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Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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The camera makes its way through lush greenery, and the palms move away as ambient animal noises are heard. Portions of a temple are shown, and suddenly the jungle ends, and we see Olmec?s face light up and shout, ?LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!?

The show?s title card?a pendant of life?crashes together on the screen, and the camera shifts to focus on the temple and its rooms. ?With your guide, Kirk Fogg! And here he is now!?

The pendant splinters and Kirk is seen crawling out of the Jungle Crevice to run right into the center of the stage and up the Steps of Knowledge as he begins his narration.

?Thank you, thank you!? says Kirk. ?It's nice to see you! Thank you, Olmec. Welcome to the Legends of the Hidden Temple. The rooms are filled with lost treasures that are protected by mysterious Mayan Temple Guards. Only Olmec knows the legend behind each of the treasures in his temple. Which one are we going to hear about today??

Olmec replies, ?The Legend of The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese Fisherman!?

?Oh, it?s the Useless Hook of the Chinese Fisherman!? says Kirk. ?Well, one of these six teams will have the chance to retrieve the Fishing Hook?will it be The Red Jaguars??

At this point, the camera focuses on each team as they are introduced.

?The Blue Barracudas??
?The Green Monkeys??
?The Orange Iguanas??
?The Purple Parrots??
?Or the Silver Snakes??

?They?re going to have to pass some tough mental and physical tests,? continues Kirk, ?and in the end, only one team will have the right to enter Olmec?s temple, but first they have to cross the moat, and Olmec?s gonna tell us how they have to do it today.?

Olmec instructs:
?Before you lie the remains of a old railroad line. When Kirk gives the signal, one player will step onto the bar while their partner stands on the opposite. Next, lock hand, lean on each other, and walk along the bars. Make sure to keep your balance?because if you fall into the water, you must both go back and start again. When you reach the other side, run over and hit the gong!?

Kirk hits the Silver Snakes? gong to demonstrate, which?in turn?lights up a bright silver.

?The first four teams to hit their gongs will go on to the next round,? finishes Olmec. ?All right, teams!? yells Kirk. ?Are you ready??

The teams excitedly reply, ?Yeeaahhhh!?

Kirk then asks, ?Olmec, are you ready??

?I?m partyin? like a rock star, Kirk!? shouts Olmec across the stage.

?Well, then let?s get this party started!? Kirk declares loudly. ?OK, teams! On your marks, get set? GO!?

On this final word, the players begin to spring into action, holding each other?s hands tightly as they step out onto their pair of bars stretching the width of the Moat. ?It?s an exercise of balance and teamwork,? Kirk explains, ?because they?ve gotta push on each other to keep their balance?but if they push too much, they might fall in.? The Blue Barracudas seem to have the idea at this point, as with the Orange Iguanas, and they move across the railway quickly, while the Green Monkeys lag behind. ?Oh, red fell into the water!? shouts Kirk as the Red Jaguars, one on top of the other, fall into the Moat with a massive splash. ?Woah!? Kirk exclaims as the spray from their drop is sent in different directions. ?Green Monkeys are making their move now, but here come the Blue Barracudas?? The Blue Barracudas appear at the end of the Moat, and they step off and slam down on their gong immediately after. About five seconds later, we see the Orange Iguanas doing the same.

?Just like that, we?ve got two teams,? comments Kirk, ?but we?re still looking for two more?? The Silver Snakes fall into the water right as the Purple Parrots pass the halfway mark. The Green Monkeys, now knowing what to do, move more quickly across the railway and reach the end not long after. ?We?ve got our third team; it?s the Green Monkeys!? Kirk announces as the ring of the Green Monkeys? gong sounds. ?Now, who?s gonna be our fourth?the Purple Parrots, the Silver Snakes, or the Red Jaguars?? It looks like it may be? the Red Jaguars!? yells Kirk as the Red Jaguars hit their gong to end the round. ?Nice job!?

Kirk runs over to the Orange Iguanas, standing beside their lit gong. ?Nice job, guys!? Kirk says to them. ?Going on to the Steps of Knowledge are the Orange Iguanas?and the Green Monkeys?and the Blue Barracudas?and the Red Jaguars.?

?The Silver Snakes and the Purple Parrots gave it a great effort as well,? he says. ?We?re not gonna let them go away empty handed?we?ve got a great gift for them, and here?s what it is.?

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s a month?s supply of Bubble Yum bubblegum! Blow huge bubbles in eight delicious flavors. Yum it up with Bubble Yum, from the Hershey Company!?
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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The screen transitions to a shot of the four teams atop the Steps of Knowledge. ?As the quest continues,? says Kirk, ?it?s now time for Olmec to tell us about The Useless Hook of the Chinese Fisherman. But teams?pay attention, because your knowledge of the legend can bring you a step closer to Olmec?s temple.?

Olmec narrates the legend:
?Long ago on the banks of the Yangtze River sat an old Chinese fisherman that never caught any fish. Legend has it, this was because his fishing hook was completely straight without a curve here or there. He was often ridiculed by the people of his village for this hook.

??You utter idiot!? the villagers laughed as they watched him sit beside the river waiting. ?You?ll never catch a single thing with that hook!?

??Maybe I won?t,? said the fisherman softly, ?and maybe I will, wo bu jhi dao. Maybe someday I?ll catch the biggest and best fish in all of Jhong Guo, I?ll just wait here and maybe that day will come.?

?The villagers chuckled and got back to their work again, leaving the fisherman sitting on the riverbank. But one day soon after, the emperor rode by the river in his carriage.

??Ting! Stop the carriage!? ordered the emperor to his men, as he saw the fisherman dipping his straight hook into the water. He got out and went over to the fisherman.

??Huang di!? The fisherman bowed before the emperor as he saw him.

??Son, what are you doing with that hook?? asked the emperor. ?I don?t think you can catch many fish with that.?

??Maybe it?s not the fishing hook that matters,? the fisherman replied. ?Maybe it?s not the fish I?m looking for??

?The fisherman told stories filled with wisdom and morals and at the end of it all, the emperor realized that the fisherman was actually a much wiser man than he seemed.

??Come with me,? said the emperor as he climbed back into his carriage, and together they set off for his palace, leaving the fishing hook behind. The emperor made the fisherman his right-hand man, and he lived the rest of his life happily in the palace. The fishing hook, on the other hand, made its way to the temple. Your quest is to find the Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese Fisherman and bring it back here.?

?Thanks, Olmec,? says Kirk after a short pause, ?but tell us?where is the Fishing Hook??

?The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese Fisherman can be found in the Catfish Cove,? reveals Olmec. The camera, moving across the temple rooms, rests on the Catfish Cove, and then we see a shot of the straight fishing hook lying where the middle bucket should be.

?Alright,? replies Kirk. ?Teams?you are now standing on the Steps of Knowledge. In a minute, Olmec?s gonna ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, stomp down on the ancient marking in front of you. If you?re right, you?ll move down to the next level, but if you?re wrong or run out of time, I?m gonna have to give the other teams a chance to answer. The first two teams that make it to the bottom level?? Kirk runs down the steps, then walks out of view ??will be one step closer to Olmec?s temple. Olmec, we?re now ready for your first question??

Olmec asks: ?Did the fisherman fish along the banks of?the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, or the Nile River??

The Green Monkeys ring in: ?The Yangtze River??

?That is correct,? Olmec says. ?OK, step on down, Green Monkeys!? Kirk adds. ?Next question, Olmec.?

Olmec asks: ?Which of these are another name for the Yangtze?the Chang Jiang, the Huang Jiang, or??

The Orange Iguanas stomp down and guess: ?Huang Jiang???

?Incorrect,? replies Olmec.

The Red Jaguars ring in: ?The Chang Jiang??

?That is correct,? declares Olmec. ?All right, come on down, Green?uh, Red Jaguars!? Kirk says in response. ?They?re tied with the Green Monkeys now. Olmec, your next question, please.?

Olmec asks: ?According to our legend, what was wrong with the fishing hook?it was straight, it was too long, or it was broken??

The Blue Barracudas buzz in: ?It was straight??

?That is correct,? replies Olmec. ?We?ve got a tie on the second step,? comments Kirk. ?We?ve got plenty of time left, though. Next question??

Olmec asks: ?China?s name in Chinese is ?jhong guo???

The Green Monkeys stomp down: ?Uh? China??

?That is not one of our three choices,? notes Olmec. ?Does this mean?best country, middle country, or??

The Blue Barracudas stomp down: ?Middle country??

?That is correct,? says Olmec. ?All right, and like that, the Blue Barracudas are one step away from the temple games!? Kirk announces as the Blue Barracudas move down to the third step. ?We?re looking for two teams to go to the games, though. Next question!?

Olmec asks: ?Who often laughed at the fisherman?his parents, his cousins, or the vi??

The Red Jaguars interject: ?The people? of his village??

?That is correct,? declares Olmec. ?And now the Red Jaguars are one step away from the Temple Games!? Kirk exclaims. ?We?re still looking for our first team, though. Who?s it gonna be? Next question, Olmec.?

Olmec asks: ?The Yangtze River flooded often in ancient times, but now, a dam stops flooding. Is this dam called?The Three Fish Dam, The Three Gorges Dam, or??

The Orange Iguanas stomp down on their marker: ?The Three Gorges Dam??

?That is correct,? Olmec replies. ?Step down, Orange Iguanas!? Kirk says in response, and the Orange Iguanas move down a step. ?Next question, Olmec.?

Olmec asks: ?Who stopped when he saw the fisherman: the emperor, the King of France, or??

The Red Jaguars buzz in: ?The emperor!?

?That is correct!? Olmec booms as the Red Jaguars move down to the final step. ?We?ve got our first team going on to the Temple Games?it?s the Red Jaguars!? announces Kirk. ?We?re looking for one more team, though. Olmec, next question??

Olmec asks: ?According to our legend, was the emperor impressed by the fisherman?s?fishing skills, wisdom, or memory??

The Blue Barracudas ring in: ?His wisdom???

?That is correct!? shouts Olmec. ?We?ve got our two teams moving on to the Temple Games!? Kirk yells as he runs over to the bottom step to greet the qualifying teams. ?They are the Red Jaguars and the Blue Barracudas! Orange Iguanas, Green Monkeys? come on down here? you guys did a great job too, gave it a great effort? They?re not going away empty-handed; we?ve got a great gift for them and here?s what it is.?

Dee reads the prize:
?Look at the entertaining fun you?ll have when you strap on Moon Shoes! Super excitement is yours when you bounce higher than ever! Don?t leave earth without Moon Shoes, from Big Time Toys!?

The screen wipes to reveal Kirk with his hands on the two remaining teams? shoulders. ?These two teams are gonna be playing for the rights to enter Olmec?s temple,? announces Kirk, ?and they?re gonna do it?right after this!? We fade to a high-up shot of the Moat, then to flying past Olmec. We stop near an audience section, before the pendant crashes together to form the logo, and we fade out.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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The pendant splits in two and zooms away into the distance to reveal a grimy golden idol staring at us, lying in the plant growth next to the Olmec, and then we fade to Kirk and the two teams.

?Welcome back to Legends,? says Kirk, standing in front of The Jungle Crevice with the two remaining teams. ?Now the glory goes to the fastest and the strongest? so before we get started, let?s meet our teams. On the Red Jaguars, we have Shane. Shane, you collect comics, don?t you??

?Yeah,? confirms the boy with dark brown hair falling out of his helmet from the sides. ?I?ve got all sorts of comics?ones my dad gave me from his collection, and stuff I bought myself.?

?About how many do you have?? Kirk asks. ?Maybe about two hundred or so,? replies Shane.

?Wow, that?s quite a lot of comics,? Kirk comments as he turns to Shane?s partner, a short girl with long blond hair pulled back in a ponytail. ?And also on the Red Jaguars, we have Tiffany. Tiffany, you?re an actress in your school?s plays and such?tell me about that.?

?OK,? says Tiffany. ?I always wanted to be an actress, so in sixth grade I took part in the middle school musical and I?ve liked it and done it ever since.?

?Sounds good to me,? Kirk says in response. ?Let?s hear it for the Red Jaguars!? The team claps along with the audience?s applause. Kirk then moves over to the tall blond boy on the Blue Barracudas.

?And on the Blue Barracudas, we have Marc,? he says. ?Marc, you say you want to be an engineer. Could you tell us why??

?I dunno, just seems really cool,? shrugs Marc. ?All the things that they do, they just seem really interesting.?

?Do you want to study a certain type of engineering, or??? Kirk asks. ?Like, electrical stuff, probably,? replies Marc.

?All right, sounds cool,? remarks Kirk as he moves over to the shorter black girl with braided hair. ?And also, we?ve got Sheridan. You?re a dancer, right??

?Yeah,? she replies. ?What kind of dancer?? Kirk then asks.

?Well, I do know a lot of stuff,? says Sheridan. ?I?ve danced ballet and stuff like that, but I really enjoy hip-hop dancing.?

?If you guys win the temple, I wanna see you do a victory dance,? laughs Kirk. ?Deal? OK, well, let?s hear it for the Blue Barracudas!? The audience once again claps, this time for the Blue Barracudas.

?OK, why don?t you all go get ready for your games,? Kirk suggests, ?and I?ll explain what?s gonna happen here.? Kirk points in different directions, and the players all walk off-screen before Kirk continues his spiel.

?In the temple games, teams are competing for pendants of life?? Kirk grabs a pendant out of his pouch and holds it up to the camera. ?The winning team will need those pendants to protect themselves from the dreaded temple guards, as they make their way through the temple. There are three temple games, and Olmec will tell us about Temple Game #1. Olmec??

Olmec explains:
?The Chinese Fisherman lived on the bank of the Yangtze River, the longest river in Asia. Before you stands a section of the Yangtze that you must cross. When Kirk gives the signal, cross the water using only the stepping stones?but be careful! If you fall in, you must go back and start again. Once you reach the other side, grab an apple off the tree on the riverbank, run back, and place it in your bucket. Then cross the water and do it again. The first team to collect all eight apples, or the team that collects the most apples at the end of 60 seconds? wins.?

?This could get a little wet,? comments Kirk, ?so I?ll just back away for now. Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!?

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set, GO!? Marc immediately falls in, stomping down too hard on the first stepping stone, while Shane tries to keep his balance as he moves across the stones. But he places both feet on one stone, balancing before he moves to the next one. ?The Blue Barracudas are making a good comeback,? notices Kirk as Marc catches up with Shane by running across the stones. [0:42] He grabs the first apple and sprints back to the start to put it in his basket. ?Nice move by the Blue Barracudas!? comments Kirk as Shane runs back to bag his first apple. The Red Jaguars continue to lag behind, with Shane trying to balance, while Marc tries to use as much speed as possible?losing his balance and plunging into the ?river? in the process. ?Oh, Blue Barracudas down again!? Kirk yells. [0:25] Shane finally gets the lead, but Marc stays hot on his tail as he retrieves his third apple to tie the score with 13 seconds left and time running down fast. ?Can the Red Jaguars get one more in their basket to get the lead back before the game is over?? Kirk rhetorically asks, as the audience begins to count down the seconds. [0:05] With barely any time left, Shane tears up the ramp along the side of the pool and drops a fourth apple into his basket, taking the score to 4-3 right as the ceiling lights flash?TIME IS UP!

?All right, nice job!? Kirk shouts as he calls the players over. ?The Red Jaguars? come on down here, blue? you guys both did an awesome job, but Shane just managed to get one more in before time was up; he gets four apples, and Marc only got three?the Red Jaguars get the half pendant of life!? Kirk high-fives both boys as the audience applauds.

?Our next game is also worth a half-pendant,? explains Kirk. ?And the Blue Barracudas can catch-up in this one. Olmec, tell us about Temple Game #2.?

Olmec narrates:
?The Chinese Fisherman never caught any fish because of his fishing hook. Hopefully you will catch more fish?but this time with a net instead. When Kirk gives the signal, run toward the trampoline, launch yourself up onto the net to climb to the top, and smash open one of the covers. If there?s a fish inside, grab it, drop down, and put it in your bucket, but if the hole?s empty, move on to the next. The first team to find all of their fish, or the team that finds the most fish at the end of 60 seconds wins.?

?That?s one big confusing fishing net,? remarks Kirk. ?Let?s put 60 seconds on the clock!?

The clock bangs down in the corner. ?On your marks, get set, GO!? Immediately, both girls dash forward, bounce off the trampoline, and fall face-first into the net, grabbing on to it and climbing up. ?The Red Jaguars seem to be a little faster,? commentates Kirk as Tiffany is shown smashing open the cover of her first hole. ?The Blue Barracudas need this game to tie the score up!? [0:49] Tiffany finds a fish immediately and falls down to the bottom of the net, while Sheridan finds an empty hole and tries a different one, finding a fish this time?but the Red Jaguars are already on their way up again. Tiffany subsequently finds two empty holes in a row, giving the Blue Barracudas the chance to catch up?and they do. ?Oh, nice move there by Sheridan!? says Kirk, as Sheridan makes a fluid movement, dropping in her third fish as she turns back toward the trampoline and heads up the net again. ?They?re doing a great job!? Kirk comments as the Red Jaguars place another fish in their bucket. ?It?s neck-and-neck now?? [0:26] By now, the Blue Barracudas have broken through seven out of their ten cubby-holes, but the Red Jaguars have already found six fish and have only two more cubby-holes left to check. ?Now we just have to find out what?s in those holes,? Kirk explains, ?and then?oh, it?s over, we did it!? Tiffany breaks through the last two holes?which are empty?to end the game with 18 seconds left.

?OK, come on down, girls?? Kirk urges as he runs over to the base of the nets. ?The Red Jaguars got through all of their holes and got all the fish there were in there, so they get the half-pendant!? Tiffany shrieks in excitement of the announcement as the audience applauds.

?The Red Jaguars have one pendant now,? recounts Kirk, ?and the Blue Barracudas still don?t have any yet, but they can still catch up?the next game?s the third and final game; it?s worth a full pendant? Olmec, tell us about it.?

Olmec continues:
?Fisherman use their fishing rods to catch fish, but today, you?re going to use your fishing rods to move fish! When Kirk gives the signal, grab a fish, put it on the end of the hook, and then throw the rod so the string extends. If it swings far enough, your partner will grab it and put it in your bin, but if it doesn?t, let the string retract and try again. The team that transfers the most fish at the end of 60 seconds wins.?

?Remember folks,? says Kirk, ?that we have professionals here specialized in these stunts, and we make sure that our players are wearing all the necessary safety gear to play this game?so please don?t try this at home. Let?s set the clock for 60 seconds!?

The clock slams down into the corner of the screen. ?On your marks, get set? GO!? With that, the two girls immediately grab a fish each and place them on the end of the hook, then flick the rod so the string extends out to their partner. ?OH!? Kirk exclaims, as the Tiffany?s string doesn?t reach Shane and retracts back?but the Blue Barracudas manage to transfer their first fish. ?Ooh, nice move by the Blue Barracudas!? comments Kirk. ?He? reached out and grabbed the fish right before the string went back!? [0:51] The Red Jaguars still aren?t having any luck with the fishing rod?Tiffany doesn?t seem to be flicking the rod hard enough?but the Blue Barracudas have already have three fish, and only miss once after 25 seconds have passed. ?Oh, my!? yells Kirk as Sheridan accidentally smacks Marc faceguard rather loudly. The Red Jaguars finally get one fish in their bucket, but by that time, the Blue have four. [0:22] ?Looks like we may have an interesting game today!? Kirk comments as the Red Jaguars get the score to 2-4. ?The Blue Barracudas need this game if they wanna tie up with the Red Jaguars?? With 10 seconds remaining, no score changes have taken place, and the Red Jaguars somehow get their string tangled up and are unable to fling anymore fish?but the clock explodes as it hits zero and TIME IS UP!

?Okay, time?s up, come over here?? says Kirk, out of breath, as he jogs over to the bins, where the boys are removing their protective gear. ?Let?s count up the fish? We?ve got one? two fish for the red, and we?ve got one? two? three? FOUR fish for the blue?that gives the Blue Barracudas the full pendant!? The audience cheers for this outcome.

?That gives the Red Jaguars a full pendant,? concludes Kirk, ?and the Blue Barracudas a full pendant? We have a tie?let?s bring out the tiebreaker pedestal!?

Two spotters wheel in the pedestal, and the teams take their places behind the gongs. ?All right, red there, and blue over here? Let me give you the tiebreaker rules. In a minute, Olmec will ask you a question. If you think you know the answer, hit the gong in front of you. You'll have three seconds to answer and I must accept your first response. If you're right, you and your partner will be going inside the Temple, but if you're wrong or run out of time, I'll give the other team a chance. All clear?? The teams nod in clarification.

?Okay then,? says Kirk in response. ?Olmec! What is your final question??

Olmec asks: ?The Yangtze River starts at a glacier in Tibet. Is this glacier called?the source, the delta, or the mouth??

Sheridan gongs in: ?The source!?

?That? is? correct!? replies Olmec, and the Blue Barracudas celebrate immediately after. ?The Blue Barracudas are goin? to the temple!? yells Kirk as the audience applauds. ?They came from behind, tied the score, and now they?re going to Olmec?s temple! Red Jaguars, you guys gave it a great effort?it all came down to that tiebreaker?and we?re not gonna send you away empty-handed. We?ve got a great gift for you and here?s what it is!?

Dee reads the prize:
?It?s the ?R? Us gift card! The ?R? Us gift card is your gateway to fun, because it?s good for games, toys, gadgets, and much more from any Toys ?R? Us outlet in the USA!?

As the prize plug ends, we see Kirk with the excited Blue Barracudas. ?They came back from behind,? he says, ?and now they?re going to go into Olmec?s temple and retrieve the Useless Hook?right after this!? The camera backs away from the tiebreaker pedestal, turns around, then appears to be running towards the Jungle Crevice, and zooms in into a cloud of mist, which fades to the Useless Fishing Hook lying in the front of the Catfish Cove. The pendant crashes together, forming the titlecard, and we fade to commercial.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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The pendant splits, we zoom out from some random rockwork in between Olmec and the audience, and then we fade to Kirk with his hands on the Blue Barracudas? shoulders.

?Welcome back to Legends,? he says. ?The Blue Barracudas have proven themselves worthy and now have earned the right to enter Olmec?s temple. But first, Olmec?s going to give them some information to help them retrieve The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese Fisherman.?

Olmec begins his rundown:
?You could start by climbing through the Tigers' Den and climbing down into the Jungle Crevice. Crawl through the pit, then race into the Treasury of the Monkeys. Find the right bunch of fruits, and you could choose to go up into the Anaconda's Sanctuary, or into the Grand Marsh. Open the crocodiles? mouths to find the tongue, and you might have a chance to enter The Forest? of a Thousand Dragons. Reach into the dragon?s mouths and find the key?but be careful: one of the dragons might be inhabited by the spirit of a Temple Guard! If they grab you, you?ll have to give up a Pendant of Life. Next, plow through the wall and into the Lion Cage.

?There, ride the elevator up into the Catfish Cove?where you can grab the Useless Fishing Hook. Find the correct bucket, and open the door to the Shriiiiine? of the Silver Monkey. Assemble the statue, and you may be headed for the Vine Drop. Pull the vines to open the doors, and race up to the Wildebeests' Hideout. Turn the correct horn, and swing on the vine across the Jungle Crevice. Then, pass thru the Room of the Tropicana Birds, race down the stairs, and back through the temple gates. The choices are yours and yours alone. You won one pendant in the temple games. Who's going first??

?I am!? exclaims Sheridan.

?Very well, Sheridan!? replies Olmec. ?When Kirk gives the signal, you'll race through the gates into the temple, and make your way towards the Useless Fishing Hook. Hidden inside the temple are temple guards assigned to protect three specific rooms. You can trade your pendant for an extra life and go on but if you're caught without a pendant, you'll be taken out of the temple... and it will be Marc?s turn to enter and try his luck. If you can reach the Fishing Hook, all the doors of the temple will instantly unlock and the temple guards will vanish. Return through the gates with The Useless Fishing Hook in three minutes, and you will both be handsomely rewarded?and here's how!?

Dee reads the team?s prizes:
?   For just going into the temple, you?ll receive this iPod Shuffle! It?s compact, colorful, and can hold up to 4GB of songs. Voice-over tells you the song that you?re listening to! It?s the world?s smallest talking media player, from Apple!
?   If you can grab the Fishing Hook before three minutes is up, you?ll also receive an Xbox 360 package! Comes with a sleek new Xbox 360 and two new games, from Microsoft!
?   And if you can bring the Fishing Hook out of the temple before three minutes is up, you?ll be going to Hawaii! You?ll spend a week on the island of Honolulu and stay at the luxurious Hotel Renew, located right next from the seaside excitement of Waikiki Beach, the Honolulu Zoo, and more! From Hotel Renew, Honolulu!

?Hawaii!? Kirk cheers as the music cue concludes. ?Let?s see if we can get Marc and Sheridan to Hawaii! Let?s get in position? and le?you put your mouthpiece in too, Marc. Let?s put three minutes on the clock!?

The clock appears in the corner of the screen with a bang, ready to go. ?Olmec,? continues Kirk, ?please lower your gate.? The gate lowers as Olmec moans and the lights around him switch off. ?On your marks, get set? GO!?

?There she goes, into the temple!? says a voiceover as Sheridan jogs up the stairs and into the temple. ?She?s going up, into the Room of the Tropicana Birds!? She makes her way into the rather foggy room and hits the first beak, opening the door to the Tiger?s Den. ?She?s gonna go down into the Tiger?s Den,? the voiceover announces, as Sheridan climbs down and begins to squeeze her way between the ledges and down to the crawl tube. [2:43] She opens the door to the Jungle Crevice, then scuttles her way down into the pit of foam blocks. Sheridan stands up and walks briefly across the shaky mess, then hits the actuator to the door of the Treasury, and opens it. ?All right, now she?s gonna head into the Treasury of the Monkeys!? commentates the voiceover, as Sheridan slides down into the room. [2:31] Right as she sets foot on the floor, out pops the first TEMPLE GUARD! Sheridan screams twice in surprises, obviously fazed by the guard. ?Give him the pendant!? yells the voiceover. ?There ya go!? Sheridan hands the guard the team?s only pendant and then grabs a bunch of grapes off the ladder, and places it on the altar. Nothing happens after a few seconds, so she takes the remaining two, laying them down on the altar one at a time. The third bunch finally opens the door to the Grand Marsh with 2:15 remaining.

?She?s heading into the Grand Marsh!? comments the voiceover, as Sheridan climbs through the door and jumps into the swampy atmosphere of the room, pushing aside cargo nets. She moves over to the first alligator and pulls open its mouth. Immediately, a long tongue rolls out. [2:03] She tugs on it, then opens the door to the Forest of a Thousand Dragons. Entering the room, a mysterious wind howls, and a deep growling sound can be heard. Hesitatingly, Sheridan reaches into the mouth of a maroon dragon near the back of the room. Its eyes glow green, its little arms hold onto her, and it growls in delight?it?s inhabited by a TEMPLE SPIRIT!

?Now it?s Marc?s turn to try and make up some time!? remarks the voiceover, as Marc is seen running up the steps of the temple. He fails to take a shortcut into the Tiger?s Den, making a detour up first, finally entering the Jungle Crevice with 1:40 left. ?You?ve gotta move, Marc!? Kirk cheers as Marc makes his way into the Treasury of the Monkeys. He gets through the room quickly, then jumps into the Grand Marsh. [1:17] He then enters the Forest of a Thousand Dragons, and, avoiding the dragons, breaks down the stone wall into the Lion Cage. Marc opens up the cage door, gets in the elevator, and slowly trundles his way up. ?Now he can catch his breath,? explains the voiceover as Marc slowly rises up to the Catfish Cove, where the Useless Fishing Hook awaits. With 55 seconds remaining, the elevator reaches the second floor, and Marc bursts out of it to grab the USELESS FISHING HOOK from the front of the room with 52 seconds left on the clock! ?Go, Marc, go!? cheers the voiceover as all the doors of the temple instantly open.

Marc begins to pick up speed, tearing through the Shrine of the Silver Monkey. He is smacked in the face by a vine as he tries to race through the Vine Drop, but is unfazed and continues his way up to the top of the temple. ?Up he goes, to the Wildebeests? Hideout,? commentates the voiceover. [0:30] Marc races up to the top, makes his way around the wildebeest?s head, then jogs down the steps, stopping before he drops off the ledge of the Jungle Crevice. ?He?s got to cross the Crevice!? comments the voiceover as Marc is seen reaching out for the vine. He catches hold of it, pulls it back, and then swings across the gap. ?Just a few more steps and victory is his!? says the voiceover excitedly. [0:16] He races through the Room of the Tropicana Birds, appears behind Olmec, and then crosses the gate to record the win with nine seconds remaining!

?They did it!? shouts Kirk in his live voice. ?They made it out! They got the Useless Fishing Hook, they got it all?the iPod Shuffles, the Xboxes?they?re going to Hawaii!? Kirk pauses and the three group hug momentarily before Kirk continues. ?We gotta get outta here?Marc?s be studying how this temple works, and Sheridan?s gonna dance the dance she promised us? check us out next time for more adventure and another great Wild Jungle Legend of the Hidden Temple! Bye!? And, as we zoom out, true to her word, Sheridan begins to do a comical victory dance.

The credits begin to scroll as various ending scenes are shown: a shot from the Catfish Cove all the way through the open doors to the Vine Drop, a rustic lamp lying in plants somewhere, and the eerily-lit Forest of a Thousand Dragons. Finally, the camera fades out, and the light bulb-Nickelodeon logo is shown as an electric buzzing noise is heard.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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Artifact Name: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese Fisherman
Location: The Catfish Cove
Result: Made it!
Time Remaining: 0:09
Pendants Won: 1.5



Even though this episode ended up in a temple run victory, it wasn't a particularly interesting win. We began with the "railway lines" Moat crossing, where players had to balance on each other as they cross the Moat on a pair of parallel bars. In some episodes, many had trouble, and in some episodes, the teams didn't have too many problems - this was a case of the latter. The first four teams to move on were the first four teams (The Red Jaguars, The Blue Barracudas, The Green Monkeys, and The Orange Iguanas). The legend revolved around the story of a Chinese Fisherman who was wise, but used a fishing hook that could never catch any fish because of its shape. He eventually was found by the emperor, and as he revealed his wisdom, was made the emperor's right-hand-man. The Steps of Knowledge were over in a fair amount of time, with every team answering at least one question correctly, but with The Red Jaguars and The Blue Barracudas moving on.

The Temple Games... they were definitely exciting, to say the least. The first involved a large pool of water ("The Yangtze River") and some large blocks ("stepping stones"), and the players had to cross the pool - without falling in - and grab an apple from the other side, and then run back to put it in their basket. The Red Jaguars won this game. The second game used a gigantic fishing net, surrounded by ten little holes covered with a paper-type cover, and some of them had fish. The players had to launch themselves onto the net using a trampoline, and find all the fish there was. The Red Jaguars opened all the holes and found all the fish they were supposed to find first, and finishes the game before time is up. The third game was interesting - but dangerous, if you ask me... even Kirk reminded everyone not to try it at home. Players flicked a mechanical fishing rod, whose string would retract. The teams used this to transfer fish across the stage. At the end of it all, the Blue Barracudas won the game, and with a pendant apiece, they went to the tiebreaker. The Blue Barracudas won the tiebreaker question, moving on to the Temple.

Now this was a pretty easy win, most likely because the team had only one pendant. Sheridan went into the temple first, running up to the Room of the Tropicana Birds - but not trying all three beaks and heading down into the Tiger's Den. She then moved across the bottom floor until she was taken out in the Forest of a Thousand Dragons. Marc then followed Sheridan's path EXACTLY (meaning he detoured to the Room of the Tropicana Birds as well), before breaking through the stone wall to the Lion Cage. He took the elevator up, then grabbed the Fishing Hook with 52 seconds to go. Marc took the high road out of the temple, recording a victory with nine seconds to spare. Sheridan had made a promise earlier to Kirk that, being a dancer, she would dance if the team won. Sure enough, the episode ended with Sheridan dancing a hilarious dance so ridiculous that probably no one knows what she was trying to imitate. :lol:

The third guard isn't along the path to the artifact at all. I'm pretty sure that I saw a shaft of light enter the Treasury of the Monkeys from above after Sheridan completed its objective, though, meaning that the door to the Anaconda's Sanctuary probably opened, and that was most likely where the third guard was hidden.

Trivia and Records
Kirk's voice switched from voiceover to live more than once during the temple run. It was voiceover for the majority of the run, but there was a little section of live voice when Marc was in the temple.
Title: Wild Jungle EP: The Useless Fishing Hook of the Chinese...
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I really liked this one for the legend and the Temple Games? the third game especially.  It was pretty creative, although I'm fairly surprised Marc getting beamed by the rod and Shane getting tangled in the line never made the summary. :lol: