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Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
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Episode 49: Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro

The camera winds and twists its way through a thick jungle of strange and exotic plants. After a few wrong turns, it finally stops in front of an ancient Mayan temple. At the base of the temple, a giant stone head sits. Suddenly, a torch on either side of the head begins burning. The head’s eyes light up, and it begins to speak:

Legends of the Hidden Temple: Rebirth!” These words appear on the screen. “With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!”

A middle-aged man wearing a denim shirt and blue jeans rides in on an ATV. He dismounts the vehicle and runs up the Steps of Knowledge, microphone in hand.

“Thank you! Thank you very much! Nice to see everyone! Nice to see you, Olmec! Welcome to Legends of the Hidden Temple: Rebirth. The rooms are filled with lost treasures protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legends behind each of these all-new treasures in his temple…which one are we gonna hear about today?”

“The legend of Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro,” Olmec replies.

“Oh, Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro,” Kirk repeats. “Well, one of these six teams will have a chance to retrieve the Half-Eaten Gyro—will it be:

“The Red Jaguars?” The camera zooms in on each team as they are introduced.
“The Blue Barracudas?
“The Green Monkeys?
“The Orange Iguanas?
“The Purple Parrots?
“Or the Silver Snakes?

“They’ll have to pass some tough physical and mental tests, but in the end, only one of these teams will get the right to enter Olmec’s Temple. But first, they have to cross the Moat, and Olmec will explain to us how they’ll have to do it today…”

Olmec begins to explain the Moat Crossing:
“Before you hangs a row of ancient suspended rings. When Kirk gives the signal, one player from each team will reach up and grab the first ring, then swing out to the next one and grab onto it with their other hand, on their way across. Once you reach the other side, it’s your partner’s turn to cross in the same way. If you fall, you must go back and start again. Once both players are safely across, run over and hit the gong.” Kirk hits the Silver Snakes’ gong to demonstrate. “The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round!”

“Okay, let’s get started,” Kirk says. “Hey teams, are you ready?”
All six teams scream and cheer in response.
“Olmec, are you ready?” asks Kirk.
“Let’s rock,” Olmec replies.
“All right,” says Kirk. “On your mark, get set, GO!”

On Kirk’s word, the teams’ male members (except for the Purple Parrots and Silver Snakes, who send the girls across first) grab onto the first ring. The Red Jaguars’ boy takes an early lead, with the Blue Barracudas and the Purple Parrots making slow progress along the rings as well. The Silver Snakes’ girl falls into the water just trying to reach the second ring, as does the Green Monkeys’ boy. “Whoa, two teams down—this is gonna be a tough one, I have a feeling!” Kirk observes. The Red Jaguars’ boy is almost across, and the Blue Barracudas and Purple Parrots are also holding on for dear life as they slowly cross. The Orange Iguanas’ boy is tries and fails to reach the fourth ring, as his arms give out and he falls into the water. Unsurprisingly, the Red Jaguars’ boy becomes the first player to cross—everyone else is mostly dangling in the middle of the Moat. The Blue Barracudas’ boy shows determination and swings to the fifth ring, but the Silver Snakes’ girl is still struggling to muster enough strength to reach the third ring. As the Red Jaguars’ girl slowly swings to the second ring, the Purple Parrots’ boy musters enough strength to make it across, and his partner reaches up to grab the first ring. The Green Monkeys’ boy swings out to the third ring, but gives out and falls into the water a second time. “No one’s across yet—we still need four teams!” Kirk narrates. These words become obsolete about ten seconds later, though, when the Red Jaguars’ girl makes it across and gongs in (1:37). “Red Jaguars are across, but it looks like everyone else is having a little trouble!” Kirk accurately states, and indeed, most players seem to be tired hanging onto the rings. All the mist is now gone from the Moat as the Blue Barracudas’, Purple Parrots’, and Orange Iguanas’ girls are hanging in there while crossing. The Silver Snakes’ girl is about halfway across, but determinedly continues to hang on as she attempts to garner enough strength to reach the third ring on what must be her third attempt at crossing. The Blue Barracudas’ girl hits the gong to finish crossing (2:20), and the Purple Parrots also clock in (2:26). “Oh, three teams—and I think I know who the last one’s gonna be!” Kirk says. Indeed, the Orange Iguanas’ girl makes it across a few seconds later, and at 2:39, they become the fourth and final team to hit their gong.

“And that’s it!” Kirk says as he runs over and stands beside the soaking Purple Parrots. “Purple Parrots are soaked to the core, but they toughed it out—they’re goin’ on to the Steps of Knowledge…along with the Orange Iguanas…” Kirk pauses between each team’s name to allow for applause. “…and the Blue Barracudas…and the Red Jaguars! The Green Monkeys and the Silver Snakes didn’t make it all the way, but that’s all right—we’ve got a great gift for ‘em, and here’s what it is!” They receive a $50 gift certificate from Pacsun.
Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
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Kirk and the remaining four teams are now standing atop the Steps of Knowledge. “As the quest continues, it’s now time for Olmec to tell us about Democritus’ Half-Eaten Euro. But teams, pay attention, because your knowledge of this legend could bring you a step closer to Olmec’s Temple…”

Olmec begins to tell the story:
“One of the greatest philosophers of all time was the ancient Greek Democritus. Known as ‘The Laughing Philosopher’, Democritus was a jolly old man who promoted happiness and goodwill through his teachings. But Democritus is also known for an important scientific discovery. Legend has it that one day, while having lunch with his friend, a fellow philosopher named Leucippus, a curious subject emerged.
“‘Rats,’ said Leucippus. ‘I ate all of my lamb, eggplant, and feta cheese gyro, and I’m still hungry…’
“‘Here,’ said Democritus. ‘Take half of mine.’
“As Democritus broke his sandwich in half and gave one piece to Leucippus, he began to think out loud.
“‘I wonder what would happen if I broke this sandwich in half again…and again…and again…’
“Democritus began breaking down his gyro until he eventually came to a piece that was too small for him to break apart by hand. He took it home, and with a fine knife, began to break it down even further. Eventually, he came to an extremely tiny piece that he couldn’t break apart.
“‘If I could magnify this piece, I could still break it down. But eventually, I’ll bet I’d come to something too small to break down.’
“Democritus called these tiny pieces ‘atomos’, which meant ‘indivisible’ in Greek. Today, we know these tiny, unbreakable pieces of matter as ‘atoms’. Democritus is known today as the founder of the atomic theory, but the original half-eaten lamb-and-cheese gyro he gave to Leucippus was soon forgotten. Strangely enough, the sandwich has made its way to the Temple. Your quest is to find Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro and bring it back here."

“Thank you, Olmec,” says Kirk. “But tell us, where is the Half-Eaten Gyro?”

“Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro can be found…in the Dungeon,” replies Olmec. The camera zooms in on a fake-looking gyro wrapped in a piece of parchment paper, on an outcropping in the front of the room before fading back to Kirk.

“Ooh, spooky,” Kirk chuckles. “Teams, you’re now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a moment, Olmec’s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, I want you to stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you’re right, you can move down to the next level, but if you’re wrong or you run out of time, I’m gonna give the other teams a chance to answer.” Kirk begins descending the Steps. “The first two teams to make it to the bottom level will be one step closer to Olmec’s Temple. Olmec, we’re ready for your first question.”

Olmec begins:
“Was Democritus: Greek, Italian, or French?”
The Red Jaguars ring in. “Greek?”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies. The Red Jaguars step down to the second level.
“Step down, Red Jaguars,” Kirk instructs. “Next question.”

“Was Democritus known as: The Crying Philosopher, The Laughing Philosopher, or—”
The Blue Barracudas ring in early. “The, um…Laughing Philosopher?”
“That…is correct,” Olmec responds. The Blue Barracudas proceed to the next step.
“Blue Barracudas step down now,” says Kirk. “Next question, please?”

“According to our legend, what meal were Democritus and Leucippus eating: breakfast—”
The Orange Iguanas ring in. “Lunch?”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies. The Orange Iguanas join the Red Jaguars and Blue Barracudas on the second step.
“Orange Iguanas step down as well,” Kirk narrates. “This is shaping up to be a close match—next question, Olmec.”

“What type of sandwiches were they having for lunch: heroes, gyros, or—”
The Red Jaguars ring in. “Heroes?”
“Incorrect,” Olmec replies. “The other—”
The Blue Barracudas ring in early. “Heroes?”
“Incorrect,” Olmec replies. “The correct answer was gyros.”
“Okay, take it easy,” Kirk says. “Let’s just go to the next question, please.”

“What type of meat were the gyros filled with: ham, lamb, or Spam?”
The Red Jaguars ring in. “Ha—lamb?”
“That is correct,” Olmec says after a second or two of silence. The Red Jaguars now proceed to the penultimate step.
“Red Jaguars are now one step away from the Temple Games,” Kirk narrates. “But remember, we need two teams—next question.”

“What did Democritus do to his gyro—”
The Purple Parrots ring in early. “He, uh…broke it in half?”
“That…is correct,” Olmec replies. The Purple Parrots step down to the second step.
“Purple Parrots are on the board,” Kirk exclaims. “Anybody’s game now…next question, Olmec.”

“Democritus called tiny, unbreakable pieces of matter—”
The Red Jaguars ring in. “Atoms?”
“That is not one of our three choices,” Olmec replies. “He called these pieces of matter ‘atomos’. Does ‘atomos’ mean: indestructible, indivisible, or invisible?’
The Blue Barracudas ring in. “In…divisible?”
“That is correct,” Olmec says, and the Blue Barracudas join the Red Jaguars on the next-to-last step.
“Blue Barracudas now just one step away,” Kirk says. “We’re still looking for two teams…next question.”

“What are the small, unbreakable pieces called today—”
The Orange Iguanas ring in. “Atoms!”
“That is correct,” Olmec replies. The Orange Iguanas become the third team to make it to the next-to-last step.
“And we’ve got a three-way tie on the final step!” Kirk says. “Like I said, anyone’s game—Purple Parrots can still get back in it, too. Next question, Olmec.”

“Are groups of atoms called: neutrinos, molecules, or atom clouds?”
The Blue Barracudas ring in. “Molecules?”
That is correct!” Olmec booms, and the Blue Barracudas jump down to the bottom step, where they high-ten one another.
“And we’ve got our first team for the Temple Games!” Kirk remarks. “We still need one more teams. Who’s it gonna be: the Red Jaguars, the Blue Barracudas, or the Purple Parrots? Next question, Olmec.”

“Is the center of an atom known as: the core, the nucleus, or—”
The Orange Iguanas ring in early. “The nucu-lus?”
“That…is correct!” Olmec booms. The Orange Iguanas step down to the bottom.

“We’ve got our two teams right here!” says Kirk as he rushes over and stands between them. “They are the Blue Barracudas, and the Orange Iguanas! Red Jaguars and Purple Parrots, you guys were great, too—it was a very close round. We’ve got a great gift for these guys, and here’s what it is!” They receive How to Train Your Dragon on DVD.

Kirk is now seen standing between the two teams. “These two teams will be playing for the right to enter Olmec’s Temple, and they’ll do it right after this!”

The camera flies over Kirk and the teams and zooms in on a “broken” rock in a pile of fake stones next to Olmec before the title appears onscreen, and we go to a commercial.
Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
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We return from the break to find Kirk standing beside the two remaining teams.

“Welcome back to Legends: Rebirth,” Kirk says. “Now, the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest…

“So let’s hear it for Misty and Dewayne of the Blue Barracudas!” The audience applauds for the average-height-but-slender blue-eyed girl with long blonde hair and the burly tanned boy with brown eyes and a dark brown crew cut.

“And Christina and Michael of the Orange Iguanas!” The audience applauds for the Asian girl with long brown hair and brown eyes and the slightly taller brown-eyed boy with short coffee-colored hair.

“All right, are you guys ready to play?” Kirk asks the two teams.

“Yeah!” they reply.

“Okay, go get ready for the Temple Games,” Kirk instructs. “Now, in the Temple Guards—Games, our teams are competing for…” Kirk retrieves a Pendant of Life from a small pouch at his side and holds it up to the camera. “…Pendants of Life. The winning team will need these Pendants to protect themselves from those nasty Temple Guards as they make their way through Olmec’s Temple. There are three Temple Games, and Olmec’s gonna tell us about Temple Game #1…”

The black lights under Olmec come on and he begins to explain the first Game:
“To test his theory of atoms, Democritus broke down a gyro sandwich until he came to a piece too small to break down. In this game, you’re about to do the same. When Kirk gives the signal, jump up, grab the biggest half of the sandwich above you, come back down and place it in your bin. Then jump up, grab half of what’s left and do it again. Eventually, you’ll come to a piece that’s fixed to the ceiling, which symbolizes the piece too small to break down. The first player to reach this piece, or…the player that’s further along at the end of sixty seconds…wins.”

“Okay, time to break it down,” jokes Kirk. “Let’s set the clock for sixty seconds, please!” The clock slams down in the bottom corner with a loud gong. “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Misty and Christina each jump up and grab the biggest piece of the picture on the ceiling, placing it in the bin at about the same time. Misty is quite a bit slower than Christina, though, and takes about six seconds to jump up, grab one piece of the puzzle, and drop it in the bin. Christina is a bit faster, and by the time Misty is three-quarters of the way to the red center of the puzzle, Christina has placed all her puzzle pieces in her bin, leaving only the red dot on the ceiling with nine seconds left.

“Okay, that’s it!” says Kirk. “Come on down here…the Orange Iguanas got all of their…gyro except the one piece before time was up—the Orange Iguanas get the half Pendant of Life!” Kirk pauses to allow the audience to applaud. “The Blue Barracudas are behind, but they can catch up in this next game. It’s also worth a half Pendant—Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2…”

Olmec begins:
“On a whim, Democritus started breaking down his gyro, and eventually came to a piece too small to halve by hand. In this game, you’ll be helping him do just that. When Kirk gives the signal, adjust your weight and begin to spin the large wheel you’re standing on. For every rotation you make, it symbolizes one halving of Democritus’ gyro. The player who makes the most rotations at the end of thirty seconds…wins.”

“It’s a race on the wheels,” says Kirk. “Set the clock for thirty seconds, please!” The clock slams down in the corner. “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Michael and Dewayne each adjust themselves and begin running to turn the giant Pendant-shaped wheel. Michael is slightly faster than Dewayne, but he falls off after about ten seconds, giving Dewayne a small chance to catch up. Unfortunately, Dewayne falls off soon afterward as well, keeping the game relatively even. Near the end of the game, both boys lose their footing and fall off, but Michael scrambles back on the wheel first and adjusts himself. No one else falls off for the remainder of the game, but Michael maintains his slight lead. Finally, the clock reaches zero.

“That’s it!” Kirk says as he appears back onscreen. “Come on down here…we’ll count it up!” Dewayne climbs down without any problems, and Michael dismounts the wheel and staggers over to Kirk, where he almost falls over. “Whoa, little dizzy there…the Blue Barracudas made seven rotations, and…the Orange Iguanas made eight rotations! The Orange Iguanas get another half Pendant of Life!” The audience applauds for a second. “So now, the Orange Iguanas have a half—or a full Pendant; the Blue Barracudas don’t have any. Now, we go to the third and final Temple Game. It’s worth a full Pendant of Life—Olmec, tell us about it, please…”

Olmec begins to explain the final Game:
“Democritus was the first person to say that atoms make up everything in the universe, forming larger molecules to make more complex substances. In this game, you’ll be making your own molecule. When Kirk gives the signal, grab an atom, stick it to your body, then glide down to your partner, who will take the atom off you and stick it on your board. Then, your partner will glide to the other side and grab another atom. The team who builds the biggest molecule at the end of sixty seconds…wins.”

“This is for the Temple,” Kirk explains as we see him in the middle of the two teams. “Let’s put sixty seconds on the clock!” The clock slams down in the corner with the usual sound effect. “On your mark, get set, GO!”

Both boys stick a colored ball to their Velcro-covered shirt, and then use the zipline to glide out to the platform where their partners are standing. They hand off the ball, and the girls stick both balls to their team’s board. The girls then use their own zipline to slide out to the platform where the balls are and continue the process. The Blue Barracudas take an early lead, placing three blue balls on their board in only about twenty seconds. The Orange Iguanas are slightly slower, but they continue to try and catch up. When Misty drops one of the balls before she can place it on her team’s board with about twenty seconds left, the Orange Iguanas rush to catch up. However, the Blue Barracudas maintain their slim lead up until the game comes to an end.

“That’s it!” Kirk shouts. “Come on back, guys! Let’s see how you did here…I don’t know; it looks pretty close. The Blue Barracudas got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven atoms, and…the Orange Iguanas got one, two, three, four, five …six atoms! The Blue Barracudas get the full Pendant! They’ve got one Pendant; the Orange Iguanas also have one Pendant—we’ve got a tie! Let’s bring in the tiebreaker pedestal!”

A spotter wheels in the tiebreaker pedestal, and the teams stand behind it. Kirk stands beside them as he begins to explain the rules:

“All right, teams, here’s what’s gonna happen. In just a moment, Olmec’s gonna ask you one last question. If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you. You have three seconds to answer, and we must accept your first response. The first team to buzz in and answer the question is going inside the Temple in search of Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro. All clear?” The teams nod in response. “Okay…Olmec, what is your final question?”

Olmec begins to ask the final question of the day:
“According to our legend, what was the name of Democritus’ friend and fellow philosopher: Socrates, Leucippus, or Plato?”

The Blue Barracudas ring in. “Lou…Leucippus?”

“…That is correct!” Olmec replies.

“The Blue Barracudas are goin’ to the Temple!” Kirk exclaims as Misty squeals in excitement, and she and Dewayne high-five one another. “Nice job! Orange Iguanas, come over here, you guys…you did a great job, too, and we’re not sending you home empty-handed. Here’s what we’ve got for you!” They receive a $100 savings bond provided by Wonka candy.

As the prize disappears off-screen, Kirk is seen standing beside the winners. “They broke the tie; now we’ll see if the Blue Barracudas can make it through Olmec’s Temple and retrieve that Half-Eaten Gyro, right after this!”

The camera pans in on a moss-covered log on the edge of the Moat with two plastic turtles crawling on it. The title appears onscreen, and we go to a commercial.
Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
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We return from the break to find Kirk standing in front of the Temple with the winning team.

“Welcome back to Legends: Rebirth,” he says. “The Blue Barracudas have proven themselves worthy, and now they’ve earned the right to enter Olmec’s Temple. But first, Olmec will give them some information to help them to retrieve Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro…”

Olmec begins to explain the Temple layout as the camera gives us a first-person walkthrough of the Temple:
“You could start…by running up the stairs to the Crypt! Grab the book from the skeletons, and pass into the Bottomless Pit! Swing across the gap, and climb into the Great Seal Room. Place the correct seal in the central holder, and a door may open into the Candelabra Room. Light the correct candelabra, and pass into the Room…of the Mystical Keys! Reach into the compartments to find the two correct keys, and open the door to the SHRIIIIINE of the Silver Monkey! Assemble the statue and you may be headed toward the Lightning Ball Room. Connect the power cords to create your own lightning, which will blast open the door to the Pharaoh’s Secret Passage. Slide down the tunnel to the Dungeon, where you could smash through the wall into the Dark Forest—but beware of the Temple Guards that may inhabit the trees! Find the key in the tree, and you’ll enter…the Snake Pit! Place the snakes in the hollow stump, and you’ll gain entry to the Tomb of the Headless Kings. Pull the vine to release the bones, and attach the missing skull to its proper king, then…race through the Pit, climb through the Ledges, rrrrrrace down the stairs and back through the Temple Gate. The choices are yours and yours alone!” Olmec pauses. “You won 1 Pendant in the Temple Games. Who’s going first?”

“I am,” says Dewayne.

“Very well, Dewayne,” Olmec replies. “When Kirk gives the signal, you’ll race through the Gate into the Temple and make your way toward the Half-Eaten Gyro. Hidden inside the Temple are Temple Guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your Pendant for an extra life and go on, but…if you’re caught without a Pendant, you’ll be taken out of the Temple, and it’ll be Misty’s turn to enter and try her luck. If you can reach the Gyro, all the doors of the Temple will instantly unlock, and the Temple Guards will vanish. Return through the Gates with Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro in three minutes, and you’ll both be handsomely rewarded…and here’s how!”

• Just for making it this far, they’ll get a rollerblading package.
• If they can grab the Gyro within three minutes, they’ll also receive an Xbox 360, complete with three new games.
• And if they can bring the Gyro out of the Temple before three minutes expires, they’ll win a trip to Montréal, Québec, Canada.

“These guys wanna go to Montréal, I can tell,” says Kirk. “Let’s see if they can do it. Mouthpiece in…now, Misty, is there any kind of strategy you guys have to get to the Gyro?”

“Um…not really, we’re just gonna try to stay low, and…see how far we can get,” Misty replies.

“All right, staying low…we’ll see if that works. Let’s put three minutes on the clock!” The clock slams down in the bottom corner, ready to go.

“Olmec, lower your gate, if you please.” Olmec moans gutturally as the gate is lowered, and the black lights and torches under him go out.

“On your mark,” begins Kirk, “get set, GO!”

“There he goes—up, up into the Temple!” Kirk narrates as Dewayne trots up the stairs, clutching the team’s only Pendant. He slides down into the Ledges (2:54) and begins to traverse through the room, slowed down a bit by his own size. “This guy plays football—he’s tough!” Kirk narrates. “If anyone can reach that Gyro, it’s him!” Dewayne hits the actuator for the Bottomless Pit, which he enters, and trudges through the dark-colored balls littering the bottom half of the room. He hits the actuator for the Tomb of the Headless Kings, which opens, so he slowly climbs into this room, where he is ambushed by the first TEMPLE GUARD (2:30). “Oh, first Temple Guard in the Tomb of Headless Kings!” Kirk narrates and Dewayne reaches for his Pendant. “And that’s his team’s only Pendant!” Dewayne hands over his only lifeline before the Temple Guard slinks back into the shadows of the room, disappearing behind the secret door in the back. Dewayne grabs the rope and pulls down, releasing the bones into the room. He looks around for a little while before he finally locates the skull and places it on the stage-left king. The king’s chest starts pulsating in a bright red light, and the door to the Candelabra Room flies open (2:13). “Okay, looks like he’ll have to go up!” says Kirk, and Dewayne does so, climbing the ladder up to the Candelabra Room, where he heads to the back of the room. He presses two candelabras before opening the door up to the Great Seal Room, but unfortunately, the second TEMPLE GUARD is hiding behind said door (2:03)!

“Whoa, Temple Guard! Go, Misty!” Kirk shouts, and Misty takes off, following Dewayne’s path exactly as she slides down into the Ledges. “She says she likes to hike, so she’s probably used to climbing on and around stuff like this!” Kirk says. “But can she make it to the Gyro in time?” Misty slowly climbs up to the Candelabra Room, then the Great Seal Room (1:43), where she grabs two seals at the back of the room and brings them back to the front. She places one of the seals in the central holder, but nothing happens (1:37). She tries the other seal she retrieved, but again, nothing happens (1:32). She heads back to the shelf at the back of the room and grabs another seal, which she brings to the holder and places—but again, no doors open (1:24). “Oh, it’s gotta be that last one!” Kirk says. Misty treks to the back of the room again, grabs the last seal, brings it back, and places it in the holder. Only then does the door to the Room of the Mystical Keys open (1:16). “That’s it—into the Room of the…Mystical Keys!” Kirk narrates. “She’s making great progress!” Misty slowly heads through the open door into the room and looks around for a few seconds. She reaches into the top right compartment, but comes out empty-handed (1:07). She tries two more compartments before finding the first key, and finds the second a few seconds later (0:52). Misty brings the keys to the pedestals in the front of the room, and then inserts them into the stage-left and stage-right pedestals. However, no doors open. She takes the key out of the stage-left pedestal and places it in the middle one, and this time, the doors to both the Snake Pit and the Shrine of the Silver Monkey open (0:39). “Okay, she’s got it! Now where will she head now?” Kirk asks. Misty answers Kirk’s question by heading into the Shrine, where she looks around for a few seconds. But before she can head to the back of the room to grab a piece of the statue, the third and final TEMPLE GUARD jumps out from the secret door at the back of the room and grabs her (0:30).

“Oh, Temple Guard!” Kirk shouts. “No, wait…that’s it! They’ve got no more Pendants, so it’s over! The Temple Guards didn’t want ‘em in the Temple, and they didn’t have enough Pendants! Tough break for this team, but that’s okay, because they still get the rollerblade package for playing anyway. Well, we’ve gotta get out of here, but we’ll see you next time! Just remember…it’s not just Legends, it’s Legends: Rebirth! Buh-bye!”

Kirk and Dewayne wave to the crowd as the credits start to roll. The camera shows various parts of the set, including a piece of rock next to the Dungeon’s outer ledge, a pair of plastic iguanas with mouths wide open, and a side-view of Kirk’s cherry-red ATV he rode in on at the beginning of the show. When we cut back to Kirk and Dewayne, Misty emerges from the Temple, and Kirk puts his hands on her shoulder and waves before the Stone Stanley logo appears on the screen.
Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
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Democritus’ Half-Eaten Gyro
Season 2, Layout 1
Artifact Location
: The Dungeon
Team: Blue Barracudas (Dewayne Peck & Misty Guy)
Pendants: 1
Result: Caught by three Temple Guards (0:30 left)

This episode was definitely interesting to watch. From the debut of the incredibly difficult “swinging rings” Moat Crossing, which took nearly three minutes, and the…uh…let’s say “interesting” choice of legend and artifact, at least this wasn’t as “filler” as the last episode. After some competitive Temple Games (albeit a pretty uninspired second one), the Blue Barracudas and Orange Iguanas tied at one Pendant apiece. The Blue Barracudas answered the tiebreaker correctly, and earned the right to enter the Temple.

Dewayne was a tad on the slow side, but I partially attribute that to his burly physique. He squeezed through the Ledges in a time substantial to someone of his size, and he was quick to hand his Pendant over in the Tomb of the Headless Kings. He got caught up trying to find the skull in this room for a bit, though, costing him a little time. He was eventually taken out after completing the Candelabra Room’s objective with about two minutes left.

Despite starting out on a strong note with her speedy traversal of the Ledges, Misty went downhill fast, especially showing it when she had to climb the ladders into the rooms. She had to try all four seals in the Great Seal Room, and unfortunately, when the door to both the Shrine and the Snake Pit opened in the Room of the Mystical Keys, Misty chose the door to the Shrine, where the third Temple Guard was waiting, ending the run with thirty seconds left.

Even though there was a way to avoid the third Temple Guard in this run, the team didn’t choose it, and even if they did, at the pace Misty was going, I doubt she could’ve moved fast enough to reach the Gyro. Tough break…

Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Notes and Trivia: Even though this episode featured a nearly three-minute Moat Crossing, it wouldn’t be the longest—that honor goes to “The Misfired Rocket of Wan Hu”, which aired a few episodes after this one and had a Moat Crossing of almost five minutes.
Title: Legends: Rebirth-Democritus' Half-Eaten Gyro
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on November 17, 2010, 04:27:02 PM
We have to look forward to a five-minute Moat? :shock: Geezus... :P The third game was also pretty creative with teammates basically rotating positions, so I liked that too.  It's just too bad having only one Pendant is so much more of a curse than it was in the original show, but hey, your series and not mine, and so far I'm really liking how Season 2 is turning out. :)