but he and Michael both fall again before they can correctly pick out C7 as the correct seventh step. "It's all tied up now, with a few seconds left! Can one of them pull ahead?" During the last attempt, Jacob's hesitancy means that Michael ends up following each of his steps precisely, always one platform behind.  In the last seconds, Jacob correctly picks out C7, but sinks at C8.  As soon as Michael steps onto C7, the countdown clock explodes, the half-Pendant disappears from the screen and a pattern of ceiling spotlights flashes to indicate that the game is over.
"Time's up! Let's see how they did!" Kirk shouts out as he runs over to check the scores. "Looks like both players made it through seven steps before time ended, so each team gets another half-Pendant of Life!" The audience applauds again while Kirk high-fives both players. "So now the Orange Iguanas have a full Pendant, the Red Jaguars a half? but the next game is worth a full Pendant.  Olmec: tell us."

Olmec narrates:
"Kamehameha and Ka?ahumanu brought eight islands together to form the Kingdom of Hawaii, but legend has it that some wouldn't join without a fight.  In this game, you already have Hawaii Island and Maui, but before you lies a path with the other six islands.  When Kirk gives the signal, one player from each team will try to run out and grab one of the islands on the path, bring it back and place it in the proper hole on the map.  The other player will try to throw rocks at their opponent.  If you're hit, you must drop the island, go back and begin again.
"The first team to retrieve all six islands and complete the map of Hawaii? or the team that has the most islands on their map after 60 seconds? wins!"
The camera once again fades to Kirk, standing in front of the paths. "This is for the Temple," he declares. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock?" The countdown clock reappears onscreen, along with an orange full Pendant in the upper-left corner and a red half-Pendant in the upper-right.  Kirk then dashes off to the side as the camera pans out to show the two teams in position. "On your marks, get set, GO!"
Immediately, Michael and Jacob run out past the marked "safe" lines on each of their paths to grab the first of their island cutouts? apparently Oahu? with Sarah and Taylor chasing after them.  Both boys make it to the first cutouts very quickly and pick them up, then dash back before either of them is hit by the foam balls the girls are throwing. "These guys are fast, but can they dodge the other team for long?" Kirk asks rhetorically as Michael makes it back to his team's map a bit sooner and places Oahu on the map with 51 seconds to go.  Jacob does the same for his team a couple seconds later, then prepares to run back out to get the next island cutout.  He ends up gaining a slight lead when Sarah manages to land a foam ball on Michael early in his second run, forcing the Red Jaguars to restart.  Jacob soon picks up his team's cutout of Kauai with 42 seconds on the clock and starts to run back, narrowly dodging a foam ball thrown by Taylor.  He places it on the map a few seconds later, while Michael is still trying to outrun Sarah with his second cutout in hand.  However, he still gets hit on the way, which forces him to drop the cutout and run back to the safe zone without it (:35).
"This game is tough! Both teams have to work fast, but they need to defend each other!" Kirk remarks as the second half begins.  Jacob starts back with his third cutout, this time of the smaller Molokai, just as Michael approaches the Kauai cutout for the second time.  Michael is hit again, however, just as Jacob reenters his safe zone with 27 seconds on the clock.  A few seconds later, he has placed that cutout in its proper hole on the board-like map and is moving out again, just before Michael runs out to try grabbing his team's second cutout again.  Going for the fourth cutout, however, Jacob is finally hit by Taylor, giving the Orange Iguanas their first restart with nineteen seconds to go.  This persists for a while for both teams, but Michael finally gets his Kauai cutout back into the safe zone, placing it on the board with five seconds left.  However, it's too little, too late, as Jacob makes a mad dash back to the starting line with the fourth cutout (Lanai) and places it on the board with but a second to go.  Immediately after, the countdown clock splinters, the other diagrams fade off the screen and the ceiling spotlights flash to indicate the winner.
"All right, that's it!" Kirk declares, running over and calling over the team players. "Great job by both teams! Let's start with the Red Jaguars?" He pauses for a moment as the players join him, and the camera cuts to the Jaguars' board. "It looks like the Red Jaguars only got four islands?" The camera switches over to the Orange Iguanas' board. "But the Orange Iguanas got six! They get the full Pendant, giving them two; the Red Jaguars only had a half-Pendant.  The Orange Iguanas are goin' to the Temple!" Sarah and Jacob hug for a few seconds, then high-five while Kirk goes over to the Red Jaguars. "But the Red Jaguars gave it a great effort too; it was a close match.  Here's what we've got for them." Michael and Taylor will each be receiving a $50 iTunes gift card.
The screen wipes to reveal only Kirk and the Orange Iguanas standing in the midst of the equipment for the final Temple Game. "We'll see if the Orange Iguanas can make it through Olmec's Temple and retrieve that Gown," he explains, "right after this!" The camera pans over to the Bamboo Forest and zooms in on the Gown on the outcropping.  The show's logo reforms over this shot and the camera fades to black for commercials.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
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When the camera returns from the second commercial break, the show's logo is partially covering a shot of some foliage on the side of the Steps of Knowledge.  The Pendant of Life splits, the title shrinks into the distance and the camera segues to Kirk standing in front of the Temple's stairs, to the camera-right of the Orange Iguanas. "Welcome back to Legends!" he says to the camera. "Jacob and Sarah have proven themselves worthy, and have earned the right to enter the Temple.  But first, Olmec's gonna give them some information to help them retrieve Ka-manu's Favorite Gown."
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
"You COULD start? by running up to the Room of the Ancient Masks! Push in the correct mask, and pass into the Upper Terrace! There you must choose your next path; you could race up into the Observatory.  Read the instructions on the far wall with the telescope, and follow them to open the door to the Central Reef.  Solve the correct puzzle to open the door to the Tiki Village! Push the correct idol into position; that may take you below or lead you into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey! Assemble the statue, and you may be headed toward the Pirate's Cove! Place the torch in the correct holder to go back, or spin the ship's wheel and enter the Graveyard of Ships.
"Stand on the correct grave to go upstairs? but beware the Temple Guards that may inhabit the buried pirates!  Or, you might plow through the wall and into the Viper's Nest.  Reach into the snake jars and find the key, and you'll enter the Bamboo Forest, where you can grab Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown.  If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Cannon Room.  Load the three cannonballs into the cannon, and if the rock slab is up, you can crawl back through the Coconut Harvest and finally climb through the Cave, rrrrace down the STAIRS and back through the Temple Gate.  The choices are yours and yours alone!" Olmec pauses for a second. "You won 2 Pendants in the Temple Games.  Who's going first?"
"I am," says Jacob.
"Very well, Jacob!" replies Olmec as Kirk hands out the Pendants of Life. "When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple and make your way towards Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown.  Hidden inside the Temple are three secret passages that may lead you into the Bamboo Forest, as well as Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on BUT? if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and it'll be Sarah's turn to enter and try her luck.  If you can reach the Gown, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards? will vanish.  Return through the gates with the Gown in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how!"
?   For just getting into the Temple, they're both going to get a skateboard provided by Vans.
?   If they can grab the Gown in three minutes, they're also going to get an Xzibit Video Game Rocker provided by Dreamseat.
?   And if they can bring the Gown out of the Temple before three minutes is up, they'll both be going to Hawaii! In the heart of Waikiki, the Best Western Ohana Waikiki Tower participates in the Young Travelers Club.  Just steps away from Waikiki Beach, an area pulsing with excitement, shopping and entertainment!

The camera cuts back from the grand prize to show Kirk, Jacob and Sarah one last time before the bonus round begins. "That sounds great, so let's see if we can get the Orange Iguanas to Hawaii!" comments Kirk. "Jacob: get into position.  Both of you: put your mouthpieces in.  Olmec: will you lower your gate?"
Olmec groans gutturally as he lowers the gate; the faint orange lights under him are turned off.
"Put three minutes on the clock?" The clock appears onscreen. "On your mark, get set, GO!"

"There goes Jacob! Up into the Temple!" Kirk declares as the Temple Run begins.  Jacob runs up into the Room of the Ancient Masks and pushes in the masks on either side of the Temple Guard door in the back of the room. "They got two Pendants, plenty of time! Let's see how that takes 'em!" The camera-left mask on the back wall opens the doors, and Jacob runs on into the Upper Terrace with 2:47 to go. "He's making good time so far, as he heads across the Pit? the Pit of Despair!" Jacob wastes no time in moving across the guardrail-lined catwalks, and immediately hits the actuator for the Observatory.  The door opens, and he runs up into the room with 2:37 remaining.  He moves over to the telescope, but before he can get started on the objective, something jumps out from the back of the room?
"TEMPLE GUARD!" shouts Kirk, and Jacob nearly jumps when he sees the Temple Guard. "He's gotta give 'im his Pendant so he can move on!" After a little hesitation, Jacob finally recovers and hands over his Pendant of Life, then goes back to the telescope to get to work (2:28). "He's gotta align the telescope to read the directions?!" Jacob puts his eye up to the lens of the telescope and looks through it.  During this, the camera cuts to a shot of the far wall, which reads "Solar eclipse as seen from Jupiter," before cutting back to Jacob behind the telescope (2:20). "I think he knows what to do now!" Jacob looks around at the front of the room and takes the Sun model from the stage-left altar.  He then switches it with the Saturn model on the stage-right altar and waits for the doors to open (2:13). "?No?? No, that's not right!" Jacob stands by the stage-right altar for a couple moments before realizing the problem.  He switches the models of the Sun and the Moon so that the Moon is between the Sun model and the Saturn model, and then both doors leading out of the room open. "All right, that worked! Now which way's he gonna go?" Almost instantly, Jacob moves to the ladder leading downward and climbs down into the Central Reef with exactly two minutes to go.  He moves towards the ladder leading down from that room to work on the puzzle surrounding it, but the second Temple Guard emerges from the side door before he can actually get started.
"Oh, Temple Guard! Go Sarah!" Kirk remarks, sending Sarah into the Temple with 1:53 on the clock.  She races up into the Room of the Ancient Masks, continues on into the Upper Terrace (1:43) and heads across into the Observatory with 1:33 on the clock. "She's got a path cleared out, and she's got plenty of time!" Sarah slowly descends down the ladder into the Central Reef, then moves over to the ladder and stares at the pieces of coral stacked around the ladder: six square annuli, with various bends and protrusions. "She's looking at the coral? She needs to line up the coral pieces? turn them so they stack up!" Sarah looks at Kirk before getting started, but then starts turning each of the rings of coral accordingly, taking a few seconds before she realizes that the pieces are probably not upside-down (1:15). "She's taking this one step at a time? that's how they got here!" Sarah takes the pieces of coral one by one, and tries turning them ninety degrees counterclockwise until the protrusions on each piece link together. "She's got it now! She's just gotta put the pieces together like that?!" Soon enough, all six pieces of coral are properly stacked, but only the door to the Tiki Village opens.  Sarah looks over, then crawls through with an exact minute on the clock.
"She's right on top of the Gown now!" Kirk commentates as Sarah stands up and moves over to the stage-right statue with 57 seconds left. "She knows what to do here; she's gotta push the statue onto an actuator in the back of the room? She's gotta weight it down!" With a bit of difficulty, Sarah pushes the idol along a track indicated by a few raised speed bumps.  It takes a while, but she eventually pushes it toward the back wall with about 48 seconds to go, and then gets on the other side so that it can be pushed toward the floor switch directly behind the ladder. "She's got her work cut out for her, but this isn't easy? But this team is tough!" The switch is weighed down a few seconds later, evident by the door that opens.  Sarah moves on into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with 39 seconds on the clock and goes to the back of the room for the pieces of the statue? but before she can bet started, the third Temple Guard emerges from the door in the back of the room!
"Augh, another Temple Guard!" Kirk remarks, but Sarah hands over her Pendant of Life quickly. "But that didn't faze her, and now there's no more Temple Guards!" As the Temple Guard vanishes, Sarah climbs up onto the platforms in the back of the room and grabs the base and torso of the silver monkey statue, which she then takes to the front of the room (0:28). "She's gotta do the base?!" Sarah puts down the torso and properly positions the base on the front pedestal in the room without much trouble (0:22).  She then picks up the torso again, and spends a while figuring out the proper orientation. "She's having a little trouble with the monkey? gotta figure out that middle piece, and that's always trouble!" Eventually, Sarah gets the torso to fit on top of the base with eleven seconds left, and goes back for the head. "Now she's just gotta get the head and jam it down? Ough, I don't think she's gonna make it!" Sure enough, Sarah does bring the head of the statue back to the front of the room and jams it down with five seconds to go, but only the door to the Pirate's Cove opens.  She runs in and goes directly to the ship's wheel to start turning it? but we're out of time!
"Augh, time ran out in the Pirate's Cove!" Kirk laments, Jacob by his side. "They both gave it a great effort, but came up a bit short? They still get the skateboards just for playing, and they get to keep their confidence.  But we gotta get outta here.  I don't wanna, but we gotta, so join us next time for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!" Kirk and Jacob wave to the camera before it zooms out, and switches to shots of the Bamboo Forest, Tiki Village, Central Reef and Coconut Harvest? along with the Orange Iguanas' torch at the end of the Moat? as the credits roll.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on October 04, 2010, 07:24:29 PM
Episode Summary
Episode 107px]

Name of Artifact: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
Season: 3
Layout: 3 (Hawaiian Layout; 13 overall)
Result: Failed acquisition
Team: Orange Iguanas
Pendants Won: 2
Location of Artifact: The Bamboo Forest


This episode was a bit interesting throughout the elimination rounds with the challenges involved.  The Moat had both players on each team traverse a fishing net, complete with small dangling hooks with plastic fish.  At the end, they had to ride a larger fishhook down to the deck like a zipline.  The Steps of Knowledge talked about the woman behind the great Kamehameha I, who apparently pushed him to unite the Hawaiian islands, and the Temple Games once again ended with the "dodgeball" game premiered in "The Yamato Arrow of Empress Jing?" from the previous layout.  This time, players had to bring back cutouts of the different Hawaiian islands to fill in the spaces on a map, while the other player shooting at them apparently represented islanders' resistance. :o A nicely-designed game, at any rate.  After three games, the Orange Iguanas beat the Red Jaguars 2-? and went on to the Temple Run.

As is the case with many losses, one decision might have changed the outcome of the entire run.  The team was smart to stick to the upper route in the beginning, but after Jacob met the first Temple Guard in the Observatory and completed the objective there, he went down into the Central Reef and was taken out there.  Sarah followed his progress to the letter, meaning that neither player noticed the Observatory-Tiki Village shortcut.  Not only did that add one room on to the team's path, but it's possible that Jacob could have cleared the Tiki Village a bit sooner than Sarah.  Instead, she met the third guard in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey with time ticking down, and after a slow assembly, went into the Pirate's Cove only for time to run out there.  The only shortcut the team could have taken was going directly to the Tiki Village from the Observatory, and choosing not to do so cost them.

Trivia and Records:
This episode is the first where the instructions for the Observatory are not so explicit? the command "Solar eclipse as seen from Jupiter" actually confused Jacob, making him the first player to incorrectly complete the objective of the room on his first try.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
Post by: The Bandit King on October 05, 2010, 01:13:23 PM
Good episode! I really like the third Temple Game (reminds me of Gladiators 2000 :P ) as well as the more complicated instructions in the Observatory.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Ka?ahumanu's Favorite Gown
Post by: The Bamboo Forest on October 05, 2010, 06:36:49 PM
Aw, you beat me to a team Temple Game where the players do something to their opponents! :P

The instructions confused me, too, so. :lol: Making the Observatory more complicated is definitely a good challenge.