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The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« Last post by The Red Jaguars on January 30, 2023, 09:37:34 PM »
Of course the Chiefs win a game where the other team shoots themselves in the foot.  :rolleyes: Are they going to be the next Patriots dynasty where everything goes their way? The Bengals should leave that bum in KC for making such a boneheaded mistake. Tough break for the 49ers where their QB was out most of the game. Although I wanted the Eagles to win that game anyways as they're a fun team to watch.

Chief vs Eagles is actually a great matchup on paper. Battle of the #1 seeds, Andy Reid facing his former team, and battle of the Kelce brothers. Mahomes might not be healthy for this game, but gotta give him credit for playing through an injury in the championship game. I'm definitely rooting for Eagles though.
The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« Last post by GreenMonkeys#1 on January 29, 2023, 11:05:32 PM »
Chiefs & Eagles it is. Should be a good one as they were the two best teams all year.

49ers were doomed from the start. Bengals got hosed by the refs and hosed themselves. What was that defender thinking on that play that got KC to FG range?
The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« Last post by The Red Jaguars on January 21, 2023, 04:05:41 PM »
I'm not actually mad about the Ravens losing to the Bengals last week. Huntley put up a good effort and it was a close game despite the turnover in the red zone. The one bright spot that came from this game was they finally canned the OC Greg Roman. Good riddance, his playcalling was awful. Hopefully Ravens and Lamar can agree to a reasonable long term contract.  :mrpurple:

As for the other games last week, I think ,ost of the games were pretty good.

Chargers choked in typical fashion like they always do. Makes me feel better about the Ravens loss.
Vikings and Kirk Cousins also choked in the playoffs like they always do.
Tom Brady looked bad and I'm glad to see he won't be advancing. He has looked like Peyton Manning in his last season this year. Will he finally hang up the mitts? Although not a fan of the Cowboys.
Dolphins put a good effort against the Bills with a back-up QB. I wonder what Tua's future will be like?

As for the remaining teams, I want either Jaguars or Bills to represent AFC. Unfortunately, I don't think the Jaguars will beat the Chiefs this evening but I hope I'm wrong. I'm tired of the Chiefs coming close to the SB every year where everything goes their way. Feels like the old Tom Brady Patriots.  :rolleyes:

As for the NFC, I wouldn't mind seeing the Eagles or Giants represent. Eagles are a fun and talented team to watch and I like watching Hurts play. I personally find the 49ers boring and hope they're eliminated, although I have to give credit to Purdy aka Mr. Irrelevant carrying the team this far.

I predict Super Bowl will be the battle of the #1 seed teams - Eagles vs. Chiefs.
Reposting since the old link got deleted
The Dark Forest / Re: The NFL Football topic
« Last post by GreenMonkeys#1 on January 16, 2023, 11:51:48 PM »
Well we’re already through one round let’s see what we got

49ers win all three against the Seahawks and in some weird way every time they lose their QB they’ve gotten better. They started with Trey Lance who lost to the Bears(!) then he got injured and Jimmy G came back. Then he got injured and up came Mr. Irrelevant himself Big Cock Brock who had one of the greatest playoff debuts. Forgot Seattle led at the half with how San Francisco dominated.

lol chargers.  :lol:  [size=78%]They find ways to suffer in pain more than ever. Blowing a 27-0 lead to a team who was the worst each of the past two years, racked up five turnovers in the first half, and yet the Jaguars came roaring back and won that game. Shows how much coaching can make a difference. Jacksonville will have a tough task against Kansas City where Mahomes led the top offense of the season and beat the Jags earlier. [/size]

The team I most want to see win is the Bills after all they’ve gone through in 50+ years and especially this year with Damar Hamlin nearly dying. It’s a miracle he has since been discharged. Dolphins did give them a massive scare though with a third string QB mostly because Buffalo kept Miami hanging around. In the end the Dolphins effort was not good enough because their coach cannot handle clock management, waste all timeouts on a play clock, then get a brutal delay of game.  :roll:  Dolphins would’ve won this game with Tua.

The Vikings were absolute frauds all year long. Only one team could get so luck winning 11 one possession games and not losing a single one. All of their losses were blowouts, enough that even with a 13-4 record they had a negative point differential. It all came crashing to the Giants of all teams where Daniel Jones had his best game. Who would’ve thought that the Giants and Jags would not only make the playoffs but each win playoff games? Big hurdle next for the Giants, they go to Philly who was the top team this year and had already swept them. Third time the charm?

Bengals got an absolute bailout. They clearly should’ve lost to the Ravens. Baltimore outplayed them almost the whole game. It flipped on a fumble for a QB sneak that Sam Hubbard went 98 yards. Resembled a 14 point swing that decided the game. Nevermind the fact that John Harbaugh and Greg Roman’s offense kept wasting their time on the last drive making Tyler Huntley look desperate when he didn’t need to be.  :roll: [/size][size=78%]Oh and a Hail Mary slipping through the tips. [/size]
[/size][size=78%]Cowboys and Bucs was a complete waste of time knowing that whoever won I’d be pissed about. Dallas won so that removed Brady out of the picture. Good riddance because the Bucs shouldn’t have been to the playoffs in the first place. They not only got in but hosted because the NFC South was dogshit. Lions would’ve been a better matchup for Dallas. Even the Cowboys were trying to give it to them by missing FOUR PAT’s [/size] :shock: .

So we got Jags Chiefs, Giants Eagles, Bengals Bills, and Cowboys 49ers. Should set up for a pretty epic weekend. Going to be hard to top last year’s divisional.
The Jesters' Court / Re: The Main Spam Topic 2.0
« Last post by GreenMonkeys#1 on January 16, 2023, 11:37:06 PM »
I’ve joined this server over ten years ago. Kinda forgot about it
The Jesters' Court / Re: The Main Spam Topic 2.0
« Last post by The Red Jaguars on January 01, 2023, 01:18:43 PM »
Happy New Year 2023!  :mrgreen: :mrblue: :mrorange: :mrpurple: :mrred: :mryellow: Personally, this is going to be a big year for me as I will be working towards my CPA license. My sister is also getting married in August this year.

Also, Legends will be 30 years old this year. Hard to believe how long ago this was now. When I first joined this forum, the ending of Legends was only 11 years old. Maybe we can do something for the 30 anniversary?
Now that this is finished (for the original series, of course), here would be the "fixed" original-run episode list:

001. Blackbeard's Treasure Map
002. The Golden Cup of Belshazzar
003. Galileo's Cannonball
004. Wild Bill Hickok and the Dead Man's Hand
005. John Henry's Lost Hammer
006. The Golden Cricket Cage of Khan
007. Elizabeth the First's Golden Ship
008. John Sutter and the Map to the Lost Gold Mine
009. The Star of Sultan Saladin
010. The Keys to the Alhambra
011. The Helmet of Genghis Khan
012. The Trojan Horseshoe
013. The Pendant of Kamehameha
014. The Lost Logbooks of Magellan
015. The Moccasins of Geronimo
016. Henry the Eighth's Great Seal
017. The Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart
018. Ponce de León and the Lost Fountain of Youth
019. The Treasure Map of Jean Lafitte
020. The Oracle Bowl of Delphi
021. The Paintbrush of Leonardo da Vinci
022. The Golden Chains of Zenobia
023. The Belly Button of Buddha
024. The Stolen Arm of Shiva
025. The Stone Marker of Leif Erikson
026. The Helmet of Joan of Arc
027. The Medal of Sir Edmund Hillary
028. The Mask of Shaka Zulu
029. The Golden Jaguar of Atahualpa
030. The Silver Saddle Horn of Hannibal
031. Alexander and the Gordian Knot
032. King Tut's Cobra Staff
033. The Dragon Lady and the Blue Pearl
034. The Codebook of Mata Hari
035. Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat
036. Robin Hood and Maid Marian's Silk Ladder
037. Lawrence of Arabia's Headdress
038. The Collar of Davy Crockett
039. The Snake Bracelet of Cleopatra
040. The Treasure of Anne Bonny
041. The Silver Horseshoe of Butch Cassidy
042. The Secret Battle Plan of Nathan Hale
043. The Golden Stallion of Ali Baba
044. The Silver Cannonball of Grandy Nanny
045. The Walking Stick of Harriet Tubman
046. The Lost Love Letter of Captain John Smith
047. The Diary of Doctor Livingstone
048. The Bone Necklace of the Blackfeet Chief
049. The Mush Pot Hat of Johnny Appleseed
050. The Cracked Crown of the Spanish King
051. The Imperial Purple Robe of Empress Theodora
052. The Stone Head of the Evil King
053. The Lucky Medallion of Atocha
054. The Applewood Amulet of Emiliano Zapata
055. The Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin
056. The Heart-Shaped Pillow of Annie Taylor
057. The Missing Eye of David
058. The Enormous Iron Nose Ring of Babe the Ox
059. The Very Tall Turban of Ahmad Baba
060. The Ivory Elephant of Scheherazade
061. The Sacred Ring of Sultan Suleiman
062. The Plumed Headdress of Cosa Rara
063. The Jeweled Necklace of Montezuma
064. The Lost Lion Tail of Little John
065. The Shriveled Hand of Efoua
066. The Mask of the Man in the Iron Mask
067. The Crown of Queen Nzinga
068. The Two-Cornered Hat of Napoleon
069. The Silk Sash of Mulan
070. The Golden Goblet of Attila the Hun
071. The Leopard Skin Cloak of Annie Oakley
072. The Snakeskin Boots of Billy the Kid
073. The Golden Pepperoni of Catherine de' Medici
074. The Golden Earring of Henry Morgan
075. The Milk Bucket of Freydís
076. The Missing Weather Maps of Charles Lindbergh
077. The Levitating Dog Leash of Nostradamus
078. The Broken Wing of Icarus
079. The Bonnet of Dolley Madison
080. The Priceless Portrait of the Polynesian Girl
081. The Bifocal Monocle of One-Eyed Jack
082. The Comet Embroidered Battle Flag of William the Conqueror
083. The War Fan of the Forty-Seven Ronin
084. The Much-Heralded Helmet of Sir Gawain
085. The Lion-Headed Bracelet of Chandragupta
086. The Lion-Slashed Jacket of Sacagawea
087. The Secret Map of the Bandit Queen
088. The Thornwood Gavel of Judge Roy Bean
089. The Snow Cone of Mount Kilimanjaro
090. The Upside-Down Compass of Henry Hudson
091. The Bent Shaving Pan of Jedediah Smith
092. The Marble Armrest of Xerxes
093. The Smashed Printing Plate of Frederick Douglass
094. The Mystical Spellbook of the Imperial Wizard
095. The Useless Map of the Chibcha Chieftain
096. The Golden Spider Web of Robert the Bruce
097. The Discarded Seal of Ivan the Terrible
098. The Mysterious Manuscript of Mary Shelley
099. The Dried Apple Half of William Tell
100. The Missing Portrait of Hans Holbein
101. The Ivory Hunting Horn of Roland
102. The Royal Torque of Queen Boadicea
103. The Lost Hornpipe of the Pirate Captain
104. The Enormous Feather of the Mê Linh
105. The Red Sash of Tokugawa Ieyasu
106. The Broken Trident of Poseidon
107. The Lily-Crested Crown of Clovis the First
108. The Mussel Shell Armor of Apanuugpak
109. The Metal Beard of the Egyptian Queen
110. The Mummified Hand of the Egyptian King
111. The Lost Taj Mahal Turban of Aurangzeb
112. The Melted Wax Head of Madame Tussaud
113. The Pearl Necklace of Gwalior
114. The Bullet-Riddled Handbag of Belle Boyd
115. The Lost Whale Bone of Pytheas
116. The Dried Ear of Corn of Sojourner Truth
117. The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza
118. The Good Luck Watch of Empress Eugenie
119. The Ruby Earring of Benzavov
120. The Jewel-Encrusted Egg of Catherine the Great
The Heart Room / Re: Legends CW version canceled after one season
« Last post by Legends Explorer Alec on October 24, 2022, 10:47:04 AM »
As a game show fan and artist from the Philippines named Andre Elpedes recommended that I go on Dr. Phil to help make Legends of the Hidden Temple's thirtieth anniversary celebration right and convince Nickelodeon, Paramount Global, Stone & Company Entertainment and the CW to give the LOTHT reboot a second chance. Here's my letter:

I had a petition to get the Nickelodeon game show, "Legends of the Hidden Temple" rebooted and the reboot on the CW didn't last long enough. However, I feel that the reboot needs a second chance and therefore should be done right. With that, I'd like Nickelodeon, Paramount Global, Stone & Company Entertainment and the CW have a major celebration for Legends' 30th anniversary throughout 2023.

Here are the petitions I have:

As you can see, I also wish that Hidden Temple Park from the Legends of the Hidden Temple movie could become a real world theme park and that there could be a "Legends of the Hidden Temple at Super Bowl" special in celebration of Super Bowl LVIII. If our guides Kirk Fogg and Cristela Alonzo ever watch Dr. Phil, then they'll definitely want it to happen as well. Hopefully every Dr. Phil fan gets the message!
The Temple Games / Re: Legends Episode Generator Baseball: Game 1
« Last post by Legends Explorer Alec on September 15, 2022, 05:06:32 PM »
For the teams, we'll use the LOTHT teams, of course. Let's start with Red Jaguars vs. Blue Barracudas.

I'll go first to demonstrate.

81 (Out 1)
57 (Double)
70 (Ball 1)
9 (Home Run; +2)
124 (Strike 1)
8 (Home Run; +1)
16 (Triple)
50 (Out 2)
3 (Home Run; +2)
13 (Triple)
111 (Single; +1)
48 (Single)
11 (Double; +1)
106 (Strike 1)
13 (Triple; +2)
14 (Strike 1)
87 (Triple; +1)
108 (Home Run; +2)
31 (Ball 1)
127 (Home Run; +1)
36 (Single)
58 (Triple; +1)
27 (Triple; +1)
11 (Double; +1)
46 (Ball 1)
130 (Single)
57 (Double; +1)
5 (Out 3)

Now we calculate the team's total for the inning.

Next, we see how the other team does.

51 (Single)
49 (Double)
101 (Double; +2)
7 (Strike 1)
13 (Triple; +1)
42 (Strike 1)
54 (Home Run; +2)
24 (Out 1)
130 (Single)
56 (Home Run; +2)
38 (Double)
117 (Triple; +1)
19 (Out 2)
122 (Double; +1)
71 (Triple; +1)
87 (Triple; +1)
95 (Single; +1)
52 (Strike 1)
100 (Ball 1)
31 (Ball 2)
75 (Home Run; +2)
35 (Single)
2 (Single)
60 (Ball 1)
29 (Triple; +2)
119 (Triple; +1)
5 (Out 3)


It's all tied up so far. Who wants to go next for inning 2?
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