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My Temple Layout - COMMENTS Wanted!
« on: July 16, 2009, 05:47:27 AM »
After years of room creating, we have my very own layout of original rooms. I would really like comments on this, on what rooms you like, don't like, and anything else you'd like to say about it. Thanks! =D

The Armory ? Just like any other room occupying this space, there?s three identical objects to choose from, and in this case, they are sheathed swords on the skeletons (re-used from the Crypt). The correct sword?once drawn out of its scabbard?would open one or more doors.

The Valley of Shadows ? No objective here; just a pit of foam blocks and a very rocky red paintjob on the walls and rock slabs on either side. A rope hangs in the middle to allow players to swing across the gap.

The Room of the Eternal Flame ? There is a rock column in the center of the room, and three torches lie in the back. The player entering must take the correct of the three torches and touch it to the tip of the column. When this is accomplished, the tip of the column glows an intense red, causing an ambient glow around the entire room as the doors open.

The Forgotten Fountain ? Here, a rusted fountain stands in the center of the room, and on the fountain, there are three holes. In the front of the room there is a small stone statue of an elf, and the player must place it on the correct hole. Once the elf is correctly placed, the doors will open.

The Chamber of the Ancient Chalices ? In the back of the room are three chalices. The player must place the three chalices in the three pedestals, but there isn?t a particular order to place them, nor do they have to be ?correctly placed?. Once all the three chalices are placed, the doors will open.

The Treasury of the Golden Monkey ? On the pedestal at the front of the room, the silver monkey statue has been painted gold, and in the back of the room, there are three large jewels (one ruby, one emerald, and one sapphire). Once the players press down on the correct jewel, the room goes dark and the monkey glows while the doors open.

The Crow?s Nest ? In this room, there are three telescopes hung on the walls of this room. The players must place one of the telescopes in the correct telescope holder to release the doors.

Shipwreck Falls ? The Pharaoh?s Secret Passage hasn?t changed except for heavy pirate theming including a jolly rancher flag being hung at the slide?s entrance and the slide being painted a shade of shimmering metallic gold.

The Galley? Takes place of the Quicksand Bog? The Galley is a heavily-rethemed Quicksand Bog with treasure themed ball-pit balls (colored gold, red, and green to represent gold and jewels) as well as various traces of pirate theming (cargo net, pirate flags, etc.) The objective is the same?to get out of the room by either climbing Shipwreck Falls, going into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey, or smashing down the stone wall.

The Wishing Well ? There is a long metal pole wedged between the back wall and a concrete support in the center of the room, and a well under the bar?s center. Players turn the handle to raise a bucket which contains a magnetic key. Alternatively, the players may choose the breakaway wall to The Galley.

The Rainforest ? There?s a ton of plants and tropical flowers covering the ground and walls of this room, and somewhere in the back wall are three holes with snake heads protruding from them. The players need to pull out the correct snake to open the doors.

The Tribal Teepee ? In the room, there are three totem poles and each is color coded?one red, one green, and one blue. However, they are missing their caps, and they lie in the back of the room. Once all three poles are capped, the doors will open.

The Crystal Cave ? A blue-tinted clear plastic maze of stalagmites, stalactites, and ledges to slow down players. To exit this room, contestants hit the actuator of its corresponding door.

Once again, comments are greatly appreciated! Thanks! :D

Credit goes to Nicklegends for the diagrams used.