Author Topic: "Lucky Pot-Bellied Pig of Amelia Earhart" Temple Run Done by the Purple Parrots  (Read 332 times)

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Here's the second installment to my "what if" scenarios on the more deserving temple teams going to the temple.

1. Annie goes first and will start in the Room of the Three Gargoyles, where she encounters the Temple Guard and gives him her pendant.
2. She opens up the Wall climb, jumps down and heads for the Observatory.
3. Once she had successfully climbed up into the Observatory, Annie runs to the sundial, spins it and heads down into the Heart Room where the second Temple Guard takes her out.
4. Brad quickly retraces Annie's steps and enters the Treasure Room from the Heart Room.
5. He runs through the Treasure Room and opens Shrine of the Silver Monkey.
6. Brad easily figured out the simple three-piece puzzle and went up into the Pirate's Cove.
7. In the Pirate's Cove, he spins the wheel and climbs down into the Dungeon.
8. On the way down into the Dungeon, Brad sees the other half of his pendant and promptly grabs it.
9. With both halves of his pendant, Brad busts through the Stone Wall and into the Tomb of the Ancient Kings, where he finds the key in the coffin right away to open up the Swamp.
10. As he tries to make it through the Swamp, Brad was scared for a moment by the third Temple Guard and gave him both halves of his pendant.
11. He then opens up the Room of Harmonic Convergence, enters the room and promptly grabs the small pot-bellied pig statue as he sees it on the ladder.
12. With Amelia Earhart's lucky pot-bellied pig in hand, Brad makes his way back through the Wall Climb, into the Cave of Sighs and back out to Kirk and Annie!
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