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Soundstage 18 / Double Dare Obstacles
« on: June 27, 2010, 03:40:28 AM »
Back to the 80s:

1) Dallas (Pipeline With It's Old Name) = Dallas
2) Mr. T (Wrestlemania) = Mr. T himself
3) Mushroom Swamp (The Tank fill with cream of mushroom soup with a a tiara pink princess dress floating on top.  Ironic Prize = Nintendo Wii.) = Mario Games
4) Moonwalk = Micheal Jackson
5) Havery's Mouth (Down the Hatch) = Double Dare, of course.
6) Denver (My Pet Dinosaur) = Denver, the Last Dinosaur.
7) Pizza Time (Blue Plate Special: Pizza version) == Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
8) Bowser's Wheel = (The Hamster Wheel) = Mario Games again.

Double Dare Flashback I = All the obstacle from the original version of Double Dare.

1. Hamster Wheel  = Prize: $100 Toy R Us gift card
2. Blue Plate Special (Pizza) = Prize: $200 Pizza Hut gift card
3. Down the Hatch = Prize: Karaoke Machine
4. Granny's Attic = Prize: A collection of graphic novels from DC Comics
5. Sundae Slide = Prize: A Portable DVD player
6. The Tank = Prize: A collection of DVDs.
7. The Slime Canal = Prize: A flat screen television.
8. The Wringer = Prize: A trip

Double Dare Flashback II = All obstacles are from the 1988 of Double Dare.

1. Big Cheese
2. Dallas
3. Fancy Footwork
4. Grease Monkey
5. Mount Saint Double Dare
6. Sewer Chute (II)
7. Pick It!
8. Drawbridge

Double Dare Flashback III: All obstacle are from the 1989's version of Super Sloppy Double Dare.

1. Bathtub
2. Big Kahuna
3. Doggie Door
4. Hunt N' Peck
5. In One Ear
6. Mirror Maze
7. Moonwalk
8. Popcorn

Soundstage 18 / Double Dare Obstacles
« on: June 26, 2010, 03:46:16 PM »
Nighty Night Course:

1) Human Potatoes (The Tank) = Fill l with butter and gravy)
2) Drink Up! (Soda Jerk)
3) Bath Tub
4) Sundae Slide
5) Bed Time (Under the Covers)
6) Wonderland (Ant Farm)
7) Mad Hatter's Maze (Mirror Maze)
8) The Ending (The Hamster Wheel)

The Christmas Course II:

1) Sweet Candy (Gum Drop)
2) Dinner on You (Sundae Slide) = Stuffing and gravy replaces the pudding while turkey dinner replaces.
3) The Reindeer Grounds (Fancy Footwork) = The usually foot are covered with brown foam to look like reindeer hoot.
4) Eggnog Serving (Slime Canal)
5) Christmas Cards  (It's In the Mail)
6) Christmas Cookies (The Woiks)
7) Under the Tree (Happy Birthday) == The presents and poppers switch locations.
8) Milk Jug (The Tank) = Fill with milk!

Soundstage 18 / Double Dare Obstacles
« on: June 26, 2010, 02:13:51 PM »
Marc's Dream Course a.k.a My Clean Course:

1) Gum Drop
2) The Hamster Wheel
3) Double Click
4) Drawbridge
5) Inside Out
6) Monkey Bars
7) Rope Climb
8) Inside Out

The Most Famous Double Dare Obstacle Ever:

1) Hamster Wheel
2) Syrup Canal
3) Nightmare
4) The Tank
5) Monkey Bars
6) The Wringer
7) Blue Plate Special (Pizza)
8) Sundae Slide

Soundstage 18 / Double Dare Obstacles
« on: June 26, 2010, 01:52:42 PM »
I can't think of a messy and clean course, so I decide to go with Theme Courses. (The real obstacle names will be in these parenthesis.)  I am mixing obstacle from all version of Double Dare: Double Dare, Super Sloppy Double Dare, Family Double Dare, and DD2K. New obstacle will appear BOLD.

Honoring Nick's Shows:

1) Olmec's Head (In One Ear) - Legends of the Hidden Temple
2) YCDTOT (The Blimp) -- You Can't Do That on Televison
3) Classira's Computer (Double Click) --  Classira Explains It All
4) Brain Drain (The Sundae Slide) - BrainSurge
5) Wild Tire (The Tire Swing) - Wild And Crazy Kids
6) Finder Keepers (Inside Out) -- Finder Keepers
7) Keep Moving (Icy Trike) --  Don't Just Sit There.
8) The Sundae Slide.

Soundstage 18 / Make up your own Finders Keeper's Rooms!
« on: April 09, 2010, 04:00:21 PM »
One of my favorite shows from Nick's channel.  I give the old college try.


Gaming Room:

This is usually in the near staircase on the left side of the house. On the back wall is a cardboard copy of flat-screen TV. Below the wall is a cardboards copies of Nintendo Wii, Miscoft XBox 360, and Sony's Playstation 3. Near by is a small bookcase containing empty video game boxes and fake controls.

On the wall near the entrance to the far left room is a wall contain two rack holding board games.  Underneath the ranks contains war game related item.

On the wall near the staircase, they is a book case containing "tabletop" games. Near the bookcase, they is a table that two mugs. One mugs contain "tabletop RPG" dice and the other contains "pencils and pens." Sometime, the table is set-up for game, giving the guest of the house a chance to "ruin the game" .

Under the table is a cooler, inside are cans of pop. Also, near is a trash can. This contains trashed character sheets and notes.


Soundstage 18 / Double Dare Obstacles
« on: December 21, 2009, 04:09:40 PM »
My dream course

1. The Sundae Slide
2. Pick It!
3. Blue Plate Special
4. The Tank
5. Sewer Chute
6. Pipeline
7. Toe Jam
8. Mt. St. Double Dare.

Soundstage 18 / Worst Double Dare Obstacle
« on: October 29, 2009, 02:39:03 PM »
The worst is the Lift from the original double dare.

Soundstage 18 / Make up your own Double Dare Obstacles
« on: August 18, 2009, 12:56:04 PM »
I have a "Double Dare" theme course--each one of them is a. Each course obstacle is a body part. Bold names are new obstacles.

1. Pick It
2. Down The Hatch
3. Big Lungs -- The Snowstorm obstacle with gray balloons. Somewhere in those gray balloons is the orange flag for this obstacle to grab.
4. Tight Tummy - A large foam in the shape of a cartoon stomach. Inside a liquid gak and food pieces is a orange flag to find.
5. Blood Pool -- Slime Channel l fill with a red gak with red and white gummy peices. As usual a bar is over it with the flag on that bar.
6. In One Ear
7. Toejam
8. D.D.'s Brain - A slide disguised with gray foam to make look like a brain. The ladder is normal, the platform is normal--but the slide is cover with gray gak  At the end of the slide, the contest must stand up and grab a flag.

The Treasure Room / LOTCB: The Ottoman Cushion of Rob Petrie
« on: July 24, 2009, 05:27:32 PM »
If I was in charge, it would be a small green orb that appears-but disappears when the contest fire.

The Treasure Room / Was the artifact real?
« on: July 24, 2009, 05:13:49 PM »

Trojan Horseshoe

The Treasure Room / If Legends was renewed for a fourth season in 1996?
« on: December 02, 2008, 02:50:03 AM »
If it did get a fourth season, Olmec would be take over everything--leaving Kirk talk as the kids are going through the temple.

The Treasure Room / The Messy Card of the Earl of Sandwhich....
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:56:33 AM »

Artifact: The Messy Card of Earl of Sandwich
Artifact?s Location: Rook?s Tower
Layout: Dr. Thinker (Version 2)
Team: Orange Iguanas
Pendents: Two full ones
Outcome: Victory (Solo)
Time Reminding: 1:25


Not much to save about this temple, the girl knows what she was doing and got Messy card out in a decent time. The show did a surprise in the form of a female rock that had transported the crew of LOTHT to her home planet. This female rock was the daughter of Olmec, Mecak, and she did the new Temple layout reveal. That was a cute idea. The reason for the transport was to explain that Mecak and her alien friend were setting up a science fiction based version of the LOTHT show.


?Legends of the Hidden Temple?, format, and fiction characters not in the legends, are a copyright by Stone Stanley from 1995 to 2025. Summary based on those by Nicklegends, web master of ?The King?s Storeroom.?


Hey, guys! This idea come to after make my post about a nightmare, I was trying to kept my self awake at my workplace?when I come up with a idea that what been causing the problem was alien.  I did not want any danger to come to Olmec-so I decide to reveal the aliens to be his daughter and her friend.

Having Olmec having no clue other the names of the room, give me the rights to have Mecak explain the Temple Layout. As usual, I have her say, ?the choices are you and yours alone.??and I left the Temple Guards expiations to Olmec himself.

As for Zig and Mecak, their show might made a appearance soon or later, but I come up with twelve room ideas for science fiction based rooms. Feel free to help me out here, LOTH fans!

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

The Treasure Room / The Messy Card of the Earl of Sandwhich....
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:53:31 AM »
(Commercial Break)

(We come back from the commercial break, instead of seeing Orange Iguanas; we see Olmec and the Temple Guards. Kirk and the Orange Iguanas come in for the Temple Run and shock by the Temple Guards behind out of the temple.)

KIRK: What is the problem, Olmec?

OLMEC: Time to time, a vortex transports me to Ayakya so I can modified the temple itself?but the studio heads had written down old rooms that don?t exist in his layout. They thought I changed the temple?but I did not change?but this doesn?t look like the Ayakya area I now

VOICE: Hi, pops.

KIRK: You have the daughter?

OLMEC: Her name is Mecak

(Pan to the Step of Knowledge?we see a smaller rock with marks looking like a female hair.)

MECAK: Sorry, about that, pops?I did not know that the studio give the Temple Guards their rooms on based on your last layout.  We transported you crew and guest to the planet, because one of my friends I come up with a science fiction version of your show.

KIRK: Who is that?

(A female green-hair alien dressed in a green spacesuit appears.)

ALIEN: That would be me. The name is Zegia

MECAK: You are free to keep this layout, Olmec?if you do not mind.

OLMEC: I do not know anything about this layout expect for the names and the room of the Shrine of the Golden Monkey, can you explain this temple layout for us?

MECAK: Sure, but you going to be need  another commercial break before, you really get cooking with the Temple Run, I can get very wordy.

OLMEC: I think the studio will not mind.


MECAK: You can start in (1), the Roman Pier?if you are lucky, you may ear the right to swim in the Temple Lake (Bottom of Room marked 2), to the Gambler?s Den (5), pull the right stick to open the door to the Olmec Eye?s Room (6)?spin the correct eye to open the Wizard?s Room. Check the Wizard?s Table (7) for the key to up or you may smash though the rock wall to the Ruins. Go under them to reach of Olmec?s Slide (the empty mark beside Room 8 and Room 9) or climb them to get into, both paths leads you to up to The Rook?s Tower (9). Place the correct rook on the marking?and you may unlock the SHRINE OF THE GOLDEN MONKEY (10), put together the monkey together and you will unlock the Playwright?s Room (11). Here, put the correct script on the wall?and you will unlock the Dark Room (4)?were you could climb up to the Clock Room (3), spin the hands of the wall clock?and open the bath to Mecak?s Bridge (Top of the Room marked 2)?and rush across the Guard Station (12). As Olmec, usually has to say, the choices are you and yours? alone.

OLMEC: Thanks you?and now for a word from our sponsors?

(Commercial Break)

FOGG: Welcome back, know I hope you know that you remember what Mecak said before the commercial break?but you will need the information to order to get to the Messy Card and bring it out of the Temple.

Olmec: Orange Iguanas, you have collected two Pendents of Life in the Temple Game. Who is going first?

TINA: I am.

Olmec: Very well, Tina, when Kirk give the signal?make you way into the temple and towards the Rook?s Tower, where the Messy Card waits. But beware, they are three Temple Guards assigned three rooms?if you meet up with a guard, you have to give up a pendent?if you get caught with out a Pendent, if will be George?s turns to try his luck. If you bring out the card of the temple with in 3 minutes, you will be well reward?and here?s how?

(For getting to the temple = A Mountain Bike)
(For getting to the Messy Card = A PS3)
(For getting the Messy Card out of the temple before the 3 minutes are up = A trip to Alton Towers)

Kirk: Ok, let us set the time for 3 minutes. Olmec lower your gates. (Olmec does so.) Get set, Tina and go!


(Tina crawls into the Roman?s Pier at 2:52. Hits the door button for the Pier/Lake Door at 2:50)

(Tina makes a landing in the Temple Lake at 2:45. Open up Lake/Gambler at 2:43)

(Tina enters the Gambler?s Den at 2:39 and pulls on the Olmec side handle?unlocking the Dark/Gambler door at 2:35)

(Tina enters the Dark Room at 2:40 meeting up with a Temple Guard soon after. She opens the Dark/Playwright door at 2:30.)

(Tina enters the Playwright?s Room at 2:29. Tina choices ?Victory of the Temple Guards??which unlocks the Playwright/Monkey door at 2:28.)

(Tina enters the Shrine of the Golden Monkey at 2:20. She knows has to make for some lost time?she collects the head, tail, and chest of the Golden Monkey before heading its? holder. She puts the Golden Monkey together correct at 1:49?and then pushes hard on the Monkey?s head?Kirk quacks, ?That?s giving to that Monkey a headache tomorrow.??but anyway you slice it?she opens up the Rook?s Tower, where she gets her mitts on the Messy card at: 1:40.)

(Tina jumps on Olmec?s slide at 1:38. Kirk remarks, ?All the doors are unlocked and all the reminder of the Temple Guards is gone!)

(Tina rushes across the bottom area of the temple and reaches Olmec?s gate at 1:25)

FOGG: Good work! Nevertheless, how are we going to take you home?

(Another vortex appears)

FOGG: I guess I spoke too soon?.

MECAK: Keep up the good work, Fogg!

FOGG: I will!

(The end)

The Treasure Room / The Messy Card of the Earl of Sandwhich....
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:50:19 AM »

FOGG: Before we began the temple games, I will like to welcome the teammates that got though the Helen and Carol?and on the Sliver Snakes: we have George and Tina on the Orange Iguanas. Now girls get ready for temple game #1, and boy gets ready for temple game two---while I tell what is going to happen here. Inside Olmec?s temple, they are three guardians assigned to three rooms; they will stop a team member when they confront them in their assigned room?unless that team member has a Pendent of Life. The Pendent of Life is what the teams are going try to win. The first two temple games were worth a half of a Pendent?the third (and final game) is worth a full Pendent of Life. Olmec will explain Temple Game Number #1 ?


OLMEC: In our legend, the Earl played cards. In a moment, you will be doing you will be your own with them. Above you are a collection of cards, jump up and grab one?and come back down?and place your card in the bin?and go back up for the another one. The team with the most cards at the end of 60 seconds wins.

FOGG: On your mark, get set and go!

(Helena and Tina jump a second after Kirk say his line. It?s was even match?and both attempt to toss their last card into their bins before the buzz sounded, both failed.)

FOGG: They have been so fast that should have been the Red Jaguars (laughs)-let us start with the Orange Iguanas? bin?one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, & ten?now, for the Sliver Snakes, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine & this is time?making both team getting a half of Pendent of life.  What is our next game, Olmec?


OLMEC: In order to play card game or make to inside my temple, you need a bit of luck. In this game, we are going to test your luck. They are six holes in the mysterious water rock in front of you.  We are going to six rounds?if you pick the correct hole, you are safe?but if you pick the correct hole, you going to get a bit wet?the one with the most correct picks at the end of the six rounds.

(The first three rounds both teams their correct hole.  The next three runs have both teams getting wet.)

FOGG: You know what?we should have put you guys on the Green Monkeys?you luck is balance?both are you got three correct picks?both get another half Pendent of Life.


OLMEC: In this game, we have written what to you?if you want to a play a card game. There are the following: ?Buy a deck??as in buying a deck of cards. ?Get some friends?, ?Set Up??as in setting up the card table, and ?play?. When Kirk give the signal?one of you will fire a rubber ball at your partner who will place at the first spot?and then move on the next one. The first one to get all four spots marks in 60 seconds or the farther time wins the full Pendent of Life.

FOGG: Well this anyway you slice it is the Temple?on your marks, gets set and go!

(Both sides are even?but on the third green spot, the Sliver Snakes had four misses on that spot?but as the Sliver Snakes place their third spots?the Orange Iguanas place the final ball at the final green spot.)

FOGG:  STOP, the winners of the Temple Games with two Pedants of Life are the Orange Iguanas?they will be heading to the temple.  (As Fogg talk, The Orange Iguanas shake hands with the Sliver Snakes.) Do not worry, Sliver Snakes, we have a nice gift for you.

(The Sliver Snakes go home with ?Stuntman: Ignition? for PS2.)

(Commercial Break)

The Treasure Room / The Messy Card of the Earl of Sandwhich....
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:48:43 AM »

(The Step of Knowledge looks still the same. Fog on the top with the kids as usual?behind him is the alien green-smile moat.)

FOGG: Blue Barracudas, the Sliver Snakes, Green Monkey and the Orange Iguanas nice work on the moat?but we are only 1/3 done with our adventure. It is time when your knowledge of the legend can help you get a little closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, will you please tell us about The Messy Cards of Earl of Sandwich?

OLMEC:  I am glad to?.John Montagu, the 4th Earl of Sandwich was a found of playing card games?and his group usually took a break to eat?.

EARL: Servant, what do you have you for me to eat?

SERVENT: Just some goat livers left over from last night.

OLMEC: The players took pieces of the livers with their hands?forks, spoons and napkins were not around at this time?and players ate them with their hands. During the next card game---Earl tossed one of his cards?it was so messy from the liver?s juice?that the players could not tell which card it was?even after forfeit their own hands and checking the discard pile. The next day, the Earl complained to his servant?and that servent put pieces of goose meat between two slices of bread. Thought, this item was not new---it got its name from the Earl?the sandwich. As for the Messy Card, the Earl tossed out of his manor?and it soon made it away to the Temple.

FOGG:  Where is the Messy Card located?

OLMEC: The Messy Card is in the Rook?s Tower.

(Pan to the upper left room of Olmec?s Temple. On the self, contain one of the Rooks they is a card covered in gray-like slime.)

FOGG: Thank you, Olmec. Now, it is time to use Olmec?s legend to get closer to the temple. You are standing on the Steps of Knowledge?in a few minutes, Olmec will be asking questions based on today?s legend?if you know the answer stomp on the marking in front of you. Go ahead?do it. (The Orange Iguanas do so.) Orange Iguanas?if you were right?you move down a step. (Fogg heads down to the Temple Game floor) The first two teams down to the bottom?goes on the temple games. I still wondering why we have been transport to this place?anyway, Olmec?we are already for your first question?.


1) Who was John Montagu?s title?
A: Duke
B: Earl
C: Czar

2) According to our legend, what part of the goat did the players eat?
A: Heart
B: Brain
C: Liver

3) What did the servant do with the goose meat and pieces of bread the following day?
A: Eat them
B: Make them into a sandwich
C: Toss them out

4) One of these meals is know for being a kind of sandwich?which one is it?
A) Stir Fry
B) Hamburger
C) Liver

5) Which of the following games DO NOT use cards?
A = ?Clue?
B = ?Connect Four?
C = ?Guess Who??

6) What is the following famous person is a game show host?
A = Helen Keller
B = Kirk Fogg
C = George Washington

7) Marc Summers was a host of a famous game show?which of the following game show was it?
A) Double Dare
B) Nick Arcade
C) Finder Keepers

8) How many temple guards are hiding in my temple?
A) 4
B) 2
C) 3

9) What do you need to the keep the temple guards at bay?
A) Pendent of Life
B) Flashlight
C) Hockey Mask

(The step was close?but the Orange Iguanas and the Sliver Snakes make down to the bottom.)
FOGG: The Orange Iguanas and the Sliver Snakes are going to the Temple Games?.Blue Barracudas and Green Monkey will not be going home empty handed here.

(The Step loses return to home with the follow with ?Chill Out, Scooby-Doo? on DVD from Warner Bros.)

FOGG:  We see who going after the Messy Card right after this?.


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