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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
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The camera makes its way through lush greenery, and the palms move away as ambient animal noises are heard. Portions of a temple are shown, and suddenly the jungle ends, and we see Olmec’s face light up and shout, “LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!”

The show’s title card—a pendant of life—crashes together on the screen, and the camera shifts to focus on the temple and its rooms. “With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!”

The pendant splinters and Kirk is seen crawling out of the Jungle Crevice to run right into the center of the stage and up the Steps of Knowledge as he begins his narration.

“Thank you, thank you!” says Kirk. “It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today?”

Olmec replies, “The Legend of The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid!”

“Oh, The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid!” says Kirk. “Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Stashed Treasure—will it be The Red Jaguars?”

At this point, the camera focuses on each team as they are introduced.

“The Blue Barracudas?”
“The Green Monkeys?”
“The Orange Iguanas?”
“The Purple Parrots?”
“Or the Silver Snakes?”

“They’re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests,” continues Kirk, “and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec’s temple, but first they’ll have to cross the Moat, and Olmec’s gonna tell us how they have to do it today.”

Olmec instructs:
“Before you, eight planks form a bridge across the Moat. When Kirk gives the signal, step out onto the first plank and try to move to the next. Two of the planks on each bridge will collapse, and when you step on one of them, you must go back and start again. When the first player makes it across, that will be their partner’s signal to cross the same way. When both partners have reached the other side, run over and hit the gong!”

Kirk hits the Silver Snakes’ gong to demonstrate, which—in turn—lights up a bright silver.

“The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round,” finishes Olmec. “Hey, teams!” calls Kirk. “Are you ready?”

The teams excitedly reply, “Yeeaahhhh!”

Kirk then asks, “Olmec, are you ready?”

“Rock on!” replies Olmec.

“Let’ get started!” shouts Kirk. “On your marks, get set… GO!”

The boy on the Green Monkeys immediately falls, his first plank tipping him off into the water, while the boys on the Red Jaguars and Orange Iguanas steadily move ahead—until the Orange Iguana steps on his third plank, sending him into the misty water. “It’s a game of luck, but then it turns into a game of memory,” explains Kirk. “Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes haven’t fallen yet…” The girl on the Blue Barracudas falls into the water, followed by the boy on the Red Jaguars closely after. The boys on the Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes still continue neck-and-neck… until the Silver Snake falls into the water on his fifth plank. “Orange Iguanas are making their move again!” shouts Kirk. “OH! But they found their second unstable plank, and they’ve got to start again…” The boy on the Purple Parrots finally finds his first unstable plank—his sixth plank—but is overtaken quickly by the boy on the Red Jaguars, who scampers across his bridge a third time, avoiding his fourth and fifth planks completely, becoming the first player on the deck. “All right, nice job—now his partner’s gonna come over,” says Kirk. “Here comes one of the Green Monkeys…” The boy on the Green Monkeys is the next player on the deck, followed by the boy on the Orange Iguanas and the girl on the Blue Barracudas shortly after.

The boy on the Silver Snakes accidentally loses his balance on one of the planks, tumbling into the water. “Here comes that Red Jaguar… we’re gonna have our first team…” begins Kirk, and is interrupted by the sound of the red gong ringing. “And we do—it’s the Red Jaguars!” The girl on the Blue Barracudas falls in a third time, mis-stepping on her second collapsing plank, while the girl on the Orange Iguanas picks up her pace, hopping over her seventh plank, and springing her way off the eighth to meet her partner, who bangs down on their gong. “And we’ve got two teams!” shouts Kirk. “And three!” The Blue Barracudas also slam down on their gong, leaving only one open spot left. “We need our fourth team—here come the Green Monkeys,” commentates Kirk. “Oh, but the Purple Parrots overtakes them—she is fast! She gongs in! We’ve got our four teams!”

Kirk runs over to the Purple Parrots. “Wow, I almost thought the Purple Parrots weren’t gonna make it, but they blazed over here for a close shave,” he says. “Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Purple Parrots—and the Orange Iguanas—and the Blue Barracudas—and the Red Jaguars.”

“The Silver Snakes and Green Monkeys gave it a great effort,” he says. “They’re not going away empty-handed. We’ve got a great gift for them, and here’s what it is.”

Dee reads the prize:
“Geeeeeet ready for wet n’ wild fun! The Shot Blast Super Soaker has a 1.1 liter tank and can fire a jet of water 25 feet to hit your opponents! Super Soaker, from NERF!”
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
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The screen transitions to a shot of the four teams atop the Steps of Knowledge. “As we continue our quest,” says Kirk, “it’s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid. But teams—pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec’s Temple.”
Olmec narrates the legend:
“In the 1890s, two of the most feared outlaws in the Old West were Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, both part of Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch gang. Together, they traveled all over America, robbing trains and banks along their way. Legend has it, the Sundance Kid had the best reaction time, and could shoot down a sheriff the moment one should appear, but always chose not to. One day, he and Butch Cassidy finally sat down in their hideout, the Hole in the Wall, in amongst the mountains of Wyoming.

“‘We’ve robbed every bank from here to Montana,’ said the Sundance Kid. ‘What do we do now?’

“‘Well, we’ve got our loot to keep,’ replied Butch Cassidy, pointing at a gigantic pile of gold and money in the corner of the room. ‘But if we go out there, we ain’t gonna last long. Everyone wants us, dead or alive.’

“The two bandits decided to keep half of their loot in a small treasure chest that would be buried beneath their cabin. In 1901, the Sundance Kid sailed with his wife and Butch Cassidy to South America, where they spent the rest of their lives, but their treasure chest was never recovered, and it eventually made its way to the Temple! Your task is to find the Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid and bring it back here.”

“Thank you, Olmec,” says Kirk after a short pause, “but tell us—where is the Treasure Chest?”

“The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid can be found… in the Lion Cave!” reveals Olmec. The camera moves from the corner of the Temple, stopping in front of the Lion Cave, and then zooms in on the treasure chest sitting on the front ledge.

“All right,” says Kirk in response. “Teams—you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec’s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you’re right, you’ll move down to the next level, but if you’re wrong or run out of time, I’m gonna have to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams that make it to the bottom level—” Kirk runs down the steps, then walks out of view “—will be one step closer to Olmec’s temple. Olmec, we’re now ready for your first question…”

Olmec asks: “Was the Sundance Kid—a pirate, an outlaw, or—”

The Red Jaguars ring in: “An outlaw.”

“That is correct,” declares Olmec. “Okay, step on down, Red Jaguars,” says Kirk, allowing them to move down to the second step. “Next question.”

Olmec asks: “Was the Sundance Kid one of the most feared outlaws in—the 1990s, the 1890s, or the—”

The Blue Barracudas stomp down: “The 1990s—no—”

“Incorrect,” cuts in Olmec, before they can correct themselves.

The Purple Parrots then buzz in: “The 1890s…?”

“That is correct,” says Olmec. “Okay, little bit of a tough break there,” says Kirk in response, “but you gotta answer it right the first time, Blue Barracudas. All right, next question.”

Olmec asks: “Which of these outlaws was the Sundance Kid in the same gang with—Jesse James, Billy the Kid, or Butch Cassidy?”

The Red Jaguars hit their marking: “Butch Cassidy?”

“That is correct!” replies Olmec. “The Red Jaguars just need one more correct response to go to the Temple Games,” announces Kirk. “Next question…”

Olmec asks: “Did Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid hide out at—The Black Hole, The Hole in the Wall, or The Hole in a Head?”

The Red Jaguars stomp down again: “The Hole in the Wall!”

“That is correct!” booms Olmec. “We’ve got our first team moving on to the Temple Games!” shouts Kirk as the Red Jaguars hop down onto the bottom step. “It’s the Red Jaguars! We’ve still got room for one more team, though. Who’s it gonna be—the Blue Barracudas, the Orange Iguanas, or the Purple Parrots? Next question…”

Olmec asks: “Which of these did the Sundance Kid NOT rob—banks, houses, or trains?”

The Blue Barracudas ring in: “Houses!”

“That is correct,” replies Olmec. “Okay, Blue Barracudas’re making their move,” narrates Kirk. “Plenty of time for the Orange Iguanas, though. Next question.”

Olmec asks: “Was The Hole in the Wall located in—California, Wyoming, or—”

The Purple Parrots interject: “Wyoming?”

“That is correct!” answers Olmec. “Okay, now the Purple Parrots are just one step away from the Temple Games!” says Kirk. “Let’s continue, Olmec—next question.”

Olmec asks: “In 1901, did the Sundance Kid move to—China, South America, or South Africa?”

The Blue Barracudas stomp down: “South America.”

“That is correct,” declares Olmec. “Oh, and now the Blue Barracudas are one step away from the Temple Games,” says Kirk in response. “This match is heating up! Next question…”

Olmec asks: “The Sundance Kid moved to Buenos Aires. Is Buenos Aires in—”

The Orange Iguanas cut him off: “South America…?”

“That is not one of our three choices,” replies Olmec. “The three choices were: Chile, Argentina, or Brazil.”

The Purple Parrots ring in: “Argentina?”

“THAT IS CORRECT!” yells Olmec. “These two teams are going on to the Temple Games!” declares Kirk as he runs over to the teams on the bottom step. “They are the Red Jaguars… and the Purple Parrots! The Blue Barracudas and the Orange Iguanas gave it a great effort—came up a little short, but they’re not going away empty-handed. We’ve got a great gift for them, and here’s what it is!”

Dee reads the prize:
“It’s a Pulse Kick N’ Go electric scooter! The Kick N’ Go uses a unique self-propulsion pedal to keep your balance while riding. From Pulse!”

The screen wipes to reveal Kirk with his hands on the two remaining teams’ shoulders. “These two teams are gonna be playing for the rights to enter Olmec’s Temple,” he says, “and they’re gonna do it—right after this!” The camera cuts away from Kirk and rushes towards Olmec, focusing on the plant life beneath him. The show’s titlecard appears, and then we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
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The pendant splits, the camera zooms out from a shot of the Moat with the applauding audience in the background, and then we fade to Kirk and the two teams.

“Welcome back to Legends,” says Kirk, standing in front of The Tiger’s Den with the two remaining teams. “Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest—so let’s hear it for Amy and Bryan of the Red Jaguars—” The audience begins to applaud for the short, black-haired girl, and the taller, tanned-skin boy with chestnut-brown hair.

“… and Sarah and Tyler of the Purple Parrots!” The audience continues to applaud as we see the tall blonde girl, and the equally tall boy with brown hair and glasses.

“You guys ready to play?” asks Kirk. The players all shout and cheer in response. “All right, then go get ready for your Temple Games, and I’ll do the boring stuff over here, ha.” The players walk off in different directions before Kirk turns back to the camera to explain the rules.

“In the temple games, teams are competing to win Pendants of Life—” Kirk grabs a pendant out of his pouch and holds it up to the camera. “The winning team will need those Pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded Temple Guards, as they make their way through the Temple. There are three Temple Games, and Olmec is gonna tell us about Temple Game #1.”

Olmec explains:
“The robberies the Sundance Kid made with Butch Cassidy’s Wild Bunch were not easy to accomplish, and neither are the robberies you are about to make. When Kirk gives the signal, crawl out to the first cube and grab a bag of money. Then crawl back, drop it in your treasure chest, and do it again. On your trips, you must avoid the swinging obstacles. If you are hit, you must go back and begin again. The first team to collect all four bags of money, or the team that’s further along at the end of 60 seconds… wins.

“The Wild West was never as wild as this, I think,” remarks Kirk. “Let’s put 60 seconds on the clock!”

The clock appears in the corner of the screen, slamming down. “On your marks, get set… GO!” Both boys immediately spring forward, crawling their way down the pathway. “They’re doing good so far,” commentates Kirk. “Who’s gonna be first to get hit?” Tyler is first to grab a bag of money, but has to stop and lie flat on the path to avoid an obstacle, while Bryan quickly makes his way back and drops his bag of money in his treasure chest first. [0:50] Tyler quickly catches up, but as he makes his trip to grab a second bag of money, he is hit by the first swinging sandbag. “Oh, Purple Parrots got hit!” shouts Kirk. “Back he comes…” Bryan pulls ahead, scrambling his way underneath an obstacle to grab his second bag of money with 41 seconds remaining, and then dropping it into his treasure chest with 33 seconds remaining. Tyler is hit a second time on his way back after grabbing his second bag of money, and has to begin again. “Red Jaguars are going out for a third,” narrates Kirk. [0:17] Bryan grabs a third bag of money, starting to crawl his way back—but is struck by the second sandbag that he tries to avoid. “Oh! Red Jaguars got hit! Now they’ve got to go back and start again… gonna have to make a mad dash for it now!” With nine seconds remaining, Bryan scrambles towards the third bag of money, trying to avoid the obstacles—but is hit by the second one as he tries to dive for the third bag of money again. “NO!” exclaims Kirk, while Tyler makes his way back with his second—but TIME IS UP!

“All right, stop right there…” calls Kirk, running over to the boys, who are also returning to the starting platforms. “Okay, let’s count up our scores…”

He peers into the treasure chest marked with a red circle first and throws the money bags out as he counts them. “The Red Jaguars got… one… two bags of money… and the Purple Parrots had… one bag of money! The Red Jaguars get the half Pendant of Life!” The audience cheers briefly before Kirk continues.

“That’s all right, Tyler,” consoles Kirk. “You can catch up in the next game—it’s also worth a half-pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec narrates:
“Horses played a big part in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid’s robberies. Today, you’ll be riding a much bigger and wilder horse—our mechanical spinning horse. When Kirk gives the signal, hold on tight… because your horse will begin to spin. The player that’s still holding on at the end of 60 seconds wins.”

“I bet those outlaws were glad they didn’t have to ride these horses,” comments Kirk. “Let’s put 60 seconds on the clock!”

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. “On your marks, get set… SPIN!” On this word, the spotters begin to spin the horses around and around. “It starts off slow,” explains Kirk, “but it’s gonna get a lot tougher out there soon!” Indeed it does—as Kirk finishes his sentence, the horses switch directions and Amy is clearly thrown off a bit by the sudden jerk. “Whoa!” exclaims Kirk. “Red Jaguars gotta hold on tight!” [0:45] Sarah continues to cling to the horse tightly, but Amy is now hanging down from the horse slightly. “Oh, that has got to hurt!” exclaims Kirk, as Amy slams her face into her horse as it changes direction with 37 seconds left. Sarah is now slightly shaken as well from the direction change, also hanging down slightly. [0:31] The spotters change the horse’s direction again, and this time Amy’s hands slip from the handgrips, sliding down onto the airbag below to end the game with 28 seconds remaining!

“OH! Red Jaguars are down! Come on over here!” shouts Kirk, as he runs over to the horses. “All right, let it on down… come on down here… that’s it… Well, the Red Jaguars were first to fall—that means that Sarah wins the half-pendant for her Purple Parrots!” The audience once again cheers, as Sarah gives Amy a high-five.

“Nice sportsmanship,” comments Kirk. “It’s all tied up—the Red Jaguars have a half-pendant, the Purple Parrots have a half-pendant. We’re going into our third and final game. It’s worth a full Pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.”

Olmec continues:
“Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and the Wild Bunch made robberies all around America. Today, you’ll be doing the same. Before you, we’ve marked a route through three towns, each containing some treasure, but there are obstacles to conquer to reach them: the Hill… the Lake… the Jungle… and the Cliff. When Kirk gives the signal, the first player will begin at the first obstacle and grab the treasure at the end of it. Then the next player will do the same. When you reach the Cliff, both of you must climb to the Hole in the Wall at the top and stash your treasure in the treasure chest. The first team to reach the top of the Cliff and stash their treasure… wins.”

“Even robberies aren’t an easy way to make money,” says Kirk. “Okay, teams—in position… and on your marks, get set… GO!”

On this final word, the boys spring forward and begin to climb the Hill. “Remember, they have to collect the treasure at the end of every obstacle,” reminds Kirk, as Tyler slips slightly, causing Bryan to take an early lead, reaching the top of the Hill first and sliding down the other side, less than 15 seconds into the game. Tyler also slides down, as he reaches the first town—“FOGGTON”, with a population of -25. “Someone’s been changing those signs, I think,” jokes Kirk, as both boys pick up their first piece of treasure and disappear off-screen, as the camera focuses on the girls running round to the Lake. “Into the Lake they go!” shouts Kirk, as a wide shot shows Sarah and Amy more or less tied, as they race up the stairs and jump into the water. “They’re both gonna wade their way across,” commentates Kirk, as the girls are seen rushing through the water as fast as they can—but Sarah is first out of the Lake.

Amy tries to catch up, but Sarah is already grabbing the treasure from the second town, marked “STANLEYTON”, with a population of 0. Amy soon grabs her treasure, but Tyler tears forward into the Jungle. “He’s moving fast!” shouts Kirk, as Tyler pushes his way through the elastic cords, scrambling near the bottom of the mess of tangled cords. “But the Red Jaguars are catching up! These two teams wanna go to the Temple really bad…” Tyler is first out of the Jungle, running over to the third town—“CIUDAD DE OLMEC”, with a population of 500,000. He grabs the last piece of treasure, and then heads to “The Cliff”, which appears to be more of a column sticking straight up to a precariously-perched circular platform at the top. “They’ve got to climb that mountain!” explains Kirk, shouting over the audience’s loud cheering. “Will the Purple Parrots make it? Or can the Red Jaguars make it up there first?” The Red Jaguars also begin to climb… but the Purple Parrots are already ¾ the way up the column, and they quickly dump their treasure into the chest when they reach the top to end the game!

“That’s it! That’s IT!” yells Kirk, making his way over to the base of the Cliffs. “Come on down here, Red Jaguars, good job…” The Red Jaguars slowly make their way down their Cliff, but Kirk continues before they make it all the way down.

“The Purple Parrots made it to the top first, collected all three pieces of treasure, AND stashed it first,” he says, “so that gives them the full Pendant of Life! That gives them one-and-a-half. The Red Jaguars had a half— The Purple Parrots are going to the Temple!” The camera briefly switches to Sarah and Tyler hugging in celebration at the top of their Cliff before switching back to Kirk with the Red Jaguars, who are now standing by his side.

“The Red Jaguars gave it a valiant effort,” he then says. “It was a hard-fought match—all came down to that final Temple Game. They’re not going away empty-handed, though. Here’s what we’ve got for them!”

Dee reads the prize:
“It’s a savings bond from… Skechers Footwear. Makers of fun, exciting, cool shoes, sneakers, and boots! Skechers—it’s the ‘S’!”

Kirk is standing on the Red Jaguars’ Cliff. “Hey, Purple Parrots—are you ready for Olmec’s Temple?” he calls.

The camera spins around to the Purple Parrots on the opposite tower, who scream and cheer in response. “Well, we’ll find out—right after this!” yells Kirk. The camera slowly zooms in on the audience in the background, who are cheering loudly. The titlecard appears, and then we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
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The pendant splits, the camera zooms out from the moss-covered front ledge of the Tiger’s Den, and then we fade to Kirk with his hands on the Purple Parrots’ shoulders.

“Welcome back to Legends,” he says. “Tyler and Sarah have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec’s Temple. But first, Olmec’s going to give them some information to help them retrieve The Wild—uh, Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid.”

Olmec begins his rundown:
“You could start by climbing through the Tigers' Den and climbing down into the Vine Drop. Pull the right vine to raise the stone slab, then race into the Treasury of the Monkeys. Find the right bunch of bananas, and you could choose to go up into the Anaconda's Sanctuary, or into the Grand Marsh. Open the alligators’ mouths to find the tongue, and you might have a chance to enter The Forest… of a Thousand Dragons. Reach into the dragon’s mouths and find the key—but be careful: one of the dragons might be inhabited by the spirit of a Temple Guard! If they grab you, you’ll have to give up a Pendant of Life. Next, plow through the wall and into the Secret Spring.

“There, climb up the Falls and into the Catfish Cove. Find the correct bucket, and open the door to the Shriiiiine… of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Lion Cave—where you can grab the Stashed Treasure. Place yourself in the correct mouth, which will allow you into the Wildebeests' Hideout. Turn the correct horn, and run across the Walk of Faith. Then, pass through the Room of the Tropicana Birds, race down the stairs, and back through the Temple Gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won one-and-a-half Pendants in the Temple Games. Who's going first?”

“I am!” shouts Sarah.

“Very well, Sarah!” replies Olmec. “When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple, and make your way towards the Stashed Treasure. Hidden inside the Temple are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on but if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple... and it will be Tyler’s turn to enter and try his luck. Hidden somewhere in the Temple is the other half of your Pendant. If you can find it, and you’re carrying the other half, you will get an extra life. If you can reach the Stashed Treasure, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return through the gates with The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded—and here's how!”

Dee reads the team’s prizes:
•   For just going into the Temple, you’ll both receive $250 worth of Blockbuster gift cards! Good for movies, music, snacks, and lots more from any Blockbuster rental outlet in the U.S.A.
•   If you can grab the Stashed Treasure before three minutes is up, you’ll also receive a Diamondback bike! This all-terrain mountain bicycle come with lightweight aluminum bodies and 24 speeds. From Diamondback.
•   And if you can bring the Stashed Treasure out of the Temple before three minutes is up, you’ll both be receiving a new Sony television! Your new high-definition TV will come with a 60-inch LCD screen with LED backlight, 16:9 widescreen format, built-in Surround sound, and only crystal-clear quality! From Sony!

“Let’s see if they can pick up all that loot,” says Kirk. “All right, Sarah, let’s get in position… and you put your mouthpiece in too, Tyler. And let’s set the clock for three minutes!”

The clock slams down in the corner of the screen. “Olmec,” says Kirk, “please lower your gate.” The gate lowers as Olmec moans and the lights around him switch off. “On your mark, get set… GO!”

“There she goes, into the Temple!” shouts Kirk, as Sarah takes off into the Temple, racing up the stairs past Olmec. “She has a Pendant, and Tyler has a half. Somewhere in that Temple is another half-pendant. Into the Tiger’s Den she goes…” Sarah slides her way down into the Tiger’s Den with 2:53 left, maneuvering her way through a narrow opening and then crawling further down into the room, hitting the actuator to the Vine Drop—but a TEMPLE GUARD emerges from the darkness! “Temple guard!” shouts Kirk as a drumroll plays. Sarah reaches down to hand the guard her pendant, and then moves on. “All right, she’s heading down a crawl tube to the Vine Room,” says Kirk, misnaming the room. “She’s gonna have to… pull the right one of those vines to raise a rock slab.” [2:42] She lands in the room, and then stands up to pull the first two vines—but the rightmost vine sinks down, and the stone slab begins to rise. “Nice job, first try!” comments Kirk, as Sarah runs over to the uncovered door and hits the actuator, opening the door. [2:35] Sarah climbs through the doorway, and then begins to slide down feet-first into the crawl tube. “Now she’s in the Treasury of the Monkeys…” Sarah stands up and makes his way towards the central ladder, but a second TEMPLE GUARD emerges to capture her with 2:25 remaining!

“Oh, Sarah’s out!” announces Kirk. “It’s time for Tyler to go in and see what he can do now…” Tyler races up the Temple steps, rounding the corner and sliding down into the Tiger’s Den. “He’s still got two minutes and 13 seconds—plenty of time to get him to that Stashed Treasure Chest…” narrates Kirk, as Tyler climbs his way into the crawl tube and begins to make his way down into the Vine Drop. [2:08] He lands in the room, rushing through it, and then jumping into the open doorway. “Into the Treasury he goes—that’s where Sarah was taken out.” Tyler races into the room and immediately climbs the ladder, grabbing two bunches of bananas and then climbing back down with 1:56 remaining. “Let’s see which one’s gonna open the doors!” says Kirk. “One—two—there it goes!” As Tyler places the second bunch on the altar, it turns green and a monkey’s shriek is heard. [1:49] He makes his way around the altar and towards the open panel-door on the left of the room. “Now he’s gonna head into the Tropical Forest,” explains Kirk, misnaming the room, as Tyler climbs through the doorway and into the Grand Marsh. “He’s gonna have to open up those mouths and find the tongue to open the door.” With 1:38 remaining, Tyler opens the mouth of the right-side alligator—but it is empty. “Okay, it’s gotta be the second one then,” concludes Kirk, as Tyler wades over to the left side of the room and opens the mouth of the second alligator. [1:33] A long tongue falls out of it this time, and Tyler tugs on it, opening a door. “All right, the door’s open,” narrates Kirk, “and now he’s heading into the Forest of a Thousand Dragons!”

[1:25] Foam pours out of the doorway into the Forest of a Thousand Dragons as Tyler climbs into the room. “Looks like Tyler’s gonna try and go up—this could save him a lot of time,” explains Kirk, as he opens the mouth of a dark green dragon in the back of the room. “Is it in there?” shouts Kirk. “No—there are five more dragons, or he could bust through the wall…” Tyler then opens the mouth of a blue-colored dragon in the back-left corner of the room, finding nothing. “You can bust through the wall!” Tyler turns around and pushes down the stone wall with 1:10 remaining. “All right, nice move!” comments Kirk. “Now he’s into the Secret Spring—can he climb up the waterfall?” [1:03] Tyler wades his way through the “water” over to a small ladder, and pulls himself up onto the upper ledge of the room. “It’s a slippery way up those Falls,” says Kirk. “Gotta be careful not to slip…” Tyler’s feet slip on the bottom of the slide a few times, but he grips on tightly and continues climbing. With 46 seconds on the clock, he pushes open the panel to the Catfish Cove.

“Okay, he’s in the Catfish Cove,” commentates Kirk. “Now he’s gonna have to take one of those fish and put it in the correct bucket!” Tyler goes to the back of the room and immediately grabs the fish off the hook directly to the right of the Temple Guard door. “All right, which bucket will it be—the left, the right, or the center?” [0:38] He places it in the leftmost bucket first, hitting his hand down on the bottom of it three times before moving to the center bucket. “Will it be that one?” says Kirk as Tyler does the same for the center bucket. “Looks like it’s gonna be the third one,” concludes Kirk. Tyler places the fish in the rightmost bucket and the door to the Shrine of the Silver Monkey slams open with 30 seconds remaining. “Into the Shrine of the Silver Monkey!” cheers Kirk. “He’s just one room away from the Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid!” [0:27] Tyler grabs the base of the monkey, taking it to the front pedestal and flipping it round twice before placing it on the pedestal. “All right, he’s got the base. Now he’s got to get the belly… and the head!” Tyler grabs the middle piece of the monkey, having a little trouble fitting it on, having to turn it around and flip it upside-down several times, but it finally fits with 15 seconds to go. He jumps up onto one of the boxes in the back of the room, snatching the head of the monkey from a shelf and jumping back down. “Nice move!” shouts Kirk. “Just 11 seconds left! Can he make it?” Tyler slams down the head on the monkey, and bats screech as the door to the Lion Cave slams open with six seconds remaining. “GO! GO! GO!” yells Kirk, as Tyler quickly races up the stairway, through the door, and grabs the STASHED TREASURE with two seconds remaining! He begins to leave the room—but we’re OUT OF TIME!

“All right, time’s up!” announces Kirk as the clock hits zero and explodes. “They got the Treasure Chest with so little time left, I wasn’t sure if he was gonna make it… whew! They had a great time, I did too… We’re just about out of time, though. See you next time for more adventure and another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!”

The credits begin to scroll as various ending scenes are shown: a look through the three open doors from the Catfish Cove to the Lion Cave, mist pouring down on the Walk of Faith, and Kirk chatting with Sarah and Tyler, who returns to the gates with the Stashed Treasure. Finally, the camera fades out, and the light bulb-Nickelodeon logo is shown as an electric buzzing noise is heard.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
Post by: The Bamboo Forest on September 11, 2010, 05:11:54 AM
Artifact Name: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
Location: The Lion Cave
Result: Reached Artifact
Time Remaining: N/A
Pendants Won: 1.5




And so, the second season comes to a close with this exciting episode. The Purple Parrots had a couple of close shaves during the episode, in fact, placing fourth in the Moat, which had to be crossed by stepping on eight planks while knowing that two would inevitably collapse. Ahead of them were the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas, and Orange Iguanas. The legend revolved around Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (despite the artifact being named after the latter, the legend focused on both of them equally), who had allegedly hidden a treasure chest of their loot at the Hole in the Wall. The Red Jaguars and the Purple Parrots advanced to the Temple Games from the Steps of Knowledge in that order, making it yet another near-loss for the Parrots.

The Temple Games were also fairly exciting. In the first game, Bryan on the Red Jaguars and Tyler on the Purple Parrots had to grab bags of money while avoiding swinging sandbags. The Red Jaguars won 2-1, giving them the half-pendant. In the second Temple Game, Amy on the Red Jaguars and Sarah on the Purple Parrots had to hold on to spinning horses for as long as possible. Amy fell first, giving the Purple Parrots a half-pendant. In the third and final Temple Game, it was a relay race through a four-part obstacle course, with the player grabbing a piece of treasure from the “town” at the end of each obstacle. Now, the towns were really just building facades with windows cut out to hold the treasure, but what interested me were the signs attached to each: “Foggton”, “Stanleyton”, and “Ciudad de Olmec”. :lol:  The first, clearly named after Kirk, had a population of -25, the second, named after David Stanley, of Stanley & Co. Productions, which produces the show, had a population of 0, and Ciudad de Olmec had a population of 500,000. Funny idea, producers. XD Either way, the Purple Parrots climbed to the top of their Cliff and stashed all their treasure first, and went to the Temple.

The Temple Run was very exciting. Sarah started off in the Tiger’s Den, immediately running into a Temple Guard, and then running into a second in the Treasury of the Monkeys, just 35 seconds into her run. Tyler wasn’t the fastest contestant in the world, but he did a good job in his time, rushing through the objectives along the bottom floor, but giving up finding the key in the Forest of a Thousand Dragons (and finding it, if there was one, would have saved time and possibly led to a victory IMO) cost him some time, having to climb the Falls and complete the Catfish Cove’s objective. The door to the Shrine finally opened, and he had quite some trouble with the monkey, putting it together with only five seconds left. With sheer determination, Tyler leapt into the Lion Cave and grabbed the Stashed Treasure with two seconds, but obviously couldn’t exit in time. Despite this not being a victory, it was a great way to end the season nonetheless.

Trivia and Records
Strangely enough, different effects in the Temple were not working. The lights did not dim when the Treasury of the Monkey's objective was completed, and the mist machines in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey were turned off.

Although the camera did not zoom in on it, the half-pendant was located on the door leading upward from the Treasury of the Monkeys, probably meaning that the third guard was located in the Anaconda's Sanctuary, which would also have to be a dead end.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Stashed Treasure of the Sundance Kid
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*Reads trivia* You know, it's almost like the crew wanted to leave early! :D