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Rediscovery Interview with Heather Ogedengbe
« on: January 14, 2007, 05:30:21 PM »
Author's Note: This is not an interview with a real Legends contestant.  Rather, this is an interview with a character in one of the episodes of my fanfiction series, Legends: The Rediscovery.  The interview style is meant to closely resemble that used by nicklegends on his site, "The King's Storeroom"— for instance, the things I said are in bold and the contestant's replies are not.

Heather Ogedengbe, Temple Games Victor, Red Jaguars, The Jeweled Sword of Charlemagne, Season 1

Thanks for taking the time to talk about your experience on the show, Heather.

Probably should thank my mom and dad— they finally trust me enough do an interview like this on the web. :P

How did your audition for the show work?

Let's see… my parents took me and my big brother Sean down to Orlando at the start of July last year to start our summer vacation.  When we got to Universal Studios it was kinda late and only a few hours before it closed.  Mom and dad said they trusted me and Sean on our own; we just had to be back at the car before closing time.  We didn't spend that much time with mom and dad there, and I know we weren't there that long before the place began to close.  We totally lost mom and dad, and Sean and me were starting to head back to the car when we came to this stand which said "Legends: The Rediscovery Sign-Ups, 11 to 14," with these two guys collecting papers.  The two guys were closing up, but they gave us these papers to some address.
There was this 50-question history test they gave us; I think I got 43.  Then we did a few physical challenges like pull-ups, and I remember I fell on my butt after only doing only 5.  The obstacle course they made us do, I know I went through no problem.  When we were all done, they wanted to know if we wanted to be on the same team or different episodes completely if we made the cut.  We wanted to get the chance for more prizes even though there's a chance of getting worse partners, so we said different days.  They said they'd e-mail us some more directions if we made it on the show— they could send it in the mail if we lived kind of close to the studio.

Had you heard about Legends of the Hidden Temple before your auditions took place?

A couple of Sean's friends watched it on Nick GaS, but we didn't know that much about it.  We started watching it every day since we got the email saying we made it until we drove back down to the studios. But since they did some things to the rules anyway, what we learned from watching it is out the window!

Do you know how they picked your partner?

Not a clue.  All I know is when we got the message that we passed, we had to drive all the way back down from Boston again to go to the studio again and we were supposed to meet out partners at a gate on the right days.  As you know, I got paired up with Darrel and was a Red Jaguar, and Sean made Orange Iguana and matched up with this girl Tiffany— I think she was 14.  But how they paired us up I'll never know.  I just knew that Sean and Tiffany were on the first day July 23, 2006 (I think on filming show 3) and I was stuck on the very last, July 29.  Looks like we'd be spending a whole lot of time in Florida!

What do you remember about the elimination rounds?
Well, I remember the vine bridge thing and how I was nervous I was going to slip off before Olmec (dunno why him not Kirk) said go.  But no, we made it across first and then blue, green and silver came across too.
The steps were kind of close.  I know I thought green and blue were going to beat us when it came down near the end, mostly because I didn't look over the study sheet that much.  I paid a lot more attention when Olmec was telling us the story on the set, and I suppose that's why we got the third question right and went on.  Then, the Blue Barracudas did too.
So in the temple games, I had to face Christina, the girl on the blue team, in this game where we had to dodge the sandbags and grab the maps.  I know I got hit so many times I can't believe I actually won.  Then Darrel lost his game to the blue guy, Jaden.  And they gave us this run with the bungee cords and we had to pass messages.  It was a tie and we got to go to tiebreaker to go to the temple.  The only thing was if we got it wrong, the blue team would go in right away, so I was really worried since our trip to the temple was on the line.  Olmec asked what Charlemagne did to that Viking after he gave up, and I know I was so nervous when we hit the gong that we said everything we could remember from the legend just to make sure we wouldn't lose.  And before you know it, we were going to the temple.

Did you have any strategy going into the Temple Run?

Funny you should ask.  When me and Sean were looking for info on the show before we had to go back down to the studios, we found this thing on Wikipedia and there was a link to this site called the King's Storeroom.  We started surfing around looking for what happened in some episodes and I remember we found some episode where they went up thru the three rooms in the middle and grabbed the thing in the next room and made it out, and the sword was in the same room for our show.  So when we got the map, I told Darrel we could go that same way and maybe it'd work.  We got him in there first and it was locked.  He couldn't get in that center room so he had to just keep moving and look for a way in.  It took him forever to get taken out of there and I only had a minute or so and another 2 rooms to go through.  I was worried they were going to get me without a pendant until I found it in that room with the switches and I needed it later.  I think I made putting the monkey together look a lot easier then it usually was.  I know some kids didn't have a clue how the pieces fit together.  So I went in the next room, they said time was almost up and I grabbed the sword and just stood there to celebrate.  Sean and I got a lot of stuff from our games: a trampoline (Sean), Xbox 360 (me), 2 Toys R Us gift cards (each of us) and 4 tickets for a trip to the Bahamas (Sean).  Only 3 days down there, but it was still really nice.

Note: Judging from what Heather said, I believe her plan was to take a path like the one in "The Jeweled Scabbard of Sforza":

Did you get to talk to Kirk or Dee (Olmec) off-camera?

Not that much.  I didn't see Kirk that much except when we were on the air, but the guy who plays Olmec came to talk to us a couple times, mostly just to make sure he could say our names right. (I don't know why… How many ways are there to say Heather?)

Was there anything interesting that happened when you weren't taping?

Mostly just talking with the other players about school and that sort of thing.  Oh! I remember when they walked me and Darrel through the Temple, and they got us in the room where the sword was.  I stood in the suit of armor for fun, someone grabbed me from behind and I screamed for a second. :lol:
I also got some things I thought were weird.  Me and Sean both went down to a tiebreaker in our shows, and in mine, Kirk didn't say "Join us next time…" He said goodbye, but still.  Maybe he was thinking there might not be a next time? Anyway, being on the show was a blast and I'd do it all again if I could.
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Rediscovery Interview with Heather Ogedengbe
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2007, 12:41:41 PM »
Neat :D

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