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As every episode for the original series has already been rated, I thought we could rate every episode of the reboot we saw on the CW. Of course, 10 is for incredible episodes that you'll want to keep watching and 1 is for horrendous shitfests with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. With that, the rating applies to the entire episode and not just the Temple Run alone.

Day 1: The Lucky Losing Pok-ta-Pok Ball of the Hero Twins
Day 2: The Fiery Lava Rock of Pele
Day 3: The Amazing Talking Rooster of Lam-Ang
Day 4: The Magic Flyswatter Conga Scepter of Mwindo
Day 5: The 10,000 Year Pearl Necklace of Rama
Day 6: The Golden Torc of Freyja
Day 7: The Golden Apple of Atalanta
Day 8: The Broken Sword of Heaven of Susanoo
Day 9: The Deadly Spear of Cu Chulainn
Day 10: The Seven Scorpions of Isis
Day 11: The Mysterious Bundle of the White Buffalo Calf Woman
Day 12: Gilgamesh and the Lycium of Immortality
Day 13: The Fiery Yam Stick of the Seven Sisters


The Heart Room / Re: Legends CW version canceled after one season
« on: June 04, 2022, 12:54:38 PM »
I was way too shocked. Maybe you can sign and share this petition. One supporter thinks Legends should return to Nickelodeon for a new generation of kids and teens. Maybe we’ll get that “Legends of the Hidden Temple at Super Bowl” special that I wish for if that were to happen.

Let's start with Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship, shall we?

Precise Half Pendant Location: (Most likely) hanging on the actuator to the Room of the Golden Idols

Temple Guard Locations: Ledges, Heart Room, Golden Idols

I thought of a rating thread for half pendant placements and here it is.

Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship (Heart Room)
The Trojan Horseshoe (Golden Idols)
Henry the Eighth's Great Seal (Dungeon)
The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart (Dungeon)
The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte (Heart Room)
The Stolen Arm of Shiva (Shrine of the Silver Monkey)
Alexander and the Gordian Knot (Shrine of the Silver Monkey)
King Tut's Cobra Staff (Treasure Room)
The Codebook of Mata Hari (Shrine of the Silver Monkey)
Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat (Throne Room)
The Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra (Fallen Columns)
The Treasure of Anne Bonny (Throne Room)
The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale (Pit)
The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman (Swamp)
The Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith (King's Storeroom)
The Cracked Crown of the Spanish King (Swamp)
The Applewood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata (Pit of Despair)
The Missing Eye of David (Medusa's Lair)
The Enormous Iron Nose Ring of Babe the Ox (Troubled Bridge)
The Very Tall Turban of Ahmad Baba (Rock Quarry)
The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman (Troubled Bridge)
The Plumed Headdress of Cosa Rara (Rock Quarry)
The Lost Lion Tail of Little John (Swamp)
The Crown of Queen Nzinga (Swamp)
The Two-Cornered Hat of Napoleon (Rock Quarry)
The Golden Goblet of Attila the Hun (Pit)
The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici (Pit)
The Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus (Pit)
The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl (Pit)
The Bifocal Monocle of One-Eyed Jack (Tomb of the Headless Kings)
The Much-Heralded Helmet of Sir Gawain (Chamber of the Sacred Markers)
The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta (King's Storeroom)
The Lion-Slashed Jacket of Sacagawea (Chamber of the Sacred Markers)
The Snow Cone of Mount Kilimanjaro (Jester's Court)
The Bent Shaving Pan of Jedediah Smith (Jester's Court)
The Marble Armrest of Xerxes (Jester's Court)
The Golden Spider Web of Robert the Bruce (Pit of the Pendulum)
The Ivory Hunting Horn of Roland (Chamber of the Sacred Markers)
The Lost Hornpipe of the Pirate Captain (King's Storeroom)
The Mummified Hand of the Egyptian King (Chamber of the Sacred Markers)
The Lost Taj Mahal Turban of Aurangzeb (Pit of the Pendulum)
The Melted Wax Head of Madame Tussaud (King's Storeroom)
The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza (Pit of the Pendulum)

The Treasure Room / Had LOTHT Continued on Nickelodeon: Episode 121
« on: May 17, 2022, 02:58:30 PM »
(Camera moves through a thick jungle taking two wrong turns and finally reveals King Olmec)

Olmec: Legends of the Hidden Temple!

(Title card forms)

Olmec: With your guide, Kirk Fogg!

(Title card shatters)

Olmec: And here he is now!

(Kirk Fogg swings onto the set)

Kirk: Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Thank you Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we gonna hear about today?

Olmec: The legend of the woolen shreds of Old Faithful.

Kirk: Oh, the woolen shreds of Old Faithful. Well, the legend is set and one of these six teams will have a chance to retrieve the woolen shreds.

(Camera shows each team cheering)

Will it be the Red Jaguars?

The Blue Barracudas?

The Green Monkeys?

The Orange Iguanas?

The Purple Parrots?

Or the Silver Snakes?

Kirk: They'll have to pass some pretty tough physical and mental tests, and in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's temple. But first, they have to cross the moat, and Olmec will tell them how they'll have to do it today.

The Treasure Room / Legends of the Hidden Temple: Casino Edition
« on: May 04, 2022, 04:26:33 PM »
I recently had ideas for a Legends of the Hidden Temple casino game as I’ll soon be flying to Las Vegas with my older brother along with two of our aunts and our remaining grandfather. Below are the prizes.

Moat Crossing
First: +$20
Second: +$15
Third: +$10
Fourth: +$5

Steps of Knowledge
Question 1: +$11
Question 2: +$10
Question 3: +$9
and so on

Temple Games
Winning Game 1 or 2: +$10
Winning Game 3: +$20
Tying Game 1 or 2: +$5
Tying Game 3: +$5
Winning the Tiebreaker: +$10

Temple Run
Finding the Half Pendant (if applicable): +$10
Making it to the Artifact's Room: +$10
Grabbing the Artifact: +$25
Winning; +$25 (normally); Jackpot (if perfect)

Above is for a $1 wager. If a player wagers $5, $10, $20, $50 or $100, the prizes multiply by any of those denominations.

Jackpots by Wager
$1: $100,000
$5: $2,500,000
$10: $10,000,000
$20: $40,000,000
$50: $250,000,000
$100: $1,000,000,000

As always, credit goes to GreenMonkeys#1 for the scoring.

Soundstage 18 / Re: Best Episodes of the Original Blue’s Clues
« on: April 05, 2022, 10:15:22 AM »
:idea: Maybe we could rank the episodes so we can determine the true best and true worst.

The Heart Room / Re: Legends' True Greatest Team
« on: March 19, 2022, 12:29:15 AM »
I was thinking I should add the scores for each team in Season 4, including those who couldn't make it to the Temple Run.

Temple Run Totals
Blue Barracudas: 607 (First)
Red Jaguars: 351 (Second)
Purple Parrots: 311 (Third)
Green Monkeys: 162 (Fourth)

Moat/Steps/Games Totals
Silver Snakes: 243 (First)
Red Jaguars: 226 (Second)
Orange Iguanas: 203 (Third)
Green Monkeys: 156 (Fourth)
Purple Parrots: 124 (Fifth)
Blue Barracudas: 116 (Sixth)

Season 4 Totals
Blue Barracudas: 723 (First)
Red Jaguars: 577 (Second)
Purple Parrots: 435 (Third)
Green Monkeys: 318 (Fourth)
Silver Snakes: 243 (Fifth)
Orange Iguanas: 203 (Sixth)

New Rankings
First Place: Green Monkeys (4146 points)
Second Place: Red Jaguars (4035 points)
Third Place: Silver Snakes (3965 points)
Fourth Place: Blue Barracudas (3851 points)
Fifth Place: Orange Iguanas (3365 points)
Sixth Place: Purple Parrots (3190 points)

Just like that, the Green Monkeys are still Legends' true greatest team.

I think so too. How far along would the teams in either episode we covered have made it in their Temple Runs?

A. Winning
B. Grabbing the artifact
C. Entering the room

So for "The Golden Cup of Belshazzar", "Yes" wins 2-0. Next up is "Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand".

There's actually a video (sort of) with BTS moments from Season 1. Someone uploaded this video in the early 2010's, but it was eventually made private/removed. Someone else uploaded the same video a few years back. The video shows various short clips from Season 1 rounds like the Snake Bracelet moat, Fountain of Youth temple run, and the  :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: temple win. It also shows various cast members and contestants in the hallways and other rooms outside of the set. The most interesting part is seeing the audit members doing the "Egyptian Walk" while during the storytelling portion of the show (4:05 of the video).

I'm glad that David Greenfield decided to re-uploaded his video. I was wondering what happened to the original video. I didn't realize some lame-ass stole his videos and tried to upload them as his own. Nice to see an extended version of the original video. I did ask him in the last video he uploaded what was the correct spelling for Benzibab. He did confirm that Benzibab is indeed the correct spelling. He took that video down before I had to chance to reply and save his comment.

But do you wish you could see a BTS video of Legends' second season like I do?

I don't recall there being a production error in the Empress Theodora run? Unless you're referring to the elevator stalling for Josh, that was not a production error at all. He took his hands off the actuators that operate the elevator, which is why the elevator stalled and the team came up short of the artifact. If he kept his hands on the button, perhaps he could've reached the artifact. Or if Ashley moved faster in the temple.

For the Golden Cup run, there is no doubt in my mind that this run would've been much better if there was no production error in Room of Harmonic Convergence. Katherine was moving pretty fast in the temple, but losing all that time in the Harmonic Convergence hurt them. Also, Sean ran into a production error in the Treasure Room. This was one of the most unluckiest teams on the show. Not only was their original temple run postponed, but their new temple run was riddled with production errors. After the Discarded Seal team, Katherine and Sean deserved a second chance in the temple no questions asked.

Also, you can add the Lost Logbooks and Golden Stallion run to your list too. Lost Logbooks had the production error in Harmonic Convergence and Golden Stallion had the Throne Room error.

Oh yeah, that's right, the elevator stopping in the Imperial Purple Robe Temple Run was caused by Josh taking his hands off the two actuators. Well, he may have been able to grab the robe had he smartly waited for the elevator to hit the floor like we know Ty Mathen did in the Lucky Medallion Temple Run. Anyway, do you think the Golden Cup Temple Run would have been better without having Sean and Katherine suffering unneeded errors? I think so.

I was wondering if any of the following losing Temple Runs would be better without a production error. You know how production errors can screw a run up and cost the team a win? As a way to improve losing Temple Runs, one good solution would be to tell the crew to test the temple before putting the run into action.

The Lost Logbooks of Magellan
The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba
The War Fan of the Forty-Seven Ronin
The Good Luck Watch of Empress Eugenie
The Seven Scorpions of Isis

The Golden Cup of Belshazzar: Yes (2), No (0)
Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand: Yes (2), No (0)

There was already a thread about this, so I've merged them together (and also edited the OP to include the reuploaded video). :)

If there are any other duplicate topics, you can merge them as well. Also TSM, do you wish to see BTS videos of Seasons 1 and 2? Which winning temple run(s) would be best for each season? Below are my picks.

Season 1: Either John Sutter and the Map to the Lost Gold Mine or Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress

Season 2: Either The Lucky Medallion of Atocha or The Heart-Shaped Pillow of Annie Taylor

If a BTS video of Season 2 has the Lucky Medallion Temple Run, maybe we can see who really threw the pendant back to Ty Mathen.

The Treasure Room / Legends of the Hidden Temple 2.0 Done Right
« on: March 07, 2022, 08:59:24 PM »
Season 5
134. The Golden Fleece of Jason and the Argonauts
135. Prince Neferkaptah and the Book of Thoth
136. The Jeweled Branch of Horai
137. P.G.T. Beauregard and the Confederate Gold
138. The Jeweled Necklace of the Lady of the Lake
139. The Magic Club of Daghdha
140. The Smoking Mirror of Tezcatlipoca
141. The Diary of Anne Frank
142. The Singing Sword of Conaire Mór
143. The Golden Tresses of Sif
144. The Original Jersey of Babe Ruth
145. The Celtic Crucifix of Athlone
146. The Snake-Headed Staff of Amina of Zaria
147. The Last Scroll of the Shang Dynasty
148. Sun Wukong's Magical Headband
149. Kvasir and the Mead of Poetry
150. The Invisibility Ring of Gyges
151. Yuè Xià Laorén and the Red String of Fate
152. The Flowered Hat of Margaret Brown
153. The Emerald Necklace of Madeleine Astor
154. The Conch Shell of Satyaki
155. Xiwangmu and the Peaches of Immortality
156. The Whetstone of Tudwal Tudglyd
157. The Bloody Axe Head of Lizzie Borden
158. The Poisoned Shirt of Nessus
159. The Regal Circlet Crown of Queen Victoria

Season 6

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