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The Heart Room / My Pit of Despair Theory
« on: June 11, 2009, 08:23:42 PM »
Sorry for the extremely long post.

But didn't the temple games in the Silver Cannonball episode start first for its production day because of how Kirk introduces the temple games? They could have filmed the temple games and temple runs in any way. That's probably why the Bifocal Monocle episode had the Secret Map temple run summary while the other episodes in its prodution day (War Fan, Battle Flag, Much-Heralded Helmet) had the original temple run summary. The temple run could have been moved to another day and they used the same orange glow for the run. And since the Secret Map temple run summary is filmed in every Season 3 episode except those three and the Lion-Headed Bracelet episode and since the Lion-Slashed Jacket episode started filming before the Secret Map episode, I'm not sure if Cristina puked because the Battle Plan temple run could have been filmed last and they had to stop because of time constraints.

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