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Revamped for Adults: Visualizing the 2021 LOTHT Set
« on: December 24, 2020, 01:19:01 PM »
It was said that the promised Legends of the Hidden Temple reboot for adult contestants would have an outdoor set, so I want to share what I see in my head with all of you.

1. The Moat
A. Waves in the moat are activated right when Kirk Fogg gives the signal.
B. There's a waterfall not only on the Red Jaguars' end, but also on the Silver Snakes' end.
C. Blue Barracuda statues float on either side of Team B's lane.
D. Silver Snake statues are coiled around Team F's moat torch.
E. When a team rings in, there's an actual gong hanging above the button atop their pedestal.
F. Along with lighting up a team's color, each gong pedestal has its team's symbol on all four glasses.

2. The Steps of Knowledge
A. There's a Red Jaguar statue on either end of the Steps of Knowledge. Remember there were cat statues on either side in the original show's third season?
B. When a team rings in, the step lights in their lane would light up their color rather than white.
C. When a team makes it down to the bottom step, their entire lane - down to the bottom step - would light up their color.

3. Temple Game Area

4. Olmec's Temple
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