Who should get the most blame for this temple run being a loss?

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Author Topic: Who's more to blame for "Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat" being a loss?  (Read 1108 times)

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I feel like we've done this topic before, but I can't find anything about it and after rewatching this run again last night, it had me wondering who should take most of the blame for this episode's temple run being a loss. All three options I feel share some blame.

Chris: We all know what happened with him. He wasn't as fast as his partner (Colleen), he wasted so much time in the Torch Room, and he was slow during his poor exit attempt.

Colleen: Yes, she was fast. However, she made one big mistake that led to this team's downfall: her detour into the Heart Room from the Observatory after the Treasure Room opened from there. Had she not detoured into the Heart Room, she would've had a solo win. Instead, it was this mistake that lead to her getting taken out of the temple by the temple guards.

Kirk: Even though Chris was sluggish getting to the Lariat, he still had plenty of time to escape and he was getting ready to enter the Shrine of the Silver Monkey from the Well room ladder. That was until Kirk told him to bust through the wall, which Chris did instead. I think Chris heard Kirk and he listened.

So who should get the most blame here?

After taking some time to think about it, I think Chris should get the most blame. I may have had different opinions back then (I think I originally blamed Kirk the most), but over time, I think my opinion has changed and it's not good for Chris. There was no reason for him to be as slow as his partner. Yes, Colleen made a mistake by entering one extra unnecessary room, but she's not the only player to have done this (the frontrunner for "The Electrified Key of Benjamin Franklin" immediately comes to mind as it was an identical situation). Chris had no excuse for his poor performance and he could've very easily ignored Kirk's advice. Chris should've known the bottom route would've taken longer than escaping from the top because of how time consuming the Holes of Python are.

So in the end, I think Chris should take most of the blame here.

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Re: Who's more to blame for "Pecos Bill's Lost Lariat" being a loss?
« Reply #1 on: May 29, 2017, 10:24:39 PM »
I voted for Chris too and it was a pretty easy vote for me. His mistakes were more glaring than Colleen and Kirk's IMO. Chris had 2:30 to reach the Lost Lariat and bring it out of the temple. There's no excuse for not winning, even if the Colleen and Kirk sort of contributed to the loss. I don't really blame Colleen for her mistake though. She did try to check and see if the Treasure Room door was open from the Observatory, but the bar was delayed in raising up. If only she lasted one more second, then she would've saw it open and had a solo chance. After completing five rooms in 30 seconds though, you would think that would've been enough time for Chris. But he was slow, clueless, and took the worst possible way out of the temple. He only had to complete the Shrine and Torch Room to reach the artifact too. And even with almost a minute to himself, Chris still can't get the artifact out of the temple. Even though Kirk gave him bad advice, Chris still should've won with the team he had left. David from Lawrence of Arabia had 33 seconds from the Holes of Python and he still pulled off the win because he hauled ass. Chris was a failure during this run, and I blame the loss mostly on him.

Too bad though Colleen missed the Treasure Room door. If she avoided the Heart Room, she would've had a solo win and won it all for sure. And with her speed, she might've actually beat Shaka Zulu's time. And this win would've been more respectable than Shaka Zulu too. This was an easy layout, but Chris failed big time.  :oops: