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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« on: August 22, 2006, 01:09:29 AM »
Legends of the Hidden Temple:
The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
Season 5, Layout: Unknown, Episode: Unknown


(We see two jungle trees move out of the way, as three temple guards walk into the temple. After all three temple guards enter, we pan to Olmec.)

OLMEC: Legends of the Hidden Temple!  (Pause) With you guide, Kirk Fog.

(Pan to the Ancient Sewers in which Kirk Fog is crawling out of. He runs down stairs beside Olmec?s familiar stone face.)

FOG: (As Fog is talking, Olmec is raising his wall) Thank you, Olmec.  Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasure and mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each one.  Which one are we going to hear about today?

OLMEC: The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess.

FOG: Which team is going to hit the temple in attempt to get the Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess: The Sliver Snakes; The Orange Iguanas; The Purple Parrots; The Blue Barracudas; The Red Jaguars; or The Green Monkeys? Anyway, they had to past some tough mental and physical test---and in only one team will their right to entrance Olmec?s temple?but all adventures had their first steps?and our begins with the moat?and Olmec is going to tell them how they going to do it.


OLMEC: It?s seemed that some insane temple guard had place a wall between splitting the moat into two seconds?water near me and Kirk and sand near you. When Kirk give the signal for one of you to run across the sand to the wall and climb the wall. Once on top, jump off and swim the water potion of the moat to the other side. Once you reach the other side, it will be the signal for your partner to do the same thing. On the other partner is with on the gong side, it hit (Kirk does so.) The first four teams are going on to the next round.

FOG: Ready!


FOG: Olmec are you ready?

OLMEC: Let us rocket and roll.

FOG: (Laughing) All right teams: Get into positions, get set and go!

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2006, 01:10:44 AM »
(Since Fog has been laughing at Olmec, it took a while for all teams to figure out that the means he wants to see the teams moving. The first players got past both sides easily, with the exception of the Blue Barracudas? second partner, all team moved like cooked snails in the sand. But one in the water, they moved like a quicker, making it almost a photo finish for second place.)

FOG: Man! That was quiet that quick moat event, we ever had on Legends of the Hidden Temple.  The Blue Barracudas are going on to the next round. We let the judges do the figure out who?s going to join them. For the other two teams, they aren?t going home anyway with out some prizes.

(The moat losers' prize is a ?Transformers? action figure.)


FOG:  Well, it took a very long time?but the judges had picked the Red Jaguars, the Green Monkeys, and the Sliver Snakes to join the Blue Barracudas. Now, it?s time for the Steps of Knowledge?and your knowledge of the legend is hopefully going to you get your one step closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, tell us about the Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess.

OLMEC: In ancient Japan, a farmer was cutting bamboo in his field one day when he found a baby girl. She was called China, since bamboo plants were mostly found in that country at that time. As time went by, China became into beautiful woman. One day, the Emperor of Japan, pay a visit to China. Emperor of Japan asked her hands in marriage.

CHINA: I had other plans. I must return to the Moon on the second blue moon of next year.  Send your best six of our warriors. If they do their jobs correctly, I stay until either you died or give up your throne.

OLMEC: The Emperor agreed and summoned his best six warriors. Each one went to China to get their mission?but they returned earlier then China expected them to.  It took five months for the sixth warrior to get back from her mission.  When the sixth warrior returned with her item?she explained that she is the Emperoress of Japan, the one that visited her was a nasty Shogun who had attempted to over throw her. In honor of her trustiness, China stay?only long enough for a new gown to be finish for her.  The Emperoress kept the old gown until her death?after that it made it way to the temple.

FOG: So where is the Bamboo Princess?s gown located?

OLMEC: Logically, the Gown is located in the Room of The Four Moons.

FOG: I hope you pay attention to Olmec?s legend. Olmec will ask a question about the legend. If you know the answer?stomp on the marking in front of you. Go ahead a stomp on it.

(The Red Jaguars do so)

FOG: Red Jaguars, if you are correct in answering the question. You will move down a step. The first two teams at the bottom will be going to on to the Temple Games.  We are ready for your first question, Olmec.

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #2 on: August 22, 2006, 01:11:22 AM »
1. What did the farmer grow? (Answer: Bamboo)
2. In our legend, what is the name of the Bamboo Princess? (Answer: China)
3. According to our legend, who fall in love with the Bamboo Princess (Answer: The Emperor of the Japan.
4. Which blue moon of the following year, must Bamboo Princess return to moon on? (Answer: The second one.)
5. How many warriors did the Bamboo Princess ask for? (Answer: Six)
6. Who was the sixth warrior? (Answer: The Real Emperoress of Japan)
7. What does saying??Once in a blue moon? means? (Answer: a very rare event)
8. What planet does the moon circle? (Answer: Earth)
9. What is the present day capital of Japan (Answer: Tokyo)
10. Which one of the following organizations does space missions? (Answer: NASA)

(The questions were easy?and both the Blue Barracudas and the Red Jaguars got the bottom as fast as possible.)

FOG: Stop! Well, we got an early Christmas this year as the Blue Barracudas and the Red Jaguars will be battling in the temple game. For the others, they won?t be going home.

(The Steps failures got home with Disney?s ?Treasure Planet? on DVD.)

FOG: We see which team will earn the right to try to get the Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess out of the temple, right after this.

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #3 on: August 22, 2006, 01:12:15 AM »

FOG: Before we began. Let?s meet the teams. On Red Jaguars, we had Bruce and Diana. Bruce is into kung-fu and likes to run a lot. Diana is a swimmer and loves to sci-fi movies. On the Blue Barracudas, we had Tim and Serena. Tim a football player and loves card games. Serena has a stamp collecting hobby and she loves watching kid game shows. Girls get ready for Temple Game number #1, and your boys get ready for Temple Game number #2?and tell what?s going on here. (The teams jet off screen). Now, the teams are comparing to earn win ?Pendants of Life?. They are going to need them to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards as they make their way thought Olmec?s temple?and Olmec is going to tell us how about Temple Game Number #1 .


OLMEC: The Bamboo Princess return to the moon. You will be doing a trip across our solar system. In front of your, is a huge ancient astro-wheel. When Kirk gets the symbol, hop on?and try to stay on. If you fail off?get back on. You get a point for each space land-mark you get past. The one with the most points at the end of the 60 seconds win!

FOG: On your mark, get set, and GO!

(For 30 seconds, they stand on from: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, and the Moon?but players fail off during their trip to Mars. Serena got back on faster then Diana. Diana stars to make fails a lot?as Serena gets to the Asteroid Belt when time is called)

FOG: STOP!  Let?s see which team won. The Barracudas are in the Asteroid Belt, while the Jaguars are on Mars. That makes it?s a 5 to 4 point game in favorite of the Barracudas, they win the half Pendant of Life. Don?t worry, Jaguars, you can equal it out in the next game.


OLMEC: The Bamboo Princess need to return to moon?and you going to help her. In front of you is a mountain with strange holes. When Kirk gives you the signal, grab the Bamboo Princess doll in the front of you and toss it upwards?repeat until you get to the top. On the top, there is a Moon Platform?play the Bamboo Princess there. The first person place the Bamboo Princess and return back to Earth or the one farther along at the end of 60 seconds win.

FOG: Let?s put up the 60 seconds. On your mark, get set, and GO!

(Tim gets an early lead, since Bruce has a little trouble throwing the doll though the first hole. It?s reserved for the second one?but Tim makes a lucky shot on the final top hole?and rushes the doll to the Moon Platform. Tim jumps quickly though the three holes?and rushes outside and almost knocks over Kirk)

KIRK: STOP! Man, Tim, you quick! You earned another half pendent of life?giving you 1 full pendent. Don?t worry, Bruce, you team might have a chance to equal out the score. The next game is worth a FULL Pendent of Life.  Olmec tell us about:


OLMEC: In our legend, the Bamboo Princess was called China. There is a board near you. It doesn?t have anything on it. At the far end of the room is a pail with all 26 letters of regular modern alphabet. You must five letters of the word: ?China?. If you get one of letter of the word: ?China? them, place them on the board?and tag your partner. If you don?t?toss it?and tag your partner. The first team to spell out ?China? wins or the one will the most letters will win.

Kirk: This is for the temple! On your mark, get set, and GO!

(The team has trouble because the first letters they got were not in ?China??but the Red Jaguars get a C and H, after 15 seconds. Just after that, Blue Barracudas are able to get a C, H and an I. The next 10 seconds are trouble as both teams had problems. After that, the Blue Barracudas finally get the letters: N & A?finishing up there spelling of ?China?.)

FOG: Game Over. The Blue Barracudas had earned the full Pendent of Life. They should have called this team the Blue Sharks, since they had them spilled and eaten the blood of the Red Jaguars in a shut-out match. It?s 2 Pendent of Life to Jaguar?s 0. The Blue Barracudas are going to the temple. I?m sorry, about that?but you won?t be going home enemy handed.

(The Red Jaguars get a PS2 with ?Ratchet: Deadlock?)

FOG: The Blue Barracudas will be going into the temple to try to get the Gown of the Bamboo Princess out?and they do it right after this

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #4 on: August 22, 2006, 01:14:20 AM »
FOG: The Blue Barracudas had earned the right to enter Olmec?s temple?but before we began?Olmec will tell you about his temple?which might get you a clue to get the Room of the Four Moons were the Bamboo Princess?s gown is.

OLMEC: You could start out by crawling though the Ancient Sewer (1) or running into and ringing one of the three bells in The Bell Tower (12). If you lucky, you may enter the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs (2). You could head up into the Mirror Room. (3) Spin the mirror, which might open the path to the Witch Lair (4). Toss the two snakes into the pot and you may land in the Skeleton?s Room (5). Put the head and the two hands on the skeleton?and you may be heading the Shrine of the Golden Monkey (6). Put together the golden monkey and you may be entering the Temple Bank (7). Spin the right safe?s wheel and you may be entering the Room of Power (8). Connect the cords to the Power Orb and you may be entering the Room of the Four Moons (9). Push down on the right phrase of the Moon and you may be entering the Rain Forrest (10). Look for the keys to the door in the tree?but beware a Temple Spirit might be a tree. Get out of that room and you will be King?s Storeroom (11). Smash the clay pots to find the keys. Find the correct key that lead you back to the Mirror Room or Witch Lairs, jump across the stairs, either run across the Bell Tower or re-crawl though the Ancient Sewer back to the gates. The choices are you and you are alone. You had won 2 ?Pendent of Life? medals in the Temple Games. Who?s going first?

SERENA: You bet your ruby eyes that I?m going first.

OLMEC: Very well, Serena. When Kirk gets the signal, run into the temple, and make your away to the gown. They are three Temple Guards assigned to protect three rooms. If you meet up with them?you must give up a Pendent of Life. If you are caught with out a pendent, it will be your partner?s turn in the temple. If you get the gown, all the door will mysterious unlock?and the temple guards will vanish! If you bring out the gown out of the temple in 3 minutes, you will be handsomely reward?and here?s how.

(The prizes are: a Nintendo DS, a telescope and a trip to Space Camp.)

KIRK: Let?s see if these guys could make to Space Camp! Olmec, lower you gates (Olmec does that.) Let?s put 3 minutes on the clock.

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #5 on: August 22, 2006, 01:16:13 AM »
(Serena enters the Bell Tower room at 2:57)

(Serena rings two bells?the second once opening the door at 2:54)

(Serena enters the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs.)

(Serena jump across the top most stairs over the top most door of the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs. It?s doesn?t work. It?s 2:50)

(Serena goes down a few stairs?and up to the mid-way door on the Mysterious Hallway?s second wall. It?s opens out with 2:48 on the clock.)

(Serena enters the Witch Lairs with 2:46 on the clock.)

(Serena grabs both snakes and tossed them both in the pot at the same time. She has 2:39 left on the clock)

(Serena enters the King?s Storeroom with 2:37 left on the clock. She smashes the first chamber?and gets the key. She uses on the same column. It works. She?s rushes to the open door she didn?t come from. She has 2:34 left on the clock.)

(Serena?s enter the Rainforest with 2:30 left on the clock. She starts looking into one of the tree. OH, NO! Temple Guard! Serena gives up her pendent of life. She checks the other tree. It?s the KEY! With 2:20 left on the clocks, she heads into the Room of the Four Moons.)

(Serena grabs the Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess with 2:00 left on the clock. Kirk remarks: ?She?s got a two minute warning?but lucky for her, she?s doesn?t have to worry about doing anything?but running out of the temple before time is up.)

(Serena goes back into the Rain Forrester with 1:58 left on the clock)

(Serena rushes into King Storeroom with 1:54 left on the clock.)

(Serena rushes into the Mirror Room with 1:49 left on the clock.)

(Serena reappears in the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs with 1:45 left on the clock)

(Serena rushes into the Bell room with 1:43 left on the clock)

(Serena rushes down the stairs and right into the past the gates of the temple with 1:40 left on the clock.)

FOG: They did it! They got it all! See you again?on another great episode of the Legends of the Hidden Temple.

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #6 on: August 22, 2006, 01:18:59 AM »


Name of the Artifact: The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess.
Season: Unknown
Layout: Unknown
Results: Victory! (Solo)
Time Remaining: 1:40
Team: Blue Barracudas.
Pendents Won: 2
Location of the Artifact: The Room of the Four Moons.


A solo win is usually ?once in a blue moon?, and this is one of them. Serena ran from the Bell Tower to the Room of the Four Opens. She only got a bit of handle out twice: One when the Mirror Room?s door didn?t open in the ?Mysterious Hallway of Stairs,
? and one in Rain Forrest when a Temple Spirit appeared. It?s also a ?once in a blue moon? for another reason: a straight path to today?s treasure.


?Legends of the Hidden Temple?, related characters, places and things are copyrighted 1994-2007 by Nick Studios and Stone Stanley. Temple Summary is based on nicklegends summaries at the King Storeroom.

------AUTHOR NOTES-------

1. I mark this as a Season 5 episode?but I left the Layout and the Episode as unknown. Nicklegends is free to put it where either in Season 5 he or she wants to.
2. Anyone is free to my opening to the Legends of the Hidden Temple?if she or he wants to?just make sure give me credit for the opening
3. Anyone is free to use my temple layout?just make sure give me credit for the temple layout. This goes the same for any room not stolen from "Legends of the Hidden Temple."
4: This is a in-joke.  A few prizes are connected to space. (?The Transformers? are space aliens from the planet Cybertron; Disney?s ?Treasure Planet? is a space-take on ?Treasure Island?, ?Ratchet: Deadlock? is a video game that takes place in another galaxy; the telescope can look at the stars and planet in space from Earth; and of course, NASA?s Space Camp teaches kids how to astronauts.)

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The Old Gown of the Bamboo Princess
« Reply #7 on: December 16, 2006, 03:24:16 PM »
Woah? really fast. I can see it done in 1:10 thou, not 1:40.  That just seems way too quick, especially in the Dark Rainforest.  There's just no way Serena could reach into both trees and hand over a Pendant to a Temple-Spirit-possessed tree in 10 seconds.  Thou I have to admit with all the puns how it seems like you had the whole thing planned from the beginning, very clever.
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Guility as charged.....
« Reply #8 on: December 16, 2006, 09:21:14 PM »
You got me good, T.A.W.  It was planned to be that way.  Don't worry, I have some losses come next year.