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Title: About the pit
Post by: PhantomBPR on June 02, 2006, 06:29:50 PM
The pit is meant for all misc Legends discussions. Perhaps you have your own Legends web page, or maybe you have a link to one of your favorites, maybe you've found some old Legends memorabilia for sale, or maybe you've found a good place to watch Legends. Whatever the case, all misc. Legends topics belong here.

Edit by Nicklegends: To clarify, the Pit is for discussing things that have resulted because of the show, not the show itself. If it's tough to determine, the mods will move it to wherever they feel is best. :wink:
Title: About the pit
Post by: nicklegends on May 16, 2007, 08:52:25 PM
We the moderators have felt the need to revisit the rules regarding fansites' presence in the Pit. We've decided on four things which should make this division of the forum a but more useful...[list=1]
[li]Topics or posts regarding routine updates to websites continue to be discouraged.
[li]Discussions about individual fan sites, so long as within no mention is made by the site's creator of routine site changes, are now allowed.
[li]Topics about content unique to a particular fansite are now allowed.
[li]This is suggested in one of the primary rules of the forum, but to restate, absolutely no conflicts between owners or users of fansites are to be resolved in any subforum of Phantom's Temple, including the Pit.
[li]It is suggested you give the moderators lots of cookies and milk, for they are hungry.[/listpx]

Hopefully these new guidelines will allow for an easier transmission of ideas and suggestions to website owners, and keep the community even tighter. We were getting the impression that members were almost scared of posting here, so we also hope that these guidelines help members feel more comfortable.

That's it. Enjoy the changes, and remember to follow the guidelines so we don't have to make tougher ones. :wink:
Title: About the pit
Post by: The Mandarin Hand on May 16, 2007, 10:32:12 PM
Whoever wrote Rule #5 deserves a medal.