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Rediscovery Interview with Kevin Buckley
« on: June 26, 2009, 01:08:48 PM »
Author's Note: This is not an interview with a real Legends contestant.  Rather, this is an interview with a character in one of the episodes of my fanfiction series, Legends: The Rediscovery.  The interview style is meant to closely resemble that of nicklegends? for instance, the things I said are in bold and Kevin's answers to my questions are not.

Kevin Buckley, Temple Games Victor, Silver Snakes, The Unlucky Necklace of Harmonia, Season 2

Before I get started, thanks for taking the time to talk about your experience on the show, Kevin.

No prob.

How did you get interested in auditioning to be on Legends?[/b]

Well, i saw when they premeired the show in the summer of 06 and my dad found an ad in the paper for tryouts for a season 2 a couple months later.  They did auditions early that December and i went in to give it a try.  The show looked cool from the minute i saw it so i had to be on it.

My dad said yes so i got to try out and it was fun.  Obstackle course, a history test of 50 [questions], some pull ups.  Something the show did'nt mention was that my best subject is history so i did really good on the test. :B

How did things go between the end of the auditions and the start of filming?

The tryouts ended with the usual. "Thanks for coming and well let you know if you made it." We got a call early January of 07 at home and i made it! The filming was later that month and they asked questions like if i could make a certain date for taping but i was to exited i made it to really pay attention! XD

We had to go in at 8 in the morning.  There were 4 shows that day and i was there till 8 at night but only cause i made it to the temple.  The players who lost at the other rounds got to leave early.  First i showed up at the wrong gate and almost got mixed in with the kids for... i think it was the Ghandi episode? Anyway i got to where i had to be a little later and they told me i was a Silver Snake and showed me my partner Rebecca.  They also said we were show 3 of the day so we [had] a lot of time backstage to talk and get to know the other kids on the show.

You and Rebecca had a lot of close finishes throughout the show.  I noticed you were 4th in the Moat, 2nd in the Steps of Knowledge and won the minimum 1 Pendant in the Temple Games, but what was going on in your head then?

I got kinda nervous we were gonna lose at the moat before we even got to the steps! D: It's not like we were slow but the teams were all good.

The steps were a piece of cake since history's my best class and i felt pretty good on the games to.  It's just that we weren't all ways that fast ringing in, that's why we were second.

Rebecca won her game, i won mine, which wasn't that hard.  I had a pattern going before Chris [of the Purple Parrots] did so that meant i got more of those fangs.  But they won the third game cause i got stuck to the wall after i made the first pass-off to Rebecca.  The base of the bungie was stuck in the wall!

So when we tied up and went for the last question, you can see the other team was talking to each other so we got to ring in first.  Rebecca answered and i was a bit nervous she would of got it wrong, but she had it! She was mad exited too, she wanted to go as far as she could into the game.

Your Temple Run was another interesting thing, since Rebecca met two production defects that slowed her down (the closed door and an objective she had to complete twice), and she got taken out by the third Temple Guard.  How was it from your point of view, though?

I was taken out FAST, i hit the guards as soon as i could.  The door Rebecca met that was shut, i think the temple guard ran into it on the way out of the room and that closed it on her.  I don't know what you mean by the other mistake but i was pretty upset when she was taken out by the third guard.  Really bad luck!

Was there anything particularly funny or interesting that happened backstage or was edited out?

The game room we chilled in between rounds was awesome.  Had pizza and soda, Nick on tv (Drake and Josh ftw) and had fun talking with the Purple Parrots, they were cool.  Other than that i met the guy who did the voice for Olmec, and he was tiny! XD

Has your experience on Legends been brought up since then?

Once in a while my friends love to talk about it and i saw my show a lot.  I was almost 13 when i was on the show.  Now i just finished 9th grade and there was a girl in my history class that looked like one of the kids at the gate for the other show i went to by mistake.  Turned out she wasn't thou.  I haven't seen Rebecca since then either, she told me she lives in Jacksonville but i'm in Tallahassee.  Accually i don't even know her last name!

The trampolene i won was cool too.  Still have it and still fun.  It was awesome to be there and if i got a chance i'll do it again.
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Rediscovery Interview with Kevin Buckley
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2009, 08:19:49 PM »
Awesome! Exactly like the real interviews.
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