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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« on: May 19, 2007, 12:36:43 PM »
Legends of the Hidden Temple:
?The Broken Neck Bone of Professor Moriarty?
Season: Five
Layout: Dr. Thinker
Episode: Four

We see two jungle trees move out of the way, as three temple guards walk into the temple. After all three temple guards enter the camera pans to Olmec.)

OLMEC: It is time for The Legends of the Hidden Temple!  (Pause) With you guide, Kirk Fogg.

(Pan to the Ancient Sewers in which Kirk Fogg is crawling out of. He runs down stairs beside Olmec?s familiar stone face.)

FOGG: (As Fogg is talking, Olmec is raising his wall) Thank you, Olmec.  Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple: The rooms have many of lost treasures and mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each one.  Which one are we going to hear about today?

OLMEC: ?The Broken Neck Bone of Professor Moriarty?

FOGG:  Which team is going to hit the temple in attempt to get the Broken Neck Bone of Professor Moriarty: The Sliver Snakes, The Orange Iguanas, The Purple Parrots, The Blue Barracudas, The Red Jaguars, or The Green Monkeys? Anyway, they had to past some tough mental and physical test---and in only one team will their right to entrance Olmec?s temple?but all adventures had their first steps?and our begins with the moat?and Olmec is going to tell them how they going to do it.


OLMEC:  Hanging above the moat is the ruins of an ancient Babylon roadway.  When Kirk give you the signal, you will use your arms to make you away across the ancient road?if you fall off, you must go back to the start and try again. If you make it across, it will be the signal for your partner to try his or her luck. If you team mate makes it across?run over a hit the song. (Kirk hits the Sliver Snakes? gong.) The first four teams to hit their gongs will move on the next round.

FOGG: Are you ready, teams?

(The teams yelled ?Yes? to Kirk Fogg.)

FOGG: Are you ready, Olmec?

OLMEC: It is elementary, my dear Fogg. I am ready.
FOGG:  Then?on your mark, get and go!

(The first members of the teams get a cross the monkey bars with no sweet off their backs?but when the second members start, the Purple Parrots and the Red Jaguars had a bit of trouble with the monkey bars?though soon?Fogg had his four team. The Sliver Snakes, The Green Monkeys, The Orange Iguanas, and the Blue Barracudas had hit their gongs.)

FOGG:  Stop, we got our four teams. Blue Barracudas, Green Monkey, Orange Iguanas, and Sliver Snakes are going on to the Steps of Knowledge. Do not worry, Purple Parrots and Red Jaguars, you are not going home empty handed.

(The moat losers get Sketchers shoes.)

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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #1 on: May 19, 2007, 12:39:01 PM »

FOGG: Sliver Snakes, Green Monkey, Orange Iguanas, and Blue Barracudas, nice work on the moat?but we are only 1/3 done with our adventure. It is time when your knowledge of the legend can help you get a little closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, will you please tell us about the ?Broken Neck Bone of Professor Moriarty?

OLMEC: In Victorian England, there was a crime master named Professor James Moriarty. Unknown to all, expect two private eyes, Sherlock Holmes and his partner, Dr. James Watson. They had a few runs with some of Moriarty?s crooked friends time to time.  One day, a member of Moriarty?s gang comes into Moriarty?s room during his teatime:

MORIARTY: I told you not to come into my room during teatime!

GANG MEMBER: Sherlock Holmes revealed to the police where they can find the most loyal members of this group.

OLMEC: For days, Moriarty plotted to kill Sherlock Holmes?and decided to do at Richenbach Falls near Meriringen, Switzerland. He successfully lured Sherlock Holmes to the location?but Sherlock Holmes shot the air above Moriarty?shocking him?and Moriarty took a drive. Sherlock Holmes took the broken neck bone of Moriarty back to England-and kept until his retirement from detective work.  A few years latter, it disappeared from Scotland Yard, but it soon showed up in my temple. Your mission is to head into my temple and get the Broken Neck Bone of Professor Morarity out of the temple.

FOGG: And where can find the Broken Neck Bone of Professor Morarity?

OLMEC: You can find it?in the Temple Bank.

(Pan to the Temple Bank?lying near the middle bank vault)

FOGG: Of course, a criminal is usually after money?for one reason or another?and bank keeps money. Anyway, let us have the first question?.

1) What was Professor Morarity?s job?
A. Cook.
B. Criminal Mastermind
C. King of England

2) Who was Professor Morarity?s rival?
A. King Arthur
B. Tom Sawyer
C. Sherlock Holmes

3) Who created Sherlock Holmes?
A. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
(Other answers not reveal-the team buzzed in before the other two choices were reveal.)

4) Who is Sherlock Holmes partner?
A. Irene Abler
B. Dr. Watson.
C. Kirk Fogg

5) In our legend, what part of the body did Sherlock shoot over?
A. Head
B. Arms
C. Legs

6) In our legend, what was Moriarty doing at the time of the gang member arriving?
A. Counting the loot
B. Plotting a crime
C. Drinking Tea

7)  According to Dr. Watson, what did animal Sherlock Holmes studies during his retirement?
A. Dogs
B. Cats
C. Bees

8. What country had the falls that Dr. Moriarty died from going over?
A. Switzerland
B. Germany
C. Spain

(The Sliver Snakes and The Green Monkey make it the bottom of the Steps.)

FOGG: We have our two teams?the Sliver Snakes and the Green Monkeys?they are going to compete in the Temple Games for the right to enter Olmec?s temple?and they do right after this. For the other teams, they will be going home with the following

[The Step losers go home with WB?s ?Superman Returns? on DVD.]

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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2007, 12:40:22 PM »

FOGG: On the Sliver Snakes, we had Ashley and Timmy. On the Green Monkeys were have Mary and John. Now, you guys and girls have to get ready for the Temple Games, I am explain what is going on here. In the Temple Games, the teams are completing to earn Pendents of Life. They need these Pendents to protect themselves from the Temple Guards as they made their away from the temple guards. Olmec, will you please expect the first game?.


OLMEC: Sherlock Holmes is a fictional character written Author Conan Doyle. You will be doing some of your writing of your own? and you will not need a pencil, pen or a high-tech computer. When Kirk gives you the starting signal, jump on the two stone wheels in front of you. One full rotation of the wheel equals one story. The one who write the most stories in 60 seconds wins a ? of Pendent of Life.

FOGG: Set the clocks for 60 seconds. On your mark, get set and go.

[Mary and Ashley jumped on the wheels?Ashley hitting the top of the wheel with a lucky jump?though her wheel pays her back by making her fall off at the 30-second mark. At the end, Mary has six stories and Ashley has seven stories.]

FOGG: Mary has written six stories and Ashley had written seven stories. The Sliver Snakes win the ? of a Pendent of Life. Do not worry, Monkey, you can catch up in the next game that Olmec will explain right now.


OLMEC: Prof. Morarity?s cause of death was a fail from waterfall. You will deal with water in this temple game. When Kirk gave you the signal, you will slide for the next 60 seconds. The one that has the longest slide-down earns the ? Pendent of Life for this game.

FOGG: Set the clock for 60 seconds. On your mark, get set, and go!

[John and Thomas slide?but at the end of 60s?Thomas slides the best of his slides down.]
FOGG: Thomas, you add another ? Pendent of Life to your team. That is means the Sliver Snakes has one Pendent of Life. The Monkey can tie this game up in the next?it?s worth a full Pendent of Life. This game is for ?The Temple!??Olmec, explain temple game number #3


OLMEC: Prof. Morarity was a leader of a criminal crook in Victorian England. In front of you are four members of Morarity?s gang. When Kirk gives you the signal, load your slingshot with a cannon ball, and lob it the gang. Who ever knocks over all four gang members or the one that knocks the most gang members down in 60 seconds wins the full Pendent of Full.

FOGG: Set the clock for 60 seconds. On you mark, get set and go!

[The Sliver Snakes work like lighting to knock down all four before the 20 second-mark.]

FOGG: Stop it! The Sliver Snakes won the game by knocking down all four gang members. Sorry, but looks the Sliver Snakes has clean your clocks?but do not fell down--you will going home with his, Green Monkeys.

[The Green Monkeys get a Nintendo DS for their hard work.]

FOGG: After this commercial break, the Sliver Snakes are going to try to get the Broken Bone of The Crooked Mastermind after this

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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #3 on: May 19, 2007, 01:12:23 PM »

FOG: Welcome back to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The Sliver Snakes prove themselves worthy of entering Olmec?s temple. Olmec will explain your temple in attempt to help you figure out how to get to ?The Broken Bone of Sherlock Holmes?s Rival?.

OLMEC: You could start out by crawling though the Ancient Sewer (1) or running into and ringing one of the three bells in The Bell Tower (12). If you lucky, you may enter the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs (2). You could head up into the Mirror Room. (3) Spin the mirror, which might open the path to the Witch Lair (4). Toss the two snakes into the pot and you may land in the Skeleton?s Room (5). Put the head and the two hands on the skeleton?and you may be heading into the Shrine of the Golden Monkey (6). Put together the golden monkey and you may be entering the Temple Bank (7). Spin the right safe?s wheel to go up or smash the wall protecting the Room of Power (8). Connect the cords to the Power Orb and you may be entering the Room of the Four Moons (9). Push down on the right phrase of the Moon and you may be entering the Rain Forrest (10). Look for the keys to the door in the tree?but beware a Temple Spirit might be a tree. Get out of that room and you will be King?s Storeroom (11). Smash the clay pots to find the keys. Find the correct key that lead you back to the Mirror Room or Witch Lairs, jump across the stairs, either run across the Bell Tower or re-crawl though the Ancient Sewer back to the gates. The choices are you and you are alone. You had won two ?Pendents of Life? in the Temple Games. Who is going first?

ASHLEY: Sir Olmec, Ashley is heading in the temple first.

OLMEC: Olmec is fine, Ashley. I do not have an ego. When Kirk sets the signal, run into the temple, and make your away to the Broken Neck Bone. They are three Temple Guards assigned to protect three rooms. If you meet up with them?you must give up a Pendent of Life. If you caught without a pendent, it will be your partner?s turn in the temple. If you reach the Broken Neck Bone, all of the temple doors will unlock and the temple guards will vanished?if you can get the Broken Neck Bone out of the temple in 3 minutes?you will handsomely rewarded?and here?s how.

[The prizes are the following For Sliver Snakes getting to the Temple Run: they take home a pool table. If the Sliver Snakes gets the Broken Neck Bone before time runs out on them, they add a Playstation 3 to their prizes. If the Sliver Snakes bring the Broken Neck Bone out of the temple before time is up, they will be going on a trip to Alton Towers in England.]

FOGG: Well, they can visit the home of Sherlock Holmes if they win that trick. I hope Sherlock?s ghost is watching them. Olmec, lower your gates [Olmec does you. Set the clock for 60 seconds. On your mark, get set and go.

(Ashley enters the Ancient Sewers at 2:50 mark. She discovers that she has to up to the Bell Tower.)

(Ashley enters the Bell Tower at 2:46 mark. She rings the first bell she sees that opens the Bell/Stairs door.)

(Ashley enters the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs at 2:39 and heads to the Mirror/Stair door. She hits the button that opens it up at 2:36.)

(Ashley enters the Mirror Room at 2:33?and gets shake up by a Temple Guard?forcing her give up a Pendent of Life. After taking a few minutes to catch her breath, she spins the mirror. It opens the path to the King?s Storeroom at 2:25. )

(Ashley enters King?s Store with 2:20 left on the Clock?and meets up with another Temple Guardian. It is Timmy?s turn in the temple?and he makes his way across the top to get the King?s Storeroom at 1:40 left on the clock. Timmy starts smashing the fake urns to recover the key?and is able to use the second column to active the path to the Rain Forrest at 1:30.)

(Timmy enters the Rain Forrest at 1:20?, rushes the Moon/Rain door?, and hits the door so hard that it falls apart? surprising a Temple Guard that?s been in the Room of Four Moon. Timmy enters the Room of Four Moon at 1:10?and gives the Temple Guard his Pendent of Life at 0:58 seconds. Timmy jumps on the Moon Slide at 0:55 mark.)

(Timmy enters The Room of Power at 0:48 seconds?and runs into the Power/Bank wall?and totally sends the rock flying everything. Kirk quips, ?It?s like an Earthquake just hit this location!?)

(Timmy grabs the Broken Neck Bone of Professor James Morarity at 0:30.)

(Timmy rushes though the Shrine of the Sliver Monkey, the Skeleton?s Room, and the Mysterious Hallway of Stair, and the Ancient Sewer to come out at the temple at 0:08 seconds left on the clock!)

FOGG: They did it! We see you for another awesome Legend of the Hidden Temple!!

(Credits rolls)

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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #4 on: May 19, 2007, 01:15:03 PM »

Artifact = ?The Broken Neck Bone of Professor James Morarity?.
Location = Temple Bank
Team = Sliver Snakes
Pendents Won = 2
Outcome = Team Victory!
Time Reminding = 0:08

It is usually bad news when some has to go up from bottom floor to the top floor at soon as they enter the temple?but they are exception to the rules?and here is one of them. Ashley went across the temple until the Storeroom?s Temple Guard kicked her out. Timmy rushed thought the top and run right into the Room of the Four Moon?knocking the door off it hinges?spooking a Temple Guard?who Timmy give up his Pendent to. He jumped on the Moon Slide?and slides down to the Room of Power?and completely annihilated the wall between The Room of Power and the Temple Bank?and grabs the Broken Neck Bone with time to spare-and got out with an 8 seconds reminding on the clock. Not a bad day?s work, this team earns their trip to Alton Towers.

In addition, Kirk reasoned why the Broken Neck Bone was placed in the Temple Bank after the Legends but before the start of the Step of Knowledge.

This is also an irony temple run. Sherlock Holmes deals with a killer snake in another one of his story?and the team who owns this run are The Sliver Snakes.


The Estate of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle has the copyrights for ?Sherlock Holmes?, related characters, related places and related things until the end of time. Do not hound me with lawyers!

?The Legends of the Hidden Temple? is copyright 1995-2010 by ?Stone Stanley Productions? and ?Nickelodeon?. Do not scare me with the Temple Guards!

Temple Summary based on the ones from Nicklegends? website, ?The King?s Storeroom?


It took me a long time to puzzle out the games for this one. I was planning on having Ashley climb the center shaft?but I mess up on my first painting of the run?by having my paint go up the Bell Tower.

In addition, I had been using ironic places placement in my fan-fictions. The following is a list of objects from my Temple Runs?that had an ironic placement.

The Original Grown of The Bamboo Princess = I placed the gown in the Room of the Four Moon, since the Bamboo Princess come from the Moon in the Japanese legend.

The Last Gift of Mr. Scrooge = I placed the Last Gift in the Temple Bank, since Mr. Scrooge was a Loan Officer.

The Original Ending to the Little Mermaid = I placed it in the Rain Forrest since mermaid are creatures that need water to live.

The Broken Neck Bone of Prof. James Morarity ? I placed it in the Temple Bank, since Morarity was a crook?and crook are usually after money?and money usually kept in a bank.

See you around,
Dr. Thinker

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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #5 on: May 19, 2007, 05:57:55 PM »
Quote from: ""DrThinker""
In addition, I had been using ironic places placement in my fan-fictions. The following is a list of objects from my Temple Runs?that had an ironic placement.

That's nothing unusual, actually, but I like how the connection's there, but not too easy to see and not too much of a stretch.  Usually when I make an episode, I make the reason behind the placement way too obvious, I'm not that bright, I guess.  Good work!

Also, I started laughing when he actually manages to knock down the door and smash straight through the rock wall like nothing phased him.  That guy was real fast and crazy determined, and I guess that problem with the door wasn't really production's fault.  Very creative!
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The Broken Neck Bone of Proffesser James Morairty
« Reply #6 on: May 20, 2007, 02:30:15 PM »

Thanks for the nice review. I can't believe you laugh at the door downing and flying rocks.

Don't worry, the Temple Guardians has spare doors and spare rocks. :)