Day Eleven Matchup

The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great
5 (83.3%)
Galileo's Cannonball
1 (16.7%)

Total Members Voted: 6

Voting closed: August 31, 2012, 10:02:03 PM

Author Topic: Best Legends Win - Day Eleven: "Catherine the Great" vs "Galileo's Cannonball"  (Read 789 times)

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Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple "Best Legends win" tournament. In this tournament, we are trying to figure out the best win in the history of Legends. Every day I will hold a series of different matchups that will feature two wins on the show. Your job is to pick what episode you believe is the better of the two. After 24 hours. the episode with the most vote will proceed onto the next round.

"Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress" beat "The Very Tall Turban of Ahmed Baba" 6-0 in the previous matchup. That means "Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress" moves onto the next round.

- Each matchup will be open for a total of 24 hours. Once that window of time is up, the winner of the poll will be revealed.
- You are allowed to change your vote anytime during the 24 hour window. But the last vote before time is up is the one that will be final.
- All you have to simply do is select which of the two wins that you feel deserves to progress longer.
- You don't have to reveal your vote to the public, that is only optional. Your vote will be confidential until the 24 hour time frame is up.
- Please vote in the poll! The more people that vote, the more fun this tournament will be. All it takes is less than 30 seconds to vote.
- Have fun






To me, this is a matchup where I wish both wins would go onto the next round.  :cry: Seriously, both of these wins are amazing in their own ways and I hate to see either one of them eliminated this early. As far as my Red Jaguars bias goes, I am going with "Catherine the Great". This is one of the few reasons I am a Jaguars fan. I remember watching this run back during the original airing on Nickelodeon and it was always a fun win to watch. Both Kris and Kristen were a kick ass team and ended the show on a memorable style. Kristen was also one of the best girls on the show IMO. And of course, the fancy camerawork at the end of the run added to the memorableness of this victory.

Not to say "Galileo's Cannonball" is not a good victory. It was actually another nailbiter too and I wish that run would've progressed to the next round at least in place of "Roland" or "Genghis Khan". But only one win can progress, so that is the unfortunate part.  :cry: I still find this victory exciting and Jammin John was one of the best contestants on the show. For one of the earliest temple runs on the show, this team did a great job. And the ending is pretty funny too when John drops the cannonball.  :lol: Honestly, if this win wins this matchup, then I will not be too disappointed.

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Both runs were solid, but I went with Catherine the Great on this one. I thought it was a better quality win.

I also find it ironic that this first round match-up features the first ever win and the last win of the show. :o

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I didn't even realize that detail about it being the first and last win of the show matching up against each other. :o Too bad too, because I would've liked to see both wins progress to the next round.   :cry:

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Hard one here, since they're both great wins. But I'm gonna go with "Catherine the Great" as well. I just like that one a tad better.

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Possibly the most difficult vote we've had so far. But I also voted for "Catherine the Great" because I feel it's a slightly better-quality run.
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