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Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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Author's Note: This is one of the episodes of my independent project, Legends: The Rediscovery.  More information on the project can be found by following this link. (http://

Episode 92px]

The camera swerves through a thick rainforest, and after multiple turns, it eventually stops in front of an ancient temple.  The eyes of giant stone head next to the temple gate light up red as he begins to speak:
The show's logo forms as two halves of a Pendant of Life come in from the sides of the screen and merge; the show's name appears above the logo as the camera pans across the entire temple.
"With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is NOW!"

On this final word, Kirk emerges from a thick patch of jungle plants and shrubs, then runs into the foreground and up a wide set of steps to greet the crowd. "Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards.  Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures of his temple.  Which one are we gonna hear about today?"

Faint orange lights underneath Olmec turn on, and the camera cuts to a close-up of him as he replies:
"The legend of Savonarola's Torch."

"Oh, Savona?rola's Torch!" Kirk says in response as the camera cuts back to him. "Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Torch.  Will it be:
"Kurt and Liz of the Red Jaguars?" the camera pans to each team in order, their first names briefly appearing at the bottom of the screen?
"Andy and Jessica of the Blue Barracudas,
"Cameron and Sara of the Green Monkeys,
"Josh and Amanda of the Orange Iguanas,
"Eddie and Caitlin of the Purple Parrots,
"Or Krishna and Samantha of the Silver Snakes?"

"They'll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests," Kirk says, "and in the end, only one team will earn the right to enter Olmec's Temple.  But first, they'll have to cross the Moat, and here's how they'll have to do it today?
"Each team is standing in front of five steps.  When I say 'Go,' one player from each team will move to the first step, then keep moving until he makes it across, but if he takes too long, the steps will sink and he'll fall in, and he'll have to go back and start again.  Once the first player's across, it's his partner's turn."
"As soon as the second player jumps down onto the deck, it's his job to run over here and hit the gong." He hits the top button on the Red Jaguars' gong? which lights up red? to demonstrate. "The first four teams to hit their gongs will be going into the next round.  Are you ready, teams?"
The players all cheer and shout in response.
"Olmec, are you ready?" asks Kirk.
"Rock and roll!" Olmec replies.
"All right!" Kirk says in response. "On your marks, get set, GO!"

On ?Go,? the girls from the Red Jaguars, Blue Barracudas and Green Monkeys and the boys from the Orange Iguanas, Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes latch onto the first step and start to make their ways across the Moat. ?They gotta move fast if they wanna make it across?? Kirk comments as the male Purple Parrot narrowly avoids sinking on the first step and makes it to the second, seven seconds into the round.  After a little while, the male Orange Iguana is the furthest ahead, by one step, whereas the Red Jaguar spends a little too much time on the third step and it sinks, forcing her to go back.  The male Silver Snake joins her shortly thereafter.
?Silver Snakes going back, Orange Iguanas sending their second player across? we might have our first team, folks!? Kirk remarks twenty seconds into the challenge as the female Orange Iguana starts to cross and the female Red Jaguar starts moving through her second attempt.  It isn?t too much later that the Blue Barracudas, Green Monkeys and Purple Parrots each get their first player across, and the male Silver Snake makes his way out to the first platform again.  He soon catches up to the other teams, and the female Red Jaguar makes it all the way across, but the female Orange Iguana steps out and hits her team?s gong after thirty-five seconds.
?We got our first team!? announces Kirk as the male Silver Snake steps out onto the deck, prompting his partner to start making her way across.  At the :40 mark, however, the male Green Monkey sinks on the second-to-last platform and has to start over. ?And heeeeere cooome? the Purple Parrots!? The girl from the Purple Parrots hits her team?s gong just after the Green Monkeys have to restart; the male Blue Barracuda is right behind her. ?And the Blue Barracudas! Still looking for one more team; who?s it gonna be?? It takes a lot longer for the three remaining players to approach the finish line; the lead shifts back and forth between each of them.  An exact minute into the challenge, the male Red Jaguar and Green Monkey are at the fourth step, but the female Silver Snake is preparing to leave the final step for the deck.  She soon after hits the gong, ending the Moat crossing after a total minute and two seconds.
?That?s it! We got our four teams right here!? Kirk announces, and the camera cuts over to the Blue Barracudas celebrating around their gong.  Kirk high-fives each player, then turns back to the camera. ?The Blue Barracudas absolutely blazed across, and they?re both going on to the Steps of Knowledge, along with the Orange Iguanas?? the camera goes down the line to show each qualifying team, while holding for applause? ?and the Purple Parrots? and the Silver Snakes! The Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys gave it a great effort too, but came up a little bit short.  We got a nice gift for them and here?s what it is.? Kurt, Liz, Cameron and Sara will each be receiving a copy of Aliens in the Attic on DVD.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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When the camera cuts away from the consolation prize, the four remaining teams, along with Kirk, are now at the top of the Steps of Knowledge. "As the quest continues," Kirk explains, "it's now time for Olmec to tell us about the Torch of Savonarola, but pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec's Temple."
Olmec begins to tell the legend:
"In the late 1400s, the city-states of Italy went through rulers very fast, and when the Medicis of Florence were overthrown, they were replaced by a man named Girolamo Savonarola.  He was a priest who took his beliefs very seriously, but the pope himself was actually Savonarola's sworn enemy.
" 'You know 'ow dey say you should-a practice what you preach-a? Well-a many men don't-a, but-a dis-a man is a bit too literal!'
"Pope Alexander was a materialistic, power-hungry man who favored his equally vile children, Cesare and Lucrezia, and had rich leaders imprisoned on false accusations.  He gambled, drank and had multiple mistresses, and Savonarola refused to follow such a poor example.
" 'Dere's too much indulgence in-a Firenze? too many sinners and not enough-a saints! Someting-a must-a be done!'
"On Mardi Gras night, Savonarola's supporters went door-to-door, entering people's homes and gathering playing cards, fine dresses, make-up, books and more? anything he thought could tempt people? and brought them all back to Savonarola's house.  He lit a torch, and all the indulgences went up in flames.  But legend has it that the people of Florence weren't happy about it at all, and rebelled, and with Pope Alexander's help, Savonarola was arrested and done away with.  The torch from the bonfire made its way to the Temple.  Your quest is to find Savonarola's Torch and bring it back here."

"Thank you Olmec," Kirk says after Olmec finishes telling the legend. "But Olmec: Where is the Torch?"
Olmec replies:
"Savonarola's Torch can be found in the Bamboo Forest." The camera zooms in on a wooden pole with a burnt-black tip facing outward while lying on the outcropping of the Bamboo Forest, then fades back to Kirk.

"Ooh, the Bamboo Forest.  Teams," Kirk begins, "in a minute, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you.  If you're right, you're gonna move down to the next level, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other teams a chance." Kirk starts walking down the steps as he continues. "The first two teams to make it to the bottom? step? will be one step closer to Olmec's Temple.  Olmec, we're now ready for your first question."

Olmec begins:
?Was Savonarola a: Doctor, Priest or Account???
A stomp from John interrupts Olmec: ?A priest.?
?Nice job, Orange Iguanas, step down!? Kirk declares, and the Orange Iguanas move down to the second step. ?Next question!?

Olmec follows up with:
?Which Italian city-state did Savonarola rule: Milan, Naples or Florence??
Caitlin hits the marking first: ?Milan???
Samantha promptly rings in: ?Florence???
?You are correct,? answers Olmec.
?Silver Snakes, step down!? Kirk calls, and the Silver Snakes join the Orange Iguanas on the second step. ?This match is heating up, huh? Next question, Olmec!?

Olmec asks:
?According to our legend, was Savonarola?s sworn enemy: Pope Alexander, Cesare Borgia or Michelangelo??
Samantha buzzes in again: ?Alexander Pope? I mean, Pope Alexander??
There is a brief pause.
?That is correct.?
?She?s a little tongue-tied,? Kirk laughs while gesturing to the Silver Snakes to move down to the third step, ?but the Silver Snakes are suddenly one step away from the Temple Games! We need two teams.  Olmec, next question, please.?

Olmec now asks:
?Was Pope Alexander described as: Gentle and generous, Fair but stubborn or Materialistic and power-hungry??
The teams hesitate, but John gongs in just before a tone sounds: ?Um? material? materialistic and? hungry for power???
?That is correct,? says Olmec in response.
?Long answer, but the Orange Iguanas got it and are now one step away from the Temple Games!? remarks Kirk as the Orange Iguanas move down to the third step as well. ?Blue Barracudas, Purple Parrots, still plenty of time.  Next question, Olmec!?

Olmec asks:
?In our legend, which of these objects did Savonarola set afire: Old world maps, Books or Priests? robes??
Caitlin stomps in first, but takes a moment to answer: ??Books.?
?Correct,? Olmec replies.
?Purple Parrots, step down!? Kirk comments, and the Purple Parrots move down to the second step. ?Still plenty of time for the Blue Barracudas.  Next question, Olmec.?

Olmec?s next question is this:
?Was this bonfire done on the night of: Good Friday, Mardi Gras or Groundhog Day??
John rings in first: ?Good Friday.?
Andy steps in: ?Mardi Gras???
?That is correct.?
?Blue Barracudas on the board; it?s anybody?s game!? Kirk exclaims as the Blue Barracudas also step down. ?Olmec, next question.?

Olmec then asks:
?According to the legend, did Pope Alexander: Smoke, Gamble or Wage wars??
Hesitantly, John hits the marking and answers: ?He? gambled???
?THAT IS CORRECT!? bellows Olmec, and the Orange Iguanas hop down onto the bottommost step.
?We got our first team for the Temple Games, it?s the Orange Iguanas!? Kirk declares as the Iguanas start to celebrate by high-fiving and hugging. ?Still looking for one more team; will it be the Blue Barracudas, the Purple Parrots or the Silver Snakes? Next question.?

Olmec continues:
?Before Savonarola was done away with, he was publicly denounced and banished from the church.  Is this practice called: Extirpation, Excommunication or Exaggeration??
Andy buzzes in: ?Extirpation???
Caitlin stomps down on the marking next: ?Excommunication.?
?That is correct,? answers Olmec.
?Purple Parrots now just one step away from the Temple Games!? narrates Kirk as the Purple Parrots move down to the third level. ?This is getting exciting.  Olmec, continue!?

Olmec does so by asking:
?Was Savonarola?s burning of all the material possessions called the: Bonfire of the Greeds, Bonfire of the Envies or Bonfire of the Vanities??
Andy hits the marking first: ?Bonfire of the? Vanities???
?That is correct,? says Olmec in response.
?It?s all tied up on the second-to-last step!? declares Kirk. ?Next correct response moves on to the Temple Games with the Orange Iguanas! Next question, Olmec??

Olmec asks:
?Did Savonarola come to power after the: Medicis, Sforzas or Bonapartes??
Andy gongs in: ?The? Sforzas.?
Samantha then rings in: ?The Medicis???
?THAT IS CORRECT!? booms Olmec, and the Silver Snakes join the Orange Iguanas at the bottom step.  Before the teams start celebrating with each other, however, Kirk runs in front of the camera showing the steps and then up the bottom step between the two teams.
?We got our two teams!? Kirk says as he turns around to face the camera and the team players start celebrating, ?It?s the Orange Iguanas and the Silver Snakes! The Blue Barracudas and the Purple Parrots gave it a great effort too, it was a really close match and we got a gift for ?em and here?s what it is.? Andy, Jessica, Caitlin and Eddie will each be receiving a copy of Planet 51 on DVD.
After the prize description and a screen wipe, only the Orange Iguanas and Silver Snakes are still standing by Kirk at the bottom of the steps. ?We?ll see these two teams playing for the right to enter Olmec?s Temple,? he says, ?right after this!? The camera pans across the empty Temple Games arena and up into the Observatory.  It zooms in on the large lens at the end of the telescope, at which point the show?s titlecard reforms and the camera fades to black for commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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When the camera fades in from commercial, the show?s title card is placed over a shot of the fully-assembled statue in the Shrine of the Silver Monkey.  The pendant logo splits, the title fades into the distance and the camera segues to Kirk standing in front of the Pit of Despair with the two remaining teams.
?Welcome back to Legends!? he says. ?Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest? so let?s hear it for Amanda and John of the Orange Iguanas!? The audience briefly applauds for the straight-brown-haired girl with green eyes framed by rectangular-lensed glasses, and her short-brown-haired partner with hazel eyes. ?And Samantha and Krishna of the Silver Snakes!? The curly-red-haired girl with hazel eyes and the copper-skinned boy with curly dark hair, dark eyes and two visible rows of braces clap along with the cheering audience.
"You guys ready to play?" asks Kirk.
"YEAH!" the players reply.
"Okay, go get ready for the Temple Games," Kirk says, pointing in different directions.  Amanda and Krishna exit stage-left while John and Samantha exit stage-right, and Kirk turns forward again to face the camera. "In the Temple Games, each team is competing for?" he opens a pouch and pulls out a small gold medallion to show to the camera? "Pendants of Life.  The winning team will need those Pendants to protect them from the dreaded Temple Guards as they make their way through the Temple.  There are three Temple Games, and Olmec: will you tell us about Temple Game #1?"

Olmec begins:
"Girolamo Savonarola was very determined when it came to saving people from sin, especially if this meant taking material possessions.  In this game, you will retrieve four books that Savonarola confiscated.  When Kirk gives the signal, climb the tower, grab a book from the top, stick it to your helmet, and climb back down and place it in your bin.  Then, climb back up and do it again.
"The first player to remove all four books from the top of the tower? or the player that's taken the most books in 60 seconds? wins."
"I used to do this when I was in school," Kirk jokes as the camera segues over to him. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock." With a banging sound effect, a countdown clock appears in the bottom-right corner of the screen, and Kirk dashes offscreen to the right to get out of the camera's way. "On your mark, get set, GO!"
Amanda and Krishna start climbing up the poles at a fairly quick pace; within seven seconds, Krishna gets the first book on his helmet and starts back down.  Amanda takes a bit longer to get the book stuck on her helmet after she gets to the top, finally doing it with :48 on the clock? however, Krishna drops the first book in his bin just a second later. ?This is one tough hiding place? How?d he get those books up there?? Kirk remarks while Krishna starts back up his pole and Amanda heads down hers.  She ties up the score with 42 seconds on the clock, but Krishna is already at the top of the pole and about to stick the second book to his helmet by then.  At the :36 mark, he pulls ahead, with the second book in his bin.
?Orange Snakes trailing? can they catch up?? Kirk remarks as Amanda struggles to get the second book on her helmet (:33).  She finally gets it a couple seconds later, and starts to come back down just as Krishna approaches the top of the pole once more.  She gets the second book in her bin with 25 seconds to go, to tie the score.  However, Krishna reaches the bottom and puts the third book in his bin with nineteen seconds left. ?It?s like a cycle? one of them?s up, the other one?s down! Silver Snakes need just one more!? At this point, Krishna appears to slow down? he only starts back down with his fourth book with seven seconds left, allowing Amanda to tie things up at that point. ?Just enough time to put in one more?? Krishna scrambles back down his pole as Amanda starts up hers; with one second left, he gets his final book in the bin; a number of the ceiling spotlights flash as the clock hits zero and explodes, and Kirk reappears onscreen to declare the winner.
?All right, time?s up! C?mon down, Amanda!? he declares, and Amanda drops off of her pole as Kirk pulls over the bins to count the scores. ?Let?s start with the Orange Iguanas, they got?? he reaches in and pulls out the books? ?one, two? three books.  Silver Snakes got?? he does the same here? ?one, two, three? four books! Silver Snakes get a half a Pendant of Life!? The audience cheers for a moment as Kirk and Krishna high-five. ?Silver Snakes? Orange Iguanas can catch up in the next Temple Game, it?s worth a half Pendant.  Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2.?

Olmec continues:
"Savonarola and his men sometimes went to great lengths to nab these items without people knowing.  Below you is a book attached to a rope, and your goal is to pull it out of the home below you without waking anyone up.  When Kirk gives the signal, move along the path and pull on the rope below you as you maneuver it along the slot.  When you get to a hole in the slot, pull the first knot in the rope through the hole and continue on to the next hole.  At each hole, you can only pull enough of the rope to get past one knot, and you may not fall off the walkway or let go of the rope.
"The first player to reach the end of the walkway and pull the object through the space at the end? or the one that's further along at the end of 60 seconds? wins!"
"Booklifting? I've never seen this before," admits Kirk as the camera segues over to him. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock." The countdown clock appears onscreen in the bottom-right corner, and a silver half-Pendant appears in the upper-right as Kirk runs offscreen to the left.  The camera then pans up to the player on top of the U-shaped tracks raised several feet above the ground. "On your marks, get set, GO!"
John and Samantha take off and start moving down the tracks; John?s apparent ?pull as you go? strategy seems to work well, as the first knot in the rope is already up against the underside of the track when he gets to the first hole in the slot at the :52 mark.  He quickly pulls it through and advances towards the second of the four holes; Samantha, who pauses to pull up part of the rope, falls further and further behind. ?Orange Iguanas got the hang of this game! You got a few things going on?? On the way to the second hole, however, John nearly loses his grip on the rope and almost drops it.  He spends more time at the second hole trying to pull everything up to the second knot through, giving Samantha a bit of a lead as she moves on from the second hole with 35 seconds to go and heads through the U-turn in the track.  Finally, John makes it past the second hole five seconds later and hurries to catch up.
?Silver Snakes a bit ahead, but can the Orange Iguanas catch up?? Kirk asks nobody in particular as Samantha finishes up at her third hole, while John stops at his third hole (:26).  He moves on only five seconds later and chases after Samantha, trying to pick up speed.  The fourth and final hole before the giant space in the board which marks the finish line involves a longer rope pull, during which Samantha loses part of the rope and has to recover it.  However, she still gets the last and largest knot up through the hole with six seconds left. ?Silver Snakes just need to get to the end and pull it through?!? John pulls his final knot through the hole four seconds later, and tries to race to the finish line, where Samantha already is.  However, he doesn?t get there before the game ends.  The countdown clock explodes, the Pendant of Life disappears from the screen and the ceiling spotlights flash to indicate that time has expired.
?All right, that?s it!? Kirk declares, reappearing onscreen. ?Let?s check it out? It was really close, but the Silver Snakes were further along when time ended.  They get a half a Pendant of Life!? The audience cheers as the camera cuts back up to the players on top of their respective tracks. ?So it?s Silver Snakes have a Pendant, Orange Iguanas don?t have any yet, but this next game is worth a full Pendant, so the Orange Iguanas can tie it up.  Olmec, tell us.?

Olmec narrates:
"Savonarola planned to take everyone's material possessions and set them on fire, but that couldn't be done without firewood, and in this game, you must take the two torches away so a fire cannot be started.  When Kirk gives the signal, both of you run, jump and climb to get up to the peak of the mountain in front of you any way you can.  Each of you must grab a torch from the top, then come back down and place it in your bin.
"The first team to grab both torches and come back down? or the team that's further along at the end of 60 seconds? wins."
The camera segues over to Kirk. "This is for the Temple," he remarks. "Let's put 60 seconds on the clock?" The countdown clock and a silver full Pendant reappear onscreen, and Kirk takes a few steps back as the camera pans out to show all of the structures the teams have to scale. "On your marks, get set, GO!"
The two players from each team decide to take very different routes from one another; Samantha and Krishna take on the far left and far right routes of their mountain respectively, sticking with the longer running portions.  On the other hand, John and Amanda opt for the off-center portions of their mountain, taking a more direct path that immediately involves jumping off a ledge onto a mat partially hidden from view.  Soon, however, the teammates come into heavy climbing portions and start up them. ?This is tough, you both gotta? move fast, keep moving, figure out where you wanna go?!? Kirk remarks as the camera focuses on the Orange Iguanas climbing up their walls on either side of a central slope.  The Silver Snakes soon start in on more gently-sloping climbing walls which are longer than the Iguanas?, and the two teams scramble to the next level (:53).  John makes it up his climbing wall the fastest and starts to attempt jumping across to the final peak, but ends up hitting the side of the last platform instead and sliding down, his fall slowed by his bungee cord (:48).
?Orange Iguana looks trapped! He?s gotta help his partner!? Kirk points out as Amanda climbs up to the top of her slope and then jumps down to the flat platform after it.  The Silver Snakes reach the tops of their climbing walls and attempt to jump similar gaps, but only Samantha makes it with 42 seconds to go, while Krishna slides down into a similar canyon further on the right side of the mountain.  Amanda crosses over to the right portion of the Iguanas? mountain to help John up. ?Silver Snakes catching up! Can the Orange Iguanas stay ahead?? With Amanda?s help, John gets back up onto the central ridge, while Krishna hoists himself up and out of the gap, and he and Samantha move in towards their middle ridge instead of trying to jump to the final platform (:37).  By the halfway mark, all four players are climbing up the middle road, although the Orange Iguanas are working on the final, steepest climb while the Silver Snakes are on their way to the last platform before that.  The first team to get to the top are the Orange Iguanas, who each get to their respective torches with 24 seconds remaining.
?Orange Iguanas got their torches!? Kirk announces. ?Now they just need to come back down!? In the meantime, the Silver Snakes are still struggling to get up to the top while the Orange Iguanas climb and slide down the middle track with seventeen seconds to go.  Krishna gets to his torch with twelve seconds on the clock and helps Samantha up onto the final ledge with ten seconds to go, but it?s too little, too late? the Orange Iguanas make it back to the starting platform, torches in hand, with eight seconds remaining.  They drop them in the bin, and Kirk runs over as the indicators vanish from the screen.
?That?s it! Orange Iguanas, c?mon over here!? Kirk declares, and John and Amanda drop down from the final platform and walk over to where he is.  The Silver Snakes finish the downward trek as Kirk continues the narration. ?The Orange Iguanas finished, they got the torches and took them away before time ended.  They get the full Pendant, the Silver Snakes have a full Pendant? we have a tie! Let?s bring in the tiebreaker podiums!?

Two spotters roll in the tiebreaker pedestal, then walk off as the players run over to it. "All right, Orange over there, Silver over there?" The players follow Kirk's directions, with the Orange Iguanas standing by the camera-left portion. "Here are your tiebreaker rules.  In a minute, Olmec will ask you a question.  If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you.  You'll have three seconds and I must accept your first response.  If you're right, you and your partner will be going inside the Temple, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other team a chance.  All clear?"
The players nod in response.
"Olmec!" Kirk shouts. "What's the final question?"

Olmec asks:
"Was Savonarola's first name: Giuseppe, Girolamo or Gepetto?"

Krishna hits the gong first: ?Gi? Giro?lamo???
?That? is? correct.?
?The Silver Snakes are correct!? Kirk announces as Krishna and Samantha start to celebrate by hugging and high-fiving. ?The Silver Snakes are goin? to the Temple!? Kirk briefly high-fives Krishna before going to talk with the Orange Iguanas. ?The Orange Iguanas gave it a great effort all the way through? I wish I could send both teams into the Temple! But we got a great gift for ?em and here?s what it is.? John and Amanda will each be receiving a backpack provided by Eastpak.
The screen wipes to show just Kirk and the Silver Snakes by the tiebreaker pedestal. ?We?ll see if the Silver Snakes can make it through Olmec?s Temple and retrieve Savorola?s Torch,? he says, ?right after this!? The camera pans over to the Torch in the Bamboo Forest; the show?s logo reappears and the camera fades to black for commercial.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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When the camera returns from the second commercial break, the show's logo is partially covering a detail shot of the broken ship prow attached to the upper-left-back corner of the Graveyard of Ships.  The Pendant of Life splits, the title fades into the distance and the camera zooms out while this occurs.  Then, it segues to Kirk standing in front of the Temple's stairs with Samantha on his left and Krishna on his right. "Welcome back to Legends!" he says to the camera. "The Silver Snakes have proven themselves worthy and have earned the right to enter the Temple.  But before we get started, Olmec's gonna give them some information to help them retrieve Savonarola's Torch."
Olmec begins to give the rundown:
"You could start by running up to the Room of the Ancient Masks.  Push in the correct mask, and pass into the Pit of Despair.  There you must choose your next path.  You could race up into the Observatory, read the instructions on the far wall with the telescope and follow the instructions to open the door to the Central Dock.  Assemble the ship, and pass into the Den of Totem Poles.  Turn all the faces forward; that may take you below or lead you into the SHRIIIIIIIIIiiiiiine? of the Silver Monkey.  Assemble the statue, and you might be headed into the Pirate's Cove! Place the torch in the correct holder to go back, or spin the ship's wheel and enter the Graveyard of Ships.
"Stand on the correct grave to go upstairs? but beware the Temple Guard that might be haunting one of the graves! Or, plow through the wall and into the Viper's Nest.  Reach into the snake jars and find the key, and you'll enter the Bamboo Forest, where you can grab Savonarola's Torch.  If you escape, you might have a chance to enter the Cannon Room.  Load the three cannonballs into the cannon, and if the correct door is unlocked, you can crawl back through the Pit and finally climb through the Cave, rrrrace down the STAIRS and back through the Temple Gate.  The choices are yours and yours alone!" Olmec pauses for a second. "You won 1 Pendant in the Temple Games.  Who's going first?"
"I am," says Krishna.
"Very well, Krishna!" replies Olmec as Kirk hands out the Pendants of Life. "When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the Temple and make your way towards Savonarola's Torch.  Hidden in the Temple are three secret passages that may lead you into the Bamboo Forest, and Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms.  You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on BUT? if you're caught without a Pendant, you'll be taken out of the Temple? and it'll be Samantha's turn to enter and try her luck.  Hidden somewhere in the Temple are the two halves of your Pendant.  If you can find both of them, you will get an extra life.  If you reach the Torch, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish.  Return through the gates with the Torch in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded? and here's how!"
?   For just getting into the Temple, they're both going to get an Xzibit Video Game Rocker, provided by Dreamseat.
?   If they can grab the Torch in three minutes, they're also going to get a five-piece drumset, complete with cymbals and provided by Schafer and Sons.
?   And if they can get the Torch out of the Temple before three minutes is up, they'll both win a San Diego getaway! They'll be staying at the Hotel del Coronado, San Diego's only beachfront resort, where they can surf, bike, just relax in the sun or even visit the San Diego Zoo! Hotel del Coronado!

"Let's get these Silver Snakes going and get 'em to San Diego!" Kirk says before turning to Krishna. "Krishna, get into position." He does so. "Mouthpieces in.  Olmec, lower your gate!"
Olmec groans gutturally as he lowers the gate; the faint orange lights under him are turned off.
"Set the clock for three minutes." The clock appears onscreen. "On your mark, get set, GO!"

?There goes Krishna! Up into the Temple!? Kirk announces as Krishna races up the stairs and heads for the Room of the Ancient Masks. ?He?s gotta?? Before Kirk can even begin the objective description, Krishna presses the mask on the stage-right side of the Temple Guard door, which opens both doors leading out of the room. ?He?s moving on into the Pit of Despair! This guy?s fast!? Krishna reaches the mouth of the Pit with 2:47 remaining, and moves across the further-in-the-back of the two catwalks connecting the side ledges.  He hits the actuator for the Observatory and goes on when the door opens, but soon after he enters the room with 2:34 on the clock, he gets ambushed?
?TEMPLE GUARD!? Kirk declares as the Temple Guard attempts to capture Krishna. ?But he?s got a Pendant?? Paralyzed at first, Krishna snaps out of it after a couple seconds and hands over his Pendant of Life (2:25). ?They?re all out of Pendants? will they run into another Temple Guard?? Once the Temple Guard is gone, Krishna bends over to take a look through the telescope and read the writing off the far wall? the camera cuts to a shot of ?Switch Saturn and Jupiter? written on the wall above the audience at the 2:16 mark.   Soon after, it cuts back to Krishna stepping away from the telescope and going over to the altars in the front of the room.  He promptly picks up the Jupiter and Saturn models from their places on the stage-right altar and switches them, but no doors open (2:08).  Krishna looks around for a few seconds, checking the door leading downward and the passageway leading stage-left, but backtracks to the Pit of Despair with 1:57 on the clock.
?He?s gotta find another way now, where?s he gonna go?? Kirk asks nobody in particular as Krishna sidles the stage-left ledge in the Pit of Despair.  He hits the actuator for the Central Dock door, but it doesn?t open.  Right after, he sits on the ledge and jumps down into the pit, and opens the lower-left door, which he slides through to enter the Cannon Room (1:42). ?He?s gotta find the cannonballs? fill up the cannon!? Krishna uses the central ladder for guidance while looking around in the dim room for the three cannonballs; he quickly spots two and brings them to the front of the room, then goes back to look for the third (1:29). ?Next time a Temple Guard gets him, it?ll be turn for Sam!? Only a few moments later, he finds the last cannonball and finishes loading the cannon.  The tip of its fuse lights up, and light floods into the room from above, signaling that the next room in the sequence is the Central Dock. ?He?s going up, up into the Center of the Room!? Krishna promptly scales the ladder into the Central Dock, but only a couple seconds after he enters the room, the second Temple Guard enters from the side door and captures him with 1:15 remaining.
?Oh, Temple Guard! Go Sam!? shouts Kirk, and Samantha jogs up the stairs into the Temple with 1:12 on the clock.  She heads through the Room of the Ancient Masks and into the Pit of Despair, where she too runs across the further-back catwalk instead of jumping down.  She arrives at the stage-left ledge with 51 seconds to go, then heads up the stairwell into the Observatory before doubling back a few moments later. ?Oh, she? they?ve already been there!? Samantha then jumps down into the Pit and slides into the Cannon Room with 33 seconds remaining, and as soon as she enters the room, she climbs up into the Central Dock with 24 seconds on the clock. ?She?s gotta put the ship together,? Kirk explains as Samantha moves toward the ship parts in the back of the room, ?and then she?ll be just one room away!? Samantha grabs the first mast and brings it to the ship situated in front of the ladder leading downward; she places the second one soon after, but with only ten seconds remaining.  She then picks up the crow?s nest and places it on the stage-left mast, triggering the door to the Den of Totem Poles (0:06!!). ?Go to the next room! HURRY!? Samantha crawls through the passageway and enters the Den, but as soon as she touches the stage-right totem pole, time expires and the indicators disappear from the screen.
?Oh, time?s up, and they were right above the Torch!? laments Kirk, Krishna at his side. ?They had a tough time, they got kinda lost, but they gave it a great effort.  They still get the video game chairs, but we gotta get outta here.  Join us next time for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!? The two wave at the camera as it zooms out and switches to a shot of the Observatory; the Central Dock, the Den of Totem Poles and the Silver Snakes? torch at the Moat are also shown during the credits roll.
Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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Episode Summary
Episode 92px]

Name of Artifact: Savonarola's Torch
Season: 3
Layout: 2 (12 overall)
Result: Failed acquisition
Team: Silver Snakes
Pendants Won: 1
Location of Artifact: The Bamboo Forest


The quality of this episode seemed to fluctuate wildly.  I liked the Moat, which seemed to make good use of the swinging steps (there was a single trail of five steps for each team, but spending about five seconds on any one step would cause it to sink into the water), and the teams did okay.  The Steps of Knowledge weren't too interesting, in my opinion, with a rather dull legend and long round... although the Silver Snakes' answer of "Alexander Pope? I mean, Pope Alexander" caught my attention. :lol:

On the other hand, the Temple Games were both exciting and intriguing.  The first game was the "pole with items" game, but the other two were brand-new.  The second involved slotted tracks similar to the boards used in the "vertical maze" game, but players had to run across them while pulling a rope with an attached item through the slots.  The third involved a pair of the largest Temple Game structures I've seen on the show? it might have drawn influence from the "mountain game," but it involved a number of slopes, terraces, canyons and towers (this diagram of it from above (http:// is probably the best description for those of you who missed it), and both players had to move across at the same time to take two items from the highest tower.  The Silver Snakes won the first two games.  The Orange Iguanas won the third and tied the game, but the Snakes won at the one-Pendant tiebreaker.

The Temple Run wasn't good at all, and showed how devious the production crew would get from time to time.  Krishna decided to go first, and while the strategy of traversing through the upper floor might seem like a smart one, it caused him to run into a Temple Guard trap in the Observatory.  Krishna spent a while there, but eventually he backed out of the dead end and was taken out from the Central Dock with 1:15 to go.  Samantha was horribly slow and followed her partner's path a little too closely; the result was that she only progressed one room, but time ran out just after she entered the Den of Totem Poles.

Trivia and Records:
This is only the second time that neither the Red Jaguars nor the Green Monkeys progress any further than the Moat? the only previous episode to feature this combination was "The Holy Ankh of the Egyptian Deity" (Season 1, Layout III).  Krishna and Samantha were also the second team in The Rediscovery's history to score the bare minimum needed to get to the Temple Run (fourth in the Moat, second in the Steps of Knowledge and a win at the one-Pendant tiebreaker in the Temple Games)? the first team to achieve this were Kevin and Rebecca in "The Unlucky Necklace of Harmonia" (Season 2, Layout V).
Title: Rediscovery EP: Savonarola's Torch
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The Temple Games in this one were perhaps the most exciting I've read yet. The Temple Run kind of killed my enthusiasm about the Snakes, though... :P