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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« on: August 03, 2007, 12:20:44 AM »
Legends of the Hidden Temple:
?The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star?
Season: Five
Layout: Dr. Thinker
Episode: Five

(We see two jungle trees move out of the way, as three temple guards walk into the temple. After all three temple guards enter the camera pans to Olmec.)

OLMEC: It is time for The Legends of the Hidden Temple!  (Pause) With you guide, Kirk Fogg.

(Pan to the Ancient Sewers in which Kirk Fogg is crawling out of. He runs down stairs beside Olmec?s familiar stone face.)

FOGG: (As Fogg is talking, Olmec is raising his wall) Thank you, Olmec.  Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple: The rooms have many of lost treasures and mysterious Mayan temple guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each one.  Which one are we going to hear about today?

OLEMC: ?The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock-Star?

FOGG:  Anyway, which team is going to hit the temple in attempt to get ?The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock-Star?: The Sliver Snakes, The Orange Iguanas, The Purple Parrots, The Blue Barracudas, The Red Jaguars, or The Green Monkeys? Anyway, they had to past some tough mental and physical test---and in only one team will their right to entrance Olmec?s temple?but all adventures had their first steps?and our begins with the moat?and Olmec is going to tell them how they going to do it.


OLMEC:  Hanging above the moat is the ruins of an ancient Babylon roadway.  When Kirk give you the signal, you will use your arms to make you away across the ancient road?if you fall off, you must go back to the start and try again. If you make it across, it will be the signal for your partner to try his or her luck. If you team mate makes it across?run over a hit the song. (Kirk hits the Sliver Snakes? gong.) The first four teams to hit their gongs will move on the next round.

FOGG: Are you ready, teams?

(The teams yelled ?Yes? to Kirk Fogg.)

FOGG: Are you ready, Olmec?

OLMEC: Let us roll!
FOGG: On your mark, get set and GO!

(The teams were neck and neck with each other until the second teammate of each team started to head across?with the Purple Parrots, the Sliver Snakes, Green Monkey and the Red Jaguars second partners got ahead of the other teams?the Purple Parrot?s teammate using a gym move to jump over three rings in the painted monkey bars. The Purple Parrots, the Sliver Snakes, the Green Monkeys, and the Red Jaguar hit their gongs once their teammates go to the other side.)

FOGG: Stop, we have our four teams. The Purple Parrots, the Sliver Snakes, the Green Monkeys and the Red Jaguars are moving on to the next round. Do not worry, Orange Iguanas and Blue Barracudas, you will not go home ending ended?and here is why.

(The moat losers walk home with a subscription to the ?DC Comics? Superman related books)

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2007, 12:22:53 AM »

FOGG: Purple Parrots, Sliver Snakes, Green Monkeys and Red Jaguars, nice work on the moat?but we are only 1/3 done with our adventure. It is time when your knowledge of the legend can help you get a little closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, will you please tell us about the ?The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock-Star??

OLMEC: This is the youngest legend of them all?I think it?s still know in the hearts of all people that grew up in that era. In the middle of the 1980s, Eric Raymond got half of Starlight Music from the late Emmett Benton. One day, Eric got a surprise visitor, Jerrica Benton. She wanted money for Starlight House. Eric denied her because he had to deal with ?the Misfits?, who give new wave a bad name. That night, Jerrica discovered that her father built a high-tech illusion-making computer named Synergy. Using it, Jerrica become the mystery pink-hair rock signer, Jem. Her young biologic sister, Kimber Benton, and her two adopted sisters, Aja Leith and Shana Elmsford become Jem?s band, the Holograms Using both of her identities, she was able to get Eric?s half of Starlight Music from him?despite the trouble he and the Misfits pour on her group?the Holograms. The Misfits and Eric attempted to equal to the score many times. One day, Jem offered to do a concert to help a ski resort against Eric?s ski resort. Eric makes a bet with the owner of the ski resort?with a ski race between Jem and the Holograms and the Misfits?the winner gets both ski resorts. The Misfits of course?cheated to win?Roxy damaged one of Jem?s earrings. Despite narrow escape from her double act being find out by her short temper boyfriend, Rio, Jem and Rio discovered that the mountain have a mother lode of sliver. After revealing the Misfits cheated, back home, Jerrica and Aja used a fake copy of Jem Star earrings they kept from an earlier Misfit attempt to annoy them to create a new pairs. Jerrica tossed the damaged earrings out in the trash?and soon enough the earrings make their way to the temple.

FOGG: Where are ?the damaged Earrings located??

OLMEC: They are located in the Room of Power.

(Hanging on one of the wires in the Power Core?s Room is the damaged Jem Star earrings.)

FOGG: Well, the legend told?and you need that legend?s knowledge to get a step closer to the Temple. Olmec will ask a question?if you know the answer?stomp on the marking in front of you. Go ahead, stomp it. (The Purple Parrots stomps on their marking.) Purple Parrots, if you answer the question correctly?you will move down?if you did not answer correctly, Olmec will give the other teams a chance to answer the question you miss. The first four teams to the bottom?goes on the Temple Games.

1) Who was Jem?
A) Eric Raymond
B) Jerrica Benton
C) Aja Leith

2) What is the name of Jem?s band?
A) The Misfits
B) The Stingers
C) The Holograms

3) Who are Jem and the Hologram?s annoying rivals?
A) The Misfits
(The team answers this one before the other answers)

4) What was the decade that the battle between ?Jem and The Holograms and ?The Misfits) began in?
A) 1950s
B) 1980s
C) 2000s

5) Jem is a fiction character designed by a famous toy company named Hasbro. What other fictional character was designed as a toy for Hasbro?
A) George Bush Jr.
B) Optimus Prime
C) She-Ra

6) What was Misfits? music type?
A) Pop music
B) New wave
C) Hard Rock

7) Who was Jerrica?s boyfriend?
A) Eric Raymond
B) Kirk Fogg
C) Rio

8) Why did Jerrica become Jem?
A) Answer to stop boredom.
B) To get Eric?s half of Starlight Music away from him
C) To have some fun

(The Purple Parrots and the Sliver Snake end up at the bottom.)

FOGG: That was quick. The Purple Parrots and the Sliver Snake will move on the next round. The Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys will be going home with the follow prize:

(The Red Jaguars and the Green Monkeys go home with a ?Slim City DS? game for the Nintendo DS.)

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #2 on: August 03, 2007, 12:25:26 AM »

FOGG: Before we began the temple, I will like to welcome the teammates that got though the Sam and Anna are on the Purple Parrots?and on the Sliver Snakes: we have Daisy and George. Now girls get ready for temple game #1, and boy gets ready for temple game two---while I tell what is going to happen here. Inside Olmec?s temple, they are three guardians assigned to three rooms; they will stop a team member when they confront them in their assigned room?unless that team member has a Pendent of Life. The Pendent of Life is what the teams are going try to win. The first two temple games were worth a half of a Pendent?the third and the final game is worth a full Pendent of Life. Olmec will explain Temple Game Number #1 ?

Temple Game Number #1 ? The Word Pit Game

OLMEC: Synergy is Jerrica?s loyal computer. Synergy put the Jem illusion when Jem uses the code words: ?Showtime, Synergy? and remove it when Jem says, ?Show over, Synergy.?  In this game, you are going to spell out Synergy?s name. On the board, we have already started Synergy?s name for you with the SYN-part. Not to far from your board is a messy container. Inside, are all the letters of the modern alphabet from the modern alphabet, when Kirk gives you the sign, you will run to the messy pot and big out one of the reminders of Synergy?s name?ERGY. If you find a part, you must rush back to your board and place in the correct location?the first team to place all the remaindering four letters of Synergy?s name or the team that comes closes at the end of the 60 seconds, will win that half Pendent of Life.

Kirk: I hope these girls got an A in spelling. On your mark, get set and go.

(Anna and Daisy send a few seconds at the messy contains?but Anna is able to get two letters: E and R and rushes it back before Daisy could find a E. Despite a slip, Anna is able to find the last two letters?G and Y and paste them at the 10-second mark.)

FOGG: Sorry, Daisy?Anna was just too quick for you. Do not worry, we see if George can make it a tie in the next game?Olmec will tell about Temple Game Number #2 ?

Temple Game Number #2 ? The Glass Box Collection Game

OLMEC: Besides being the Hologram?s keyboards, Kimber Benton was the Holograms? songwriter. You in with six of Kimber?s rolled-up sheet music?when Kirk give you the signal, you will take one and place them on your helmet?and climb up and place them in your glass bin. The first team to get all six in their glass bin or the most in 60 seconds wins a half Pendent of Life.

FOGG: On your mark, get set and go!

(The game is all tied up until George slips. Fogg remarks: ?It?s because the snakes don?t have feet.? Sam is able to put the fourth sheet music in his team?s bin just as the clock stops.)

FOGG: Judges, will we allow the last one on Purple Parrot?s side. (Judge allows it. FOGG goes over to the Sliver Snakes---and counts) one?two?three Sheet Music. (FOGG goes over to the Purple Parrots?and counts) one-two-three?and four Sheet Music. The Purple Parrots win a half of Pendent of Life?giving them a full one! Now, the Sliver Snake could make this game with the final game?and Olmec will tell us about.

Temple Game Number #3 ? The Rubber Army Game

OLMEC: The most annoying problem for Jem and the Holograms was the Misfits. The Misfits had the follow members: Pizzazz, Stormer, Roxy and Jetta. We have own Misfits?and I think they worn out their welcome. (Olmec laughs)When Kirk gives you the signal, you will load a rubber ball into your slingshot and fire at our Misfits?then it will be your partner?s turn at to try her luck. The team that is able to knock all four of our Misfits or the closes to doing so, will win the final full Pendent of Life. This one is for the temple, right, Kirk?

KIRK: You are correct, Olmec. On your mark, get set and go!

(The Sliver Snakes knock over one before the Purple Parrots get a two in one rubber ball it. The Sliver Snakes try but they almost hit their second by the time that Purple Parrots hit their third Rubber Soldiers?soon after this one?time runs out)

KIRK: The Purple Parrots have past the Temple Games will flying colors. They get to go into the temple. The Sliver Snakes will take this prize home with him.

(The Sliver Snakes get the following--all seven books in the ?Harry Potter? series as well as a $100 Saving Bond from Nestle.)

KIRK: We see if the Purple Parrot can get the Damaged Earrings of The Mystery Rock Star out of the Temple after this:

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2007, 12:27:55 AM »

Kirk: The Purple Parrots have proof themselves worthy of enter Olmec?s temple. Olmec will give a guide of the temple in order to help you in your quest to bring out the Damaged Earrings of the Rock Star.

OLMEC: You could start out by crawling though the Ancient Sewer (1) or running into and ringing one of the three bells in The Bell Tower (12). If you lucky, you may enter the Mysterious Hallway of Stairs (2). You could head up into the Mirror Room. (3) Spin the mirror, which might open the path to the Witch Lair (4). Toss the two snakes into the pot and you may land in the Skeleton?s Room (5). Put the head and the two hands on the skeleton?and you may be heading into the Shrine of the Golden Monkey (6). Put together the golden monkey and you may be entering the Temple Bank (7). Spin the right safe?s wheel to go up or smash the wall protecting the Room of Power (8). Connect the cords to the Power Orb and you may be entering the Room of the Four Moons (9). Push down on the right phrase of the Moon and you may be entering the Rain Forrest (10). Look for the keys to the door in the tree?but beware a Temple Spirit might be a tree. Get out of that room and you will be King?s Storeroom (11). Smash the clay pots to find the keys. Find the correct key that lead you back to the Mirror Room or Witch Lairs, jump across the stairs, either run across the Bell Tower or re-crawl though the Ancient Sewer back to the gates. The choices are you and you are alone. You had won two ?Pendents of Life? in the Temple Games. Who is going first?

ANNA: I am.

OLMEC: When Kirk sets the signal, run into the temple, and make you way to the Damaged Earrings. They are three Temple Guards assigned to protect three rooms. If you meet up with them?you must give up a Pendent of Life. If you caught without a pendent, it will be your partner?s turn in the temple. If you reach the Damaged Earrings Bone, all of the temple doors will unlock and the temple guards will vanished?if you can get the Damaged Earrings out of the temple in 3 minutes?you will handsomely rewarded?and here?s how.

[Just for getting into the temple = A skateboard.]
[Getting the Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star before Time Is Up = PS2 and Guitar Hero II]]
[Getting the Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star Out of the Temple before Time is Up = A Trip to Walt Disneyland in California.]

KIRK: Let set the clock for 3 minutes. Olmec, lower your gates. (Olmec does this.) On your mark, get and go.

(Anna enters the Ancient Sewers at 2:55. She is able to use the open up the Stair/Sewer path at 2:49.)

(Anna enters Mysterious Hallway of Stairs at 2:40. She is able to own the Skeleton/Stairs path at 2:39.)

(Anna enters the Skeleton rooms at 2:34. She sees that the Skeleton has been put together before she enters. She tries the Monkey/Skeleton door button?but it does not open. She tries the Skeleton/Witch door?and that door opens at 2:29.)

(Anna enters the Witch Lair at 2:20. Anna tosses the two snakes in the Witch Lair?s fake pot?and meets up with a temple guard. She gives up a Pendent of Life. She leaves via the Storeroom/Witch door.)

(Anna enters the King?s Storeroom at 1:54. Her speed crawl knocks the nearly vase off its post?and reveals it was the one containing the key. She uses it on the post she hit. It was a lucky break for her?because that post was the one that open up the Rainforest/Storeroom path at 1:44.)

(Ann enters the Rainforest at 1:40. Anna not trusting the trees to have a key for the Room of the Four Moons hits the button to Rainforest/Bank path at 1:30.)

(Anna arrives in the Temple Bank at 1:35. She smashes the though the Power/Bank wall at 1:32 mark.)

(Anna enters the Room of Power at 1:30 and grabs the Damaged Earrings at 1:30 mark.

(Anna moves though the bottom level and shows up at the temple gates with 0:35 left
on the clock.)



Artifact: The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
Layout: Dr. Thinker
Team: Purple Parrots
Pendents Won =2
Outcome= VICTORY (Solo Run!)
Time Left = 0:35

The temple run was decent. Anna had a good brain?and she known what she need to doing to get the item of the day. Her speed crawl knocked a vase off in the King Storeroom?lucky for her that it contained the key need to move on for her. She did not need to mess with the Skeleton in the Skeleton because it was already done before the Temple Run started.

In addition, this feature the youngest legend ever told as well as the first Olmec laugh ever. Kirk used the old line: ?snakes don?t have feet.??well in this case, it makes a lot more cents then the last time he did it?the parrots have feet.


Legends of the Hidden Temple is copyrighted 1995-to-2020 by Nickelodeon Studios & Stone Stanley.  Hasbro Inc. and Sun Brown Studios has the copyrights to ?Jem?, related characters, related places, and related things from 1984-2020. All rights served.

Dr. Thinker has written this story. Temple Summary based on those of Nicklegends at The King?s Storeroom.

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #4 on: August 03, 2007, 12:28:25 AM »

I admit it?I am a Jem fan. I wanted a legend about her?I wanted a good object. My starting with one of the fake Jem earrings that Misfits make?then I attempt to move the object to a wreck Misfit album?but I wanted Jem to be the center of the legend, not her rivals. Then I recalled that Jem got two fakes crated by the Misfits. One of the fakes was give to the Chinese girl that had given Jem her real Jem Star Earrings back to her. This left one pair. Then I recalled Roxy damaged her earrings during a ski event?and so the rest was history?and I have my legend set.

Now, I know what you think??.This is legend too young to be a legend?but my role of them is anything seven years before today?s years is a fair game?no matter is its? real or not. The year is 2007 ? minus seven years equals my limit year of 2000.

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #5 on: August 03, 2007, 04:39:26 AM »
Gotta hand it to you Dr. Thinker, your Legends are always creative. Certainly puts a new spin on the legends themselves.
Crazy, but that's how it goes.

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #6 on: August 03, 2007, 05:39:37 AM »

Let's just as when it comes to Legends of the Hidden Temple, I am not a broken record!

Get it? Spin a record!


Awful joke aside, nice review of of my latest Legends of the Hidden Temple fan-fiction show, PhantomBPR.

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #7 on: August 03, 2007, 11:32:55 AM »
i like it! i don't think that's something to be ashamed of, liking that series.  I'd never heard of it before but i just looked it up and i read it was intended to appeal to both boys and girls.

Also, that's not the only legend that recent.  Like Sir Edmund Hillary's still alive, i did one based around Phoolan Devi (which took place in the mid-1980's also) and Season 4 produced younger legends (reference "The Missing Shoe and Driving Glove of Joey Hand," based around a then-current event.) But you did a much better job than the other "less than 50 years ago" legends were!

Honestly i always like reading your legends, you choose real intresting subjects and they're as good as the Temple Runs.
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Credit to Nicklegends for the screencap in the avatar and for Mr. Blue.  Thanks dude!

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The Damaged Earrings of the Mystery Rock Star
« Reply #8 on: August 03, 2007, 12:46:28 PM »

If you guys keep giving me good reviews, I going to a ego the size of a million Jupiters.

Seriously, T.A.W, thanks for the notes.

Perhaps my next legend might be....

The Ruined Magic Diary Of Tom Riddle