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Rebirth Interview with Tyson Schultz
« on: January 14, 2010, 03:34:45 PM »
Legends: Rebirth Interview with Tyson Schultz (Purple Parrot, Temple Games Victor from The Missing Letter of Amerigo Vespucci)

**DISCLAIMER: This is NOT—I repeat—NOT an interview with a real Legends contestant. It’s with a fictional contestant from my independent project of fanfics, Legends: Rebirth. My statements are in bold.**

After more searching the web, I came across Tyson Schultz, a Purple Parrot who was one of the two winners in "The Missing Letter of Amerigo Vespucci". And so, it’s interview time again!

The Bandit King: To begin, I’d like to thank you for doing this interview.

Tyson Schultz: No problem, dude.

TBK: Had you ever heard of Legends before your tenure on the show, and if so, had you ever watched any episodes?

TS: Yeah, I’d heard of the show. I’d never watched any episodes, but I knew the basic premise of how it worked.

TBK: How did you learn about Legends: Rebirth?

TS: I saw them advertising for contestants on the Orlando cable broadcast of Nickelodeon. I was watching SpongeBob one morning, and I saw the auditions. I asked my parents if I could go, and I was surprised when they said yes!

TBK: How did you audition for the show?

TS: To start off, we ran an obstacle course, and some kids were sent home. After that, we were given a test to see if we could answer the questions on the show. Then we did a few exercises, and they weeded out even more of the stragglers. I think I impressed the judges when I did 18 chin-ups in half a minute! Overall, I made it onto the show. I hated the fact that I wound up being a Purple Parrot, though—I hate the color purple!

TBK: What happened when you weren’t filming?

TS: We had a little time before they filmed our episode, so me and the other kids were hanging out backstage, where we killed time by playing Wii. I totally stomped everybody in bowling.  Oh, and I met my partner, Summer. A bunch of guys were flirting with her backstage…

TBK: Were you one of them?

TS: Maybe…

TBK: What was it like competing in the rounds?

TS: The Moat was pretty difficult—I had to hang upside-down from a steel rod by my hands and knees while I scooted across. I fell off on my first go-around, but I did make it across. The Steps of Knowledge were pretty easy—I knew about Amerigo Vespucci from school, but all I could remember was that America was named after him. Lucky for me and Summer, we were given a copy of the legend to study. We stomped in a few times, and we ended up being the first team to advance. But I think my favorite round was the Temple Games. In mine, I had to hold onto a sandbag while the riggers agitated them, like a horse galloping, and the person who stayed without falling off the most won. I only fell off twice, earning my team the Pendant. I really took a beating in the last Temple Game, though, where Summer shot the cannonballs up to me—one hit me in the head!

TBK: Yes, I remember. Did it hurt?

TS: Not as much as you might think.  

TBK: What was it like running through the Temple?

TS: Had it not been for “Olmec” telling me what to do in each room prior to the run, I wouldn’t have done as well. I went through the rooms that Summer had already cleared, and I put that weird monkey statue together—it’s not as easy as it looks. I also got the other piece of my Pendant, because I knew that if I got caught, I’d get taken out, and we wouldn’t win the prizes.

TBK: Now, the question that’s on everybody’s mind—why did you grab the Missing Letter even though time was up?

TS: Oh, brother. To tell you the truth, I didn’t know what they would do to signal to us that time was up, as I’d never watched the show before. So I just raced up to the room and grabbed the Letter as quick as I could. It wasn’t until I’d already got it that I figured out that I’d run out of time. What are you gonna do, right?  

TBK: Do you and Summer still stay in touch?

TS: Unfortunately, no. I did manage to catch her last name, though—Delgado, wasn’t it?

TBK: As Olmec would say, “That is correct”. Did you get to meet Kirk or Dee?

TS: Not me, personally. Summer, either. Some of the other kids got to meet Dee Baker, though.

TBK: Anything else you want to add…

TS: No, not really—just that I had a blast doing it!

TBK: And with that, the interview has come to a close. Thanks again, Tyson!

TS: Anytime, dude!
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