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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
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The camera makes its way through lush greenery, and the palms move away as ambient animal noises are heard. Portions of a temple are shown, and suddenly the jungle ends, and we see Olmec?s face light up and shout, ?LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!?

The show?s title card?a pendant of life?crashes together on the screen, and the camera shifts to focus on the temple and its rooms. ?With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!?

The pendant splinters and Kirk is seen crawling out of the Jungle Crevice to run right into the center of the stage and up the Steps of Knowledge as he begins his narration.

?Thank you, thank you!? says Kirk. ?It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today??

Olmec replies, ?The Legend of The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty!?

?Ooh, the Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty!? says Kirk. ?Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Incorrect Painting?will it be The Red Jaguars??

At this point, the camera focuses on each team as they are introduced.

?The Blue Barracudas??
?The Green Monkeys??
?The Orange Iguanas??
?The Purple Parrots??
?Or the Silver Snakes??

?They?re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests,? continues Kirk, ?and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec?s temple, but first they have to cross the moat, and Olmec?s gonna tell us how they have to do it today.?

Olmec instructs:
?Before you lies an old abandoned railroad line. When Kirk gives the signal, one player will step onto the bar while their partner stands on the opposite. Next, lock hands, lean on each other, and walk along the rails. Be sure to keep your balance?because if you fall into the water, you must both go back and start again. When both of you reach the other side, run over and hit the gong!?

Kirk hits the Silver Snakes? gong to demonstrate, which?in turn?lights up a bright silver.

?The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round,? finishes Olmec. ?All right, teams!? yells Kirk. ?Are you ready??

The teams excitedly reply, ?Yeeaahhhh!?

Kirk then asks, ?Olmec, are you ready??

?Let?s rock!? replies Olmec.

?All right, then!? says Kirk. ?On your marks, get set? GO!?

The players immediately start to move, grabbing onto each other and beginning to move along the rails. ?They?ve got to lean on each other,? explains Kirk, ?but just enough to balance?they don?t want to push each other into the water!? The Red Jaguars obviously have not listened to this advice?they fall together into the water, and the boy on the Green Monkeys gets pushed off by his partner a few seconds later. ?Oh!? Kirk exclaims as an Orange Iguana splashes down into the water, while the Purple Parrots make their way toward the end of the railway. ?Looks like we may have our first team soon?? comments Kirk, as the Purple Parrots finish crossing the Moat and hit their gong together. ?And it?s the Purple Parrots!? As the Purple Parrots celebrate, the Silver Snakes step onto the deck, and hit their gong to become the second team advancing.

?We?ve got two teams now, we?re still looking for two more, though,? says Kirk, as the Orange Iguanas begin to speed up as they near the end. The Red Jaguars have fallen into the water?both of them?again, and the Blue Barracudas lose their balance after being sprayed by the Red Jaguars? splash, and the girl on the Blue Barracudas falls into the water. ?Green Monkeys are hot on the Orange Iguanas? tail!? commentates Kirk, but the Orange Iguanas have already stepped off the railway. ?And we?ve got our third team!? yells Kirk as the Orange Iguanas hit their gong. ?We?re looking for one more?? Kirk is cut off the ring of the Green Monkeys? gong, which ends the round. ?And we?ve got it! That?s it!?

Kirk appears standing next to the excited Silver Snakes. ?The Silver Snakes did a great job on the Moat,? he remarks. ?Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Silver Snakes?and the Purple Parrots?and the Orange Iguanas?and the Green Monkeys.?

?The Red Jaguars and the Blue Barracudas gave it a great effort,? he says. ?They?re not going away empty handed?we?ve got a great gift for them, and here?s what it is.?

Dee reads the prize:
?Skechers Footwear?makers of fun, exciting, cool shoes, sneakers, and boots. Skechers?it?s the ?S?.?
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
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The screen transitions to a shot of the four teams atop the Steps of Knowledge. ?As the quest continues,? says Kirk, ?it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Useless?uh, Incorrect Painting. But teams?pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec?s temple.?

Olmec narrates the legend:
?The last great dynasty that ruled Mainland China was the Ching Dynasty, lasting for nearly 400 years since the 17th century. Many say it was the most culturally-rich dynasty, with many works of art being made during it. But not all of them were accurate. Legend has it, a local artist had painted a beautiful picture of cows that was incorrect.

??Wu Wei,? called his father, who was a farmer that often nagged Wu Wei for not becoming a farmer like him. ?You didn?t milk the cows this week, did you??

??Of course I milked them, ba,? lied Wu Wei.

??No, you didn?t,? replied his father sternly. ?Take a look at your painting.?

?Wu Wei looked at his painting, searching left and right for a mistake. ?There isn?t anything wrong with it,? he said.

?His father pointed a shaky finger at a cow in the corner of the painting. ?Didn?t you say this was a happy cow?? he asked.

??Yes,? replied Wu Wei. ?Why??

??Look at its tail,? explained his father. ?It?s waving around in the air. Our cows were fighting on Wednesday, and you didn?t notice that their tails were like whips??

?Wu Wei sighed. ?All right,? he admitted, ?I heard that happy cows wave their tails from Han??

?Wu Wei?s father laughed and patted him on the back. ?I told you not to spend too much time outside. Great painting, son.? He laughed and then got back to his work.

?Wu Wei eventually repainted his picture and sold it, becoming the talk of his town, but the incorrect painting he threw out, and years later, it made its way to the temple. Your goal is to find the Incorrect Painting of Wu Wei and bring it back here.?

?So tell us,? says Kirk after a short pause, ?where is the painting??

?The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty can be found? in the Vine Drop,? reveals Olmec. The camera moves across the top floor of the temple until it reaches the Vine Drop, then we fade to a close-up of the painting propped up on the front ledge.

?Oh, OK,? says Kirk in response. ?Teams?you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec?s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you?re right, you?ll move down to the next level, but if you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m gonna have to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams that make it to the bottom level?? Kirk runs down the steps, then walks out of view ??will be one step closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, we?re now ready for your first question??

Olmec asks: ?Is the capital of China: Beijing, Shanghai, or Chinatown??

The Silver Snakes are first to ring in: ?Beijing!?

?That is correct,? replies Olmec. ?Step down, Silver Snakes!? says Kirk after some applause, and the Silver Snakes move down to the second step. ?Next question??

Olmec asks: ?Did Wu Wei live in?the Ming Dynasty, the Ching Dynasty, or the Wu Wei Dynasty??

The Orange Iguanas buzz in: ?The Ming Dynasty??

?Incorrect,? replies Olmec.

The Green Monkeys ring in: ?Uh, the Chee? Ching Dynasty???

?? that is correct,? declares Olmec after a slight pause. ?Ooh, nice recovery by the Green Monkeys!? comments Kirk as he motions for them to move down a step. ?Still plenty of time for the Orange Iguanas and the Purple Parrots, though. Next question.?

Olmec asks: ?Why did some say the Ching Dynasty was culturally rich?because of Confucius, because of the art??

The Purple Parrots stomp down and interrupt: ?Because of the art???

?That is correct,? says Olmec. ?Okay, step down, Purple Parrots!? allows Kirk. ?We?ve got a three-way tie on the second step... next question??

Olmec asks: ?Was Wu Wei?s father?a writer, a farmer, or a politician??

The Purple Parrots hit their marking: ?A farmer.?

?That is correct!? replies Olmec. ?Nice job, Purple Parrots?coming back from behind!? Kirk commentates as the Purple Parrots move down to the third step. ?Now they?re just one step away from the Temple Games... but we?re still looking for our two teams. Next question, Olmec??

Olmec asks: ?Was Wu Wei painting a picture of?chickens, cows, or??

The Orange Iguanas stomp down first: ?Cows!?

?That is correct,? announces Olmec. ?Whoo, this match is heating up!? remarks Kirk as the Orange Iguanas move down to the second step. ?Olmec, next question??

Olmec asks: ?According to our legend, does an angry cow?stomp its feet, wave its tail around, or produce extra milk??

The Green Monkeys stomp down: ?It, uh, waves its tail around???

?That? is correct,? says Olmec slowly. ?And like that, the Green Monkeys are just one step away from the Temple Games!? announces Kirk. ?We?re still looking for our first team, though. Next question, Olmec.?

Olmec asks: ?During the Ching Dynasty, was China ruled by?a president, an emperor, or me??

The Purple Parrots buzz in: ?An emperor!?

?That is correct!? shouts Olmec. ?The Purple Parrots are going to the Temple Games!? exclaims Kirk. ?They knew that Mr. Olmec here didn?t rule China, so they get to move on, isn?t that nice? All right, next question, Olmec.?

?But I still own this temple!? retaliates Olmec.

?Yeah, yeah, next question please,? Kirk requests, laughing.

Olmec asks: ?Is China?s government?democratic, communist, or??

The Green Monkeys stomp down on their marking: ?Communist??

?That is correct!? yells Olmec. ?We?ve got our two teams going to the Temple Games!? Kirk says loudly as he runs over to the bottom step to greet the qualifying teams. ?They are the Green Monkeys? and the Purple Parrots! Orange Iguanas, Silver Snakes? they gave it a great effort. They?re not going away empty-handed?we?ve got a great gift for them and here?s what it is!?

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s here?the official Legends: Wild Jungle backpack! Custom-designed and made to fit, never venture anywhere without the wildest backpack in the world! The official Legends: Wild Jungle backpack, from Nickelodeon and Jansport!

The screen wipes to reveal Kirk with his hands on the two remaining teams? shoulders. ?These two teams are gonna be playing for the rights to enter Olmec?s temple,? he says, ?and they?re gonna do it?right after this!? We cut to a camera moving past the Steps of Knowledge, heading towards the Tiger?s Den. Making a sharp turn, we stop just before colliding with the front wall of the temple, and a titlecard appears before we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
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The pendant-logo splits and zooms away, the camera itself zooms out from an ancient-looking animal ribcage, and then we fade to Kirk and the two teams.

?Welcome back to Legends,? says Kirk, standing in front of The Jungle Crevice with the two remaining teams. ?Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest? so before we get started, let?s meet our teams. On the Green Monkeys, we?ve got Olivia. You like to collect pens, right??

?Yes, I?ve got about two hundred,? replies the girl with long, flowing dark hair and tanned skin.

?Two?woah, two hundred pens?? Kirk replies in surprise. ?That?s a lot?do you have a favorite one??

?Yeah, it?s one from Japan,? Olivia says. ?It?s got about eight colors all in one pen.?

?That sounds like a cool pen,? comments Kirk, as he moves onto Olivia?s slightly shorter partner, a boy with red hair and freckles. ?And also, we have Carl. I understand you want to be an architect???

?Yeah,? responds Carl. ?I wanna major in that for college and stuff.?

?What kind of buildings do you wanna design?? Kirk then asks.

?Probably like museums or skyscrapers, they?re all pretty cool,? says Carl.

?Okay, sounds good,? says Kirk. ?Let?s hear it for the Green Monkeys!? The audience applauds for the team while they cheer as well. Kirk then turns to the first player on the Purple Parrots, a boy with fairly long black hair.

?And on the Purple Parrots,? continues Kirk, ?we?ve got Jonathan. It says here that you like baseball.?

?Uh, yeah, that?s right,? says Jonathan. ?I?ve been playing for six years and I really like watching it on TV.?

?All right,? Kirk says in response. ?And also, we have Jessica?she wants to be a movie producer? why??

?Uh? I don?t know,? shrugs the tall girl with the long blond hair.

?Well, what kind of mew?movies do you want to make?? asks Kirk.

?Umm, maybe action movies or comedies,? replies Jessica.

?Oh, alright then,? says Kirk. ?Let?s hear it for the Purple Parrots!? Once again, the audience applauds, this time for the Purple Parrots.

?Why don?t you guys go get ready for your games,? continues, ?while I?ll explain what?s gonna happen here?? The players walk off-screen, and then Kirk continues his narration.

?In the temple games, teams are competing for pendants of life?? Kirk grabs a pendant out of his pouch and holds it up to the camera. ?The winning team will need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards, as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games, and Olmec?s gonna tell us about Temple Game #1.

Olmec explains:
?Wu Wei painted a picture of four cows, but luckily for you, you don?t have to do much painting. When Kirk gives the signal, dip your hands in paint, and?without your hands touching?slide down the slippery footpath as far as you can. Once you put your hands on the footpath, the spotter will place a marker beside it and you can try again. The player with the farthest mark at the end of 60 seconds wins.?

?I really wish I could play this game too,? Kirk remarks as he backs away to get a clear view. ?Let?s put 60 seconds? on the clock!?

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set... GO!? Immediately, the two girls scramble to dip their hands in their color paint and then jump onto the slippery footpaths. ?It?s a game of momentum,? Kirk explains, ?and about how far they can slide before they make their mark with the paint.? As he says this, the Green Monkeys stop about halfway down their path, while the Purple Parrots come up about two feet shorter. [0:44] ?Oh, Jessica didn?t quite make it to where Olivia did,? commentates Kirk, ?but there?s still plenty of time left.? Trying again, Olivia extends her record only by a few inches, but Jessica manages to slide all the way to the halfway point on the track. ?Now the Purple Parrots are getting there,? says Kirk as Jessica gets off the path after making her handprints on it and begins to run back to the start. Olivia has already started sliding a third time, but doesn?t get any further. ?Oh, it?s getting to be closer and closer!? comments Kirk as Jessica overtakes Olivia?but only by about half a foot. [0:15] With little time left, Olivia regains her lead with a massive slide, getting her about ? of the way down the path. ?Woah, nice move by the Green Monkeys!? exclaims Kirk as the seconds count down. ?The Purple Parrots are gonna have a hard time catching up now, I think?? He is right?the game ends about five seconds later as the clock explodes.

Kirk runs over to the slippery footpaths, where the players, now with towels to dry their hands off, are waiting for him. ?All right, nice job, girls!? praises Kirk as he catches his own breath. ?Well, let?s check out the results?the markers have been placed by our spotters, here? And the Green Monkeys made the furthest mark, so they get the half-a-pendant of life!? The audience claps and cheers briefly before Kirk continues.

?The Purple Parrots can catch up in the next game, though,? says Kirk. ?It?s also worth a half-pendant?let?s check it out! Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2.?

Olmec narrates:
?Paints, even the ones that Wu Wei used, come in all sorts of colors. Before you stands a gigantic net and a trampoline. When Kirk gives the signal, run forward, bounce off the trampoline, and climb to the top. Then smash open one of the cubby-holes. If it?s empty, move on to another one, but if you find a bottle of paint, make your way back down and put it in the box of the same color. The first team to find all seven bottles of paint?and they are in their correct boxes?or the team that?s furthest along at the end of 60 seconds? wins.?

?Let?s collect Wu Wei?s paints,? comments Kirk. ?And let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!?

The clock appears in the corner of the screen with a bang. ?On your marks, get set? GO!? Carl and Jonathan spring forward on this last word and catapult themselves up onto the net without much trouble. ?It?s neck-and-neck so far,? commentates Kirk, ?but now we?re gonna see what?ll happen, as our players climb their way to the top?? Indeed, Carl seems to have more trouble climbing up the net?which waves around in the air like a flag as Carl struggles his way up?and Jonathan takes the lead, smashing open the covers of two holes before he finds his first paint bottle?orange?which he returns to the orange-colored box at the base of the net. ?Nice move by the Purple Parrots!? comments Kirk as they climb back up for another bottle. ?Remember, they need this game to tie up the scores. With 30 seconds left, the score is 4-2 Purple, and the Green Monkeys are still having trouble climbing. Jonathan has some trouble finding another paint bottle, having to smash through two holes before finally finding the violet bottle. [0:18] ?Green Monkeys have to really scramble if they want this one!? declares Kirk as time ticks down. Carl manages to find a third bottle, dropping down onto the trampoline after climbing down the net for awhile. [0:06] ?Just a few seconds left?? says Kirk as the audience counts the final seconds down. ?And that?s it!? The clock finally hits zero and explodes into segments that slide all over the screen and disappear.

?All right, come on over here?? says Kirk as he runs over to the base of the nets. ?Let?s check out the scores?? We switch to an overhead shot of the colored boxes to show which are filled. ?The Green Monkeys got yellow, blue, and green?that?s three, and the Purple Parrots got? red, orange, green, blue, and violet? The Purple Parrots get the half pendant of life!? There is some applause before Kirk continues.

?So now the Green Monkeys have a half-pendant,? Kirk says, ?and the Purple Parrots also have a half? We?re going to our third and final game?it?s worth a full pendant. Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec continues:
?In the Ching Dynasty, farms covered a large area of China, and today, there still are many farms of all sorts. Before you is Wu Wei?s father?s farm, and the cows on the farm need to be milked. When Kirk gives the signal, grab a bucket?because the udders of the cows will start to release milk. Catch as much as you can, and then walk across the teeter-totter to the other side and hand it to your partner, who will fill your container. Then go back and do it again! The first team to fill their container past the line with milk, or the team that has the most milk in their container at the end of 60 seconds? wins.?

?Wu Wei forgot to milk the cows again?? mutters Kirk. ?Oh, man, our players?ve got to do all the work? Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!?

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set? GO!? After about a second of delay, the ?cows? begin to spurt out milk in torrential amounts. ?Woah!? exclaims Kirk as the liquid begins to pour all over the stage. The girls collect as much milk as they can?Jessica already setting out before her bucket is full, managing to cross the teeter-totter without mishap. ?They can fill it up however they choose,? explains Kirk, ?but they?ve got to be careful not to spill any on the way over the seesaw!? Jonathan fills the Purple Parrots? container about a fifth of the way up to the line with 45 seconds left on the clock. Meanwhile, Olivia has filled her bucket to the brim, but has to walk slowly across the teeter-totter, some milk sloshing out as she tries to keep her balance. ?You don?t wanna fall now,? Kirk says, ?or you?ll lose lots of time?? Olivia and Carl fill a quarter of their container by the time Olivia goes back for another round, but the Purple Parrots fill theirs up a third on their second trip. [0:29] Milk still spewing out everywhere; Olivia fills the bucket ? of the way up before she takes it across the teeter-totter, and Jessica only fills hers halfway. Either way, both teams are just at about the same level, with the Green Monkeys barely holding on to the lead. ?It?s gonna be close!? declares Kirk as both girls head back for another bucketful at about the same time, with 15 seconds remaining. ?It?s gonna come down to the wire?who?s going to Olmec?s temple today?? Kirk asks rhetorically as a crane cam flies past both girls, who are filling their buckets. Olivia makes a dash for it with eight seconds remaining, spilling quite a bit of the milk on her way across, but Jessica waits two seconds more before making her move. The audience begins to count the last seconds down. ?Five? four? three?? With barely any time left, Carl dumps a few more milliliters of milk into the container?but TIME IS UP!

?Okay, time?s up,? announces Kirk. ?Come on Olivia, Jessica?? The girls follow Kirk over to their partners, standing by their containers. We switch to a split-screen shot of both containers? ??and it looks like the Green Monkeys have done it?they got more milk in their container at the end! They get the full pendant! That gives them one-and-a-half pendants; the Purple Parrots had a half? The Green Monkeys are going to the temple!? The audience roars as the Green Monkeys celebrate, hugging and high-fiving each other.

?Great job by both teams!? continues Kirk. ?The Purple Parrots fought hard?it all came down to those few seconds there in the third game?and they?re not gonna go away empty-handed. We?ve got a nice gift for ?em, and here?s what it is??

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s a gift certificate from? Nerds brand candy! The tiny, tangy, crunchy candy with INTENSE fruit flavors. Taste the magic, from the Willy Wonka Candy Factory!?

We now see Kirk with the Green Monkeys. ?The Green Monkeys have made it to Olmec?s temple,? he says, ?but can they retrieve the Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty? We?ll find out?right after this!? We fly over the Moat, swooping past the audience, before we cut to a view of the temple?s top floor. The camera stops near the Incorrect Painting, and the titlecard appears: the two halves of a pendant crash together, finally fading to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
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The logo splits down the middle and disappears, we zoom out from a large engraved stone marker near the Steps of Knowledge, and then we fade to Kirk with his hands on the Blue Barracudas? shoulders.

?Welcome back to Legends,? he says. ?Carl and Olivia proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec?s temple. But first, Olmec?s going to give them some information to help them retrieve The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty.?

Olmec begins his rundown:
?You could start by climbing through the Tigers' Den and climbing down into the Jungle Crevice. Crawl through the pit, then race into the Treasury of the Monkeys. Find the right bunch of bananas, and you could choose to go up into the Anaconda's Sanctuary, or into the Grand Marsh. Open the crocodiles? mouths to find the tongue, and you might have a chance to enter The Forest? of a Thousand Dragons. Reach into the dragon?s mouths and find the key?but be careful: one of the dragons might be inhabited by the spirit of a Temple Guard! If they grab you, you?ll have to give up a Pendant of Life. Next, plow through the wall and into the Lion Cage.

?There, ride the elevator up into the Catfish Cove?where you can grab the Useless Fishing Hook. Find the correct bucket, and open the door to the Shriiiiine? of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Vine Drop?where you can grab the Incorrect Painting. Pull the vines to open the doors, and race up to the Wildebeests' Hideout. Turn the correct horn, and swing on the vine across the Jungle Crevice. Then, pass thru the Room of the Tropicana Birds, race down the stairs, and back through the temple gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won one-and-a-half pendants in the temple games. Who's going first??

?I am!? shouts Olivia.

?Very well, Olivia!? replies Olmec. ?When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the temple, and make your way towards the Incorrect Painting. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on but if you're caught without a pendant, you'll be taken out of the temple... and it will be Carl?s turn to enter and try his luck. Hidden inside the temple is the other half of your pendant. If you can find it, and you?re carrying the other half, you will get an extra life. If you can reach the Painting, all the doors of the temple will instantly unlock and the temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded?and here's how!?

Dee reads the team?s prizes:
?   For just going into the temple, you?ll receive this iPod Shuffle! It?s compact, colorful, and can hold up to 4GB of songs. Voice-over tells you the song that you?re listening to! It?s the world?s smallest talking media player, from Apple!
?   If you can grab the Incorrect Painting before three minutes is up, you?ll also receive a Springfree Trampoline! This unique 12-foot round trampoline comes with a FlexiNet safety enclosure for hours of safe, fun bouncing about.
?   And if you can bring the Incorrect Painting out of the temple before three minutes is up, you?ll both receive a new Sony high-definition television! Your new high-definition TV will come with a 60-inch LCD screen, widescreen format, built-in Surround sound, and crystal-clear quality! From Sony!

?That?s a sweet new television,? comments Kirk, ?let?s see if this team can win it! Let?s get in position? and let?s put three minutes on the clock.?

The clock slams down in the corner of the screen. ?Olmec,? says Kirk, ?lower your gate.? The gate lowers as Olmec moans and the lights around him switch off. ?All right, Olivia?on your marks, get set? GO!?

?There she goes, into the temple!? Kirk begins as Olivia jogs up the stairs, rounding the corner behind Olmec. ?She?s going down, into the Tiger?s Den!? Olivia is seen sliding down behind some plants, and then inside the Tiger?s Den? but something tugs at her ankles?it?s a TEMPLE GUARD! ?Oh, temple guard!? exclaims Kirk. ?Gotta give him the pendant?? Olivia reaches her hand out into the abyss below and hands the guard her pendant, then tries to hit the actuator of the Jungle Crevice?s door?it doesn?t budge. ?Go up!? cheers Carl through his mouthpiece. The door to the Room of the Tropicana Birds slams open as she hits its actuator, and Olivia climbs up the ladder. [2:44] Entering the room, she hits the leftmost beak first, then hits the one on the other side of the temple guard door, and the door to the Jungle Crevice opens. Olivia makes her way down the steps and onto the ledge, grabbing the vine and swinging across. ?Nice swing!? cheers Kirk as Olivia hits the actuator to the Wildebeests? Hideout. ?Now she?s gonna head up, up into the Wildebeest Room.? She climbs the steps to the top of the temple, entering the room with 2:21 remaining. Behind her, a camera zooms in on a small golden object hanging off the actuator?it?s the hidden half-pendant!

?Now she has to turn the horns of that wildebeest and see which door?s gonna open,? explains Kirk as Olivia grabs both horns and turns them. The downward door pops open, and she begins to make her way down to the Anaconda?s Sanctuary. [2:13] She sets foot in the room, and looks confused for a few seconds before she grabs the snake from the front ledge. ?She?s right next to the Incorrect Painting,? notices Kirk as Olivia brings the snake to the back of the room, trying to force it into the stage-left hole. ?You?ve got to put the snake in a bit at a time,? advises Kirk, as Olivia continues to try and cram the snake in. When she finally takes Kirk?s advice, she manages to get the snake in without much other trouble, and the door to the Treasury of the Monkeys opens. [1:55] She climbs down another ladder, knocking two bunches of bananas off it in the process. ?She?s into the Treasury of the Monkeys now,? commentates Kirk as Olivia bends down to pick up one of the bunches she knocked down. ?Now she?s just got to make a sacrifice to the monkeys and see which is the right one?? She places the first bunch on the altar?nothing happens. She goes and gets the second bunch, placing it on the altar with 1:38 remaining. The lights in the room immediately go out, apart from the altar, which glows an eerie green, and the door to the Grand Marsh opens. ?All right, now she?s gonna head into the Tropical Marsh!? says Kirk, misnaming the room. Olivia pushes the panel-door away, then climbs into the Grand Marsh. But before she can even set both feet in the room, a TEMPLE GUARD emerges from the murk to capture her with 1:26 left on the clock.

?Oh, she?s out!? exclaims Kirk from the sidelines. ?Go, Carl!? Carl races up the steps of the temple and takes the direct route to the Room of the Tropicana Birds. ?He?s gonna have to make up some time now,? comments Kirk as Carl makes his way down to the Jungle Crevice. [1:13] He swings across the pit, and then makes his way into the doorway, before he backtracks and unhooks the half-pendant, putting it on his wrist. ?He?s got the other half-pendant?that?s gonna help hm!? Kirk remarks as Carl runs up to the Wildebeests? Hideout. He enters the room, briefly hesitating before backing down the ladder into the Anaconda?s Sanctuary. [0:56] Carl turns around, then walks over to the downward ladder and heads down again. ?He?s still got some time left,? Kirk says, ?but he?s gonna have to move quickly if he wants to get to that painting!? Carl passes through the Treasury of the Monkeys, then climbs into the Grand Marsh with 38 seconds left. He wades over to the first alligator and pulls its mouth open, which is empty. ?Try the other one!? Kirk shouts, and Carl makes his way across the swampy room to the second alligator. He opens its rubberized mouth, and a long tongue rolls out of it. He pulls down on it hard and opens the doors. [0:28] ?You?ve gotta move, Carl!? Kirk cheers as Carl climbs his way into the Forest of a Thousand Dragons. He begins searching for the key in the mouths of the dragons, going one at a time starting from the back-right corner and moving round the front. The fourth dragon appears to be different?it seems alive in a way. Carl opens its mouth and cries out in surprise?its eyes light up and the dragon roars ?GOT YA!??it?s inhabited by a TEMPLE SPIRIT! ?Oh, he got caught by the spirit of a temple guard!? groans Kirk. [0:05!] Carl puts the two half-pendants he has into the dragon?s mouth?but we?re OUT OF TIME!

?Oh, time ran out!? announces Kirk as a final drumroll ends the music. ?They did a great job?this was a good Green Monkeys team, they just had a little bit of a tough time today. They still get the iPods, though, and I know they had a good time?I had a good time, but we?re out of time? See you again for another great Legend of the Hidden Temple! Buh-bye!?

The credits begin to scroll as various ending scenes are shown: the painting still lying in the Vine Drop, the waterfall flowing into the Moat, and some plant life next to the audience sections. Finally, the camera fades out, and the light bulb-Nickelodeon logo is shown as an electric buzzing noise is heard.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
Post by: The Bamboo Forest on July 29, 2010, 05:37:02 AM
Artifact Name: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
Location: The Vine Drop
Result: Ran out of Time
Time Remaining: N/A
Pendants Won: 1.5



The show started off with the Moat crossing where players used two parallel bars ("railway tracks") to cross while holding onto each other's hands. The Green Monkeys were particularly dramatic - the girl pushed his partner off into the water and falls on top of him, creating possibly the most massive splash I have ever seen from falling into the Moat. Nonetheless, they advanced to the Steps, along with the Orange Iguanas, the Purple Parrots, and the Silver Snakes. The legend revolved around a fictional painter from the Ching Dynasty, Wu Wei, who painted an incorrect painting of cows and had his mistake pointed out by his father. After eight questions (and a particularly funny one from Olmec - "was China ruled by?a president, an emperor, or me?" :lol:), the Green Monkeys and Purple Parrots moved on to the Temple Games, an uncommon color combination in late Season 2.

The Green Monkeys were formed by pen collector Olivia and future architect Carl, and the Purple Parrots were formed by baseball player Jonathan and future movie producer Jessica. In the first Temple Game, which was barely ever played (in fact the only other time something similar has been done was a variation of the game in "The Incorrect Map of Ptolemy"). The players had to slide down a slippery footpath as far as possible and then make a mark with paint on the footpath. The player with the furthest mark won, in this case, Olivia. The second game used the gigantic spider web and a trampoline, and the players had to climb the net, smash open covers to find small bottles of paint, and then match them to the correct color box at the base of the net. The Purple Parrots tied the score up during this game. And finally, the teams worked together to collect milk spewing out of "cows", cross a teeter-totter, and then try and fill a plastic container with as much milk before 60 seconds was up, or pass the line on it. The Green Monkeys beat out the Purple Parrots and went to the Temple.

Olivia started off on the low road - where she met the first temple guard in the Tiger's Den, but was forced up into the Room of the Tropicana Birds. She then headed across the Jungle Crevice and was forced down the entire central shaft, leaving the team with only about 1:30 left when she left the Treasury of the Monkeys. She was then promptly taken out of the temple in the Grand Marsh. With this already difficult temple design, Carl, needless to say, didn't have much time left to grab the Incorrect Painting. He did grab the half-pendant from the Jungle Crevice, but it wouldn't have made much difference. By the time Carl caught up to Olivia's progress, only 38 seconds remained, and he spent the last few seconds of the run in the Forest of a Thousand Dragons trying to find the key, and was caught by the third guard with only a few seconds left. Time ran out soon after.

On a side note, this episode featured a HDTV for a grand prize, instead of the usual vacation.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
Post by: The Bandit King on July 29, 2010, 08:29:34 AM
Interesting first Temple Game, and hilarious dialogue between Kirk and Olmec at the Steps. :P j/k
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Incorrect Painting of the Ching Dynasty
Post by: The Ancient Warrior on July 29, 2010, 12:21:04 PM
I can almost taste the Double Dare influence in this one. :lol: All these little details are working well to set your series apart, IMO.  Nice work!